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Saturday, April 16, 2011

I Give You My Word- February 2nd 2003

  Embedded beneath
The temple and hill,
Two eyes, two nostrils,
An ever-hungering mouth
Calling out,
Quests the life,
Devout to love,
Compounding and exacting.

Past present and past recall,
Past infinity's hopeful premise,
I give you,
I offer you,
My Word.

What a keen edge
This Life has to it,
Delivering the near impossible,
With the highest of expectations;
Entertained by our God,
Who immortally is here in puzzle,
By virtue of the fact,
And fact that that is that,
That I am in fact,
Yours sincerely,
In Word -
I am.

Past recall and past present,
Past infinity's growing borders,
I give you,
I trust in you,
My Word.

Submarine and subterranean,
In places where no other
Does come so,
Save himself,
To save himself.

Divining I,
With credentials holy
And a given for a newer life,
Now living,
In the heart of the soul,
In the soul of the ego,
In the kindness of spirit herein.

Past recall and past present,
Past infinity's encompassing reasons,
I give you,
I offer you,
My Word.

God of Value,
God of gods,
Heavenly Father,
I give You myself.

Christ - my higher instinct,
The one consistency,
Essentially and empirically.

Past recall and past present,
Past infinity's shining comprise -
The ever-dawn
I give you,
Yet keep also,
My Word.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Not a Bullet, but a Bulletin- 28th January 2003

GHOSTS rattling chains are quite frightening to consider, let alone see - wraiths of darkened import, bemoaning life and completing death - ghosts rattling chains. Any man (or sub-man to be more accurate) who would have war inflicted upon the gentle families and folk of this earthly domain, are as ghosts rattling their own chains. Karmicly they bring death upon themselves. Presently they cause terror by their inhumaneness and by their perpetuation of sorrow. But do hear this, sweet hearted souls, they are but a very small few who would kill and be killed.

Life has radically changed within this dear world. The consciousness of all men has been usurped by a much higher compassion and empathetic reasoning - namely Christ. He claimed the domain of death and redeemed its once worthless value. He infiltrated the oldest of principles, equality, and renamed the law - now LOVE.

People have a sense of selfhood, a feeling for their community and for their brothers, and if you ask your neighbor if he desires war within his heart, in his life, upon his young, and inflicted upon others too, he will tell you that such a consideration is insanity. Every nation's majority are desiring of life and a peaceful life. Please hold this close to you when you next hear the ghosts presuming that they know the mind and heart of the world. Be aware that the majority here have a beautiful voice, one which calmly needs to answer these ghosts firmly and decidedly.

The world media and the internet offer scrutiny and communication unlike ever before, giving the 'common' man his eyes and his voice with a far reaching love. As citizens of the world, folk can make use of this incredibly well, and instead of perpetuating the arrythmiaic fears, men and women can reassure each other firstly that most individuals within this world are good, if not great, people.

Communicate more. Find new international friends. Be clear that the hostility comes from madmen, only from madmen. Pray for the insane. Pray for the dictators, pray for the diplomats. Do not be complacent or accepting of madness. The bullies of the world have an obvious and disruptive presence, and whilst they cannot be tolerated and should not be given any license to continue, we cannot harm the innocent purely because of proximity.

There is such a danger spiritually in attitude when undue aggression takes hold of an environment or community. In itself it will cause more sickness today than ever, because such an attitude conflicts with our higher forces that now abide within the each of us. If we give over to an aggressive response we will cause ourselves to tire our own life, for living contrary to Christ is the most tiresome and depleting path we could go by. 

Please do not let a handful of demonic men depress you about the current way of the world. For the truth is that men are good, and great and beautiful, becoming more wonderful in every way all the time. The truth of this world is that for all of its struggles and difficulties there are many more important things to cherish and be thankful for, and these ghostly men are but voices from a now long gone era that only ever understood valor in terms of divisive and determining wars. War itself is now an outdated and useless interaction. 

You yourself can actually find the strength of ego and of love to dismiss even the most revered of texts and prophesy on this subject. Why? Because the Crucifixion and the Resurrection claimed the world just a short while ago. There can be no war to decide the truth of this. Death was met with and resolved. The souls of men were saved. The Earthly domain was claimed. Yes, ☺as that famous author once said "War - what is it good for?" Nowadays - nothing!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Holy Nights- 25th December 2002

THROUGH Christ we return to Our Father in very significant ways, ways which distinctly bring very special gifts to all of us over the Christmas period especially.

For fourteen days in total globally, there are forces of incarnation amassing and coercing, which are not available generally throughout the rest of the year by the same quality or character.

Also, cosmically, heavenly, we have an undispersed ratio of spiritual substance to that ennui (that penetrates the lower spheres), which dives within the earthly realms, substantiates and saturates newly and anew with the greater Holy Spirit. 

Manifestation is the theme currently - manifestation of the highest spiritual Material and Potential: of Him. This is the time for the Host to host, and the great playfulness to begin! Let visions find their way into reality, let former words and thoughts become actualities; not only with mere change, nor newness or difference, but rather with a forming, structuring, a making real of that which has been spiritually hitherto only dreamed of.

When our beloved Christ pushed His Way into the Earthly domain and saturated its sphere with His Presence and His Intention through His Incarnation, He was ever present with the greatest of deliberance during the time even at the Holy Birth. The first impulse within the world, you see, was introduced through that very period.

