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Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Mothering Earth- 20th October 1999

THERE is a general assumption given to earthquake activity, tornadoes, volcanoes, and subsequent other extreme events (such as tidal waves) in which the environment is disturbed to the point of devastation … there is an assumption which says that these physical catastrophes are a response from the Planet herself to the conditions Man has imposed upon her delicate ecology, be it physically or spiritually.

Firstly, it should be said that at all times the Mothering Earth does love her children, and nothing changes in this.

If one were to measure the 'negative' thought and calamitous behavior felt and known in the spiritual spheres adjoining the physical here, they would understand that we are, in point of fact, most greatly improved today, from the human view (as far as the input of Men is concerned); though the tensions which manifest through the demonic community are much the same as they have been for many Moons. ('Many Moons' is a great esoteric phrase allowing for many incarnations of a planet and its deceased remnants after the fact.) 

So spiritually, in the thought world or in the astral membrane, one can happily suggest that although negativity does collect and compound over time, it is not so much greater than has been tolerated and dealt with in previous eras (i.e. a century or two ago, for example).

Physically it is true to say that there have been insidious corruptions - the most sinister involving the cross-kingdom practices which cause disassociation between the life-giving properties and the realms affected, being forced to participate. This, and even the chemical/aerial diseases (for the time being) are not so significant as to be the cause of earth renderings.

As to the magnetic influences given by planetary positionings, yes they do assist in certain changes which are effected, but are not in themselves a cause of any happenings - just as astro-logically there are influences offering differing virtues, and yet our reception of these influences is governed primarily by that one stellar body, which comprises ourselves.

Picture a whale which is overjoyed to meet with you, coming right towards you in glee. Now having pictured this, you have the just the beginning notion (with this whale within the ocean, and the motion of the ocean) of an earthquake and its in-tensions in this activity of great calamity. When she shudders and splits and moves so - exposing cavities and new ravines - it is with an excited love that has awakened the sleeping body that rumbles so.

When the spirits within the air gather force enough to sweep the horizons with such whirling speeds that lift up the ground beneath, it is with the exaggerated voracity of consciousness - a deliberate action of self exclamation, with newfound excitement. For us such excitement is dangerous, yes, but the storms mean us no harm, and neither do any of the elements (and their beings) wish to cause the havoc that inevitably follows after their exuberance.

Christ's own consciousness is bent upon us and gazing now back into His World … and His World is looking back. When she feels His Mind upon her she is greatly made happy and becomes, in very quick instances, much excited. Rocks will leap, rivers will swell, clouds will race - because of a heightened activity, because of a newfound exuberance borne upon this enlivening coming from Him.

Diseases too will flourish, just as all things will become MORE. So too will the capabilities and possibilities flood into the very deserts of want.

We must do all that we can to care for the folk who are dislocated from the lives they have formerly known, because of the changes which will come. However, in our own thinking upon these matters it becomes a kindness to all to realize that the elemental forces and the Earth Herself are not displaying political statements against the community of Man upon the Globe. They are just powerful cohabitants and benefactors which presently cannot maintain their own strength for the while.

Man's problems will be assisted by the receiving of Christ's influence into the etheric, into the matter, and into our own hearts and minds within.

It is prudent for us not to add to the misfortune of these times by attaching a paranoid mistrust of the very system which does support and sustain us, and loves us so well.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Chymicalia- 6th October 1999

THERE are times of great influx whereupon the spirit-beings of incarnatees rush fervently hither-thither searching for some opening - almost frantic, sometimes with reprisal, ever hopeful. The driving force to be born into this world propels their desire yet further. As it is right now, there is a clamoring for entrance (en-trance: also an apt word in relation to the present day consciousness: within this world the spiritual becomes subject to, in part).

Would that this hasty eagerness could infect the egoic knowing and the heart’s determining; and that all thoughts given to Mind were of Christ and of His Becoming.

This era is both volatile and giving. Just as the seeds of men will plant themselves wherever they can, so also will the divinities make their call, seeking out those responsive enough to receive their most intimate of wisdoms. The World is stretching and straining. The complexities are not merely physical, nor even of themselves, most fixable.

The Rosicrucian Temple exists 'out of Time'. It was initiated as such, so that the pilgrim could always return regardless of the calamities which beset his efforts in and out of current fixations. This is why they go on to exist presently and still remain accessible, (as one of the key symbols does imply). TIME.

Chymicalia involves a process which when effected properly (with both inner and outer conditions in compliance) there is a happening. Prior training and knowledge shall equip the pilgrim in the process, but are not of themselves the process made active. You may know the engine's components, you may hold the license to drive, but the process of this animation is involved in the combined actions of this actually happening. You've got the car, you've got the road, you've got the fuel, you've got the key, you've got the theory, you have possibility. (You have a passenger also, and a picnic lunch.)

We have watched worlds be born and die. The layers of this planet still recollect such events, and as the most humbling of stepping stones you can walk from sphere to sphere out into the Moon through a different kind of death-camp of spiritual refugees, where the vanquished souls of dismembered men await for a return that will not be permitted. 

There are beings with luster (the phosphorescence of an all-giving love) and then there are beings of just lust (demented with want, cold entities, imported mercenaries, sinewy and ragged, bloodless and bony). Radiant Angeloi are unperturbed by the grotesque frolics of their contending foe. The Heavens are TAUT with such competing forces.

Man is sensitive, so sensitive, to the arguing that occurs about him. This is not often to be pondered upon, but made mention of here in relation to the Crusades and their higher purpose. When the spiritual man ventures out into the reaches he needs be strong enough within his faith to withstand these arguments and tensions and strife. And yes, look within as well. Be always vigilant: knowing WHO and WHAT to trust, and what NOT to lend yourself to.

The crucible is guarded. The crucible is HOLY. No artifact could equal its prized value. It requires a true man to infuse it with his giving. 

