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Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Golden Corn- 26th February 1995

THE materialist would tell you that the actions of one man are equal to that of another, that if a prescription was followed in the physical realm and imitated regardless of intent being a factor, then accordingly all that followed would be unremarkably the same. 

This is not the case however, when one perceives the expirations which follow on from any one act. Everything a man projects out from himself is significant. A projection, for the sake of definition here, is outer activity which can be described as anything from 'being' and its natural consequences and impacts, to self-conscious definition, deliberation and decision accompanying an actual act. Such outer activity cannot help but be and become consequential. 

The ways in which it significantly does become transfused with all other consequential factors which work and weave their way into the present, is dependent upon the spiritual foundations of their worth. There are those which are short lived because there is no sustaining virtue afforded them - as in the careless act of a man who is not invested with the necessary empowerment to further it into the future - not being worthy in itself and of itself, to remain as a remarkable event. Therefore, it shall be as dust.

One might question the events which have been noted as an outfall to many a 'careless' act which have inadvertently caused great consequence, crucial and pivotal to a circumstance. However in these instances, of which there are a great many, we find here that a man has been used instrumentally by an inoffensive angel (angel, as in warden of the presenting karma; it may be an 'acting' angel, i.e. another man). Because of the lack of intent, and being void of ego-involvement, there is an opportunity for his actions and his presence to be utilized to assist some purpose unknown to him.

In this instance the karma is a bonus, it is true; that he has been offered the opportunity to manifest some remarkable turn of events. However it may also unfortunately, happen the other way also. Sadly a man may be temporarily made much use of, when his self-conscious control is quite forfeit, and he may be lent to ill purpose by demons who know no better. So one may not prefer to walk around being solely instrumental to the invisible; it is dependent upon the moral makeover and condition of a man that he attract the right and proper influences accordingly. We may all be watchful and prayerful, that our actions are only placed as Christ would have them.

Now in returning to the opening suggestion: there is a world of difference (what a remarkable phrase that is) between the performance of any given act by one man and another - just as, as you may imagine, between individual beings also. For example, when Christ moved in one direction the whole world shifted. (This is speaking of His time in physical internment.) Everything He did in the physical world, in that physical condition, was miraculous - termed so because the natural laws were obedient to Him, and where His intention was incited the matter was plastic to His Will.

Upon his 'death' and after His resolving, there were and were not marks of those changes which He had effected. He withdrew the evidence, so to speak, of much of His Presence. The matter which was immediately affected by His being, by all that He physically touched and made altered, does contain the memory-imprint sufficient to one day be recalled. However, speaking in the obvious sense of the immediate memories as are akashic or consequential, He returned the natural law to its rightful domain, insofar as He could not risk an anarchy spirit, which otherwise would have been born by Him.

Now this is a little complicated, so see if you can stay with me as I lead you through this concept. Christ nor Father God, do not turn against themselves, ever. There is evidence to say that this is impossibility; and were it made so, that they became supremely contradictory, then the patterns so established by such higher conflict would be involutionary and unthinkable. 

The very concept of nuclear war is based upon this fear of higher turmoil. And too the capabilities for the kind of change as is effectual, is related to just a few actions of Christ having been, as we describe, defiant of the laws as were. This is not the occasion to travel the thoughts about nuclear and other implications, but what can be said is that there are reasons and not just serial accidents, which have brought such forces into evidence.

However and more important to this issue: it is true that many poor individuals do undermine God and Christ in their contemplations, by way of doubting and fearing and believing them to be less than they are. This can happen in a variety of ways, and perhaps it comes from our own imperfections or perhaps and more than likely, from a bevy of suggestions which hang heavy in the astral domain. Many grumbles have been cast into the immediate astral. The souls from whom they did issue, are quite free of them and so unburdened; however they remain for some time and are convincingly bleak.