Often folk speak about Christ's last three years, leaving the orientation of those earlier to be more or less mysteries of a vaguer importance. It could be said, that as each moment of His Life accelerated into the next, there became a definite momentum and the world did change a little more, and what was affected during and towards the closure gathered weight upon weight unto the finale as was known.

Yet also we know that there was a beginning point for which all this was to be possible - a beginning to this process, to this event, to this God clothing Himself in all that matters and was matter. There was an initial surge, a change and an address, which first worked its way through the form of infantitude. This worked through unconsciousness firstly - that slumbering of egoic activity as the baby, the baby whose consciousness was naturally more coherent with Father God for most of the day. 

Paradoxically we look to Christ to celebrate our knowledge of ourselves and therefore also of others. We think of Him Loving the individual and being capable of incorporating all differences, to the profound extent which finds them loving more and not less. Through Him we may find both the 'I' and the 'am'. Yet the reality of this is also that we achieve all that we can through our Father firstly, and there is a soporific quality to great knowledge when it is experienced by us. (Babies are very wise indeed and you can see how they sleep!)

Sleep brings us much, much more than rest. Sleep brings us life - all kinds of life, all kinds of spiritual gifting. When we sleep we pass through many layerings of place and time, but inevitably also at the closest yet fartherest edge, we return to our Father. We go to God and we bring back our life and those forces which comprise our life, into the morning, into our wakefulness.

On these nights following on from the twenty-fifth of December we bring back something a little different for two weeks! This is the time when the night meets the day. This is the time when not only are we given the day's quota, but this special substance brought back could extend on throughout the rest of the year. Parcels of prior plans are bundled back into the arms of the hopeful man and delivered with him in new beginnings now made possible. This is a time for realizing. Our etheric garden is replenished, our wellsprings of Grace become continent once more. Happiness returns to a deflated globe deplete of direction - not exactly renewed, not reborn either, but born anew - not repeating the repetitive, not even resurrecting all that has gone before, but investing new life in new projects that have come from the best gleanings of what went prior.

In many respects life itself dies all the time. At Eastertide we look to resurrection and redemption and give thanks that the darkest aspects can be permeated by such a strong love as is His. The influences which speak to our innermost natures during the Crucifixion period denote agonies of experience known before His Coming and also of those following after as well. For all the greatness of the story there is every inch a sadness, and inwardly we all resonate some pain, laboring with the entire globe many battles which may come and go.

This is not the time for that! Christmas time heals over the spiritual stigmata. Not by just a folk tale, but by a secret whispered into the ear each night… The angels draw near and love us all as dearly as any child… and the Heavens bless us with their cooperation asking 'What is it that you want Father God to bring you? ', 'What would you have growing beneath the Tree of Life this year?'

What of our Father God Himself? He knows our heart, of course, He has always known. Remarkably He understands every desire there is. Whilst we do not have to even make them consciously recognized, He has already set a place in our futures for their revealing. Yet this asking can be different too. It can lead on to the formation of happenings which would not have occurred if had not formerly been asked for.

This is a private consultation of which intimately, much is left between each and Him. The only wishes we are not permitted are those which involve the lives of others who do not also wish in same accordance exactly. You cannot therefore wish for something which involves another person that invites a coercion against their wish and want. You cannot ask seriously for others to favor you when in truth they do not, love you, if they love not, or even, for example commit to Christ, when they do not. Wishes for others are better spent in such generalities as they are likely to wish for themselves - yet we can effectively help others and the world by wishing ourselves to be more useful, more proficient in assisting the intimations of the ever prompting Divine!

Ennui is lethargic, almost static activity, deplete of its former self. It exists as a phenomenon whereby people, ideas, projects, lives etc. inevitably experience a 'staleness' one often hears people complain of. Much discontent is experienced in this suppressive experience - life without life (almost). Folk are familiar with the phrase 'the power has gone out of it', and yes, the color washes away somewhat and yet this state often perseveres (and fights to survive) as is.

There are traditions which are suffering ennui and should long have relinquished themselves to the spirit of Christmas - concepts choking the world's great freeways of logic, outdated and outworn fellowships now bereft of the original spirit of humanity that first enlivened them; plays that have played too long, with one too many an ovation - there are crusty creatures which really beg to evolve, and jokes which lost their humorous context a long time ago. Over this time we can meet with our own ennui and commission it to its final rest. Give over what is of death to death, and begin again!

Of the twelve days we find a compound effect.

  • The first night is of Father God
We go to Him and experience only Him. This is where we may come back with only an unconscious experience of Him and not of ourselves. This is His day. Every night we sleep we go to Him and replenish ourselves etherically. The pear tree examples this etheric life. He is at the apex of all life. We return with the blessings of this meeting. Before entering into sleep on this night we can hold before us the picture of the golden pear tree and its etheric splendor; knowing that when we arise to once again feel the senses within our bodies, to infill the limbs and circulate warmly we have been to paradise and eaten His fruit that sustains us throughout all of the worlds.

