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Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Animals & Man- 2nd October 1994

INFINITY works backwards; and if there were no model in exactitude for a future conforming design and being, then there should be no reconciling towards it. One cannot advance into 'empty space' and arrive somewhere without there being that somewhere to arrive to. Just so, we cannot realize an evolutionary result without that result already born in our Creator's Mind, with an existence being paramount to what we might edge our ways towards.

By this logic it may be ascertained that men have always been men. They began as they should, they did not transmute or transmigrate out from a galactitude of quirks and freak mutation. Nor did Man drive his Humanity from those echelons lower than his original being, for this is not possible.

The lowly aspects of any contrast are just that, and proportionately there can be no raising higher out from purely the lower, if the lower is all that is known and provided for. Man therefore required full being from the beginning of the advance, and could not have climbed a non-existent ladder in order to become a nil-determined creature of no fixed address!

From our aspect on this there are accounts of preceding consciousness from which we may date some varying changes. These accounts will be only superficial in time, and extraordinarily misleading insofar as Man as a being is actually older, far older than such an account would imply. 

This is not said as simple comment - say for example, as our being's seeds being in the Heart of Father God, or even a gleam in His Eye. It is more concerned with the proofs which arise to suggest that mankind has taken a second route to some former way which is now quite barred from his recollection. This was an older residence, an older being, which to itself would have gathered and earned an empirical wisdom which has now translated into active capability - much yet unrealized, but nonetheless there. He has not, by any standards, simply "fallen on his feet" but rather scored the terrains of an extremely high history and scuttled down again; for what explanation we know not. 

It is always surmised that failure is indicated whereupon a course-direction is altered, and yet that is the cynical approach of today and not the basis for Creation and her reasoning. We do not grow from failure or because of it - this too is false logic with no sense implied. There always seems to be a need for a greater plan - that ongoing in the supreme resolute - and so we may simply sigh and continue on, rather than ever indicate we went wrong. For surely any distance traveled to bring us to our present station has involved no wrong measure.

If we begin our story then, with these few platitudes which resign Man to be Man without believing him to be something else, then we may proceed confidently into examining the abstract expressions he has ventured part into, along the more recent course in later development.

Just as a man may have children, Man has had animals. Bizarre as this may sound it is explanatory of his position; except to say that the consciousness is carried into those animals also. If we are to believe that Man was preconceived and already with attribute, we may look to the diversification and see how Man himself materialized the kingdom we have today. 

The animals were born out from his zoology of pre-existing experience and exterialized and further separated, so that: 

a) They may have life of their own and
b) Man may loosen his connections in order to advance further farther - he had 'dropped the excess baggage', so to say.
When we shafted off from ourselves those creatures (which were then quite tame), we did not cease our obligations to them, nor our binding affections. They are still, for the most part, ours and us, and all the while they proceed into experience and become more defined and adept in their being. We too are profiting by this as the creatures' Pneu pours into that pool of our own.

Likewise and for the record, this system applies to us and our Angelic protectors: they profit from our experience - in the long run, discounting the suffering too. Further to this the greater Angels are nourished by they as well.

The incorporated Animal Kingdom is not as easily discernible as thought of. Things are definitely not as they appear - according to their respective placement within the chain of activity. Many small forms of life, though mobile and with an adept metabolism, are but a form of plant life and do not directly owe their origins or title to the animal realm.
Many insects are plants. Birds (the non-violent variety) are also. The bird's substance and life is born out from the realm of the fiery plant ethers, which assist in the mineral body's compound of fragile shell and skeletal frame. Their legs are but mobile twigs and their heart-respiratory system comes from Man directly; whilst their natures are developing parallel to their air-spirit, which distances them from earthy magnetisms and lower astral persuasions. The birds are magnificently free from the dross and heavy-bound influences, and by this they are purpose-built to renew the world daily in their physical presence as example.

Many insects are animate rock which has combined with an organic compound, but with all of the mineral tendencies and structure of the immobile and inorganic variety. Beasts of land, sea and air are a jubilee of remaining form, out from a period in which they were, by appearance, quite consistent with their true nature.

Children today still find a corresponding resemblance. The form of the animal suggests to them something identifiable in themselves; and it was recognizable in ages past, in perfect accord. So the beasts were not representational, they were what they were, and when men likened characteristics to their species, it was a way of viewing that attribute specific to a man.

It is inconceivable to Man that we shall ever have been without them. However, as Man projected out from himself, so too was he separated. The cold-blooded reptiles, the old and ancient fellows, are possibly the furthest removed from the actual heart region of Man. They were certainly the first to go. You see, these living attributes may now be worked upon in a simpler fashion because they are made distinguishably separate to Man, and the venom will continue its manufacture until such a time that men cease their own poisonous poolings. This is quite the case and obviously difficult.

The Etheric World became into being before the fleshy animals were pronounced. Adam was an etheric man firstly. His Paradise was all sustaining and he need never have ventured out from it into the deeper Cosmos. In the etheric realm light pours out from the heart of everything - it is like all are the Sun in miniature, that their stream of life-essence is apparent and everything in the region is a vessel for that light.

Adam was a perfect Man - 'perfect' as in intact. But as we indicated before, we do not go by the opinion that he was naive in spirit at this point or at former, but that rather he was quite ancient and traveled and also inherently wise. His episodes on former Globes were intelligent, they were not of an amoebic consciousness living in a floating soup environment, they were not as insubstantial as a gas or flip and flighty as an inordinate vapor. He was akin to Angel consciousness, i.e. born wise. 