Through process there can become actuality. KNOWLEDGE couples with his handmaiden, WISDOM. And the two must be given to such a process in the crucible that will ever after bring about substantiation to their fragile beings.

The King and the Queen may then be crowned, and Life goes on.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

All Roads Lead Home- 10th August 1999

- a question of health & of healing

SUBTERRANEAN to etheric life are the forces, magnetic forces, which are characteristically manipulated by the healers (such as with Reiki) - the somnambulistic healing, which is uncognized by author and recipient, yet catalytic to certain change.

All systems within the one organized body of Man have both accessible knowledge and memory as to their ordained perfunctory quotas. The organs, their tissue, their bloods, their fibrous membranes supporting, all understand cohesion, form and cooperation. Rejuvenation is often sparked into manifesting by the 'jumpstart' methods of these magnetic impulses. It is possible for the astral/physical complements to become renewed simply by the action of their own recall, returning to the condition of such times as were exemplary to their design and purpose.

Curative forces can be employed in various stages of life:

  1. Apothecial/medicinal specifics
  2. Rhythmically, percussively reaffirming
  3. Nourishingly

  1. Homeopathically
  2. Prayerfully
  3. Nourishment

  1. Lower Astral thought-forms
  2. Sexual forces (astral only)
  3. Directional (willed by another)

  1. By Christ
  2. Virtue imbibed
  3. Procreatively

EGOIC TRANSVERGENCE- The Holy Spirit's action
  1. Inspiring reimbodiment
  2. Impelling life
  3. Invigorating the 'I'
  4. Aiding the self-discriminatory processes of 'sorting out'

The Physical

Physical remedies which are specific emetics or stimulants can beg physical responses within a reasonable range of predictability. A laxative or a bindary can effectively coax the bulk in the bowel, extreme heat will induce sweating, and extreme coldness can inhibit swelling. There can be physical consequence with etheric implications, however the perimeters are largely assessable and not dependent upon any supernatural intervening to effect a supernatural renewal.

Percussive effort in repetitive exercise or simply in repeated movements, brings consciousness into the awakening body. We 'connect' as it were, with the body itself, by such repetition.

If a baby is rocked the very motion will loosen their consciousness from their body and sleep will ensue. Yet if an adult rocks their own body rhythmically they will awaken that body to a further awareness of the ego within; and at the same time, reaffirm their incarnating aspects within the physical existence, bonding better, melding the fluids with the tissue, strengthening the station at all points.

Nourishment is distinct from a specific short-term remedy such is medicine. It is an ongoing goodness (whereas also many remedies are invocative of stimulating substances that are not sustaining but moreover are aggravations, for example).

Nourishment is curative to an otherwise debilitating waning and is characterized by the physical substances offering (on this level) corresponding elements to contribute to the 'dance of particles' as some recede into periods of rest (they do not vacate or expire with permanent cessation), and others are brought back into maintaining a presence. Sustenance 'calls' the cell back into being.

The Etheric

Homoeopathy works out from that first period of life here within the Globe which was then purely etheric in composition - that condition before becoming arraigned by physical splendor. Here we find the deep memory composite to life, inherent to the beings which total themselves within form. The physical substance is given up to its supporting vitality - still very much instilled in character, yet reverting back to the 'innocence' experienced pre-materialization. 

Therefore in this process we strip the substance back to reveal its parent powers, and once obtained and captivated in the waters (of a given remedy) this 'pure' substance appeals to the cause of aggravation within the man. You see, we treat a poison's host of complaints with a poison from said time when no element of the Etheric World was hazardous to Man. The corrupted version may impinge upon his organism, or his organism may replicate symptoms corresponding to that corruption in the world (or as part of his own nature), however, it will be the true 'heritage' species intactus that can heal and put right the perversion of itself prone to weaknesses in the physical.

Prayer can predispose both the healer and the recipient to the etheric properties as 'lent' to us by our angelic sponsors. Much of our physical constitution is glued together by the plasmic essences of angelic bi-manifestation. Although angels themselves do not have respective physicality (other than by vaporizing) given to expression through other variable impressionable compounds, they do by their very charity and love for each individual man, surrender portions of their own life's manifesting (on the etheric level) giving them over to our own using.

Not only do these plasmas help to incorporate their natures into that of our own ongoing evolutionary journey, they also bring the grace of delivering life through means we may tolerate and regulate. They are susceptible to impulses which are more highly enlivened than we ordinarily know how to transmute, and they bring us also our sensory interpretations, for example, by communicating with the various beings of sound, of light, of thought and with the required congeniality for such transference.

Prayer can instantly help to affix their presence (apart from also appealing to far higher sources for assistance as well).

Etheric nourishment actually feeds us from Love. When we eat, and the etheric forces are brought to us, we are nourished and live because of the love itself that the plant has for us apparent in those forces - that being its greater life-giving property for us. Likewise there can be a sustaining fulfillment from the love a garden has for its keeper, the love a son draws from his mother (soul to soul - any love does nurture and infill). Foremostly it is the love of Christ which is that chief influence manifest in all etheric life and its life-giving properties.

Electromagnetic Healings

Lower astral thought-forms can be persuaded to endow an individual therapeutically in that they can convey remedial hostages of imported thought. A man's vitality or general wellbeing may become weakened by such ideas living in the ethers around him, which denigrate him. Whether they are of his own contrivance or of another's, the consequence of such attacking thought-forms usually results in a poor receptivity to that love which would otherwise etherically nourish him (from other sources).

It need not be a verbal criticism to aggravate the individual; any thought which carries so much as a doubt shall effectively strangle and violate some part of their constitution somewhere, if only momentarily.

However it is the nature of thought-forms to be persistent and live also in echo, prolonging the denigration. Similarly also, good thought-forms of a positive nature can be incorporated and challenging to any other that might otherwise cause hindrance and possibly disease by their assuming negativity.