  • The second night becomes the meeting of two
On the second night we go to Him with the inner experience of the night before, before our soulic nature, becoming evident also to the ego. Just as the song 'The Twelve Days of Christmas' goes on to repeat itself and recap the earlier days within the current day, so our experience gathers over the twelve nights (during the global fourteen). Our experience shifts now from being unconscious to recollective and from that into further knowledge. In this we experience Christ also, whose presence becomes apparent through this self-conscious reflection.
He is apparent to us in all meetings. In this power of two we find a unity of self and Father, Father God and Christ. There is a peace experienced in this unity (two turtle doves). Our meditation on this night is of marvelous meetings - of conjunctures. Of meetings that will come to us also in the year ahead. May we be aware of not only the Great One's Presence, but of our being with them and our being together.

  • On the third night comes the Holy Spirit
On the third night we return with our experience now of the Holy Trinity in action - as it works within our own personal creation - as the Holy Spirit inspires and divines the fresh life destined to be manifest.
Without the Holy Spirit we would be continually given over to ennui, and though nights one and two carry a certain measure of peace in the experience, this same peace now becomes also a supportive strength, enabling us to travel further upon the vitality of this mighty moving Spirit now known. (Three french hens - the Trinity.)
So we have had our being sustained etherically, and then we have had our consciousness enlivened by our Christ as He examines all about us, and now through Him we can see also our Father's Divine Will as it motivates our life, the etheric life and all other life besides. Our chief concern on this night to contemplate is our own will and drive and fervor in the world. We may anticipate a sense of personal motivation becoming clarified within us. And wake to feel the spirit within us!

  • The fourth night is the four angels of the four quarters of space
On the fourth night we give and are given 'space' to make ready our incoming actualities. The gift of the four is precisely this. Four angels govern and qualify and characterize the four quarters of all cosmic space and its infilling virtue. On this journey heavenward we are gathering up our provisions, and our first provision for that in our life to enter in anew, is the space to be present that it can. This is now the perfect night before retiring into slumber, to contemplate possibilities, to hang out our empty stocking as it were to be infilled! (Four calling birds. [Originally 'colley' birds - blackbirds, black as coll/coal.])

  • The fifth night the world becomes palpable
On this night we have experienced the four previous nights and what their gifts might mean to us, and now the space which is filled becomes apparent. Our consciousness here moves to a firmer and more concrete perception of what is around us. This can be not only in the physical world that we are more 'connected' or 'grounded', but in our thinking processes as well.
The rings denote containment. Earthly material comprises a living spiritual substance (a cohabitation of being and virtue) which is contained and set within perimeters of patterned consistency. Although physical matter deteriorates, it does not dissolve or respond in ways that other realms experience. It is stubbornly fixed and the 'five golden rings' give us five golden globes of existence we have worked our way through. Our contemplation before retiring on this night is to be equipped to experience that which is before us as it is - the reality we have to work with now. By identifying this reality we become mature and strong enough to therefore enhance it further during the following periods.

  •  On the sixth night we review our past accomplishments
The number six is the one number which is before that of seven, which is the number of a set fulfilled (and therefore ended). It is this time and this period that we can look to what are the merits of our own lives, what good we have invested and upheld, and cherish these talents and times. If we go to the heavens with thanksgiving they are cued into knowing then what it is we would like more of to come. It is imperative that we find the time to have gratitude for that which we love and appreciate within our past lives and to sustain it into our futures by that very thanksgiving.
On this night we can summarize as best we can before sleep, all that which we have felt as divine kindness working with us, through us or to us in our experience. Our six geese a'laying give us golden eggs to begin the next set! They are heavenly creatures of fertile work.

  • On the seventh night we watch the past set forth from us
This, as was said before, is the period of a completion, of a closure, for which we will bring the former nights and days into the experience and then draw to an end. The swans (in this swansong) will set off as this perfect set, and into this compilation now fulfilled we have experienced what has passed up until now in the experience of our Father, and then by the power of the Two, and then through the motivation, and then to ask for more space within, and then to realize it for what it was, and then to give thanks for the goodness there - to come to now. On this night we say goodbye to these beloved swans as they swim away. Our contemplation is just to watch them go and set our eyes upon a differing horizon.
  •  On the eighth night the bounty is plentiful
Here lives the truth that as the udder empties it infills again! We have begun on the first impulse of the new set - and our meditation to take with us on this evening is of believing and experiencing the sustaining power of all that is Divine. We have given up what we have had of ourselves in setting the completed past to the past, and are given the faith now that new life will come to us. Here is the beginning of that new life with fresh nourishment abounding. 

  •  On the ninth night we come to find cohesion
New patterns will emerge, new laws, new formations of character and future. This 'dance' of the nine is ongoing and within its own terms quite magically repetitive. We can rest on a form (albeit a new form) of substantiality now becoming apparent to us. This of course has taken over from the old. This is part of the set to which we now work with, rather than repeating the old laws and dance, formerly experienced.

On this night we can pray and be mindful of our own inner monarchy and for what we might choose within that monarchy as tenant and denizen. We set the rhythm and the pattern of the workings of our own lives, this is the very period of intuiting what it is we require here - to go faster or slower? More particular or not? As much as we are given the power to set patterns, to work on this dance, we are also on this night given a review to the past dances of our behavior spiritually and mentally that were incorporated and used in our past just gone.