When natives venerate the various wisdoms of their totem animalia, they are preferring their former status, they are yearning for a retrogressive reunion. The beasts of this World today are fixed in their modalities, and fortunately for men they are confined to their particulars, depending upon Man for their release.

The Elder Brothers have retained their pre-Adamic consciousness, however they (we) too are consciously divorced from our earlier beginnings. Once again we stipulate that this is not because we simply had not the power of conscious comprehension, but that the recollection was translated into further actuality.

Man's astrality gave birth to the animalia form by form: from the first man of this World came the astrality for which his dual soul might enter into, to clothe herself in flesh, that she would later incorporate him in return, and his desire and design for the consequence of offspring. But before this was to take place, their etheric paradise conjoined with its astral dimensions also. Then, as milky starlight, it clung like wet dew and tack to the forms in the etherious paradise; and it solidified, drawing outer elements into itself, making stable and fixed what was hitherto but a dream.

Where were the men - all of the men - from the former World? They were there, but not there. They were waiting, held back by the Principle. Then their astralities combined with the fresh starry substance of the sun-filled World, and the bodies condensed and the beasts were imparted into the Globe. In this they did come before their men, their masters, who spewed them out from their entirety; and the Earth became a vestibule of a refracted Humanity which was so great and so complex that it was divisive unto itself.

What remained in men was more akin to what Man was before, in those unspoken-of origins, in that of his pure self and what he then could go on to find in the love as known from his soul-in-kind, there to regain himself by such knowing.


May we combine
With the birds and the fish
And their spirit of the air
And of the water,
With the Virtues,
And the flowers,
The beauteous empowered,
Nature's landscape defined.

And may we give ourselves
To that which is of You, firstly -
Worthy of our fulfillment and combination,
And do it well,

Knowledge is so intimate -
We seek to combine with knowledge also;
And we pray that our union be with Your Knowledge -
Pure, Straight, Enlightening and Reasonable.

We wish to combine with another by hearts,
May we do so unconditionally,
With our only expectation being
Their perfection realized.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Grey skies are gonna clear up- 30th September 1994

THERE are some individuals who need to exorcise away the suppressive impressions which have been attached to them, as it were, by another. This is most usually prominent in parent to child relationships. Particularly as the child has formed its glowing realizations within the World, it may be the case that it has been somewhat captive from the expression and savor of natural joy, held between the ethereal membrane and that of his own subsequent misapprehension.

This membrane is not sinister in makeover, but in many respects is protective to the developing personality. It is usually incorporated from a variety of substances which directly affect the astral sheath of that individual for the remainder of his life, emotionally and morally, with bodily repercussions also. It becomes not as an immediate memory to reference in specific detail, but is rather underlying those impressions evoked - i.e. the sensations themselves which accompanied the actuality past.

Further to this we are impressed at an early age with the memory sensations of others who feature strongly in our lives, which may or may not be all to the good, depending upon the true character of the individuals and their strength of response, their clarity in the World, their sternness of aspect or their corruptness of aspect, and so forth.

In the case of this question we are specific to a cowardliness - one which was primary to another individual firstly, having been passed on to the sufferer today. It is not so unusual - particularly in families - and it can be the grandparents of the child having such a fearful aspect directed to their own parents. To a point it doesn't matter greatly whose ghost is the signature bearer, however cowardice is a twofold dilemma because it becomes defeatist at the very attempt of overcoming itself. (Bravado though, may be equally difficult to manage, having thought itself accomplished before time.)

You see this is neither an imaginary 'black cloud' nor is it as dreadful in itself as the substance indicates. The suffering thereunder is dreadful - as in dreaded - and ongoing for the man whose very appendage is so manufactured.

The religious life as adopted by a man is there for him to grow strong by. It is ineffectual and without good purpose if this does not happen to be so in the case of a doctrinal conflict which cannot be reconciled.

The saints strengthened by their involvements, however many martyrdoms would be ordinarily ill-suited to most folk today in their current capacity. This is not to say that the saints did not suffer, for surely they did, but they suffered and endured and were incorruptible before the attempt; whereas a lesser man may retrieve the terrible realities only and overburden his soul with sorrow.

The strict vigour of such a stern religious life as is often inherited, is one where the generations before have particularly been tried and tested. It can be that the 'better' the man is, the harder too he has tried, the greater his perceptions and impressions of himself having failed are; and remember that it is the impression which shall nourish and fill the immediate astral makeover of the little child who is himself empty of characterization.

So the truth of the actuality is not necessarily coherent with the stronger of the impressions, and it becomes difficult, almost irrelevant, for us to reason with the exact natures of the men involved. But it can be said that all exaggerations of upset are present to some degree, woven around men, and it is commonplace at this point of time, given that our development is ongoing.

Were one to be raised in a Buddhist temple the influences there may be outwardly kept to a dispassionate and cordial minimum; however, symptomatically there still becomes the 'dark stranger' hauntings, sadly natural to our living. They would not, of course, have to wear the impressions of great violence or depravity, insult or reckless carelessness for life, but the simpler notes of envy and pride, of that cowardice as aforementioned and ruthlessness too - these and the whole gambit would not be restricted to the ordinary folk.

What has been overlooked here is that our palette of colors so given, is also made up of the soul-strengths as outwardly made active around us. So there are many important attributes a growing child and developing man may indeed 'soak up' and take to himself for himself. Overall we cannot therefore seek to deter ourselves from influence, and for most the endorsement has been long ago made, and so then the question becomes: how do we manage with what we have in this living conundrum.

