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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Painting using Colored Filters- 1990

TAKE a board with a background that is not stark white, but cream/pale, pink/yellow. Take colored filters to view through, and employ each color singly.

There are to be no given lines imposed on the top of this technique. Start not from light to dark or vice versa, but from red working through the spectrum to green.

Find the pitch of color that stands out clearly through the filter and then a message visually can be enclosed in that combination. When finished, once the filter/s are removed the veiled picture should not be visible, but a different image remains on the board. Should the message be pleasant the response will be good. Many paintings have been done in this way.

The key is the use of dots. For example, overall purple, but the underlying picture is in shades of red, then interspersed with blues and lighter mauve/orange etc.. Then by use of the filter, the image in red can be deciphered.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Channeled Entities- 21st May 1990

WHAT kind of teachings come (spew) forth from such attributions? Namely, the accent is not friendly, nor pure, nor mistakenly ridiculous. Its purpose is to be memorable and memorable it is.

Remember when we spoke of breaking conversation with truth, and that the result may occur that the individual to whom it is addressed responds unhappily? But the key was that the conscious individuality was aroused and recalled and at least responded. The same applies in this technique whereby from the beginning the confrontation is absurd. It is this absurdity that has an effect of shocking and predisposing the confronted to an openness of possibility.

One must always observe the quality of the teacher who offers the teaching. The very nature of the processes offered are extremely uncomfortable to those who are awake enough in the first place to begin an opinion. Discernment appears to fly out the window in the case of the followers.

One must question the difference between the offerings of the priest to that of the novelty. It is true that the priest has not the means to impart knowledge of the soul's peregrination through reincarnation. But is this what truly taught by the creature who boasts all of seventeen such cycles?

We do not mean to place one teacher against another, nor pull one down to raise yet another. But, and but it always is, which course exactly is the captain of this ship purporting to take, and where will it arrive? Many souls are grouped off to multiple destinations, with happy dreams of future bliss, without strength or means to take command of their own hourly vigil. 

Spirituality on credit it seems - take now and pay later. But to whom? As soon as the gates are opened to make way for the veils to be accessible, hopefuls pass backwards and forwards in all creative manner.

Do men seek betterment or instantaneous perfection? The latter has been cried for since humanity's beginnings and understandably so. So they trade with the robber who comes in the night, and offer up the very inheritance of the Father, so that they may have that very inheritance. Our spiritual wealth is held in trust, and would that they could obtain it, there are those who wish to enter into its splendor - naive and darling souls who would willingly give and share their humanity with the lustful lecherous creatures of the twilight spheres.

But who really wants to offer their blood to a vampire to quell today's thirst? If the vegetable garden requires compost, do we offer our bodies to add to the matter? Should one give away a soul to those who claim to make better use of it than ourselves? So far the babes have been nurtured in their ignorance, and now that they are to venture out into the world the need for protection is no less important. The slaying of the innocents was in fact just this. The innocents were innocence lost, lost to a world that tears the human being apart to find the prize within.

Experience however will enrich the soul. As the tides of the ages, and all in consequence, buffer backwards and forwards, the soul will strengthen.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Lead me forever onwards!-1990

Lead me forever onwards!
Within the weary soul there calls -

Oh treacherous path of seasonous change,

See that distant light, hear that faraway call.

Falter not my love, for the Kingdom awaits,
With sweet smile on serene and Holy face,

Wisdom's mother in full splendor
and angelic grace!

The vines that strangle the heart,

Will no longer imprison the soul.

Sleeping men, in time are beginning to stir!

Distance is deception,

We are latitude and longitude,

We are verily the length and breadth of life itself,

If only we could but know it!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Climate & Behaviour- 13th May 1990

WARM days and warm climates hold an influence over the constitution of man that encourages 'loose' behavior rather than restraint. For the dignified folk of the colder climatic conditions, it is with great effort that any relaxed attitude can be adopted- and adopted as it has to be. Usually their control and their seeking control over themselves and the environment is finely tuned, whereas their brothers in other hemispheres find difficulty in applying such serious control practically.

Race rivalry and jealousy, suspicion and arrogance, has many a time been derived from just such a difference. And the two cannot come to terms with the uncomfortable ways that produce such very different characteristics in both.

Neither is to be preferred as both conditions are to be benefited from, providing it is understood and worked with in the higher senses. Those of the colder regions have insisted a calculating superiority in the past and have actually enslaved their brothers by advantages, believing that the behavioral differences denoted marks of intelligence or spiritual maturity.

Problems ensue when migration from districts moves a generation of one condition into another condition and the peoples who then are in close proximity have to dwell and abide with each other. Former customs from the immigrants cannot be adapted and the one from the colder region seeks to overcome those from the warmer.

Yes it is interesting to observe just who is responsible for the 'global warming' conditions that are currently being talked over. And to ask if there is any greater preference in climates that prevail.

Think of the produce also in the varying climates and their astral calling and persuasion. The cactus of the desert that bends men's minds into total oblivious dream, loosening the earthly connection to the extreme, the gentle alpine herbs that hold within them a symphony of thought, pure and exacting in their influence upon those who ingest. The crystal formation of snowy regions imposes structure on the environment and those who dwell there. Then the jungles, unkempt and overrun in random outburst - even the natures of the animal kingdom are vastly different, being that the closer to the equator, the wilder the animal life- active, ferocious and poisonous varieties.

Observe others behavior with this in mind, when the cold sets in there will be fewer crimes committed, fewer will go out to dance, the children will return to their studies. The illnesses of the summer will not manifest in the winter also; the produce will differ and have differing effects upon the consumer; perhaps also these lessons will begin to take on more meaning for those who take them into themselves!