The question then is, if Christ altered back that which He made change, what did remain? This is the nice part: love became no less significant, it became moreso. Love in Man was given the power to immortalise that which it was invested into by any man. The physical laws were and were not altered in this - the everlasting spiritual projections and realities were. The material world could not be so impressionable as it had been in the past.

There was a time when one might 'wish' for another and it would be so - given that the design was placed well, immediate and apparent results would be consequential to the thought. Men could be physically perfect and materially wealthy, and the Sun would shine all day long as the clouds would be obliged to just rain where told. Yes indeed there was such a time in a former world; and many hearken back to it. Also there are many places within the spiritual worlds where this is the case, and so lived after death and in dreams besides. 

However, in the physical world a man still does reflect much of his being; only there are the associated impurities from within which are now evident and needed to be sloughed. Our wonderful capabilities have deviated into more complex talents to be perfected, and at this time it is of much more soul importance to negotiate with struggle, rather than look for the easy mean. 

It is not that we would not wish happiness to all individuals. Of course this wish is fine and noble and reflective of the joy of God Himself. But we look to true profit and real joy, and to that which shall be everlasting rather than temporal; which by the physical law itself, the physical world is changing, malleable to the future and therefore unstable and only ever temporary in what it has to offer. 

So when Christ asked us to invest ourselves in Heavenly aspect, it is (and this is the important point) not because we should choose to artificiate a heaven here amongst the evolving futures subject to consequential law, but that by our own actions here in the physical world, we shall eventually make perfect the World by way of those very laws, worked with love. Every action (thoughts are inclusive in this too) which is given in love (i.e. true love requires selflessness), becomes consequential in the parent realms and indelible within a future. 

Commerce, as in trading, is commerce, whether it be with money or with peanuts. Barters are still with self-interest; and whatever the system, it is a system nonetheless. These systems of agreement are rarely advantageous to both parties - this is just offered in observation. However and consequential to that, there is of course the karmic follow-on always, for which retribution shall be levied. 

Money is indeed an artificial wisdom, and the student when contemplating its configurations will be astounded and perplexed, for there are some terrible beings associated with the mass. It is not entirely relevant to itself; and this is our saving conclusion. What does become relevant is what we may give completely and freely. This is revolutionary to the laws - always has been - and now more than ever. There are no restrictions given to each individual on just how much he can afford to do just this. There are no systems required, for opportunities arise most everywhere for effort to be made selflessly. And by living the reality the greater world is made. This is a great truth. Of course it is irksome to our 'selves'. The very term 'self-less' is threatening to self. So we must look to the way in which it is not so disturbing, and understand exactly, just what in the true and proper sense we may exercise.
When a man feels inspired by love, it is that his own concentration of self becomes dispelled and relieved of the pressure of being so tight-bound within the veneers of his own ego definition. His interest is captured by that which he has gone to in mind or in soul. For that time he has exceeded his own self with the joy that has brought him into places and stations and true commune without. 

Love can be because of affinity, but in its working process upon a man it most definitely exceeds all affinities because it leads to greater ones, mutual ones that are thereafter established when experienced mutually. Therefore the release of a man out from himself, is the freedom he feels in love - free in spirit, because quite truly, this he has become. 

Our own selves are to be cherished and prized, and regarded with especial interest and care. Our own selves are entrusted to our beings solely, and so we are mindful of the responsibility each has unto his own self, and the love of our being, that it thrives and that it continues. It is also the nature of our being to participate with other beings - not only that we may fit in with our own ecology or just to feed and fill ourselves to capacity, but rather delight and find God by our communion with others, alongside our own nature. 

The notion of selflessness is only irksome where there is no love implied. The man may then look for the return for his efforts, and may or may not be satisfied with the outcome. The self-less lover is always satisfied with the outcome, for it is promised with the very love that he does offer. It need not be an action. It is not in truth a 'feeling' as such either; although there are a convoy of accompanying emotions which arise and circulate the immediate ethers when a man is inspired in this way. 