If a man suffers a form of disquiet in himself which indicates that the emotion he is experiencing is not as he would choose it, then we may take it for granted that it is an experience from the caul, which is as he inwardly knows, not related to him or his current situation but has been stimulated into being by he having inherited it. There is a truth about all inherited properties, that they cannot be given back. If the soul has been deceased, in that case also, there can be no passing back to the original man what has been bestowed upon the subtle body, having been then reflective to the emanations.

The first upset within the man is the parody he believes of himself as himself. If he can first learn that the reactions which arise and are confusing to him, because he truly feels they are not his, that this conflict may be quietened in the knowledge that he is right to decide this: that it is not his way or his will to derive such experience.

We are free to assume our lordship in this way and one key to deflating these dominating characteristics is to literally put them in their place, for they are but echoes of a long passed reminiscence, and if they arise and are unuseful to the individual we may remedy the characteristic purposefully with its proper antidote and rework and revise our astral fabric accordingly.

In doing this the centers of vitality may be redirected, and even though we are to carry keys of behavior as long as the astral sheath is intact, we shall not stir them into activity if we have redirected the influence into related, but developed aspect.

"Cowardice is the poor man's piety" they used to say, and in this instance this poor man got lumbered with the counterfeit to faith. Its antidote is humor. A good humor, well placed - not the cynical variety - the rejoicing and happy humor which can draw to this man the tiny swords he needs to withstand his gloom. The short, sharp, quickened thought will usurp the black cloud of cowardice; and if he will hold this picture, send its darts into the mass until it is imbedded with them, shining, the handles just protruding, our black cloud is studded with every happy flash that has come in to defy it. The region will be overwhelmed with gaiety and the appendage will be a useful recollection for mirth. As said before, this man does not require more upset, for to conjure the invocation of associated sadness, only confirms the cowardliness and feeds it vitality. 

This is specific to this particular problem. One must understand that an entirely different approach may be addressed in other circumstances, particularly with other inherited impressions. However, for this man who is saturated with an eerie and persistent sorrow, may he come to his love and his joy unleashed from the corruptions of a guilt undue, fear indescribable, apprehension uncalled, misgivings inherited, and piety misrepresented.

The Church is there to support the souls of men and not to stifle them. Christ's Love will pour where may, and by the strength of all those men to who receive Him willingly and gladly, there shall be no more sorrow ever after.


Thursday, July 8, 2010

Perfect Conjunctures- 25th September 1994

LIFE may become intoxicating to the senses; as too, overwhelming to our sensory-consciousness, our intellectual-consciousness and our soul-consciousness. We may be invigorated in any one of these by the cause of promptings without or within; or it may be that we are past that point of invigoration and become sleepy and dull in response to overfill.

With the burgeonings of a newly inspired consciousness (newly as in freshly- day-to-day), a man may be self-startled by his own glibness as perceived by contrast, in past awareness; and worrisome that once again the world at large will call for compensation; all the while experiencing marked fluctuations in concept and consciousness and consideration of both.

The sleepy, dull, stupid mentality is saving itself from the madness which the onslaught of premature awakenings arouses. To a point this can be an immediate protection to the man, however it may also be a terminal displacement inviting 'death' to the inactive levels of consciousness, which require the sustenance and use of such incoming inspirations which only bring Life into that being. So it is apparent that the lazy or inflexible consciousness (in any of the three- sensory-consciousness, intellectual-consciousness or soul-consciousness) withdraws of its own accord and ceases to be, with sad and undeniable consequence. Therefore the approach to lively endorsements is the better and preferred path, albeit furtive and furious.

Accuracy brings much joy to a man. Learning to point the pen and draw in between the lines or on the line, or in crossing that line, we are keen to rejoice when we happen upon great compliance and knowingly arrive at that perfect conjunction of conjunctions. When the soul consciousness meets with the gateway signature of a spiritual reality/truth, there is a joy in that moment of accuracy. It may never have been clearer or closer to that man before, and as his ability becomes refined, so does his relative and marginal experience of that accuracy.

When two individuals combine their intellectual or soul consciousness, they strive to meet each other at such points in which they agree - by knowing and by consent - for therein is the pleasure of an accurate and rewarded commune. This is no recommendation that all folk should strive to forever arrive at agreements of protracted opinion, for this would be falsely based and of no real value. It is that there is an agreed and shared reality in common and an agreed and shared aspect of consciousness by which one may meet in different ways with another. To most there is a simple satisfaction with generalities, and when self-bound there will be little striving for else. Once again, if exacting is not practiced it shall not be won. And this is an ongoing development which carries further into the forevers.

Precision feels good; innately we are insatiably desirous for precision. This desire is fulfilled at the moment of birth at first breath and experienced in every breath thereafter as we drive into our constitution, negotiating this reality in essence and with concentration. How it is that the 'perfect moment' tells us of that certain precise and accurate occurrence, and we may be well satisfied when our consciousness is 'on mark', 'on target', perfectly placed.

Here is a key: false thinking offers no life in return, it does not meet with any property of inspiration, it does not return the investment to the man. Likewise, a 'false' consciousness which is haphazard and prone to illusions in perception - self-styled and unremitting to a second consensus with little or no precision - will be tired and without relief or invigoration. From this you may begin to see that when signatures meet (in realms of consciousness), then not only is there a conjuncture by such, but also an after-effect of life being drawn into the heart of that conjunction and expiring out to both.

It may well be said here too, that in regards to spiritual concepts – i.e. an individual contemplating and reaching out for some spiritual reality - that Reality is a consciousness all of its own which shall know him back. How this follows varies upon category, but the ruling is the same throughout, and we may be fulfilled in our strivings for higher knowledge with a participatory inventory. It is as the flash of mutual acknowledgment which passes concurrently. As awareness meets awareness and acknowledges being (or aspect of being) there becomes the conjunction of the two and the subsequent signature is forged and Life is inspired by this creation.

