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Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Circus- 23rd July 1991

FROG’S knees have to be particularly strong! The frog places equal balance on his knees, as on his feet. The weight of the torso defies the frame of the skeletal leg. Balance and motivation empowers propulsion, not the strength of the legs themselves.

Similarly a man's organs do not do the work singly, as we believe them to do. Of themselves they are more or less inadequate, requiring the stimulation from that individual to which they have adhered. They have no independence. They cannot function outside of the man. However, that which was formed in the past did separate off into developed species, spawned from Man. This became the animal kingdom as we know it today.

Zoology is the science of human biology. The blueprint as such, laid down by the constitution of man in function and form, geared with starry inclinations, gave form also to those physical creatures which represent evolvement from such origins. Man did take and perfect, and still requires to perfect, that which enclothes his soul and subtle sheaths. Offspring from this came bird, beast and fish which inhabit that extended expression, ensouling the inspired physiology.

Here is an intimate relationship between Man and beast. And still the lower self may have inclinations within the individual astrality so linked with physical function, that yet follow the call of the animal than take the lead from the higher self. The animal kingdom however, may take lead from the progressive evolution of Man. So if we partake in eating of the flesh of an animal, or working them so, interestingly enough, they too take from the table which we feed from. Our offcast scraps of evolutionary design become as form and function in expression, of ever new and progressive species.

Man did not evolve out from the animal kingdom, but did work through all that which constitutes the animal. He did not give the vital breath to such creatures, but through his existence he did give the patterns to which they inhabit and extensively work through.

Adam was first. A lower kingdom cannot teach a higher kingdom the secrets of manifestation. A lower kingdom cannot facilitate such expression. It must stream from the highest to the lowest always; just as we do not dictate the forms of Angels, as there is not yet the substance within us to enable us to do so.

Animals, as with our organs, come from differing time periods with birth homes inspired from different regions of influence. Some are therefore more progressive in nature than others. Some are remnants of a former age (former, former age), which in time will abandon to an entirely new expression, depending on the call of the times. 

They may wear their forms back to front or inside out. But the forces that have called them into being, from which patterns dictate, work in the same way. That which is a finger nail, may speak of a shell to a shellfish. That which is a humble crab, has adorned himself with part of the skeletal structure (skull, coccyx). Does the snake follow the bowel? He certainly excretes poisons very cleverly derived.

The system of coexistence, within the animal kingdom speaks to us of our internal conflicts today. The man of the future who may call together harmoniously such cosmic influences, and direct the forces accordingly, will again witness paradise within the outer extremities of his world. In no other way can this be effected. This was St. Francis' relationship to such lesser brothers. Others have displayed this before him.

There are those today who develop and form physiologically unlike the ordinary man. Their physical system is forerunning in the forms of the future, and balances, flows, assimilates and regenerates, permitting in accordance with the soul-directives commanded. This alone can have extraordinary effects on the local inhabitants of man and beast who contact such progressive men.

But this physical reformation cannot be conducted through physical engineering. The results from such, are by nature most evil at the outset. Receptacles and vehicles cannot of themselves draw and expel the cosmic forces. Master H. sensed some of the truth, and at one point believed that the physical counterparts to a man may be purified. He himself was born with many a peculiarity, and would not partake in a meat diet, and was well aware of the connections. His vision of a master race was out of time and out of place. The demons had the last laugh, when he himself mistook the future grandeur of humanity for the very creatures who would contrive to see such perfection unrealized.

Misplaced occult truths are far worse than none at all. The experimentation still carries on today. Legally and illegally, it is all immoral. There have always been Frankensteins. However, we note that usually those who do try to experiment with animal or incubi rarely involve themselves personally, and never work from their higher levels of being, striving to perfect a true and glorious individuality. What possible use are mutative and mutilated perversions, secondary to that which has taken up until now to have come this far? 

Life streams in and out from the heavens, physical substance of itself cannot sustain itself alone, without such cosmic relay. Thus we must truly work for a better world, which takes its lead from all inner ability acquired. Replace the circus with a paradise, where each may be sustained harmoniously.

