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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Dogmatism- 10th June 1991

DOGS are creatures of habit; and for that matter so are creatures of dogmatism. We all fall subject to certain dogmas and it's important to perceive this within ourselves firstly, rather than worry too often about others restrictive viewpoints. Some folk carry a certain duty with them throughout their work, which is best serviced by the lean-post of dogmatic complacency. 

Men tire easily and it is no matter should a particular shelter be sought, by way of reason or by way of faith- if ultimately it does not itself pervert the very nature of the faith and reason to be upheld. That is the point in question; also too the very nature of the work one has chosen to carry out with fervor and activity.

Most people are keenly aware of the confines and restrictions placed upon them by outside dogmas which would be imposed on one another. Dogmatism itself does not upset Man, as it is understood by one and all. However, it is essential that folk entering the path can distinguish between dogma and pure doctrine.

Dogma can be a useful structure of given concepts, where one may feel beholden with conviction to uphold such concepts at any cost. Pure doctrine should in essence enlighten the individual as regards the truth of all matters, whereby one may perceive directly into the heart of any matter, replacing textbook knowledge with self/world experience. 

He who embraces truth to himself has unshakable fortitude in the conceptual world. It is the world-weary who cannot grasp the reality of those truths, who rely on the perceptions of those they trust as guides throughout the shadowy lands of worldly impressions.

Finally, the most important guidepost we may all cleave to is the example of Christ, in true love and affection for our brother. Therefore if an insight reminds us of our failings as seen through a weakness in this or that man, we may trust ultimately in Christ to prevail. In time, the needs for dogmatism shall dissolve as morning dew, so touched by the 'Light of Our World'.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Angel with Illuminations of Past, Present & Future- 8th June 1991

BROTHER Goodall: Simon of Bosley, prided himself on a lascivious eloquence and a cunningly sharp humor to follow. His days and nights were so intermixed that he knew not when one ended or the other began. 

Born a bastard son of a bastard son, he worked fervently to keep up the family tradition in thus propagating his line. Whilst he had money, he cared little for it and cared less for those without it; seeking the company only of those who indulged in profits from the poor. He was a fink, and that name given to him began a tradition for other coarse, crass, undependable oafs, that frequented society in like manner.

Up to this point of the story one might ask of the outstanding virtues, or at the very least, details, which should isolate Simon from the rest of his gender, making him exceptionally notable. Three times an Angel came to him, whilst he slept awash with leaden draught drunkenness, and appealed to Simon to change his uncouth activity in the world. Three times marvelous opportunities were offered, that might incite his soul to awaken to his hapless condition, and three times the Angel, rebuked, was sent away, unfulfilled.

At the deathbed of Simon Goodall, the Angel returned yet again - this time in repetition of the former visitations, this time to illumine that of his past life. For the pulse had stopped, and duty bound was this Angel, to prepare him for what lay ahead. 

The second illumination was of his present condition, or moreover, of all those folk within his immediate constellation of society. With this, Master Goodall had now knowledge of their stories and sufferings, and saw great possibilities for all concerned. 

The third picture vision which was impressed on Simon's consciousness was that of a very bleak future, as he glimpsed heavenward with confusion and emptiness, and grief at the loss of his former existence.

It was with this final horror that his heart resumed its beating! Short, sharp and sweet with determination, Simon returned, thump!, back into his physicality, and returned to live on another forty years or so! 

This second chance - so called - proved Simon a completely changed man in every way, to all good measure. The merits of his works accomplished still carry on, as he founded many a charitable enterprise, and indulged only in virtuous study and application, being a good example to all who had pleasure to enter the second half of his life.

Dickens' Scrooge was such a man. We know because we gave Dickens the story in the first place. And the story is an important one, not only in the redemption of Simon Goodall, but in the telling of experience after life is quashed on Earth, preceding death. That we all share in the grace of the Angels' illuminations of the past, present and future; for herein is the true digestion of any life lived, and of immeasurable value, as this final experience is of lasting impression to the soul. It is what one gleans and takes of a lifetime. Without such impressions, impressions that translate over to the soul, one should recall very little indeed in future existence - negating the work of that tenuous lifetime.

