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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Christ in Child- 24th December 1994

THERE was a hurling and a rushing as the spaces parted, making way before Him as He pressed so. He did bear down with almighty gravitation, out from the four corners of space and from beyond; He did gather Himself into a parcel amenable to solemn reconciliation. Particles which were, He dispensed, and flew freely. The outer Cosmos became as with a dust storm, where more seeds were spawn, flouncing from His excess.

It was need that called to Him, the need from an overburdened Humanity: too sensitive to material entrapments, too lithe to loathe the true upsets of the soul. Downcast and ignoble they had scorned their own, with uncharitable and pitiless rebukes, seeing not the salve of pure love and its hundred and one applications.

Men were troubled and troublesome. There were uneven powers upon the Globe, invasions of tyrannical persuasions, who sought to behest such lasting and imperishable blights upon soul and heart, and also upon the shining face of knowledge, for it too was marred and cunningly overworked with a mantle of filigree deception to cherish the false gods and false models whose doctrines were of nonsense, a nonsense which would merely confound and perplex the soul yet further.

Here He was, our beloved Christ. He held this world in his hand like a bubble and He peered into it. There between the forefinger and thumb it rested and His desire drew Him in, into the very core and out again.

Our Lord perished when He entered into His World. He had scattered Himself everywhere at the last, and by entering into the obstinate mass He had only to deny Himself Himself, and by so doing He perished somewhat. The death-wrastle did not win over Him, but moreover did afflict His constitution as it does all men. He shall be subject to those unravelings perhaps even long after His men have succeeded and acquired their plastic frame. It is as His stigmata, that He wears the death of men perpetually.

The tents were embellished and the festoons were elaborate. The air was scented and the anticipation was great. Our three Kings were three attending planetary spirits. They were Jupiter, Venus and Conundrum, and they were present to be sage to the receiving of His plenty. These three had been denied by men, wherein assorted scholars had plotted their powers and rays, and so judged them by their movements, but invested no real attribution to their influences, as they did offer in virtue to men. Their time was also to be realized and brought forward, stimulated by the Christ, in His Powers of receiving. They brought the gifts which were there and awaiting: celestial joy, beauty and youth - tonics to replenish the wizened souls. 

All of the babes on that day were Christ-filled. Every one which was then born thereafter was visited by Him. It was an occurrence. It so happened. The children whose souls bore resemblance to Him in purity of spirit, in function and in fine, these became also as intimately refined to His presence, which was still searching for that final terminal that could encompass but a portion of His mighty circumference.

Infant man could receive Him - this was His first association, for the evidence of ego would otherwise withstand even He who made it so. That He could first associate with little children was following the path of incarnation also, for as men we enter into our bodily realms most slowly, there is but due time for fruition in aspect. This too was followed by Christ, as in the ordinary man; and so it was in accordance with the natural perforations by which He too recalled Himself, culminating finally in the exaggeration of the Baptism.

Praise be to little children, for here we find the spirit supple and the heart forthcoming. Oh the perils of age! To this day, every small child is still infilled with Christ, as before, at the time of that first prelude to Christmas, as He searches for adherence and He readmits each man into sanctity.

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  1. Melchior is a Hebrew word meaning King of Light, a name applied to Venus.

    Balthasar is a little more difficult. Ba'al is a Semitic word meaning Lord.
    I believe you can find the "asar" as an Arabic and Persian word meaning "sky blue". It becomes "azure" in English. So "Lord of the Sky", what's that?
    Zeus the sky god is also known as Zeus-pater (Sky Father) which became
    Jupiter. The word "pater" must have come originally from the Sanskrit


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