"Too much Life becomes as death" – yes, and here we come to the point at hand- how may a student:

  1. Know when he has had too much or too little?
  2. Endure the manifold complexities which confound the immediate and obvious rewards of precision and accuracy?
  3. Err not by seeking substance of self - err not with false inquiry which is inconsiderate of the partner in reality - of truth?

1) When the joy has subsided the student will know that it is time to rest and that self is honest to self; that he will not abandon his learning, nor his learning abandon him; that periods of Life inspired in, require a containment and a use; that the Life as brought into his being need translate into further activity as he gives out into the World, and his capacity in time will become greater.

Too little life does not become as death, it is death. Men need a very real joy to sustain their beings throughout, and there becomes a tenuous link within the physical realm without the fulfillment of soul.

As explained before, the intellectual consciousness may have Life inspired in conjunctions at that level - and so a man does not need to be soulfully operative to continue living. Yes, this occurs in the sensory consciousness also, with individuals who are not so developed as yet - they inspire Life to be within them by the physical conjunctions agreed upon and mutually experienced. Further down from this, there have been physical molestations (unlawful) because the individual perpetuates his Life forces thereby. This is of course an abject evil, but nonetheless an explanation of a certain fact.

However, in all three consciousnesses there requires a partner in conjunction, without which Life may not enter, and the physical being thus isolated, dissolves under its own pressures within and releases the spiritual being, who for whatever reason is so dangerously alone and apart from all others.

Contrariwise, to many the point of death brings the experience of more joy and more Life than was known previously during the lifetime, and it is then that the sweet satisfaction of reaching out to that hand held waiting, is enrapturing to the well prepared soul.

For the man who is practiced in traveling out from himself into swap-meets with marvelous exploration, insight and contemplation, he shall after death, suffer not the same constraints which prohibited the full savor of the accompanying ecstasy of Life - when released from the physical commitment, being free to be overwhelmed by that great Life - and shall know it 'as is' with new clarity, new accuracy.

2) The compilations of complex-based reality.

Dear student, if you could bring forth into your consciousness the knowledge, summon the realities simultaneously of all that water is (for example), in aspect, divine to ordinary, then you yourself would become but a puddle! A glorious puddle.

At most, we only ever commission half of ourselves, and in this sense we too must be content for a portion of the truth only. If someone were to 'know' ourselves better (with accuracy) more so than we do, then they would be us. (It has happened before - no joke.) Trading places can be a momentary experience within a particular aspect of consciousness, and this is part and parcel of the development of the individual ego, however this does not occur in totality as we reserve ourselves from such. Let us remove the anxiety by saying that there shall always be a frustration in which the student is held back from a complete understanding in this regard. However, the myriad of gateways which he may connect with will favor him with more joy and not less, in the effort.

Insanity comes from the exact opposite whereby the individual cares not for the realness and beingness of that without him, and is 'saving himself for himself' - a narcissus that congeals, interring the man yet further.

There is nothing to say that those who deny their soul life are adequately interacting within the sensory consciousness just because they are present in the world. Once again, emphasis is necessary on the living connections established – e.g. man to food: man must relate on that level and meet with the nature of that substance, whilst also that food must be 'real' (intact and with signature source) to begin with = Life. The illusion of food is not sufficient, and also the man must be able to compromise out from his being in order to assimilate the properties.

Man to man there may be lifetimes of empty conversation with no real interest and subsequent meeting in being. Conversely, there are also those marvelous interactions from one to another, in all ways, in which the Love of Christ is made manifest at the conjuncture of dualities in aspect of higher agreement.

3) Seek to fulfill. Take theory into practice - some way, some how. We can also come to acceptance, providing that it is real and not abhorrent to self.

Once again, there is good reason for all men to come to those activities in the World, in relationship and in study, which they love, that they may conjoin with Life also. Remembering too that they impart Life by this action of love also, for at the conjunctions of higher knowledge there is that same Grace which inspired our beginnings and we do know this also.

With profound gratitude we come to truth; we may find we have erred when our false reality does not inspire this.

Take heart.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Banner of Michael - the cloud belt- 18th September 1994

WHEN water is the pulp of plant it has become that plant until released. In Man that same water transports many qualities, and within one corporate body it has many identities, some which lend to the plant in the man, the beast, who labors for that man, the organs (and blood) which come under the persuasion of their starry counterparts; and too the soul's expression as is foremost in the fluidic systems.

When fluids are departed from a man the water deceases out from the residual, which is and isn't of that soul quality- depending, for how that quality remains and travels relies upon the presence of yet more fluid to contain it, otherwise it too shall vaporize and return to the man of the original emission.

When fluids combine there becomes a full and lasting commune between the soul natures of the contributors. On a lesser level than those shared man to woman, mother to baby, the implications are no less ponderable in the case of foods in which the fluid is retained, retaining also their higher vitalities and characteristics from which a truly nourishing combination is derived. Once again, if the waters are extracted and released leaving dry residual, then the material which is left over has been divorced from the true soul substance which inspired it. 

So as that water travels it does sacrifice itself completely to that which it makes plump and gives it passage also for correspondence and communication from one into another. Therefore it offers the harmony into which soul forces may coincide and thereby experience such combining.

As it works its way back to the roof of the sky, it collects because of the soul forces there that it adheres to, and is thus so impressed throughout by those of the greater Angels. For that time in which the waters are held there up high, they become Angel and are purified from any other association that may have held over and been exhumed from their travels beneath.