So Simon had twice over realized his relationship to the world, in one lifetime. Many before and after him have also been given in part, second chances and glimpses of such Angels.

If when one enters into slumber, one questions their own effects within the world, they shall be given insights, whereupon in waking certain aspects will become clearer to them. For this Angel is called Conscience, and would that she was invited to give lesson, she comes to all with pertinent illuminations.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Chaotic Enterprises with Corporate Incentives- 7th June 1991

Excuse me for being waspish! You have the short instruction on Insects & the World of Thought, and so "Mr. B.Hive" is not intended to be as much as a laugh as is thought.

Today is a grim day in earthly terms. Many inventions and their inventors have been abroad in the world, steeped in chaotic enterprises with corporate incentives and financial intentions; most of the labors are to meet with destructive devices rather than aids of any reckoning.

Of the many investigations that are continually being carried out, there are rarely such breakthroughs - if that is the term - as today was finally discovered. Sometimes there are those who work to disguise and hold back certain discoveries, which have been prompted by creatures who would have man enforce that which meets their desired end- scurrilous beings who may well have their way in utilizing this earthly crust as a junkyard, moreover a human junkyard. 

There are those few occasions when the scientific world, a conglomerate of brilliant minds, applause a certain finding conjointly; and we in turn do shudder at the ramifications which are but all too clearly understood by us. Today was one of those days, and we apologize for our grim fixation.
There are conferences and there are conferences and we meet and discuss. There will be much lengthy discourse - and from this you might gather that we too, have problems presented that require stern configuration. 

In worldly matters there are no hard and fast rules - were that the work was that simple! Weighty decisions are ongoing continually, and we make no flippant gesture - fortunate though, in optimism and certainty of outcome - but still very much involved where necessary. Should our Brothers take the stalls in this theater, sit back and refuse involvement, many a sham and a curtain brought down, many a king in check, should have occurred if we had not intervened. 

 One can never view history in the light of mistakes being made, although one can have certain misgivings. We suffer frustrations, and labor as all do: good days and bad days, by your reckoning! We shall not speak prematurely of today's blunders, however it may well become apparent through the usual media channels. If one pictured us skipping the mountaintops of Tibet, we apologize for shattering the illusion, although I'll probably take a holiday there sometime!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

People's Reverence Can Change- 1991

Zeus - Holy Zeus! Isn't it peculiar how the people's reverence can change; how the name is objective, and holds little or no inspiration for men. Z today is a powerful sound. It takes power to perpetuate the Z, to exhale and expel the Z.

Chamomile or more correctly chamomile (pronounced camomeelay) is as it sounds, as gentle and as dignified, from small bud to blossom, in fragrance, and in stimulation.
The 'werp' part of Antwerp is a shocker, and calls for attention. Antwerp! Precision in speech is a lost art, for it takes precisional thinking, clarity, conciseness, to confer through language, and infer accordingly. 


Apple cider is a good drink - make your own with a sodastream.


Embracing with joy, rather than assuming a studious painful grimace - it is important to strike the balance between being the happy idiot, and acting out that which one is not. Improvement is always certain, and there is never anticipation of lasting overnight successes.

Be content to absorb and struggle, yes wrestle, with all that is learnt; and forgiving of that which you are now. For all men have worked long and hard to come to this path, including you, and one must never discredit or demean that wonderful effort, that is forever concluding and renewing in the eternal now.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Despair & Hope in the Charitable Man- 5th June 1991

PATHWAYS indicate that one is to go somewhere. However there are those pathways which folk choose for nature-study, which meander through winding leafy trails and are enjoyed for the leisurely exploit whereupon one reacquaints oneself with the joyful exploring of the surrounding habitat.

T.S. Eliot put to words - cynical conjecture of - people’s disposition to pursue tennis balls and golf balls through such pathways, rather than allowing time to 'take in' the countryside and experience the growth and vitality, the beauty and the balance - how modern man had repelled the natural world, replacing his center of activity with trivial pastimes of his own making.

Master Eliot saw death before him continually, and therefore could not abide with folk who were insensitive to the precious aspects of life. He was tormented by those within the ministry, and sought for comfort in the arms of Mother Nature before he could try to embrace human nature.