  •  On the tenth night we identify with Our Father
This is a night of our being little gods and comprehensively experiencing the wholeness of our own domain. We have come through the ninth period to find that the working whole is doing well and we have mastery with our imagination, with our concepts, with our being, with our egos, over its entirety.
On this night we also can identify with those other men and women who have come to the same, and are lords of their own province, whose development has brought them now 'leaping' through to this stage.

  • On the eleventh night we come to exhibit great creation!
This night is the very cry and movement of the sympathetic divinities working through us. Now, after having been prepared, we can give out into the world fine and wonderful creations. The spiritual worlds can sing through us by whatever means we have chosen.
On this night our meditation to take with us into the pastures of deep sleep, is of ourselves bringing back into the world such heavenly inspirations that would manifest through our being and give meaning to that which meets with us and who we truly are.

  • On the twelfth night we set it down and make it real
The percussive movement of the drum, by its repetitiveness and its sound, brings the intended spiritual into the physical and makes it real. On the previous night we gathered our gifts and gave them out in the form of song. This is not exactly a permeation of the physical when compared to the drum. It is no less important either. In point of fact it is a little alike to someone praying for someone who is ill (and this we could call piping the spiritual inspiration) or administering an exact remedy or food (and this would be drumming for example).
If we deliver a wonderful inspiration or truth, if we share a thought or intuitively are guided to act, this would be spiritually playing the pipes. On the other hand if we bring something into actuality by example proving a spiritual worth, being dynamic to a visible reality that is further now within the world at large, then we have drummed, so to speak, and made it real.
On this night there is a certain intent required to accompany this power of this drumming. We require the preparation of the nights before to help guide and clarify what it is that we would choose to find so important that we would have it made real through us, to incarnate through us.

These are the twelve nights of The Incarnation.

May your gifts be generous! Happy Xmas to all! HO HO HO!

P.S. The imagery of the chimney here is also quite good, as the fires are not traveling up during this time - the gifts are coming through and down from above. One must not light the fires in the very place you expect Santa to enter through! This is surely good advice!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Terrorism & Vanity- 6th November 2002

THE perspicacity of this enigma lies at the fundamental heart (and spleen) of evil's origins itself. The 'm.o.' of the assailant is faceless, unpredictably chaotic, of quick action (quick to get in and quick to get out), destructive, vandalistic, torturous, unempathetic, cruel, intrinsically benign-less and Christ-less. Demonic beings can also be named all of the above in their activities, however, they unlike the men who are emissaries to evil, are only working out from but a few capabilities. Whereas the men who have fallen into relinquishing their humanity through murderous conduct are treacherous to their own Maker, and not being true to themselves or to God at all.

This epidemic of displacement has already brought with it sadly, fears and illnesses to come within this generation. Both materialism and fear affect the subtle ethers, the nervine networks, the etheric vitality's permeations, the correspondence between the overall incarnating cooperative sympathies (i.e. how well-fitting the spiritual being is to his physical body); and also the imaginations themselves can literally create unwanted life-bearing disease when poisoned with fear or materialistic shock.

Fear can saturate an environment, and in the instance of a terrorist act, its after-effect is of course, that objective. We may look more closely at what this may mean, that the fear itself in this context begins at the scene of the original act and radiates out with much the same travel and force as an atomic implode. You can picture this, possibly as a true substance with a very real effect. Fear is not merely psychological when it is invoked through situations of bodily injury, pain, death by corrupt cause. 

Warring battles of the past were never primarily about the first and last count of bloodshed, about numbers of villages, of tribes and later counties; they were about fouling the entire landscape and spirit of the people within a certain country, of interrupting destinies of the up and coming generations through the first parcel of affliction passing from parent to child, contaminating an entire race's ability to incarnate ordinarily. So beyond the man, beyond the demon, there is but another contrivance offset against life, one which knows with a maturity and aptitude what it takes to bring a people down.

Here we come to one of the aspects of this fundamental theorem of evil itself, that there can be an intelligence which works against other life, coercing the fates with abominable plans; that there can be an evil at work in the world which is not just a mistake but designed to be what it is; and not even for good reason, but all for nonsense, all for naught.

Let us not be afraid to consider the elements of these monstrous dragonic beings and look them in the eye for what they are (now and then). Please God though we tremble, may we not be afraid!

This is no small issue, because as is widely accepted, the first risk of the occult path prematurely encountered is that of megalomania. The impulse of this tyrannical behavior is in possibility, a living reality in each of us (and therefore a risk we should be aware of to deal with and counter). All men have this possibility for this impulse, and though this impulse is completely contrary to the humanity-spirit within, it can still override the heart, the conscience and incite passions/stimulations/gratification for power. 

When the will of a man is fired and fed by this 'power', the renewing forces within the individual are not from a lively exchange, but are given to vampiristic employ. What this means in general, is to say that usually there is a circuit the conscious will travels which articulates its way through to Father God and back again, gathering the encouragement (in real terms) of Him - His Will in ours, His Will and Life in ours, His Love made Known to us - and this in turn empowers our will, our life and our love within the world. All connections and conjunctures are employed through Christ in this World also. 

Now in the case of the megalomaniac, the tyrannisist or the terrorist, we could name all kinds of astral inversions which might appear to be causal to the problem (inasmuch as they 'reward' the individual with effects from what they do) yet the foremost commonsense explanation the man-on-the-street would give you is the most apt - and that is that these individuals think themselves God. 