Friday, August 21, 2009

The HEAVENLY Order & Society- 22nd July 1991

CIVILIAN in army speech refers to those who do not belong to the Army: the genteel population whose place is not in strategy or combat, but rather disassociated as victim or victor depending on the moves and shifts laid down by the armies of the world. To be civil denotes a certain uprightness or politeness, as constituted by the laws governing society and state. To be 'uncivil' is to be unruly and objectionable, in the very least to the very extreme.

We are all called to be good 'civilians', respecting civic duties and conforming to civic rulings. When the guidance of a particular society so stresses customs and imposes state laws which do not accord with personal objectives, correctly or incorrectly there are internal conflicts within both individual and the state that contains such individuals.

Political interests are usually divorced from a spiritual perspective, as the politics of a given time leads to the path of conformity rather than the ideal of freedom. It would be an impossible task to impose freedom, but easier to impose state laws. The multiplicity of governments and their associated creeds today, testifies to the enormous task one would face if seriously endeavoring to mix the two. One's freedom is another's slavery in the world-mix today.

Governments struggle to make perfect the conditions for their people, in both democratic and socialist communities; having to answer also to the world community and the overall problems within and without. The question is, will a new order become revelation to the peoples of the Globe, a new answer to the concept of the individual and his relation to the state; or rather, will the adjustments shift to and fro, from hapless bondage to augmented frivolity.

Usually one must make the best of what one has, and yet there are individuals who choose to defy the present structures laid down on them. Because of reasons of the heart or conscience they find their society unacceptable. 

There can be many reasons as to why a man may be extremely uncomfortable in the society to which he is born in. Such discontent is prevalent amongst the young in all societies, even when dire need does not call but rather conflict between the perspective of a better world and the reality of present day communities. This disquiet is destructively manoeuvred into distracting pursuits which naively do not connect with the issues at hand, perpetuating discontent.

The social order was radically put to task and confronted by our Lord just a short time ago. Concepts were sheared away in a defiance which only He was qualified to do. The King of Man became as any other . . . whilst we must stride through the world as a true King of purity should be. Before Himself He gave crowns and sceptres to every man!

The laws of men will ever be in flux, as the basis of society rests on the faults and flaws of every man therein. Society sets laws of conformance according to the demerit of its people. In order to contain and govern, it will adjust and readjust accordingly. Also because of this, those who may suffer the worst of temptations do gravitate into such a sphere of activity. Politics does attract the individual who is motivated to attempt such control. A perfect society requires perfect individuals. For the time being, there shall be many a flag whipped by wind at a pole.

The spiritual order does also require conformity. However the laws of the higher worlds are fixed and are not open to adjustment, for they are based on perfection; as indeed our higher selves are most perfect. 

The Higher Self knows of the justice system; it does recognize each and every station which perfectly works in with higher aspect. We could not contrive a better system than that which is laid down in Cosmic order. Here is the comfort that one may ordinarily seek from State, which the world of men cannot offer at this time.

Thy Kingdom come!

There is much one may achieve, in example of a good and holy life. If all men were to firstly serve the Father, there should not need be the restrictions of State dictating proper conduct. There are factors unseen which prohibit immediate turnaround, and yet the work of itself is most glorious in the challenge.

We have the perfect model laid down at the roots of our existence: in that divine seed of our being. We must not falter with grim outlook when we witness the struggles that mankind must endure. But nor must we meddle outwardly- at least without good reason. The most definite action in the healing of worldly society comes first within our own soul-life, and that which thereby we may impart to the world in conduct complying with the Heavenly order.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The POWER of Creativity- 1991

 CREATIVITY and invention and the art of discovery and application, involves an inspired and happy mind which does not cease to rejoice and marvel at possibility. Never believe that Van Gogh was an unhappy man or that at all times he dwelt in soul-sorrow. Quite the opposite, he was at his supreme best in times of creative work. His painting testifies to this, and the commensurate periods of discontent that he would shift in and out from.

It has been said that no man may take more joy than another without too experiencing those periods of lull in episodes which invoke also a certain pain or discomfort; and in measure this is true. The saints who would deny themselves given pleasures and would not draw from the well of worldly gratification, certainly enjoyed the happy offspring within the inner soul-life; and this was well understood by them.

