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Sunday, June 7, 2020

Taking the pathway through Christ- 7th June 2020

Taking the pathway through Christ ~

Christ be my conduit
Christ be my eyes and ears
And all I believe
To they, who are before me 
In this moment.

I pray that Thy intimate understanding 
And controversial comprehension
Will reveal through me
Our common truths and understanding.

Let me therefore become that space wherever peace may dwell
And that all fellow brothers
Shall meet me likewise halfway,
You and I live in the Heart and mind of Christ
So now and going forward together.

You can try having two conversations with anyone - friend, relative, stranger: in the first there can be the perspective of self, with little effort - backward and forth, with either mundane or significant banter.

Then, as something entirely different, you can go firstly to Christ, and inwardly ‘sit’ in His Space, and consciously ask Him for an understanding of the person you are speaking with.

When you say something, pepper the conversation with encouragement - for Christ will reveal a goodness, and past striving that is dear to them.

You may even experience a motherly love, or a fatherly love, towards this individual, and they may all of a sudden share with you their deeper thoughts and concerns for themselves, and the World.

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