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Monday, July 19, 2010

Beloved Christ- 25th December 1994 Christmas

Beloved Christ,
When we were wan,
You tripped into our hemisphere;
Made saturate,
Our beings here,
With antidote;
Ignored the perilous threatenings there,
In pain and passing,
You suffered our fear.

Beloved Christ
The children await.
You come to each and breathe for them,
With visions outstanding,
Dreams of sacred terrain,
Unspoilt but unkempt,
Still saved to remain.

Beloved Christ,
You whisper in the ear,
Of infants dear,
Of joyous songs;
Such sing-a-longs,
Tell this of futures clear.

Beloved Christ,
How near You be,
In each spent grace,
The child in me;
And with thine eyes,
I'll see for Thee.

Beloved Christ,
We wait with joy,
To know Your promise is half-filled,
Remiss, for which,
This very world has grain on table,
Yet crops untilled.

Beloved Christ,
I know Your Love,
It moves the tides that well in me,
As soul does waft and then condense,
I cling to your Divinity.

Beloved Christ,
Born in Man,
How can we be as best we can?
You love us ever,
Forever, no matter,
And we love you so,
Returned in fashion.

Beloved Christ,
How small it be:
The greatest, when compared with Thee,
And what of time?
It is but all the moments You decreed;
Your breadth and depth,
Extends to me,
Whilst I make skate peripheries.

Beloved Christ,
The foe did fall,
I saw him cower,
Beside that well;
My heart felt same pity,
For which You resolved,
Each droplet that fell,
Into mine own mirrored soul.

Beloved Christ,
Thou knowest all there is to learn,
And so to tell,
May I come to Thee,
For such study,
Inscribed only by Your Great Wisdom?

Beloved Christ,
My self does flit,
In juxtapose, and concentrate,
From here to there
I know not where,
And seek your Guidance everywhere.

Beloved Christ,
The memories fail;
There were but few,
From which great love brought flames,
To cauterize this spirit,
And grant indelible recollection,
Of love's Divinity incarnate.

Beloved Christ,
The seasons tremble,
With a tension each so does submit,
With certain death then comes renewal,
To a character most foreign to it.

May I weather the changes inspired?
Forecast and foretold in the stars?
Where the winds do blow in from the Cosmos,
And the warmth comes from fires afar?

Beloved Christ in all Your plans,
Did You make for me,
That special trace.
Amongst this sea of Humanity,
Each man has his purpose,
Shines a different face.

Beloved Christ,
Dear Christ,
Our Hope unsurpassed,
You are our flesh and blood,
As we are Yours,
In family and in being.

Beloved Christ,
Please know this true,
That with all the inner might from You,
We hold,
We shall try to try to remain,
To withstand,
And to love unreservedly,
As is Your plan,
As Son of God,
And Father of Man.
We love You now and forever,

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