It is a question really of exactly what we should choose to give ourselves over to in the experiences of bliss and ecstasy, rather than total denial. Were there not the rhythm of extremes from one condition to another, there should be no conscious comparison between the stimuli that the individual experiences. It is necessary to be both joyful and sorrowful, to be both rested and refreshed, and then experience tiredness; to know of intensity and reflection, to experience great empathy and passion, or repulsion and dispassion. All in all we do experience the highs and lows in such rhythmic episodes, which as springboards move us onward into other realms of understanding and experience.

One may know of the discipline of withholding oneself from certain temptations in order to effectively carry out one's daily duties. Of course too, many feel that the course of their life has of itself denied certain pleasures they should rather partake in. However we do know that restraint is necessary and this personal discipline is carried out more often than one might acknowledge. Strength is formed out of this, as the bank of happiness and happy attitude rests upon such streams of temptations. Those happy times do come of themselves, and if not found in indulgence of one form shall emanate from unexpected and unexplored regions.

One can literally exclaim "I am saving myself", saving oneself for the experience of further happy times, rather than using the experience and expression of joy in more of the same that has certain provocation. One may take enormous pleasure in a single cup of coffee. The same pleasure does not continue if one has ten cups of coffee one after another. One may save that experience for an episode much later, as those ten cups over five or ten days will delight far more than ten in a single morning. Equally so, one cup of coffee in ten days will be even more appreciated. And what if there was no coffee in ten days at all? Then the commensurate enjoyment is to be had in another beverage. That enjoyment itself will not be denied, but shall be realized in tea, milk, water or whatever. This is how it works.

Duty requires us to give time and effort to her when it may appear far more desirable in the pursuit of happy experience, to be conducting oneself in a completely different fashion. However, there will be no more glee or happy circumstance experienced on continual holiday as there will be on the job. Where there are great 'highs' to be had, they are most assuredly followed by their great troughs of compelling 'lows'.

We have endeavor, involvement and experience. The nature of the endeavor: the spirit, the color, the commensurate motivation and so forth, this is of first importance- purpose and the knowing of purpose. Then the involvement which invokes the experience, and involvement which in turn colors and motivates us again, renews our set goal by firsthand experience- restates or rebukes our original design or intention. Then thirdly comes experience, for experience always follows come what may.

The artist does not create because it makes him happy, and he does not seek to derive happiness out of such creating - but! he does create out from the condition of happiness. Happiness in its turn comes to him and is transformed, is exalted personally into inspiration. The essence of happiness is that of an application which is rejoiced in, creatively worked upon and exalted through love and devotion to the work.

When the gods go to work to weave the fabric of the stars and configure conditions for realms to seek their expression in, do they labor with grudging complaint or with love of their work and their said station? Even they must take of rest also, and cannot partake in the continual bliss of such satisfying a creation.

Van Gogh was at his happiest when he gave over what happiness was due to him, and through his great conflicts and unease at worldly experiences and adjustments, he then would arise from such a trough and give all that he had to inspiration.

So one comes to know that there shall always be so much happiness, followed by equal amounts of impeding and balancing - contrasting quiescence and the personal endeavors are of first importance therefore. Also too, if one gives over the happy times and denies them in part, one may use such creative flow for inspired works that speak of the Divine and its applications.

We may labor for a period and then turn to our favorite creative expression - music or painting, gardening or chiselling, chess or conversation, our favorite book, or imagination, our prayer, our contemplation. We labor, and in doing so we are saving ourselves and then consciously directing that creative force which we know as happiness into that which we may live and embrace and work with further.

Therefore we must not give over to lower passions and desires which have us depleted and spent of all of this vital creativity. But like riding a wave, when the ebb turns to flow, throw ourselves into the divine pursuits that shall carry us through to the shores of Heaven!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cosmic Threads Fabric of Soul- 20th July 1991

RIBBONS, gay ribbons, as streamers or worn on hair, have long represented ribbons similar that fly and stream, in tangle or in wave, out from men invisibly. The expression 'the tapestry of life' is far more than a mere poetic expression. It denotes a certain reality whereby all which emanates out from a man may be interwoven in the supersubstance in spiritual ribbons and ties which stream out to meet more of the same, to receive impulses; and touched by these impulses, weave yet further, more fabric of said ribbon. These are the tentai which we have referred to in the past.

