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Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Nature of the Three Kings- 1995 Christmas

ALL physical manifestation has spiritual beginnings causal to its perceptibility. Many spiritual realities do not become manifest. Many are unrealized within this world or are yet to be made apparent. Every visible thing is a spiritual marvel given credence, and substantiality and was brought forth unfurled from the great mind of spirit-divinities and design.

The penetration into this world is dependent upon very specific allowances and also opportune maneuvers on behalf of all causal bodies. There becomes great history and lesser history, and in this we try to confine our attentions to the magnificent proofs of Christ and His impacts. The lesser history, although remarkable and significant, is all subsequent to Him, and it is partial to the very realization of Him.

The problem of conceiving the Wise Men as being ethereal or corporeal is in the nature of the assumption that the Christ event of Incarnation was limited to a set period of thirty-three years, and also that it was solely a happenstance of this World. His preparation and infiltration has been, always and forever (broadly speaking), whilst the stories which relate to the sequences of remarkablities are told for the exact purpose of conjuring memory along those lines. However, should no pictures come naturally (with their spiritual stories attached also) then it is a befuddled approach necessarily, because like a yeastless bun, the description gives rise to nothing - only being what it is.

In order for the Christ event to be, there was the very same dictum as is preceding all matters of matter - of material realization - that the spiritual worlds were thus imprinted. Herein is one deciding key to the questions pertaining to predestination and as to who decides what. However, one may always remember this: that in the dress rehearsal there shall be a very definite plan executed and to be the model for the true performance, and yet the key players can and do play to variations, which in the real moment may by choice or necessity, go very differently.

And it should not be regarded solely either - but it does ease the pressure of this dilemma. The spiritual worlds for this point alone, can be thought of in terms of a 'dress rehearsal' - largely they are the major reality of course, and so without meaning disrespect, we enter into analogy for the purpose of describing time and its problematic variances. 

And too, one may begin to see how so many 'well laid plans' go askew with the final arrival into material play-out, for everything is subject to preceding consequences and this may not be deviated from remarkably either. For the frame of this world is positioned and substantiated by such dependable laws, therefore we or anyone else must regard the way it goes; and also in marvelous aspect, be forever prepared for surprise, otherwise it (this World) would be an exact mimicry of what has already passed - we would all be 'living' in the past, literally, and that is not healthy. We have seen such circumstance - there are actual realms and beings locked into this manner of being. (Angels for one.)
Herod waited two years for the return of his Magi 'informants'. It was then that his trust was dismayed. The Jesus-child as often described, was not a new-born babe when come upon by the majesties, but rather was a young child, having been born some time before their arrival. 

The World had become gloomy and impenetrable. The lofty saints of the three majesties were loathe to enter in ahead of Him. (Picture if you will, an astral corona so tacky and unpliable - the World had become isolated and withdrawn.) Their empowerment issued where it was not received and so could not 'take' or fasten as virtue to endure. No, they did not pre-empt His base arrival, but followed in thereafter, directly from the upper realms, the synthesis being complete. 

The spheres belong to Man. It is because they are in the aspect of Man and therefore of Christ, that there is an ability for interchange and physical admission. If you had met with one, and had the eyes to see, there would have been such a rush of remittance within your humbled psyche; for they are the true majesty in the highest - exuding and being that which they have come from in fiery life, both great and grand.

The persona of Celestial Joy is delightful, but upsetting (unsettling) to be confronted with. Everything else dims around him; where his aura touches comes freedom. The bursting of the egg-shell; the breathing through into realisation; the license to go forward into emphasis with exaggeration; the untold being spoken; the thrust which surpasses strength - joy, celestial joy, delivers us into happiness. It frees all things that they may know happiness. And this was his nature so expired.

The persona of Beauty was/is a stern and noble king - to be before him was to be almost affrighted that he should so perfectly speak or move, or even cast his glance upon you. It is not adoration that is subsequent to this meeting; it is a reflective awe which resounds quite deeply throughout the cavities and likenesses of the man before him. Great Beauty which is true, is in likeness to God and therefore shall always be 'breathtaking' to stand before. His gift is such reminiscence as is true to the spirit likeness as is possible - reminding us too of the realities within the haphazard and impermanent world.

The true Venus is 'Heaven on Earth' - not as a receptacle for pleasure seeking but as true a dedication as can be; with all elements redeemed. In false paradise there is false entry and false presumption. False beauty is not Godly but of itself given for other superfluous purposes. 

The Venus attributes are adherent to the splendors of true love. To meet eyes with the overlord King of that sphere, is to be graciously penetrated with the solemnest regard - one which knows the soul and respects it well, and in love for God strikes you with an unforgettable seriousness. It is because of the quest for healthy exactness to God that we are so inspired to recreate this World. It is the deliverer of purpose and shall necessarily draw us forward into the future.

The persona of Youth, our King of the Unknown, is pure and remarkable to all things possible. In Venus we have trueness and dedication; by the yoke of Conundrum we have yet a further stage of Creation. In Venus is the principle of two - for by Love in two there becomes a known reflection. One is realised by way of the other when perfectly aligned. 

In the qualities of our third King we find future possibility calling us into change which shall be enabled by the freedom to do so (in Joy), and the true and proper remonstration of God (in Love) bringing us into a future impacted with new possibility (Youth).

To meet eyes with this King makes us forgetful of our former selves, and we would be quick to up and follow him - this is why not much shall be maintained of this realm, because at this point, at this stage, as unprepared as we all are, it would be perilous to advance so far into unrestrained possibility. 

A star is a stellar being. Before Christ assumed a human form he was that stellar being which the three Kings followed as it blazed its way into the Earth sphere in concentrated brilliance. It penetrated the heavy-set astrality, it commanded the ethers to obey its Presence and it shone with an unmistakable fury. 

This 'star' was not visible for some time after the Cosmic day - like unto the fireworks you've seen. It melted into hearts and into Earth - from one brilliant shatter there came a multitude of fractional stars that showered the realm with His Being.

John Duncan

When He resumed Himself into semi-detachment, He came to his awaiting Kings who had been searching for His whereabouts. His consciousness went to them and brought them to a child to bless - that that child may have also the very qualities which would be needed in future Man (that were not nearly fully present hitherto). For Christ was to make way for future man in His appearance, and this child was so chosen to bless. They gave their gifts and so departed; however, by coming to one child, once again, all babies were thus visited, for it was from thereon that all would be loved equally and impartially, as was/is His way. The unique singular remonstration was blessed by Christ and therefore to be conclusive to the whole incorporation. Although there could be but one individual who would later serve to be as curator for his Master, there was a complete understanding also, that in this one attachment came the bonding amongst all men, and the deciding qualifications of this association came to be that very comprehension.

Likewise our bodies may be His Body should we dedicate it to Him. And by the grace of those gifts as brought by the visiting Kings, this shall be so.


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