Usually when this comment is made it is a little snarly or sneered. However, if we consider its import we find that the truth and reality is tremendous here. This is a truth and reality that all good self-deprecating monks have labored on the side of - the humble perspective as preventative: to know that they are not Father God, to decide this and to be separate enough so as not to confuse the two…and this is mainstream important! 

We could pass by this concept and think it quaint, or say 'yes, I have the idea here', but take a little more time with this truth. It is not our true godliness that would betray us, nor even that we would shout out loud 'Man, ye are gods!', but rather - and be cautioned - it is the very displacement of setting ourselves above our god-brothers and causing them to be servile beneath us (or wishing it so), that corruption causes the arterial bleed within us.

It is vanity that causes terrorism. Vanity is the root cause - a false-pride that has won over the sensibilities with conceit, prone to self-fulfilling illusion, looking for self-substantiation through more of the same. Vanity is not just a mistake either; it is the formidable dragon incarnate. The haughty laugh, the mocking authority, the uncaring criticism, theophanous jargon - even the self affirmation is dangerous! (Beware the self affirmation "Oh yes, how are we today Sir? Looking good there today Sir…") 

Vanity is humorless, full of pride, shoots anger when challenged - cannot be challenged. Manipulating, persuasive and willful, vanity takes all and wants more. Vanity thrives on fear, begins the chaos and feeds on the chaos. 

You can witness the willful individual with loud outbursts causing a chaotic atmosphere around them. It can become intolerable and need not be tolerated. If an individual sets out to destabilize you, one way or another, to achieve an end which is outside of your own desires and you recognize this chaos afflicting detrimentally, it is better to remove yourself from this situation where possible. The very first step is to identify what is going on. Once picked up upon it is surprisingly common to find individuals around you who believe themselves superior, seeking to control your own reactions through the element of the chaos they produce. (The personality terrorist.)

Christ's presence is becoming evermore apparent within this sphere and beyond! Whilst the Angels clap their hands to His forthcoming, the evils are challenged and reacting quite badly. Vanity sorely responds to true beauty as though tormented with such pain, whereas the godly, the true godly, are grateful for His glory and not slighted by an obvious betterment, seeing all to be enhanced by it and not lessened. 

Paradise is not a competition, nor is Heaven, nor adeptship. Oddly enough, in that respect there is no hurry to get there, for there are places enough for all. 

We can pray that our own conceits do not distance us from our true aims and loves. Let us uphold the realities worth working for, be honorable to Christ by the virtue of always expressing great Kindness - for in kindness is kind-ness - i.e. an empathy of kind. 

Vanity would separate off men into categories which amount to an attitude of those select and those beneath. Divisory thinking and living hurts our dear Christ to the core. Herein we are called to a sensible compassion, that whilst we do not give in to the explosions of chaos that set about to bring us down, and we do not in any way permit this behavior by concession, or by trying to tolerate the intolerable. Yet also, be aware of our own tendencies and judgments and where exactly they are placed. Are they haughty or divine?

Father God Elect,
Father God Supreme,
You Live with me importantly,
As I with You
In continuous and unerring rapport.

Father God,
I am grateful, thankful and rejoicing this truth:
That all glories are Yours
Though witnessed by me;
And I am but one
Amongst the countless many.

Protect me dear Father,
From the hideous betrayal of vanity;
And cloak me now with warm humility,
With the weave of a loving empathy,
By Your Grace alone,

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Beauty, Truth & Love are Easy Messengers- 24th October 2002

Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in
heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.
For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.
- Matthew 11:29-30

IDENTIFYING love in its purest being, in its expression through us, is given to us by Paul with a message of ease. The 'doing it hard' sin-drone/syndrome is contrary to the message itself. The very moment we become disengaged from the experience we are showing forth a very lack of ease; yet it is ease which qualifies love, and for that matter also qualifies truth and beauty also.

Spiritually, the highest of medicines work simultaneously within the giver and the receiver - a perfect synergy of cooperative powers, responsive and fulfilling to one another, bringing a unity to both.

Charity is honorable. Faith also is honorable. Love is higher. To honor love is not to discount charity. Yet we can, as Paul does, understand the qualities rather than try to confuse the two. For example: One can be charitable out of a sense of duty or generalized ethic. If you are removed enough from the transaction to know that you are putting effort into something which does not return any immediate or recognized benefits, this by definition is charity. If we have a self interest then it becomes no charity. 

To give something, to offer something, without seeking reimbursement, is charitable, yet if it is an awkward effort or displaced by an interior burden, it is not love. Charity may in itself be a loving act, peppered with the highest of intentions, yet it does not in itself display true love.

If I give all I possess to the poor and surrender my body to the flames, but have not LOVE, I gain nothing.
-1 Corinthians 13:3 [NIV]

[Note- The King James Version has it wrong (charity/love):
And though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and though I give my body to be burned, and have not CHARITY, it profiteth me nothing.]

Also, if we are to be charitable and speak out loud of our actions, then it is that they are deeds which have not come naturally to us; and this is the point of today's paper. The unnatural act is not Love infilled. Effort is effort, charity is charity, patience is patience etc. etc. however if we are determining love as it moves and works within us and throughout our combinings, we find that love does not ever compromise the lover.
Charity, for example incurs karma. Love does not. 