The atlas can be marked with the hours of the day, and these portions and their influences can tell much about the characteristics of the hours of each day and also of the country and its influences, upon which it falls under.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Kaleidoscope of the Soul- 1990

PRISMATIC thought fractured with splinters - this was the splinter in the mirror acknowledged in Hans Christian Andersen's The Snow Queen. 

How often the true picture of any given event witnessed by the soul is split in perception by the inner-eye and its inability to interpret pure form.

Quartz can have such imperfections, and interestingly enough many of these inclusions are not inherent in the stone and its formation, but occur soon after. Again though, clear specimens do exist and it is to this we fix our attention on possibilities for our inner being.

The use of quartz as an aid to artificial memory is as an extension of the human brain, and is only a part of the function that men themselves have. Quartz in powdered preparations may help the function of the thinking process when ingested.

Quartz is the body of man, representative of the earth. It is, as it were, a conductor, the nature and use of the material being an expression of a receiver. It is the chewing gum of the Gods.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Symbols & Art- 1990

THE scarab beetle is an interesting example of our former study - in the light of a people adopting that symbol in recognition of their way of thought. And of course that beetle was prevalent moreso in those times when it was revered.

Worship has always that risk carried with it: people fall into perceiving the image rather than the true meaning that governed the bond of respect. But as an aid to further concentration and study, symbols were as sweetbread, offered around in a festival of religious thought. Lasting impressions were gained also, as the more powerful symbols gave out the very inherent meanings on their own.

Generally speaking, they are as fossils of former times, nowadays. There are those who may try to call upon akashic utterances that emanate around significant forms, but with very little success, as the vitalities are as tools now locked away, and we must look for other tokens of our faith to pass on to those who would receive.

Symbols could and did evolve into free art. This now spoke to the soul - depending on the representation given out by the artist; no longer the simple and strongly defined form. Instead, a barrage of countless combinations was activated through the desires and expression of the interpreter. This is something of an explanation as regards modern art as we know it.

How captivating the expressions can be when certain souls are moved to find their world through such given interpretations. The rigidity of former symbols has had to give way to a dance of the imagination with creative worship, aspiring to true form.

There are still a great number of those who identify with the simple image, and their consciousness is assisted as they are drawn together with this identification. Every business has its logo: they speak with more clarity to the alter-state than any word that could ever be heard. There is a certain struggle in the world of numbers to reach such significance.

Remember that the action of any given symbol upon an individual is not that which is consciously recognized. There may come the day when each person has engraved upon himself a "barcode", and we are not making light of this possibility.

Perhaps from this, one can appreciate one of the gifts that the artist can bring to the world with free expression and worship of this blessed existence. Try not to identify with the conformity of any graven image, as this will stifle the young spirit as a shoe too small for growing feet.

Paradoxically, it has always been the straight and narrow path that has advocated the freedom of Man's being. The tools of freedom must be acquired and mastered. Some would have it though, that the skills were withdrawn from man's grasp. Fear not, for we have fine teachers!
God Bless!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

War in Heaven- 11th May 1990

Good Morning,
Purple mandrels with winches of gold,
Cast the di and do as is told.
THE common law betwixt man and beast has foundations throughout the heavens above and the kingdoms below.
The tides are not governed by the Moon, but of the Sun's forces somewhat transmuted and deflected, reacting and realigning with that which lies in proximity to that Moon. The Moon of itself has not the life-power to motivate any such function. This is how it is with many a function of the physio-organs, which, of themselves have not the inherent motivation or force, to drive the rhythms of the constitution. Yet without any given part, the vital forces are deferred off into other regions, disrupting their pattern of action and reaction.

Under the microscope may be perceived variants to behavioral interactions at given times, under different phases of the Moon. So in viewing we are given a clear image of that which is received at that particular time - i.e. the crescent or the globe, which in turn is deflected and received on any given portion that the radiation is drawn into.

All motivating forces come from the Sun, and are of the Sun - just as the vitality of the heart cannot be withdrawn without certain death ensuing. Such it is with the other planets and their influences, both visible and invisible, that they too are but channels of the Sun's heavenly drive, each with their own tune, so to speak, imparted and sent out to affect that which is in its magnetic driveways. 

False gods and such intrusions to the system are but as a diseased upset to the constitution. The wars of the heavens seek but a remedy of correction to such upset, throwing off that which has no place within the given system.

Constant relay and integrated cooperation is the key to the evolutionary path of progression. Notwithstanding, the bombardment and interference from alien bugs that gain entrance from other modes, offer no assistance to the system that they have invaded, but seek to carry on with the ways of their own progression and pervert the courses surrounding, to conform to the former ways and rhythms of their original environs. Thus, we may answer to those: yes, they are belonging to our Father's Creation, but are not of our Creation.

Yes, it is interesting that the staff of Mercury be the symbol of the tending medico to such systemic problems.

At such a period of quiescence and re-embodiment of the system, when the system withdraws and then returns, the diseased portion - such invading beings - are as it were, flushed out and released to return to their own particular systems, so that our processes can begin anew, ever strengthened in this death and rebirth of solar life.
Of course, such entities may be overcome and expelled before such intervals, but it is at these intervals that the entire system is cleansed and corrects the evolutionary processes and their destiny. A failsafe correction - yes, with repetition.

And so *smile* who wins in the end? Take comfort, for the great battle will always be set aright. We work in order to make these confrontations eased and corrected and overcome, so that the progress is a little greater each time. Marvels can be achieved. But even if the evolutionary destiny is interrupted and overrun dismally, we can always start afresh the next time around!

So be of good cheer in regards to the prospects of humanity and the heavens. It is vital that such knowledge with soundness is strong within the pupil, otherwise despair may intrude, and despair is a great untruth that hinders the soul. Cast it out and go forth content in the knowledge that you are in the safe hands of our Father!

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