Can you picture a very fast journey as the consciousness travels, the soul in the uptake? For love draws us up into the far reaches of our spirit, as close to God as we may become. Then we journey down, all the time having being freed from self, because we are distracted from self. We are marvelously and delightfully distracted. We go, in our soul, to that very adoption of consuming attention - unlike the forcible exit from bodily constraint which certain drugs and practices do incur (and this does mimic the 'feeling' of love in the release). Unlike that loosening, the individual has come to his Beloved in consciousness and met in spirit - taken to the lap of God every time, bringing back in residue, a voucher for continuation. For this is the promise of Christ, that where there is love there is life eternal.

So the practical man, the materialist, who enjoys an almost immediate recompense for his actions, is preparing himself for the greater lesson to adopt, but in actual effectiveness within the world he shall be limited, as his issues are not 'guaranteed' as it were, or offered permanence, for they are self-limited and therefore restricted.

There is little point in trying to be selfless purely for the sake of it - this is destructive to the individual in many respects, not the least being the associations of such it shall establish. However, there are so many credits one is not aware of (that too being 'part and parcel'); and there are simple loves and acts of love, which men project all during the day. These simple but not so obvious investments are the very great beginnings to a wholesome career of natural sainthood in the future.

There is no need for terrific pressure or heartache - far better to work towards the self-goals consistently and thoroughly, and fill the lifetime with as much true soul activity as possible. In this it is meant that the rest will follow. If a man is true to his heart, as they say, then his activities and meetings and consequential dues will be obliging with grace.

The vision which is dear to Miss I.S. [questioner] is worthy of holding close, and projecting into future economies. It is natural and sensible to feel the need for an 'ecologically sound' economy. It would be unnecessary for this to become a matter of sadness or depression in the frustration for immediate realisation, for the most productive way to address this concern is in personally taking the time to defy the superficial laws and just give what you can. Quite often, if an individual offers himself to Christ it will be made known what it is that they can give, if they so desire.

Do we seek only the glamorous employments? Be cautious as to attractions. However it is best to pursue that which is so exciting to your greatest joy - that there is no hesitation but to. The faith in such love will sustain you when you have exhausted yourself for a time. 

And in the lesser marvel, employ a measure of charity at all times. Give time to the people who ask it of you. Give attention to what you consume. Give prayer for the needy, and know that the prayers when issued with love and compassion and empathy, are substantial to the overall remedy, and that such prayers are the necessary transfusers of law. Thereby the angelic influences have been invited to employ.

By prayer in love we release they who we may pray for. The action of the love is met on a soul level and works as it does within and verily without, our selves. The very nature of prayer is profound in this. This is explicit to high love for another, that we may take their cause or their pain or their protection, into our hearts and care for them. With the working of love we may carry them up into their highermost spirit-souls to be renewed, to be revivified and to be given then the substantiality of yet another measure of love's immortality.

Give effort, and when the rewards come, give them away too. It is a fine ideal to wish to divorce oneself from material belongings, however this gesture may be limiting to the overall effectualness within the world - perhaps best kept under the responsibility of yourself. In other words, if one is entrusted with monies within the world, then it is very much a responsibility and a personal concern to do the very best with such monies; to give them away completely is always done when dead, and even then there may be discretion as to where it is best gone to. 

However and more importantly, it is always the man himself and his very attitude of being which determines the world.
  • Man 1 grows corn to feed himself.
  • Man 2 grows corn to feed the family.
  • Man 3 grows surplus to sell for a profit.
  • Man 4 grows corn to give to the neighbors.
  • Man 5 grows corn and loves his corn.

He may be Man 1 through to 4, but he also loves his corn. He still tires at night, he may suffer the intemperate seasons, but he loves his purpose. He knows the germ and the marvel of its passage into sheath and then to Man - corn becomes in Man, as Man becomes enstrengthened by the corn. 

He stands among the fields and sees the pulse of produce there before him, and feels the freedom of his spirit's release, there in that field of glowing golden corn. And he is elated. 

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