When I greet the morning and am moved by the fragrance of that air which circulates all around me, then passes into the nostrils and speaks to my soul of the beings that enliven the spaces about me; when I move into an ecstasy of knowing, yet unknowing, and feel the expectation within the vitality given to the new day and its glorious heraldic entrance through this splendor, when I meet with this bright fresh light and rejoice in my eyes, give thanks in my being, and love God for all of His Gifts to Creation, I do not stop and think that I am being loving by experiencing these things! 

It would not enter into my consciousness when I reach down to pick up an infant and attend to his sweet but saturated fragrance that I am being loving! Loving you see, is not difficult!
Loving should not be thought of as ever being difficult. If it is difficult it is not Love. It may be something very nice, incredibly honorable, but it is not Love. Love is not obligatory, but the freest of spirits you may ever imagine! 

This is not to say that Love does not bring about incredible deeds and efforts, braveries and chivalries; in point of fact it will effect within the lover great blessings of capability and giving, hitherto not thought of as ever being possible. However and noteworthy, if there is true love there it will not require reflection, artificial motivation or hesitation in its apparition. And most importantly (here is the point to be made out loud) we are not ever obliged to love! So the connotation that one must love, therefore do all the above, does not work because we cannot falsify (and thereby degrade) this pure being. We cannot bid it like some forlorn angel which has mercilessly become engaged in willful invocation. Nor should we believe ourselves less than ourselves or less than our Father's children, because we know that which we love and that which we do not, and have difficultly loving all. 

The commodities of Heaven are characteristically wonderful! There you will find beauty to be natural to the soul - the awareness of beauty when it presents is not difficult. Truth does not over labor itself, but presents with fluidic apportion. The highest of truths are life giving and life affirming (in the occult meaning of the word: i.e. in actuality) and life promulgating. 

Why this point is so important to this age, is because men hold to deflated views about themselves and of the Heavens. This meagerness becomes a sadness which is contrary to hope, and being contrary to hope will inevitably erode the faith, and the life within the being who doubts his true love and himself.

All men and women have the right to true love. If we do not experience and express the reality then what shall reflect back in Heaven? What do they see and discover from the dull and disheartened? 

Why is it that folk feel that they are not worthy of the spiritual gifts which come with ease? And also, why is it that men feel guilt at the very thought of loving? 

As said before, charity could be deemed more loving than loving because it is superficial and unrewarded etc. etc….and it is within us to identify the fact that selfless effort (i.e. an effort without love replenishing us) could be more noble than those acts and relations which are given to the sweet rewards that love infills us with at the very moment of our loving. So men are accustomed to feeling guilty when they feel good. They imagine somehow that Christ Himself struggled with His obligations and gave forth with mercy and tenderness, but did not actually become empowered by sheer joy in the minute by minute transactions. What do you think? When you stop to consider this, now at this time, do you picture Him to be in joy?

All giving can also be all self. When Christ interacts with us especially there is a combining and our happiness becomes His happiness. Charity is not an act of combining. Once again, we are not saying that charity is in anyway undesirable or untoward. Charity is so vital to our soul life, to others etc., for it is what we can do when we do not love enough. Charity is what will become in us and work in us, gathering knowledge of our investments, and one day or perhaps not, we will work a new world and a new self out from this charity. But it is also remote and separate.

You cannot have it both ways. Charity bears Karma, Love does not. Charity does not combine, yet gives; Love gives but gets back. We are changed by love, we are affected by it. We expand, we become open, we enter into transaction by our love; at this time though, this is not possible with everyone and everything in more of a way than already most naturally exists.

Let us also honor the fact that in truth we do combine with the body of humanity (though it goes unsaid and unknown - which is a key characteristic of true loving) as part of an organic transactive incorporation of love in every breath, in every way. 

Those that underestimate our love, our natural love, are false accusers. Ever-present, Christ loves within us, and in ease this is most natural to us. Without ease our quandary decries His Majesty and His Joy. 

Monday, April 11, 2011

The First Pledge- 16th October 2002

The first pledge
Is to uphold in faith,
The prolongation within and without,
Of inviolable trust given to Father God and to Christ,
That this World be deemed most Holy,
And the cradling Powers at all times,
The only Life that will endure.

To Love unfailingly
Is not to doubt or decry;
It is a pledge made knowingly
That is given from an intelligent measuring
Within a mind and heart,
Full knowing of the difficulties
Which contrast and contrive against the Holy Powers;
And in a defiance to all antagonists,
A willingness to ever love more, regardless.

With this,
Though in sheer and ethereal form,
We combine with every being of every realm
Who does so wholeheartedly love.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Elemental Elements- 6th October 2002

IT has been true to say that we are the dreams of the gods, sinewed and sewn, amassed and congealed with materials out from their imaginations… divinity expires and expels new life and an abundance of creativity with every outbreath of their living thought. 

Whilst our thoughts have ceased their life during the process of our very thinking them, the gods who oversee the spiritual realms are living thought - Divine thought - manifest. And in a cooperation alike unto no other, they combine to make up, support and maintain, all of the heavenly spheres surrounding them.

