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Friday, July 29, 2011

Planning Ahead- 2nd November 2008

TO most folk there is a concept common that 'time moves forward' and that all things of the future are 'up ahead' so to speak. Whilst this is true to say of course, it can be equally true also to say that time as we are used to it, in reference to aging and decay and subsequent change, is completely different when you are in the spiritual worlds in episode (and whilst there you might find a flux and flow of dissolution and resolution). There is not the process of death itself in every sphere or realm, only in the few extreme places that deal with the garbage of expired souls and castaway plans.

However, in practical terms we have the idea of time moving forward in the world, simply because once things change here we can never go back. With everything that becomes or desists here in the world, it remains so until more change affects it - but we cannot revisit any state, condition or life that appeared as it was before that change. And so from this we assume we are moving forward, simply because we cannot travel back to revisit those very conditions and apparitions.

The concept of going forward also implies that there is an evolutionary improvement - a progression of sorts and a change for the better. This is of course is correct in the overall pattern of life within the World, that generally speaking the human condition is gathering a conscience and awareness and a deciding that is becoming worked upon with each and every incarnation.

And yet, if you were to base your entire premise about the future on the evidence of Mankind's evolutionary improvement, it might be questionable if history were to be perceived fairly and in merit of the incredible achievements and thinking over epochs long gone with no actual record remaining. Many expired civilizations have had held magnificent merit.

There is an expression to say that we are 'getting somewhere' which is interesting because it implies of course that one is on their way to achieving a goal. However, longterm within the world, the only final 'somewhere' we are all making our way towards is death. 

And so if you were to try to qualify the future in this thought of 'moving forward' or of 'getting somewhere', in truth it is not a measurement that brings any real confidence in the final result. These concepts have no real and lasting consequence within the material world. Spiritual achievement is enduring, but material conquest and gathering is not.

This may appear as but a petty argument, but it is not the intention of the exercise at all. It is helpful to be able to logically disassociate from such prior ideas about future happenings and their course, that we might then reasonably examine what it is we can hope for and why.

There is a certain arrogance that denies the existence of mortal death and failure. This arrogance is not just simple blind-sight but goes to the very foundation of false thinking - the same that portends advancement merely with the passing of time - false expectations that investments will increase, banks will ever fill, fortunes amass and enlarge. Yet all the while the evidence of time's impositions, show if anything, the silo depletes and all fortune dissolves.

The very few dynasties that have managed to secure their hoardings have done so with an amalgamation of corruption and the most terrible karmic repercussions resulting as well, for the reality is that men were never meant to procure wealth whilst their fellow men starved. The Heavens do not look forgivingly upon this.

And if you have ever aspired to keeping millions of dollars for yourself for selfish enterprise alone, it is important that you are aware of the forfeits this then entails. For every individual upon the globe today that has wealth beyond their needs and more besides, for those that make cause for other men to labor for their whims and indulgences, men who have more excess than is given to charity - these are the accursed, bemoaned and truly haunted.

The men of wealth cannot find rest in sleep because their beacon of greed draws the very ghosts of those who have passed over impoverished without consolation... The men of wealth cannot find peace within their ever turning minds, as the whispers of the wanting world plead through their thoughts, calling for compassion.

The men of wealth cannot find the joy when it comes to their death - whilst the poor see the stars, men of wealth have but dirt; dirt without gold, without light, without warmth.

For centuries the wise have asked us to invest in our spiritual wealth, rather than in the very short-lived transitory riches of this world. This is a time now when men and women are capable of understanding the practical nature of this request and becoming all the better for it, whilst beginning to give back to those that are in need right at this very moment.

Material wealth has the most wonderful propensity to effect positive and life-giving change when put to good use. Individuals are finally questioning how disproportioned the gifts of this earth have been. More than this, the actual Brotherhood of Man is becoming more evident. The gateways to understanding are open, hearts and minds are finding community through communication and values are shifting.

This time right now - not then or when - is our worldly future. If you are given the opportunity to help someone and it is within your power to do so, and you fulfill this task, you are doing the work of God. And therein lies both our permanency and our certainty, for all time.

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