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Friday, August 26, 2011

Put to Peace & Forgive Today- 6th January 2009

AT the core of every man and being is goodness. Profound goodness resonates his soul, his life, his nourishment, his air and his word. Goodness is as intrinsic to his nature as it is to God Himself - for Man and God are same. And from this each knows the love of Life, the love of all and of themselves.

Creation is moved with a higher passion; and the dance of the Heavens alongside their offspring, spirals eternally. The World breathes in and breathes out with a certain regularity. Music abounds. The fantastic display their works - the young give their counsel to the yet younger still - while the wise watch on. 

Life loves life and abhors cessation, new life rushes in and soothes the pangs of transition.. not one creature is alone in his aloneness - even the sand anemone, the desert snake, or the confused and angry men... no being is truly alone and without his place, his family and his fellows, who are (albeit invisible to him) in sympathy with his travails.

And life itself becomes a living prayer - not formed in words but by effort and examination - virtual concordance of higher technologies - ever more creations, all with purpose and design - fronds of uniqueness, multiplicities of singularity, all within a devotional accord. This, our universal Community, our host and parlor, our family, our own.

In the name of Christ,
Put to peace and live forgiveness this day.
For every broken hope of selves or others -
Put to peace and forgive today.
For every misgiving of self or of another -
Put to peace and forgive today.
That you might begin,
This moment, this year,
This time that you have,
With an emptied heart that has space to love;

Put to peace all consequence, forgive the rest -
For He is real, and with you, with us -
In all time, in all space -
Here and ere the beginning,
He is with us.

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