In our complicated modern existence we are required to fix our attention to meet with a multitude of demands, many of which are in opposition to one another, all of which discourage soul-interest in the world. Quite often there is a good man who strives to lovingly assist his brothers. By the end of his days and such efforts, he has been so tired, so frustrated, that the very passion of charity is extinguished and the love for fellow man has turned sour: from love, to empathy, empathy to pity, pity to frustration, and disgust. Such a man, who being of good intentions and goodwill, can be crushed by measuring success within the outer world. Eliot was such a man. 

Fruit trees of today do not bear fruit immediately. One must truly believe that all help, all work, offered in the right spirit (given to the world self-excluded) has already in the very nature of the effort, wrought marvelous transitions. And such marvelous transitions do not need visible expression, in fact are quite often veiled from the man of charity, but nonetheless with time, bear good fruit for humanity. If one desires a betterment for the whole of humanity rather than a determined outcome, one will never feel the painful disappointment that cuts at the root of many a charity.

There can never be self-made conditions placed on God. His timing is perfect. Men have to have their freedom, and it does not excuse the man of charity to seek to deny such freedom in the name of love. 

Essentially, we should all be wishing to strangle each other, in such an effort of loving help! Of course, such a thought is preposterous. However, the man of charity may experience so many frustrations outwardly, that he keenly despairs at ever having taken on 'God's Work'. To do 'God's Work' is far
different from trying to be God - there is a subtle difference.
There are many winding pathways and they all lead to our Father. Men may choose to 'take in' the delight of the nature-study or drive balls down their course; some would delay, some would hurry through - many, picnic! So be it.

Frustration from another's recreation, in the belief that it is misguided and foolhardy, is of itself fruitless and destructive. Rather we hold happiness, in that humanity has a great future to look forward to, and for those privileged to have glimpses of destiny yet to come, we rejoice.


With a name goes a commensurate association - this cannot be helped. Such associations and affectations affect the teachings. It will come to you of its own; be patient. This is no rebuff, but for your sake. If we said that we were R. H., it would only mean that you would come to like R. H. (we hope that it would mean this). If we offered a pseudonym it would be lying, and this we do not enter into.
We should come to see these teachings in all, for the light of truth and the spirit is truly within us all; otherwise it should not be identified.

You have not asked for too much, it is reasonable to inquire and also reasonable to be answered. If it were possible, we should give to every man full knowledge tomorrow. This is the heartache of any teacher, that mere words do not of themselves impart such knowledge. In fact too much too soon can rob the soul of that very excitement and joy which is to be had in revelation and discovery.

As for publications, try 'Mr. and Mrs. B.Hive'. That is pretty close to the mark!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Graduation 1991

Good Morning,
SCALES of fish, scales of weight, scales of music: all of these scales denote graduation, one built upon another. Measure necessitates the beginning scales before one can build-up or onto the higher register, the heavier block, and so forth; gradual build-up that means that even though the identification of the latter scales can be made, the higher are achieved and comprised of the first essential scales always - the cornerstones to actuality. Before these can express themselves in physical actuality the invisible scales preside on which to be built upon, in order to call into being the pattern set for the rest.

If in music one perceives a high note, it is in fact not one note alone but the sum of notes in the scale prior, with one added to it. In weight of course the same applies - and just because one might identify it as one pound, for example, does not mean it to be any different to the ounces that comprise it, save by one. Color in its scale is the same- we add and take away, and adjust; but not one color is in isolation, save in the identification.

Thus if we have a good man, he has to be containing the phases within that helped to elevate him to his present status. One can proceed from lower to higher or higher to lower principles, but all are interconnected and woven completely. The invisible principles on which to build on are there to be called on, but selection is not possible.

The thinking process is selective in consciousness and identifies all facets of living, regarding even time as a concept in isolation. Disregarding the completeness, one is taken by the view from that part of the road which one is presently on, the distance prior seeming to be of small consequence.

Memory and self-consciousness cannot concurrently function. It is one or the other. Pure consciousness, however, as discussed in the animal’s awareness, is split even more keenly…

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