Sexual forces astrally live on, having been imparted to the fetus by both the mother and the father, continuing throughout his life to be. These forces are deeply connected with those properties of impelling desire, and although can be utilized with but a mundane propriety, are utmostly holy in both origin and attribute.

Desires are intrinsic to a consciousness that yearns for expansiveness - for more - for that which it has not. If it were not for the desire as known by Heaven we would not have become apparent (or 'a parent' ☺) - being born out from that one holy desire to perceive and feel and know life through us.

The sexual forces offer a divine correspondence between that desire and the life love brings, creating yet further desire and so forth. From soul to soul there needs be a signatory qualification (unlike the animals, but in similar terms insofar as animals cannot combine outside their own signatory species) which transmutes these forces into yet higher incorporations.

Although the moon-consciousness conducted radical healings through impersonal means, whereby this element was employed, it is now but a cause of death and sickness if the coupling is without the merit of the higher love within the act. One will not naturally invoke the other as it has done in the past. However, by those unions which are considerate to each other there becomes a health and healing in the very process.

Directional and willed astral healing falls into the category mentioned in the opening paragraphs. These magnetic persuasions are not to be confused (though often are mistaken for) actual 'life' or ethericism. The astral forces are deceased by their ongoing nature of the past being held and repeated ... their sublimation within the healing processes is largely chaotic and often the very cause of deformities such as cancerous inclusions, because of the parasitical nature the lower astralities possess.

If the healer believes that he may invoke or manipulate the forces pertaining to the higher starry domains, then he may be experiencing their starlight mirrored upon the waters of his own self. However, the actual idea of willfully directing these higher powers is tantamount to a fish wishing to own its own barbecue - something he can't achieve under the water, and won't live to see above the water (unless fried, and even then he shan't be able to live and experience it at the same time also).

The Etherized Physical

As Christ Himself becomes livingly enveloped within the physical substances, we shall find in consequence that matter shall achieve its own permanency - it will hold the power to remain, rather than desist and corrupt as it does do today.

As we endeavor to incorporate the living present day Christ into our own being, His Life literally begins renewal upon that matter which does comprise ourselves. In this (though a slower process than most would realize) the notion of the resurrected body is most true in action and in consequence.

Virtues saturating our etheric demeanor enable our bodies to correspondingly begin this process of the resurrection of matter. Not only do we redeem ourselves spiritually, but we rework and makeover creatively that substance and anima which does so lovingly cleave to us.

Procreation: in terms of this world, the mineral kingdom procreates itself with the lesser gods who chose to bring their favors into the earth, conjoining with the devas who remain attracted to their organic composts made fertile to the crystalline force.

In the Kingdom of Nature procreation is not second-nature but first-nature as an expression of untamed Love. In Man, whereupon the consummation is cordially conducted ego to ego (as well as being respective to the astral/higher astral/etheric impulses) we find that forces of procreation offer the world a relaxed and plastic expression of being, and this in turn allows the very procreative forces to transmute the life before them, furthering that expression of life as they go.

What we may examine here is that any act of divine mutuality brings new life into the world (and it may or may not be incorporated in the physical marriage of two, but rather in the more esoteric of meanings, relates to the divine unions as culminating in the expression of true creativity performed).

Egoic Transvergence

The Holy Spirit empowers that necessary surge which breaks open our way into this world from the very beginning. One may well presume that the intensity of such an effort could not be achieved merely by the power of our own will and want. It is indeed only by the drive and fire of our divine and blessed Holy Spirit that we are so rapidly delivered from one world into the next: from sleep into waking, from death, birth, and then death.

Underpinning the life of the Etheric world is the supreme life force of the Divine and Holy Spirit. Not only does the Holy Spirit impel all life therefore, it does also hold a key action within the 'I' of Man, invigorating the power and presence of all self-consciousness. There is no quicker concurrence than between self and self, and the empowerment to this speedy activity of self revelation is again, our 'Life behind all life' - the Holy Spirit. (Just as our dear Christ is the veritable 'Light behind the light', the Holy Spirit is the 'Life behind all life'.)

The sorting out:
Here we come to that part in our therapeutic index which does attempt to deal with the question concerning irregularities experienced, often caused by the very healing brought about by the fiery action of the Spirit within, as it reignites the powers of the ego and seeks to re-establish its presence within the fraying body without.

At the heart of this form of healing (as differentiated from the others listed above) is the ennobling of the individual concerned, for the individual that he is, in all that that means. It would be a contradiction of terms to expect that at this primal level the healer himself can effect the transformation, rather than the patient himself. Remotely other practices may affect the causal body and so enliven it, but in this instance we are managing to re-introduce life in its rawest of vitalities to an ego which is flaccid and poorly and needs be self stimulated from the inside, rather than by exterial means from another.

Death to the ego of a man also denotes death to his soul as well. Above any other physical ailment the sickness of the ego itself is alone much more remarkably sinister and tragic. As an affliction it is evident that the 'I' of Man is very much in need of some serious healing. Usually the ideas surrounding the ego of present day Man indicate terms of development or of deep wanting, yet we would suggest that further to this are problems of a serious order - observable maladies that are not of themselves given to improvement as they currently are.

A healthy ego, for example, would and could endorse our Christ - if not by the immediate perception and language, it could still embrace Him in all that represents Him and honor that well. Even the immature ego of an underling comprehends and discriminates those influences outside of his own which bear beneficence or harbor some malevolence, depending; but not so in many a man today.

Sadly there is a growing evidence of a further forfeiture of selfhood, manhood and even that of universal being. Our community is dispersed with tensions that cause great difficulties within the minds of most. There are psychic afflictions, physiological assaults, and an assortment of individuals, half whom act as egoic terrorists to the other half who are forever in question of their own capability and of Christ's.