Sometimes it is almost as if there becomes a certain reversal of truth within the nature of things. Such as that thoughts do not merely represent the truth, as they appear to do within earthly experience, but are rather the original sources to all things, which later go on to collect more thoughts about them.

Often explained as being inside out, there are machinations and determinations which mirror-image the bordering realms. One could say, for example, that thoughts visit us, are drawn to us, can impinge upon us, can even live with us, but all the while are not truly experienced by us as anything other than semi-detached, unrelated, even unsubstantiated, occurrences. 

We do not require and nor do we perceive, thoughts which enter into our consciousness to impart their history or deliver pure truth when we are thinking them. The experience of the thinking can absorb our minds without there being recollection or further knowledge of the thought's precedents or even its true nature. The consciousness, even at its brightest within this world, retains the thought material in quasi neutrality, for it is that the 'skin of the thought' is all there is left to go by at this level, at this time, in our thinking. 

We identify thoughts as being conveyors of reality, but not having a reality or personality within their own nature. Yet in spiritual terms there is no 'middle man'; and within the spiritual reality, that which is, is, and that which isn't, isn't. Likewise, and just to be a little more complex, there are families of angelic beings, demi-gods (exalted masters) and even adept men, who all share the one name, having assumed the identity of their preceding hierarchical mentor. Chains of individual entities can all go by the one name, the one 'personage' which verily is, but certainly also isn't - all at the one time!

However and extraordinarily also, the family of Man inherently goes by the one name whether assumed or unassumed - namely: Christ. Our beings indwell in Him and we are His Living Reality. 

Composites of tattered thought-remains constrict our spiritual mind's knowing, like some seaborn crustaceous hanger-on, layering an armor-like sheath all over the indwelling cognition. Like bone over brain, like bone over brain.

And within our everyday searchings and contemplations, there are moments in which we strive to go within and search for the living truths, sensing with an inner divining the world of thought beyond the crusty veneer! This sensing is pleasurable in itself, full of hope and expectation. Just the moving forward in lively inquiry brings a spiritual release to the soul and to the ego. 

Such divination goes right to the heart of the spiritual beings we seek out also. There is a union quick to be consummated through our seeking truth through love. If you go to the thought (for example, and not especially):


We can bump up against our skull (our crustaceans of former thought remains) and go no further (i.e. saying to ourselves: 'this is too hard for me' or 'how can one ever really know?'), or we can bump up against our skull and move out further with our inquiring impetus and feel the sensation of this pushing forth from the barriers of our rigidity into the fields of possibility. 

When we have entered into possibility we are enlivened, and in many respects we are healed. Think for one moment of the materialist, the man or woman who cannot come into the field of possibility, but is entrapped within the collection of thought-remains (the remains of thought-remains - the dust from the skin of the thought sloughed in thinking). This materialist may experience dementia of the mind or dementia of the body, but what is always apparent is the dementia of hope alongside this rigidity of thinking. 

If you do not exercise the striving to know, then it eventuates that this gift from the fields of possibility - that of hope - becomes more difficult and then impossible to experience, elemental to our thinking.

Hope is Carbon, is manifest in Carbon, in a family of names. 

Now firstly, if we remember the few words said alluding to the chain of names shared by associate beings who assume identity and therefore are, yet are not, one and the same, we can also apply this to the contexts in which we often give names to realities which share identities - which are and yet are not the sum total of the name we have so given. 

Carbon may be identified as belonging in the one grand chain of Divinity known as Hope, yet in the highest and purest context there was indeed a spiritual entity at some point preceding Carbon that also went by that name and characteristic. And before them, there was another, and so on - back in time and before time and so forth et continuum. 

Hope is enabling. It will take you wherever you want to go. Hope also bears the consensus of Father God, which is precisely why it is effectual, life-giving, Holy Spirit infilling and enabling. Opti - expanding - optimism. 

The Sun forces which operate throughout the Carbon complex, correspond directly with the egoic action and Will of Christ. The Blood of Christ = Sun/Etheric vitality = Carbon. Firstly, this is why within the two pillars [Jachin & Boaz] the bloods are honored so deeply as they are. 

The pillar of Carbon rises out from a fixed place, through to the finding of knowledge. The rock of the skull actually gives solid ground to the base of this pillar. The pillar is upright and extending on through to hope and via hope we extend on into the knowledge and connecting with the ultimate reality of that which we are searching for union with.

The fixed nature of carbon holds therefore two offerings - within its own nature are dual components and these component characteristics actually contradict each other constantly. Carbon gives body to form, but also license to go beyond that form into yet another. 

Can we find also such contradiction within the very Will of Christ? For He has created and made possible the material of the World, but it is as unfinished and must continuously disassemble and reassemble in order to develop a'further. 

There is a knowing required which is Divine, which determines when to be fixed and when to give way. We can use this picture of principle within our own lives, but fundamentally we can respect it as an esoteric marvel. To determine this fixed nature and to inspire at the same time potentiality for difference, is a beauteous and complex signature to this Divine Will of Christ. And daily within the physical realm, this determining is in action from the minute to the magnificent.

Furthermore it takes a consciousness intelligent enough and a Will as comprehensive as it need be, to be this determining within the World and Man. This is no small principle, for in it also are keys into the karmic negotiations ever at play, as well as the chaos which would otherwise threaten our stability within the Cosmos.