The emanations of man and the aura of man, are often viewed as the gaseous masses which girth planets in colored rings, semi-connected. However, the aura of a man contains many essential and complicated qualities both latent and active, which do extend much further than any vision on any one particular level may indicate. Quite so, as the albumen of the egg - both buffer for yolk and nourishment also - without the encapsulating shell, which is often illustrated as the boundary from one sphere to the next.

We are all much larger, much much larger, were it realized; as the auric emanations encompass the length and breadth of every corner of the Cosmos. In this respect, all star-travel is conducted by shifting the consciousness to various points of our own auric emanation, rather than the whole constitution picking up and moving on, impinging in spheres which did not otherwise already contain it.

The aura therefore is 'fixed' in this sense, and of itself does not swell, dilate or dissipate. It can, in localized region, be lit to reveal color, depending on the activity of the man and on what particular level of spectrum this is to be perceived. All colors from all spheres already make up the substance of the aura. But activity through the fiery elements which are intensified, will predominate through flashes, sparks and clouds of illumined hues, within that local region of activity; as the sunrise testifies to that which is lit within the aura of our Lord and does so color the atmosphere with impulse so radiantly.
The ribbons as described above, are not of the constitution but rather temporal expressions of desires and thought which are exuded and made within the immediate subtle bodies of a man. 

Ectoplasm which would stream from the clairvoyant was viewed as colorless, as it correctly held its colors in the subtle worlds from which it rightfully was born. Such fluent ribbons of ectoplasm streaming from the medium was a good example of such emission; the substance in this instance being totally misdirected, and given over in a quasi-death state which the medium would self-induce. 

Characteristically, such a medium would have to be also, almost dead to motivation, self-desire and inspiration, to effect this surplus of materialisations which were born in order that those who were not ordinarily clairvoyant could perceive those shadowy impressions. Moreover, they were physically quite detectable - cold and slimy to be precise.
Also by way of the medium came the ability to deteriorate and unravel their physical constitution in this near death condition. Were one to keep close eye on the medium's body during this process - and usually one didn't, as they were either concealed or attention was with the phenomena - one could witness the dissolving and weakening of that sorry person who imparted those ectoplasmic ribbons.

Ribbons of conscious aspiration the initiate may weave of his own and send out such streams, which may be followed. The fairytale of the two children in the wood, who were forced to venture out from home and tie little ribbons to branches as markers at every turn, so as to find their way back home - this was indeed the story of an initiation. The initiate may do this, however the strife comes when the story turns to the breadcrumbs- the birds eat of the breadcrumbs and the departure becomes permanent. 

It is not such a bad idea to tie a piece of string around one's finger for remembrance. We do it all the time. There are threads of this and that, some extended, some unfinished and some frayed, all of our own making. Hopefully some will interconnect - here is the fabric of our being. Remembering that all analogy has a home in a reality somewhere.

Some men walk the world in attire and some men walk with few threads, utterly naked. Andersen's emperor placed all of his work, in cloth and in threading, in the hands of some fly-by-night tailors. We can do this with misplaced values and deceiving teachers who may pretend that soul-finery may be bought; and promise falsely. The emperor was clothed with pretence. Worse still, he and the people could not trust in themselves to really know if there was substance or not.

Little children have a clarity and frankness that greets the world with much eagerness to make design, and produce many, many such aspiring ribbons, which do flap and fly about. They protest to allowing anyone to do their inquiry for them and relish the learning with great pride in every achievement, new thought and ability acquired and mastered. A little child could not have servants to do their learning for them.

We as adults may assume that laziness and the fulfillment of is an acceptable, natural leaning in the world. No so! The demons of laziness might hold to such opinion, and coerce the feeble intellect with lullaby and sweet temptations; and having stripped us of the ribbons which we have past made, parade and jeer, having now what we have not.

Much as self-image is reflected in cloth and neatness, and many aspire to adorn themselves respectfully in the eyes of the world. This is an example of the well earned pride one may hold in one's spiritual garb, which we enshroud ourselves with through striving and methodical application, through wakeful inquiry and revelation, through enthusiasm and love of life and life's labors. Spinning cosmic threads, working the fabric of soul. Wait 'til we get onto needlepoint!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Mystery Schools - 1991

OF ALL the mysteries the mysterious element ceases when they become fully known. 'The Mysteries' were only that whereupon the lay individual who knew not of the teachings nor the temple, encountered that which was so foreign, so bizarre to him, and was persuaded of his 'unfitness' to behold the truth in cosmology, in spirit or in the study of Man and his relations.