When an individual has suffered a chronic condition which is most suddenly altered in pattern from that which they have come to know and expect, and when that condition has been effected by a healing which has worked through the very Holy Spirit within that individual and brought about such changes, igniting yet further life and enlivening their being because, there will be a fresh start offered to their egoic condition, and their 'i' will become yet an 'I' - upstanding, tactile, and once again strong enough to execute the arterial desires where needed.

It is natural at such a time for a 'healing crisis' to occur concurrently as an act of a tenant reclaiming his home; the unwanted lodgers are to be thrown out from the body. The ego itself believes itself strong enough to take on the unwanted influences, whatever they be, however they are manifesting in the shadows or stubbornly protest.

Subsequent to this, when a man reclaims himself in this way there will be such sorting out to deal with, not only within his physical health, but also in relation to the many facets of his active life. It is a time to readdress all of that which has formerly impinged upon the selfhood, but hitherto was not stood up to and abandoned.

Death is not the worst consequence of illness. In many instances death resolves problems that would otherwise (on many levels) pursue an individual into a greater grief, would that they persisted in those ways they appear to be so locked down in. Although we do not condone death in any fashion, reasonably the healer may look to their dear subject and incorporate within his thinking that it may well be the ego which he seeks firstly to deliver to the man, before that of the resurrected body. The resurrected body will eventually come of itself, given that the man can retain his ego and work it through to the service of Christ - yet this cannot be effected if his ego itself does not remain intact. 

So when we look to the health and healing of any individual before us, we are mindful that our prayers and concerns for them pertain to what it may be that they mostly do need. It is a matter of true priority, and even though quite sadly we cannot hasten a full recovery in every way on every level within just one soul's constitution, we can help them to begin on the very pathway that will eventually restore them so.

It is a good work, and truly a most profitable one. The next paper shall deal with the issues concerning the protection and wellbeing of the healer himself.

God bless you Dears...

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

After the Fire...6th July 1999

IN the quiet recess of a blackened dwelling with seemingly naught to salvage ... there amongst the debris rests a rainbow colored Angel, who with a patience most gentle, sweet and forbearing, awaits for the owner to return.

She had fled when the flames, hot passioned, had licked the doorways and smote the frames, when her very home had shuddered and groaned with the strength of the fire moving fast within its halls and spaces. Lost, devastated and with a treacherous feeling of helplessness, she had gone as far as she could get from this place.

Now she aches with a coldness, a pain that comes from that after-the-fire chilliness. Even in sunshine and warmth, it is as if her body remembers that ferocity which had swept over her life taking everything which she had held dear. And her body trembles with what is left. There is pain. There is shock. There are ashes where once there was life.

Each and every house she sees now inspires a sadness in recollecting that of her own. There is pain and there is shock.

Each and every recollection that she has, inspires a sadness also in remembering that time in which she did not have pain or shock, or lifelessness.

The Angel has been waiting, full knowing that she will return. What happens out here in this place which was once so special? What will come of it all, now it's gone?

There is a name for this: it is 'first night' - a condition in which the individual concerned, has come to something which may not occur for many, many lifetimes, but when it does befall it is one of those markings on the eternity-timeline which marks the soul accordingly. It is a condition in which everything appears stripped and taken back to but a naked vulnerability - comfortless, barren, and quite forlorn.

It is true to say that both our souls and our egos crave certain experience. In this there are many predictable situations which can and so eventuate amongst the creativity afforded each and every man (and woman, of course, dear soul).

One such 'predictability' arises when the 'enspirited' individual has fulfilled much of her own inner development (remarkably) yet not resolved this inner knowing to the comparisons found without her in the world. Maturity over lifetimes can and does bring everyone to this point. It is not to say that it becomes in problematic or troubled natures, but rather that knowledge itself can overfill to the point of creating such a vacuum that commands yet more space within the ego to incorporate the equivalents it has drawn.

All pupils on the path will experience this 'first night', and there is no other way than by devastation and 'wipe out' that can effectively transmute that individual to yet a higher predisposition.

Although we honor this world before all other spheres with a personal affection and investment way beyond all the glamour of the more attractive realms, we also know the limitations and great conflicts which daily belittle the nobility of Man at this time at hand. Death is unacceptable to us in any form and does not go well alongside the courageous efforts of the afflicted student. There can be no reconciliation with death, or comfort in its action. That which contradicts Life, opposes the Holy Spirit from which it is inspired. The corruption and inflexibility of the current substance which embodies the spirit within, is but a constant aggravation and disappointment - needless to say, we are, and it is as yet, imperfect.

After repeated efforts of incarnating, the soul itself can become discouraged in some aspects from which it was struck. For our spiritual natures are most free, healthy and complete - sore swollen to the compromising which 'life' within the physical can by consequence present. Ironically however, a death by suicide does not ever answer this (though in this present devastation one may already feel quite 'dead' to it all and desolate within) ... for it turns back upon itself in that after a suicide we actually take the very conditions with us which we sought to avoid, and the comforts and the pleasures which would have naturally taken place in the hereafter are rendered inaccessible. The impasse being, that time itself was not given time to complete itself and so remains attached in its worldliness to the individual who is burdened to still experience it (and its characteristics), even though it is carried on past where it was once useful in the physical existence.

After the experience of 'the fire', the individual now, at the core within, can sense that which is truly themselves. Never before has this been made so plain and so real, that amongst the hollowed out spaces there is still remaining that which is, which is. In defiance to the meager, the mighty resumes its bearings once again. The contest between the forces of desire and the greater forces of yet greater desire entitle the combatant to their privileges. And still, the Angel awaits....

This 'emptying out', this burning back and extreme sufferance within, does bring its compensatory joys and refreshed strengths! Firstly you have been inducted into a very large community of sympathizing applicants who understand and do not forget just what this experience has taught them! (Their presence still withstanding.)

Secondly, you have just past the first post of infantus-corbiculum! (Little bee with club foot - heavy put with flower dust!)