If we meet our fluids with humble water directly and take it to ourselves, we may from fresh rainwater, be welcoming the influence of Angel, as dispersed - into glass preferably. However, should it combine in tank or travel the pipes, then the influence of the metals used shall immediately drive out and dominate over the sun-drenched cloud substance that was.

Distillation, on the other hand, renders the water to be completely virginal: to be as it is, as apart and alone from association - 'thirsty' (yes, water itself is by nature, very thirsty) for to be imbued.

Clouds release their form, not because of their being overburdened, but because of charity. It is to these Angels firstly to which this water, as it appears in the physical World, comes to be and thus it seeks to return. It is they who have called it into being, and they who give it over.

The nature of such sacrifice for Creation's sake belongs to our Father in all of His example. The principle of water traces back to Him and is foremost to all subsequent manifestation. The manifested waters are intrinsic to the beings to whom they belong, as part of their substance - and in combination also - as Christ issues water out from His Being into the Angelic vessels who in turn are protectors of its purity and deliverers of its grace unto Earth.

Long before the appearance of Man, Angels were active and abroad. Both Angels and Man were issued with 'being' at the same time, whenever that was (for the sake of exactness this is an impossible estimation); and as the shape of Man entertained its zoology and 'mastered the elements' to the point of today, their brothers in existence were all the while attending. (This is a very true meaning, interpretive of the parable of the 'Prodigal Son': one being Angel and one being Man).

Philosophically there has always been the conjecture that our Father, in His Wisdom, realized perfection in His Angels already, so that there should be no disappointments to follow. For goodness shines throughout their collective consciousness and as one mind they are directly responsive to our Father God's intention, knowing only Him and His ways.

Unmarked by personal thread - they are unawares of person and without ego, even if they were to experience personal loss or painful transition - the Angels are directly sympathetic to their brothers in being and are piteously affected by all sorrows as known to Man. When men may resolve much of their agonies, then too the Angels will be relieved correspondingly.

For every soul of Man there is an angelic being in number, whilst many more besides in countless variety of station and ability.

The word itself, Angel, implies most simply "reflective to God", and any such being which is not so, is not therefore, an Angel. "Fallen Angel" is a corruption of the word by the association. "Black Angel" is absurd and contradictory; whilst elemental beings who are pristine pure in character and obedience, may likewise have earned the term of merit and category.

Some men have in their final summation of themselves opted for such ego-less perfection and have become Man-Angels in being.

There are varieties of birds which are angels also. The negotiations into physical substance is not a prohibitive factor in this instance, for the compromise is slight. The birds work to purify the ethers that are rightfully their domain, not only by their song, but by the quality of that song which is borne out by the very quality of their being. Great goodness is not dependent upon commensurate intelligence. What it is that our goodly winged creatures bring about, is by their living expression of such knowing. It is not an interactive consciousness that needs to receive back into itself; it rather gives to the world selflessly transmuting the vibrance of a spiritual accord with the physical creation in its everyday fulfillment.

Respectfully then, we may acknowledge also our feathered Angels in this realm, along with their insect cousins of the variety who serve this world with such harmonious single-mindedness. Therefore, one may picture that there are many that honor this title, who bear similarly by compliance, service and objectivity.

In Christ and out from Christ, there is both the Angel and the Man. And just as the Angelic aspect becomes in the living waters, so too the consciousness which is the ego of Man is becoming in the light as issued from Christ.

Self-consciousness and all it entitles, brings to Man the very highest reflection of God, once perfected, for when self may contrast with self, as one to themselves or one to another, then it is also that in revelation there is a meeting of minds: Divine Mind and Man.

Christ knows from where all calling thoughts come from. When we are pure to receive back the attention He responds with, we shall have fulfilled His Faith in us that blessed His men each with unique appreciation.

And by our self-knowledge we come to openly applause God in all that we are, willing it to be so.

There used to be an old joke:-

"What makes up the difference between Angel and Man?"
Answer: "Nothing."

(In either consciousness.)

The Angels are learning through Man. This is the case - that Man does not persevere with his course purely for his own result. Just as the one being is inextricably incorporated throughout, Humanity is all that it affects as well as its own, and the overall karma is complete to this.

Furthermore, it is the principle of fluidity by which there is action and movement. Suppleness in physical matter, mobility - even in the higher fiery actions - is enabled, as within the spiritual worlds, because of fluidity.

The nature of Ego is to gather unto itself and contract inwards. Without the Angelic impulse, all life would be immobile and within its own field, never enabled to interact or move out and beyond itself. Our Father God's impetus to 'go beyond Himself' and venture forth is the very marvel and mystery of this, that no being, including Him, is self-satisfied and self-fulfilled only.

By contrast, Christ brought us the consciousness which may discover this reality: loving both the detail and the diagram, redeeming the Man in Angel and the Angel in Man.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

MICHAEL & the defense against that which is uncommon to Man: Sin & the Alien- 11th September 1994

THE gleam on the flat of the sea in the first light or last light, shimmers with the vaguest of undulation, reflecting back the glancing sparkle. When read, the words describing might bring forth recollections at best, but shall not make the waters come lap at the feet. The iridescence of the illumined horizon will spread across your being, it will move from the head and ray down into the extremities, as it did when first and last seen out there on the bay of the beach.

Some would utterly discount all days before, unless there was evidence of their having been. Some might argue that projections cast into hope are faithful to a future which is unreliable and does not bear credence.

Reality is as reality does - whilst perceptions, recollections and investments in the cause of are superficial to its form, but as memorable as the beauty of sunlight kissing the sea. We may ask at what point one may attribute value to reality only - sparse and inconsolate - compared with that reality which is perceived to be in conjunction with other worlds.