Whilst it may be true to say that not every man who crossed the portals to encounter the teachings of the new and old world was fit and properly disciplined - properly prepared to receive that which was for the initiate into the mysteries - it is also true to say that the mysteries were carried by men, men who once upon a beginning had to cross that very portal and begin as babes, similarly.

So when reviewed as to whether or not their substance would withstand the further knowledge, it was moreover a question of an inner balance, an inner fortitude and a character which was as gold. For that which is held to be sacred is reluctantly given over to the corrupt. Caution was primary in this regard, prudence as to the nature of the inquirer, and also a true sincerity: an earnesty being the only qualification required, the only payment offered.
Of course there were many who did set out to establish mock temples, which led somewhat by the example of the pure, did seek out a perverted copy to satisfy those who did not qualify for the others. This has always been the case. 

Many which were so much more glamorous than their pure counterparts did draw a multitude of personages who committed practices which were unrelated and confused in the desire to obtain the unobtainable.

Then there were those initiates who, having fallen from grace had departed the true schools and developed the 'designer' teachings. For they had not the patience, not the steadfast resilience to bear with that which they had discovered - time to digest that which had been offered. As they fled from the temple they did mimic and begin yet another, which was as bad as it was good and as good as it was bad.

For there is many a soul who first inquires, and has not the foreknowledge to make certain discernments pertinent to the nature of the teachings or the teacher before them. Being so 'taken in' by the mock temples who would not pick and choose, they should have been wary at the first, but were swept up by the immediate grand discoveries made apparent and delighted in the gay and elaborate intercourse with men, animals and other beings, which satisfied their immediate inquiry one hundred times over. For it is possible to make a poison please a man in taste and disguise it so, but it will still be as poison if it is taken even in good faith.

The power of those mysteries which were not suited to men who had characteristics of evil intent, bore within those men a certain magnification, so that the development was (and is) accelerated, however the man may have been inclined. Thus the dangerousness in proceeding to offer a man the spiritual knowledge without him being fully prepared and equipped to receive it, that he might follow through in design, making of himself but a grander version of that which is seeded within his personality, his character and his soul.

Thus the schools which provoked men in such a way did receive all men without warning them. For they saw not the reason when certain effects were immediately received, and in this sense one cannot blame them for being so mistaken.

As is now the case however, the Elder Brothers of Humanity would happily take all of humanity into their confidence tomorrow, would that they were adequately prepared. For this is their desire and has been so all along. One must begin to realize that it is not kept secret from a man, but that the man does deny himself the privy knowledge.

Were that a man did openly choose to work upon himself and follow the precepts which pertain to the virtuous life, that he become firm in the world and detached from the earthly dispositions, that there be pure aspiration and great determination which is selfless. That there be an individuality who in humility may embrace his humanity and allow for him to simply be. That the character be refined, that the designs are equated from the aspect of our dear Father God and not from the longings which are short-sighted and self-satisfying in the temporal world. That there is obedience, but not blind obedience- that the reasons are known and thus accepted with both heart, mind and will. That the motives are pure; that the inquiry is true to truth.

The true initiate must relinquish - when he finds the correct time for doing so - that which is destructive to his finer capabilities. The tenuous hold of the values of men is to be loosened and cast away. There must be trust, but not that trust which ignores the perils which we all encounter. 
To be informed is to be impressionable, but impressions gained through an intelligent development, which aside from a pure character, may know of the knowledge and explain it when needed. Snippets of knowledge are not enough; they may well misrepresent that truth from where they come. And to receive the truths one must be both servant and master to the aspects outlined above, and be content to do this firstly.

The maze of knowledge is certainly amazing today, and yet quite often the point is sorely missed. It is interesting how sophisticated one or two particular scores of thought may advance and how men may gauge the world thus. It has been mentioned before how often men presume that the electrotechnology which they experience today is of the greatest value in application, and are so taken by this usage that they are not turning to those vitalities which may equal the applications with less harm to man in the process. So it goes with the understandings and the knowledge which flies around the Globe today. Similarly men presume that there is but one way of thinking, one approach to knowledge, one road leading to the temple.