Now there becomes a consciousness about the soul that never has been as distinctly before. Infused with the ego, the experience has wakefully determined many possibilities that were previously not caused within the makeover. This new consciousness resulting, means that the interpretations of the ego can be done with more of a soulic consultation - that the devastation has 'spiritualized' the egoic incorporation, now becoming a pivotal advancement in the entire understanding thereafter. Because of this incorporated soulic perspective there is a working comprehension of timelessness, empathetic sensitivities, higher and imaginative impressionings, intuitive learnings and so forth (both here and for the Heavens later as well) which are most natural to the soul.

It is perhaps explained as something of a merger between what was formerly two operatives which had conducted themselves almost independently before. The soul and the ego are now cooperative. They are magnificent! Each imbued with the other, they have merged.

There is nothing wrong with being considerate of oneself. Transformative phases are by nature confusing and difficult, but do pass into certainty offering periods of stability to follow. Charity needs be equally afforded to yourself in that which you need, even that which you most heart-wish desire. Respect it well, and do not dismiss your self or your longings.

Sometimes, as it is said, with storms may come unchartered courses, and maybe the only safe passage is the one we have not yet prepared for or mapped out. Although raw and quite sensitively naked to the influences and bearings of the world, it can also be a time of new childlike discovery. The period of self derision and self battering is really over. Just as nothing would have averted this bleak episode, nothing also can put a halt to the joys and happinesses which are not far to be found. In this you may begin to really search (in honesty) for just what it is that profoundly reconnects you once more to that which you love, for this time, in the here and the now - moving on from 'first night' into the awaiting 'first morning' - experienced within the nubility of the soul and its light of the awakening ego-self at dawn.

God Bless you Dear,


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Gravity & Levity- 1st July 1999

Good Morning, 

Gravity impels us to incarnate. Levity implores us to reach up into the Heavens again. Gravity reminds us of earthly consequence, Levity has the humor and the joy that only the Immortals can unconcernedly (and informedly) share.

The desire to become a 'big team player', and to wear all of the endorsements, associate and be known amongst a particular organization, is a desire to be companioned, be championed, and be a part of something which can do more for you by the affiliation, than you can in isolation. There is the entire ethos of brotherly unity, working together with a purpose, and of creating specific society. It is a matter of identity and commitment therein. It is the ideal of community, second family and so forth. We may desire to be invested so deeply in any given group firstly for that very ideal of it - than perhaps at times the worth of it? It is a consideration to ask, it is a beginning.

All affiliations denote instant liability and consequence. When we walk into the arms of an expectant organization we become, in part, answerable for all of its doings. If we accept membership to any organized body of men we have bonded to its corporate karma, we take on attributes and aspects of its making. Even children instinctively experience this when inducted into the seemingly simplest of groups. Initiatory preliminaries (whatever they entail - courses or just forms), put before the individual that one choice - whether or not to become incorporated in that larger identity and so be known thereafter in the world.

It is indeed a serious matter, and certainly one of the World, rather than one of the Heavens. The working form of enlistment as it stands today, is not relevant or workable in spiritual teams, headed by Higher Hosts. You may well enrol with an interest in one sphere in preference to another, but you do not implicate yourself or that realm into you, just by association, pledged or otherwise.

Of course here the theme is one of making manifest, making visible, making substantial (for a time) that which would ordinarily not be fixed at all. Much of life in its expression is contractual to all else around it - one holds another in place, and so it goes. Whether it be because of our dear brothers, or the motivations of a group entity behind the move, we too are sewing and threading our way deeper into some current project, tying knots that may well take many hundreds of years to unravel, or embroider with!

Freedom is awkward. We get a freedom and we instantly try to find what to do with it. Spare moment? Quick! Do something! Free hour? Oh, now I can fill it! Freedom, as such, goes against the tide of manifestation. Manifestation begs permanency, whilst the indifference of freedom cries for mobility. It is the as yet unfinished chapter, the consequences we cannot know, the futures so loose they are yet to be made. And as with the person within? Can we do this? May we give him a freedom and not take it back straight away? Where is the space amongst the star-sign and the gender, the name, the age, the great address ... is there space in there to yet become, in freedom, unattached, uncompelled, uncommitted - except to self and to Christ in an instance?

All that is being said here, is that it is extremely difficult for our day-to-day natures to begin to find just a small reservoir of such space within our conscious selves. Yet, and most importantly, it is through freedom only that we may come to Christ, and with freedom only could we ever impart something of Christ, to teach, to be example of - to further His Spirit of Freedom.

If you give over your freedoms to lesser causes which you become answerable for, then you give over, in measure, the spiritual life within what you do. It may not be important to you to bring this spiritual life into most of your worldly activities (and this is a conscious prerogative), however it is an important decision to come to when that spirituality is hoped for - to give full meaning to the endeavor before you.

Some things can be managed being only pertinent to the world, and therefore addressed with all of the gravity it entails. But that which is of the new World, that of the Man to come, the one which is healed, the one who receives.... this is of Levity - free from the Gravity, free to be more than just fixed in the Earth.

GRAVITY: from Latin gravitas, weight; from gravis heavy.
LEVITY: from Latin levitas, lightness; from levis light.

From the outset of any endeavor it is important that you may come to outline your ideals concerning its spiritual content. As teachers, spiritual teachers, there are obligations which are much more difficult and demanding than that of those who commit to teach purely worldly concerns - although it is very true to say that the worldly teachings in any area, if taught well, will certainly invigorate the students into greater learning which could even go on to become esoteric in its understanding. The physical examples, held gravely about us, still resound their spiritual heritage enough to enlighten us of something of their origins if we are interested. If we are receptive, if we are curious, we may learn more. They can also become something of a 'voiceless echo' - perpetuated long after the true cause and life-force has moved on.