Reality at face value, in relation to people, tells us very little; in point of fact, it becomes a minimalist science to hold discourse with the common and familiar. The reason for this consolidation amongst conversations is because there becomes a respite therein from the most painful self-reflection. Admissions arise but do not issue and are kept intact behind the lesser ego's veneer of personality which defends the characterization of the man as it becomes established and enforced with commonality.

It is not cynical to say that men usually speak to avoid honesty- if they have not been purged of their upsets. Every man has a wholesome core. He is disgraced by himself and quite aggravated because of those associations that remain. This is the black bear of all psychology, and there is a foundation for said concern if we are to look for a release for each and every individual which will enable his consciousness a freedom to relax.

One to another:
"I forgive you. Let that be known by you, that I see only a perfect man in you who has been injured by wrongdoings which were slight or grave mistakes. There is no sin that can live with you. There is no demon who may claim you as their partner. You have been freed and released from associations of incongruity. You are a splendid being who has and will endure.

"Submissions to karma will be answered, and you may share in my courage for this and for our future; for all of the future of all men, because this one body of individual souls incarnate, is one body of Christ's also and He forever directs His intent inward upon us.

"As I am before you - if you will - you may entrust me with your self-sadness and deliver it for absolution. Whenever you may have faltered or weakened you will have memories of crimes incurred, and for those which are apparent and present, you may offer them to me that I may examine and treat.

"I am not the one you grieved, but may stand in their place and become self-named, so that the forgiveness will settle this upset which prohibits peace."

There is a planet, quite invisible to Earth, which is called "The Guardian", as it circulates quite close and its presence is protective and related to our own. It is as a satellite to our Earth, massive and with the path of an extenuated loop - the body of our Chief Angel Michael - that advances and collects with sedentary obligation, whirring and dancing as an invisible mass. 

We have deemed this 'body' (being not celestial but perfunctory) to be a planet, as it does increase upon itself and makes also for a station upon which men may reside. And one need not imagine Michael to be entrapped in a central cavity within. It is a sphere of relative substance, although it does not comprise his entire or greater body.

Spiritual beings, such as the Archai and arcane are not limited to spatial distinction. They require form but are on the whole, much, much, larger than we the lesser beings, may ever comprehend. How often it is that we really do only see a part, or a part of a part, without the full knowledge of the legend, and it is unrecognizable to us.

Throughout our skies are filtered many such parts within the upper hemisphere and we view 'shadows' of greater beings impressed in the humidities (the clouds), and though the Guardian circulates quite far apart from our cloudy-plasma ensheathed, it is markedly permeated by those movements and motions as he plots his design in the upper ethers.

The immediate realm to which it belongs is touched upon by the 'larger' circumference of this Earth, and the atmosphere is light impressioned and etherically active.
Men are pure beings who often require defending; for the truth in the matter is that the spores of disaster, moral or superficial, are foreign to Man, having been collected and dissipated during our Moon existence or still as incoming from stations below and beyond.

There are legions of Angels who are fierce (yes, fierce) to expel and do battle daily with intrusive newcomers. We must be firm about this one 'Holy War', that it is a mistake indeed to be inviting or tolerating to such 'space' entities which interfere with Men. It is essentially a spiritual war, but with physical casualties, as the innocent men have received all strangers graciously, and with unsuspecting lenience, allowed them a certain admittance. 

However, devils with horns or devils with bug-eyes are equally as undesirable and unwholesome in their communing with Man. This is a most serious issue and one not to be avoided (since you yourself have raised the question); and too, ancient in origin, although overlooked by the present generations.

Yes it is that the awesome 'realities' imposed upon the naive sensitives are detractions from Christ and His becoming (in them and in the World); whilst furthermore, the designs and motives of inhuman 'invaders' are parallax to our own development. 

Why is it not asked and brought to caution at the numbers of men who would unconditionally accept these entities, believing their practice and word to be godlike or relevant to our Humanity? The crusade of the 'New Age' is one of contest between alien and Man; as the spiritual minds of men awaken, we pray that it is to Christ and not to demons.

Within the ecology of Man (which is Christ) is the shared relationship of a multitude of beings - being almost countless in differentiation - but all sharing keys akin to each other. Although we tend to place all animals under the one kingdom heading, and plants and elementals likewise, there is a remarkable oversight in this practice where we have mistaken the generalization to be the complete fact. In truth however, every species upon the Globe (the greater extended Earth also) is distinct from one another. There is Man, and as part of him there comes millions upon millions of differing species, families of elementals who are our own and so related, and markedly differing in characteristic, attribute, intelligence and so forth - and species of beast, fish and insect, plant, seed, tree and flower, and Angel.

There are scores of millions of differing entities within this family we are comprised with, and in order to appreciate them all, there should be such a great selection without the necessity to go seeking outside of the immediate family for diversity. Every one of these species has divine heritage, from the smallest, the bizarre, the little breathers to the disincarnate. All of them are positioned, in part, in other realms of existence concurrently having differing fusions of conscious activity accordingly.

There is an unspoken love within this family, of being in kind. Even though there are predatory terms of existence, there comes from this too a love also, which is ever worked out and brought to bear. The entities which we know to be undesirable are quite rightly termed alien - foreign in every respect - and we do not shun them because of diversity, for as it was just mentioned, that alone is of no great matter. We do not tolerate them because it is dangerous to do so. The ship is full, the doors are closed, and because they have no cross-reference of signature with us we shall be compromised one way or another to have dealings with them. They are the virus to Man.