Still there is many a mock temple that offers all manner of glamorous and exquisite experience. The test of any temple is the example of the conduct made apparent by those who attend and those who do teach. No excuse on behalf of those who are faithful to that group will explain away inexcusable conduct. It can be that easy.

Often the simpler measures one may use for discernment are negated by the complex overtures that carry through and fuzz the capacities which establish clear insights. Complicated thinking need not be right and proper thinking. If one comes to the heart of the matter, one will usually find clarity that may otherwise contrast the superficial display.

There are many who would rather not question that which they do and would rather know not. So it must carefully be explained to them that this is dangerous, even in the best of circumstances; that they must come to value themselves enough to wish for the very best, and must take heart in the fact that there is always a better alternative, in self and out of self, and in teachings also.

For as with men who are attracted to men and may not fulfill the act of propagation by their activities, so too are those who follow the 'mock' temples and their ways: trying hard to come to great experience exalted without the proper means in place to do so. Only so much will come by it. And they shall never know of the truly glorious outcomes and impassioned enlightenments, through mere passion which is coupled with the lower desires and inclinations.

Were that men did seek refinement! But rather, they become indignant and outraged at the very mention of this becoming personally attainable for them! We wish for them the very best, and not some meager and false representation.

The mysteries of the spirit and of man and of the Cosmic workings, are not closed to any man. They are carried on by the faithful with the purpose of being imparted to those who become worthy of receiving. And there is no time like the present to begin to wish for such, with the knowledge and the patience that the prerequisites to this maybe begun to be worked through as of now. That time itself is not a grand issue - that the rewards of all struggles will be answered in time. And one may not measure any outcome in the immediate, for outcomes are seeded in the present, not revealed instantaneously. And so to have faith and certain knowledge, that it is truly worthwhile to set for a grander course and hold ideals accordingly.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Oppression, Depression, Suppression & Submission- 17th July 1991

OPPRESSION, depression, suppression and submission, characterize a hapless stalemate of both circumstance and circumspection. When the psyche of a tired man with a tired mind attempts to view himself in relation to the world, his position therein is unreasonably evaluated.

Although we all suffer many a shortcoming and episodes of doubt founded on the perceived need for change, it is untrue to degrade our actual self which shares with all of the community of worldly and heavenly aspects, all that is wonderful, beautiful and praiseworthy. If there is any special mystery to be had within a garden, or for that matter the uplifting vision of a sunlit landscape, then it is also to be found in that which makes up our own being.
Often one may judge too harshly and judge unfairly that which we claim is our self. Such criticism turned inwards becomes so unjust and essentially is unfounded, and thereby causes great oppression and depression, inhibiting our happiness that we could obtain rejoicing in our true self. 

One does not have to be exceptional to be beautiful. One need not measure oneself against any other, than Christ himself. And in self consideration, when all is said and done, this friend who has seen you through ages dark and aeons past, is that of yourself (true self) - who has endured.

It is wise to learn to disassociate one's temporal qualities or characteristics, with that which is in reality the child of the heavens. Kindness acknowledged and allowed to one's actual self, gives over to sharing such a perspective with your fellowman. This is necessarily accepted before compassion with clear insight enables criticism to dissolve, in viewing the outer world.

There are those who would boast and make much of themselves ridiculously. However, that which they hold to be valuable and pretend to be so, is often mistaken value. In this they bring harm to themselves, for the emphasis of their being and the activity streaming forth is misguided. For these folk, depression is known too keenly, as they have ignored those attributes of the actual self to party with a counterfeit and dance with a specter of self-illusion.

When we feel love for another we surpass and override those details which are not particularly praiseworthy. We may or may not make account for small peculiarities or habits, and do not hold thought of their standing in the world. Love is very private and does not care for worldly judgments. So too, with our own actual self, which we must simply love, treat with care, to nurture and cherish- rather than confuse our actual self with that outer personality who struggles with daily demands, shifting this way and that.

A baby inspires much love and yet a baby is born worldly inadequate. You say, "But a baby is born cute, and I may hold this child, I may care for this child". In reality, we are still inwardly so. It does well to remember that which emanates from the child we were and still are: intoxicatingly cute and lovable in the eyes of God. Pity that our own love has been suppressed by the illusion that adulthood brings. From day one, the atmosphere of the globe corrupts that baby. With every breath, we impart something of our 'divineness' in exchange for temporal existence. And as the wrinkles form, that struggle between heavenly life and earthly existence eventually becomes reconciled.