With spiritual concerns we can be quite explicit about this levity and gravity. It is not to say that the spiritual forces are in argument with those which are earthbound, but moreover that we cannot incorporate new spiritual life into the Earth unless it occurs with the freedom of the levity causing the gravity to swell. The gravity needs what it itself cannot be - yet for us to make further the impulse of Christ within the manifestative and living realm here, it needs be through His pathways unhindered, unfettered.

You see, with spiritual matters, monies received for services (and the obligations that incurs) have gravitatious and fettering consequences (to both student and teacher). If you give freely and a student receives in that spirit from you, he is all the freer for it. Firstly you have taught him something of Freedom itself and of Christ therefore, just in this charity you have shown him. He may then go on and do the same. This is in accordance with the spiritual realms. There is no barter for information. There is merit. There is need. Exchange does not enter into it either. For in the instance of teaching one expects that there will be an inferior and there will be a superior, and the superior shall have to go on and consult one who is further qualified and so forth. It is not a question of exchange. There is no suitable recompense for counseling, healing, enlightening or for the saving of a soul, is there?

Equally so, in spiritual concerns, it is not freeing by nature or freeing to the teacher, to be restricted to an affiliation of a body of individuals who do not comprehend the work you do. Apart from being a false representation it is also debilitating to the work ahead and to the results thereafter. To combine, for example, alongside a very pleasant but ill-informed society might feel safe because you are now bound to the Earth much more snugly than without their protective shelter, however by that very association, by that substantial weight of gravitas now upon you, the lightness of Christ has departed.

We are saying this because we know you will understand. This is not a public lecture because it pertains to specific people confronting specific crossroads. We appreciate that in the psyche it comes naturally right now to be of the Earth and to make of the Earth and to wish substantiality (as you perceive it) to that which you do. But if the decision is about a truly spiritual work and teaching which is to endure and which is also to touch hearts and not only affect the short-term thought or practices, then we urge you (as asked for) to resist the need for gravitatious practices.

To be unpredictable does not mean to be unreliable. Are we free to laugh, and to really have fun amongst all of this? Even in the darkest of moments amongst the sick, and for those who are most needful of the work - surely the very wretched are comforted foremostly by a teacher who himself is free within and knows not the censure that an organization could otherwise bring. 

True healing is effected by such freedoms that are so come to. Mark this statement well. You can perceive it, you can experience it. As Christ comes to each and every one of us, it is only by His Blessed Action which frees us from the Sin and the Sloth that would contrive to bind us to be fixed in damnation.

Hope is freeing to the sad. Ideals are freeing to the depressed. Love is freeing to both the lover and the beloved - because it is Freedom made manifest.........

There is some great work ahead to be had. The involvements will strengthen and the mysteries will beckon. The vitalities will be sufficiently regulated so as not to cause any implosive/corrosive derisions.

Each individual who works within the spiritual effort does so according to how he sees fit, bringing to that work his qualities, his gifts and his relationships so shared with his teachers. By personal consideration and time, coupled with the actual imparting of certain wisdoms as well, we come to begin to experience any given truth to be that of our own. For a time it is with us, and if it is so enlivened with our interest, it becomes livingly so. Therefore, the work may be represented by a written text (which shall provide a connection between a student and a teacher) or also imparted by that student which, when knowing of his own readiness and qualification, divests from his own learnings, being firsthand and qualified in truth.

Ducking & Diving versus Quackery:
The crossover from esoteric students-in-common to that of the general public, for whom these ideas hold a different edge, introduces two concerns:

  1. To what extent does a teacher explain himself?
  2. Are the uniformed public to be treated any differently to that of the collect of students?
  1. As previously discussed [See Secret Knowledge] certain findings in esotericism are 'owned' as it were, being passed on down a chain from teacher to pupil, guarded and kept pure, until finally becoming released at large into the world itself. So with this simple fact, that even wisdoms may bear signatures to them and be fashioned secretly for but a certain few, we can accept firstly that not all knowledge is available, even if we should intend to make it so. The holding back of certain information is similar to that of a seed bank. There is a good basis to the reasoning, rather than a covetous and jealous concealment.
Most individuals in their present day consciousness are ill-prepared for the consequences which would occur within their inner worlds (as well as their outer) should a standard three ply occultism be made known to them. The doctrines of reincarnation and karma are 'oldies but goodies', they are palatable, serviceable and useful in what they have to offer - however, all thoughts about the supernature supporting the physical, bring about ideas which may become destructive within a man who is simply not ready. Whereas and by contrast, imaginative pursuits that are within the arts may gently awaken an individual into furthering his psyche.

The point is that it is paramount for a man or a woman to make the approach themselves, formulate the questions and open the doors, all by their own reckoning. Individually a good teacher can gauge this - when and how and what is appropriately explained, given each differing circumstance, in each situation.

So if one is introducing preliminary ideas which will assist in the overall health and wellbeing of the fellow before them, the caution is to determine that which is inspirative (healthy/spiritual) and that which is complex, occult and more fully advanced in esoteric law. One can bring forth many spiritual aspects without explaining the occult mechanics behind the inspiring principles at hand. And there is no obligation to be 'up front' about any information - just as we give freely, we are not to be demanded upon for anything at any time; and this we can freely refuse should it so happen.

Every trade has its secrets, and it is not because they are being cagey or misrepresentative but usually because the expertise could not be indicated through a series of introductory phrases or mere mission statements. The proof of a course offered shall be in the findings individually; and that being the truth of it. Whether the teacher is competent or not, provides what he promises, or misses the mark - irrespective of his initial promise - it shall be the pupil alone, who is capable after the term, which will display his teaching and its effectiveness.

On the other hand, actual lying is undesirable; if for no other reason that words often do become in meaning, and whatever we pretend to be, we make of ourselves in the very imaging. If you make a pretence of being quite 'normal' in your curriculum and not being marginally different, then that you will soon become for sure.