Men are dissuaded from lively thinking and discrimination quite often because of the personal sorrows they harvest. We do not suggest that all extraordinary encounters are perilous, or even hazardous, for it might well be with one of the angelic beings to which this follows. But folk when asked to reflect on the nature of their experience or fixation, are often unwilling to question at all, and this becomes apparent that they are then predisposed to believing anything, without the necessary discrimination in review.

Discrimination is essential as we begin to refine our beings and our consciousness. A skill which is acquired by repeated practice in testing and in failure, helps bring us to proper realization whereby a man has earned his certainty.

This is a fine experience and not as awkward or niggling as some might have it. The arguments which oppose proper inquiry and right questioning are defensive only to mutability on the whole, and are from minds which are fixed because of some unrelated unease (which as said before is connected with the burdensome sins of the past interrupting their clear thinking).

This is why the 'love' as experienced from a foreign entity promises to release the individual from all connections and associations and is thus, unquestionably invited - because:
  1. It does not recognize the insult of sin (rather in loving regardless, and often shares in the tendencies anyway).
  2. Suggests that the overall suicide out from Humanity will cleanse and purge the soul (what's left of it is another matter).
  3. Defiles truth and higher knowledge by discrediting learning and discriminating therein.
  4. Offers only a 'false love' in that they would change a man to suit themselves, and then and then only, after such open submission are the men to be loved.
How do you tell a truthful Whitefoot? If a being gives you a name, which is not as representational, but as a name that is theirs, and they are acclaimed to be highly advanced, then you may know that because it can never be their true name they have lied from the outset. It may be to please you, deceive you or impress you, but such a title will be a falsehood, and if this is not explained from the start, then a false presumption has been dubiously made.

A seer may know a being by their glorious attribute, but shall not call them rightly by their appointed and true name. If a medium introduces you to a famous title, then at best you are in the company of an admirer thereof, or at worst a charlatan who knowingly would deceive you.

High souls of note do not formally introduce themselves because their true accreditation lives in Christ firstly and their individuality need not be mingled in egos in twain, because the divinity and purpose would be then dispersed by such combining.

Once again let it be said, dear friend, that the truth itself is of much greater importance to you than any defined contact between master and pupil. For the master is not the 'be all and end all' and is but an intermediary between the student and God. Therefore the distraction of such combining is uncalled-for and not worthwhile.

When there comes a good and proper time, when the teacher is so known, then he is permitted to come forth, by which stage the aspect of confirmation is no longer needed - and so it goes.

As agents for Michael we contest the promises and intrusions of uninvited entities, who wittingly or not, disservice our natural progression as Men and are stupid and insolent to Christ and His Charities.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Joy is Life- 10th September 1994

IN all that we've done, from all that we've been, we are here today sharing this moment. Our gowns which spread back to our eternal beginnings, are tasseled like medallions, with each and every learning. Whilst our beings, pure and in perfect Grace, await the supplication that only love's Wisdom brings, in accordance with the Heavenly Order.

Our wonderings, once fired, expel the old lethargies, which make no protest in evacuation, resolving their witless obstinancies.

We give measure and account, but by no means strive to bind and contain that which we embrace. Our passage together is brief but constant, in this our reuniting; and with episodes between there comes the diversity and gifts we bring to offer here today.

Our souls are hungry for nourishment and for steady commune with like souls and with Christ and with the benevolent beings who serve Creation.

We belong to Father God and as tribute to Him we admit ourselves into His Care, knowing that all will be well, always and forever. So we may not accompany our studies with a fear which suggests a divine inadequacy ever, but rather be safe in the knowledge that calms and exposes those happy and fantastic joys. For every injection of such joyful, inspired awakening fortifies the student in all parts of his body - of which there is only one to which the essences combine and the fiery forces circulate and the organs cleave to the bones and gravitate. Only one body we avail, and it is ours and us, and coherent with Life. (For fractious thinking in this regard leads to ill-health.)

It is that this body is not merely representational or superfluous to soul, but is indefinably so connected and permeated that it is our substance. This substance is primary to Holy Cosmic influence, responsive to its virtuous impulses which characterize what we identify as fractured aspects within a man.

However, we are exceptionally instilled with such higher nourishment from without every time we come to a realization that reaches into the soul - be it gently or all at once. That comprehended, spiritual reality will invoke an accompanying joy which shall in turn, call upon the Graces from without and manifest them again within the body of the man.

Men die because they have too little such joy in their lives. This is the one and only reason - and then too, sometimes the artificial lead-ins to the ecstasy of Heaven invoke a sudden death because they are not enstrengthened by their own means to journey back.

The physical body corrupts because the governing life becomes impoverished over time. Would that the true Life was given expression and fulfillment in soul terms, then it would be obedient to the principle and ever renewing. This of course, will be very much the circumstance in further incarnations, but we advance towards this from this point on.

It is not that we seek to be eternal beings, or for that matter, eternally young, for we are all already this beneath the skin, and unhampered by death in the long run. However, it is a natural development of that part of our body - our communal selves - whereby we gather as men at our home station with our consciousness becoming exact and defined, and our interactions exceedingly significant.

Our purpose with this planet and with each other, is rarefied by our attendance. The incoming souls at this time, have been called to and sought for from all of those places the deceased operate out from; both real and creatively real, in spheres of consummate activity. They have been called to attendance because their dear planet has urged it so, as a mother craves her children to return home once again.

So it is that we obligingly turn back from whatever the wonders were which entertained our subtle beings. Her call is heard throughout: it even penetrates the hellish catacombs where souls toy with monstrous astral wraiths, who in captivity are now bled from their own desires, being overly pronounced in this 'man and demon' project of concern. For when men love men and act so, they are enstrengthened, but when men love their demons moreso, they are enstrengthening their bedfellows and committed to them after death.