Now in relation to Man, there is a further comment to be made. Yet another principle, is that within Nature we should take only that which we need for ourselves. Any surplus becomes dangerous. Even surplus of virtue unused (and particularly if it is unused) becomes a poison to us. This principle can be used in relation to breathing techniques, both in regards to over-breathing in general, but also in consumption and the retention of CO2 as well. 

You see it might be anticipated that if we understand in part some of the inherent qualities which livingly impart the same to us, then it is tempting to believe that an abundance is valuable. Spiritually speaking, a little of something (anything) is a lot. In point of fact, there is a Cosmic Regulator (you guessed it) that determines within the conjuncture of combining natures just how much of anything is required and it adapts accordingly. Beings and their emanatory environments/influences adjust and adapt to each other continuously. Once again it is also needs based etc. You cannot warehouse any profitable gain in Heaven. You cannot bank the valuable; it must be spent and then replenished. 

Also, if I have beauty I do not have too much or too little - beauty is beauty and is beauty. If I love, I love, and it can neither be quantified by too much or too little. All love is apt, and all love is of purpose and it is not amountable.

If I am afforded the grace of forgiveness (either to myself or from myself) it will not be measurable either. If I experience joy there is no such thing as one joy or ecstasy being measurably higher or better or larger than another's. It will be what it is, and so it goes. 

Divine Life modifies, but never censures. Yet also, quite wonderfully, no being may overtake another or consume another through being 'more powerful'. And so you see that the whole conceptional promise of more is falsely based within the spiritual realms. If any one being had more and that meant more power, more entitlements etc., then we would have collapsed in a vortex of hierarchy minutes ago. Nothing purchases more for ourselves to take more for ourselves. And physically speaking, when we take more than is necessary for our good health or happiness etc., then it instantly becomes a difficulty in our lives.

In this you could find the principle of severity. Severity does not mean hardship but 'to sever', to cut away that which is surplus. This is also one of the qualities of Carbon. That the sun-forces which act to inspire a vehicle for the existing of life to come, also have within their impetus a severity which knows on its own how much is too much. Once again we must bow to the higher intelligence operating here. That because Christ fully knows the needs and specifications of all, He is there within the formative and life-sustaining forces determining an overall homogony and harmony from the inside of each and every structure.

It is not enough to look to an Ahrimanic influence to find such regulating and wisdom as is described above. Uniformity is uninformed! Uniformity is not sensitive to the individual prescription - which, by the way, alters moment by moment. The 'mean' is mean. (Would you care for ten more potential bumper sayings? :-)) This is why it is impossible to translate biology into spirit, if at the same time trying to establish an 'ideal' physical criterion. 

One cannot counter one deficit with another. There has been a theory put forth which speaks of the Luciferic imponderables causing upset and disharmony within both the being and body of Man. That there can be questions and doubts which of themselves are poisoned in such a way, that there is no way through from them to finding answers or truths of any worth and resulting from this condition, the individual experiences constriction psychologically or physically. The theory in relation to this suggests that by adopting the 'strengths' of Ahrimanic orderliness, one can step from the internal realm of not knowing to knowing, and desist from those mysteries which are causing painful dilemma. 

We can add to this by saying that there is a fair indication that a person who is experiencing questioning without hope, without penetrating through the dead-space of the thought-remains through to that field of possibility which does lead to further finding - then firstly, it would appear that there is a definite lacking of Carbon transacted in some measure. However, adopting some Ahrimanic influence to counter this problem can only aggravate the concern of lacking this element, as it is that Ahriman and his objectives are Materialism. To be fixed without levity and brevity is to be non-compromising, non-responsive and non-alive. 

As said before, the interrelations between all spiritual beings are wonderfully adapting in continuous and sympathetic exchange. That is how life works, and works only through the inherent Wisdom as made real through our beloved Christ. The 'stay as you are' approach - the fixed and hardened nature of the composed and orderly Ahriman - is that same dementia of the inert and unresponsive being, though formerly human. In no ways will this influence bring health, healing or inspiration. 

It also follows, that by increasing one's loving inquiry into living subjects, connected to excitingly inspiring thoughts beyond this material sphere, one will come to a better relationship with Carbon and be enabled to seek and truly know - and if not to know now, at least to sense with optimism and hope the promise of fully knowing one day. 

Conundrums in themselves live all about us and travel with us constantly. Questions and knowings yet to be realized are a fact of life, without them becoming overwhelmingly deleterious to our consciousness or physical health. However the kinds of dilemmas which provoke the individual into an internal mayhem are usually with the same face: disappointments that drag and delay the leading consciousness within. At every movement forward in the thinking, there are derisive objections issuing from within the individual himself, preventing his striving further out into those places and spaces where the beginnings to answers can be found. The conundrums are not unanswerable in themselves or lacking truth, it is just that the individual deems himself incapable of answering them in the immediate, and there is a tension of will subjecting physical tensions within in the process.

The organization of the ant and his farm does not require Ahriman to reside. If you ever get to speak with the being of the Ant you will find him an expert problem solver into the bargain. You can ask of the ant to find you a wisdom outside of his immediate experience and he will have the ways and means of finding this knowledge also!
There is an outstanding and unique relationship the ant has to Carbon. The ant has never seen Ahriman though - in all of his experience!

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