The wildest, quirkiest, face to the world is really that of the Christian! Sublimely bewildering, inextricably and inarguably eccentric - so much can be honestly put forth as His Truth, His Power and His Enlightenment, that you do seek to work with. It is a sad day if our students hesitate to proclaim Him as their course-leader or Him as their main fount of inspiration. What a wonderful and protected way to begin any new meeting with - alongside the public or with the students-in-common - to beseech His Presence and commit all learning to His Care and Direction.

All questions are answered in Him. For the individual who would know more, then he shall not be perturbed to ask further from you as a teacher; and for they who have not the wherewithal to pick up on the esoteric thinking at this phase, they are given to go to Him and be satisfied there. They are also offered His protection from the outset. It is bold to proclaim openly your dedication and gratitude to Christ, however, at the end of the day, it is the truth of it - isn't it?

2. There is a difference between divisiveness and discriminating. If we are to suggest that there are marked differences between the 'uninformed public' and the collect of students, it is not to barrage one from becoming the other, but only to cite that the one is not the other as yet, and to respect that.

When and if you decide fully that you wish to take on the responsibility of becoming a teacher - of making your offerings when required - it shall be a position which affects you at any given hour of the day.

  • You may be given to search the infinities for the approach a certain fellow does need,
  • you may be called upon by an unexpected dialogue to answer that which intuitively you know to be correct;
  • you might deliver a lecture and then go on to learn of these souls one by one - briefly, yet individually,
  • you may be pivotal within the lives of many - in their learnings, their leanings, their recollections, and their experiences of the spiritual because of you.

In any other field of teaching it might be that reasonably you can expect a position to be a forty or fifty hour call - but not in Spiritual Science. In any other therapy, with any paid-for occupation you could anticipate some time off, and perhaps be excused for expecting it. But the angels do not work like that; they do not comprehend that a man can be one thing at one period of the day or month, and contemplate thinking himself divorced from the task or the duty at another.

We know the promptings that are brought to us, the higher motivations urging us forward to respond to a need when we perceive it. If a man or woman is before us, who requires that the Holy Spirit move within our speech or guide our action, then we as teachers feel the presence of the truth pressing to be born.

A chapel which is available to the public is a wonderful joy to offer, in that there need not be the qualification of esoterica for those approaching, to experience the solace and the inspiration which this 'home' to the spiritual worlds can provide. A dedicated space given to beauty, allows each to be wrapped in the very spirituality which comes naturally to them - drawing in the vapors of the aspirant, the milk of the music, the comforts of the treasured counsel and prayer. Chapels and chaplets help the invisible loved ones as well (our other 'public'), and we cannot underestimate the good work given in this rarefied environment........

Monday, November 15, 2010

In the Cold Light of Day- 13th June 1999

Therefore, fellow denizens of S98 [Steiner 98- a now defunct internet discussion group], how about we all get together onlist and work up a specific question for the BeeHive Brothers who really do have a keen interest in whatever it is we are doing here on Ahriman's substitute for the Akasha Chronicle.

Right now, I would like to ask them what they perceive about the
nature of the Internet medium, the specific good and evil spiritual beings attracted by the medium and what positive value the Internet has for our spiritual evolution.
- Tom

It has been said by men much more learned than yours truly that we can help to redeem Ahriman by understanding such things as computers.
What do the Brothers think of Ahriman's redemption?
- B.J.

IT is not uncommon for creatures to be fed upon when they have died. Whether by road-kill or slaughter, cull or murder, there are instances, crossing kingdoms, where the dead are devoured by those who would take from them.

You could picture a fox and a hare. The hare is dead. Soon the muscles will have relaxed into frozen. Soon the warmth and etheric vapors will have evaporated. The intelligence, the intuitive forces and keys of the animal, have departed as well. The fur-clad limbs give way unto the tearing, and the blood seeps out, some to whiskers of hungry fox. And he is empowered, he is nourished, he is excited, satisfied yet insatiated all the same, with this his kill. 
  When life has withdrawn and the body remains, inanimate to the presence that did formerly drive it, you can see a queer bluish glow about the flesh. You can define very clearly what is life and what is death, for that which is dead does not resemble in any way truly, that which it was - it is different.

The cadaver and even the forces which now move out from it, are surrogate to the beings who would make use of the remains, for that time which it is present. All forms of life are opportunistic. If there is an opening into further life, into manifestly becoming or consuming, enshrouding or even invading, the beings within the locality will hurry into any such lost-property and make it a home. There is a certain adaptfulness and usefulness almost everywhere.

Further to this there are three types of beings that can be graded, who live concurrent to each other, yet live with great distinction from one another. Directly within this world and close-by affecting its evolution, the three distinctions are both in vitality and of purpose, namely:
  1. those of the past forces,
  2. those of the present living
  3. and those of the future impulses
- all 'alive' with vitalities and permeations which pertain to those three categories also. 

The hare, when it was alive, manifested and gave home to those beings which were current to the physical existence, as well as some which pertained to that of the future as well. Its consciousness belonged in the present, and although one could argue agreeably, that much of what it was belonged to that larger Group Soul, which incorporated all of the ancient qualities of hare accumulated (and this in itself is true), we can establish that primarily its consciousness belonged in the moment, as it happened. The consciousness is what we may look to in order to define the nature of the being in relation to its timeliness.

When the consciousness departed the body, the remains of the hare were rapidly given over to the new forces then driving in. During this transition of decay, the astral body begins its phase of manifestive dilemma. This dilemma will eventually assist with the breakdown and dissemination of its own formation (something which is not easy from its point of view, as it has remained 'true' to the life of the hare and resists change terribly). Yet concurrently within its own opposing activity, there shall also be emissions of such 'death radiations' as they pass through the expiring material.

It is possible for new life to find its key into the physical world riding on the back of the astral, just prior to its complete and perfect dissipation. At the gates of death small life forms will creep through in trojan fashion, animating something which was formerly representative of some other life which bore differing qualities.