But the Mother calls for return, and even the weary may remember enough of their humanity, and as quick as the inspired desire, it becomes in motion. Once again the starry streams make their way to the entrance of the Globe.

No, there is no guilt to be felt in desiring the highest or humblest of joys, for this is Life. Truly, what not only sustains us but supports us, substantiates our commitment to reincarnate. Even the most tortured men who suffer ill-health, extreme poverty or great threat in their lives, have to know their measure of these joys else they would not struggle to remain and be adamant about their withstanding.

We celebrate Creation in our admiration for Her, and we celebrate our hearts and minds by our purpose, our use, and in our sharing of them.

Oh Joy!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

New Consciousness & Doubt- 28th August 1994

The following essay, comments on the experiences and apprehension of some students regarding their spiritual experiences.

EVEN we startle easily!

What you have spoken of is of two differing concerns. Firstly, a mind which is unaware of extraordinariness becomes a dim one indeed. Comparison and contrast! Remember?

That you have difficulty accepting a condition which comes to you when you are unprepared, is only to be expected and of no concern. Surprises are surprising. So you must not expect to be capable of being 'matter of fact' about those things which are not so.

We do have very subtle ways also. Keep a look out over the months to come, stay more awake and you may catch on to what we do for you. This shall encourage alertness in this world, for this is what we would have, not mindlessness or camouflage.

As for the second part to this: the overall issue of such total experience, from which afterwards a man is never the same again. We would suggest that the 'peace' will come moreover, and not so the frantic overhaul as imagined and even feared. The unsettledness comes from living those aspects which compromise the noble being within. We (as in you) can rework the life or adjust one's tolerance accordingly. The choices will always be there before you. 

Experiences will come, should you desire, and they may be unlike any before and shall be as worthy of you as you are of them. Not all experience, particularly in this realm, is to be held to suspicion or regarded as injurious, providing it is understood also that the most exquisite of challenges will depart, and come again.

To feel the brush of an angel's wing, their tear or their kiss or that one embrace which does embrace all of humanity with a boldness and a braveness that truly believes Man to be lovable; or to find in Nature amongst its rapid outbursts of impetuous expression, the whisperings which issue from the aliveness that has endured ever triumphant, the assault of those astral groans which the slag of an intemperate Man has expelled all the vileness into, and the passion of anger, of corruption, and worst of all, of revenge, which does perpetuate the grief.

Yes, one can feel the optimism of the etheric world in its crystalline laughter which echoes the fall of water, out and into the cavities waiting, defying the dross and the ill-tempered demons who contest beauty because they have none, and so despise the natural world in its lavish dedication to this happiness.

Yes, you might even find Christ amongst the haphazardness, and in the quiet and in the challenge of knowing serenity once and for all; and in the certainty which you shall never change around again, but defend because He is your life.

Perhaps the greater question must lie in what that implies, when the minutes and the days take on new importance and one now comes to review that which may be done with them. New consciousness is awkward whilst the old, distracting. The adjustments in themselves, may be taxing because of their necessity to succeed.

Christ does not underestimate your love. As a man you may do this about yourself and feel keenly inconsequential and also may need to outwardly remonstrate and signify this deepest feeling within. All of this is wholesome and good, and from it there shall be that seriousness of importance; but all the while this is not what Christ needs, for He knows your heart and mind as you are, and knows the girth and gravity of your deepest love. Therefore no man is required to put himself to the test artificially- karma takes care of that in between the maneuvers of options placed within its score. So we are not forcibly (against the grain) determined to become or display such attributes of being which we are uncomfortable with or unsuited to.

The great Masters each developed such talents as they are now known for individually. The 'all-rounder' as you say, is a little disqualified from mastery - oddly enough, because one such acquisition of talent tends to conform to another, in which none are then especial.

It is a privilege to become tempered by our weaknesses and intent to assume our place above them when at the Will and Willing of God we are afforded. It is a privilege also, to make use of those particular strengths and talents we enjoy indulging in, and spinning them throughout our realm of activity in wise and wit and in becoming.
Therefore we do not grow into anything for which we have no loving in becoming in the first instance. There need not be fear that great change shall occur in consequence to the inner-life flourishing.

Doubt is a demon and a liar also. Don't believe him. One may always tell the difference between doubt and concern, and doubt and proper caution: Doubt pulls faces (with a flair for the dramatic) does a lot of waving arms in the air, justifies itself in defeat, and is contemptuous of loss. Concern, on the other hand, is instructive, informative and impartial to contempt. Caution as brought to us from our inner guidance, knows danger to be presenting and then seeks the source of that alarm. Therefore the actual reasoning is not relied upon, but that the intuitive faculties are awakened and cautioned before proceeding further into that which we are cautioned of. We may still tarry on, but in ever readiness to respond in a way which hitherto might not have occurred to us.

Therefore, Doubt is not accommodating to the current condition. It is a no-way one-way entity, which brings death to those it wins. (Death, as in cessation to ideas, plans, hopes, futures which would have been spawned etc.) Doubt rebukes oncoming success, and when it presents to the man who needs optimism within his spiritual outlook (inlooking), it may dissuade him from Christ, in the suggestion that he is not worthy enough. However, you may well believe that you are loved and that Doubt is no authority on this or any other matter. You are loved by Him and can know that all of the tremblies live on a different plane of interaction, whereas the silent commune you share with God is unfathomed by they who contest your sincerity and promise.

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