The hare has traditionally represented our Moon. If we consider the Moon in its period of decay, in relation to our Hare and Fox analogy, it can be understood that although we may still draw much in from those forces about the Moon, they are of a very different nature to those which were present at the time when it was consciously inhabited by the originator of its form. 

Similarly, we have beings which are absorbed within this Globe that do come directly riding in upon the moonbeams, as it were - and with the ancient rays of now decayed sunlight as well. These beings which are conveyed in the electricities you ask of, are the ahrimanic beings now overcrowding our sphere, inspiring the technologies and illuminating the properties amongst us with the radiations from form which refuses to break down.

In our message/speak prior to this there were the passages (on the subject of Horticulture and the etheric world):

"So we may contemplate the bringing into this world of yet further life and so rejoice. The Horticulturalist knows life in its voracity and virililence. He has met with the Trinity in its unaffected and most wild happiness.

"For the student who has not this element of understanding there is a compulsion to order, to cold divisioning and to decisiveness such is choleric, yet over-so. The very profile of the ahrimanic contender, who has forsook their natural joy for a seriousness that will consume them if their natural world does not return within them.

"Let us look then to the Trinity in relation to this matter:

that of calling the higher laws and love into realization.
Fixed realities
No freedom
No Change - only repetition & a constant maintaining of the past
The higher Life empowering the Manifestation, realization and expression of lesser life
Contests further development
Ego of Man -
Empathetic reasonings;
Starry virtues realized;
the order of a harmonious ecology;
etheric healing
Great Love.
False glory:
Requires submission to the higher being of Lucifer.
Watermarks Life with the ‘L’ of Lucifer which also stands for Loss.
Loss of identity, consciousness, ego, and true love. (Christ-hood)

Aspect of Trinity
Aspect’s action on Physical body
Agent opposing the Physical
Agent’s action on physical body
Father God
Sustaining -
ability to ‘go on’
Fixed conditions
cold element
cannot receive light or warmth for renewal
Holy Spirit
Life’s vitalities
Fiery life when it opposes the physical (rather than by egoic assistance)
Death threatening Fevers;
susceptibility to erosive viruses
high blood pressure
(being an erosive action on organs)
absorption of nourishment,
harmonious systems,
glandular systems
False Light
promoting the overstimulation
of growth without symbionics -
or ecology
kidney failure

"This table (above) is not intended for diagnostic purposes - it is moreover an indication of the physical condition primarily and how it can be affected or afflicted by given influences. Second-guessing the spiritual causes to any condition within the physical is far more involved than any one table could explain, let alone from just one criterion understood, therefore this is just to be taken as is - and be noted duly as simply pertaining to the physical body itself rather than its occupant within."
Ahrimaniacal beings are 'one-eyed' single dimensional entities whose comprehension and focus is straight forward, yet unbalanced, as far as perspective does go. Our own pineal 'one-eyedness' is not as one eye alone, but in actuality it is as a thousand - seeing all around itself - whereas the ahrimaniacal being is the original Cyclops as then depicted, as perceived in distinction to Man.

Assembled machines, computers, or for that matter, egg-beaters, do not of themselves have a consciousness. The entities which swarm around the action of the engine of a motor vehicle, those that live in the mineral fuel and its emissions, those that hover in the noise and delight in going for the drive, those accompanying entities do not comprise one sole intelligence which could ever consciously drive that vehicle anywhere.

At best, the magician has in past episode made an appearance of such ... of making the inanimate animate with what does seemingly contain some being within ... yet this frankensteinian concept is of itself promulgated by the ahrimaniacal beings who would wish it so. It is a key concept because it discredits life and manifestation as we understand it, to hold to this process of incarnation and all that that means.

Critically speaking, each associate host which belongs to the kingdoms of Man itself, holds signatory understanding (even if only in infancy), of the many phases of soul and of ego that there are (even those yet to be and to become). Although latent, the lesser beings have their measure of Christ-likeness - of warmth, of light and of future possibility. They have the desire, the very Budhi and the Manas which holds a revelatory composure. In other words, all that comprises Man and is Man, has great potential, a potential which is larger than itself.

The nature of Ahriman is not one of that of the visionary. He is practical, unpersuadable, at times indelible, but he is not, characteristically, made of the stuff of the future. He is submissive to Christ, and given to Christ's tolerance. There is much about this world that pains him and much he would not even choose to associate with, were it not for his worship of devices, gadgetry, and Christ Himself that draws him ever nearer into this realm.

Of the most solemn issues regarding the individuality at the apex of the beings of influence incorporated within, we shall not make comment. There is no worthwhile reason to go there. We can study the aspects as they affect our daily lives etc. but to make a study of the most serious characteristics this being has, would be like dipping the quill into the poison (something we shall not do for the sake of the lessons).

In relation to the internet and all of its conveyances: one of the most beloved attributes of Christianity is that it can be blissfully transformative just by its courage and its purpose. One can leap past the uncertainty and danger that presents with the qualifying optimism and drive of a yet higher purpose! How often we see a meaning transformed because of a higher motivation so governing it.

On the sub-psychic strata concerning magnetisms, magnetic fluids, radiative and permeative influences, one can say that by having intercourse with anything which is infused electronically, one finds it is wearing to the etheric vitality, debilitating to the ego's veneer and illusory (therefore disruptive) to the intelligence.

If we absorb these difficulties and proceed with a good purpose, the results will become clear to us also. The gains can quite easily exceed the cost. The fatigue can be replaced with yet a higher revivification, coming from the enterprise itself and all of the worthwhile joys that it does bring. It does not ever need to indicate that we are inextricably bound to the ahrimanic demons who frequent the ethers that we work with. Conversely, it does not mean to say that we shall rehabilitate them into anything other than what they are either.

Such a transformation shall be acquired through more protracted means ... can you make a guess how this can be achieved S98? ["Rudolf Steiner", 1998 group]

Keep in touch!
Get back to us with some ideas here? ....

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