If there is pride to be had and commendation to be given, it should be placed in the courage of the man who commits himself to the worldly arena. Lions were never the threat to those oppressed Christians. The threat was the taunting from the men, who with unholy unjust suppression placed them in with the beasts.

Never accept the notion that you are anything less than divine. All the courts of the world may not perceive a man truly. The Recording Angel is there as a guide, a guide to recollection and review. Even he has not the capacity of jailer or judge. If one is depressed it is because of unfair judgment: self-judgment or worldly condemnation that suppresses the true and glorious self. To reactivate those qualities which uphold the image of Christ, is to walk steady in the world and attempt each and every action and interaction with a loving confidence.

When a man enters Heaven depressed he comes as with a bag over his head. Not one soul may liberate him, and he knows not when to abandon this cover. Also the man who may drive through the gates of death in his Mercedes, he too cannot be plucked from the cabin in order that he may don wings suitable to divine instruction and enlightenment. But for those folk who know the values of the stars, and have kept a little corner lit within themselves from that which was a child, they with wonder abounding, may step across the threshold in happy dance, to embrace and be embraced.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Master & the Robot- 16th July 1991

AS long as we have the science of robotics we have a constant reminder of that which we should not like to become. Some men have craved to have the work allotted to them carried out by others, who may or may not perform such tasks better than they would have done. In the past, there have been slaves of one variety or another; there are employees and their employers, and there are hopes the elderly place in the young.

The imaginings of men from this century have alluded to machinery, machinery that when so developed could labor manually, or electronically speaking, begin to do certain thinking tasks for him - reference finders and computations, record keepers - and now capable of supplying artificial images, theories, warmth and so forth. When we are using such instruments of machinery, we become as master over that particular machine. The motorcar is obedient to us; it will stop and go, turn this way and that according to our directions. If we command the heating system to be steady at 25C, then all working well, it shall be so.

Animal-trainers are aware of the discipline that is required, for not only the animal to learn, but the labor and concentration that they also must adopt in order to make the commands hold. There are few qualified to be very good animal-trainers. In terms of the relationships between animal-trainers and their animals, slave owners and their slaves, employers (in some instances) and their employees, there is a certain debt incurred on behalf of he who would give the instructions and wilfully direct the other.

This debt is irrelevant to monies or commodities passing from one to another in exchange. It is rather a debt of soul, whereby recompense for labor and the sufferance of directed obedience is levied in terms of the master being required at future times to bear similar duty to he whom he has mastered. There is also a responsibility assumed when one does govern another, responsibility for all of that which proceeds from such labor.

Of course there lies also a debt of beholden when one willingly asks for and is given employment, and seeks to be directed in a particular way. However, when one seeks a status of supremacy and the relationship is unequal and to the detriment of one, there is always much that must be accounted for in future said interactions.

Now in the case of certain machinery which does the bidding of a man and serves a man according to his will, in what way is such debt affected, and does it exist? Peculiarly so, yes. The marriage of those materials required to piece together and also motivate such equipment, has brought an entirely different status to those materials than otherwise had been realized within their very evolution. Remembering that complete regard must be given to all kingdoms, we must consider then the impressions and impact that we invoke, even in the conjurations of metals and silica, and the lower electro-elements and ethers within the planet. Whilst we do not suggest that the notion of conducting a 'cave-man' lifestyle is preferable to the modern age, we must begin to sort out that which we are involved in, and begin to understand the ramifications for those we subject, and also too the responsibilities we are answerable for.

There can be no doubt that riding a bicycle is far healthier in the travel than a train or a jet - although the bicycle may not cover the distance.

When we eat of a vegetable we are beholden to that vegetable for that which it does sacrifice for us. It is entirely compatible with the constitution of man to consume vegetables, and is naturally also compatible with progressive evolution of the kingdom of Man, to have special bonds of interaction with the kingdom of the plant.

When men play wizard with electrically motivated machinery they are empowering those radiations with certain purpose and intention; whilst employing the mineral kingdom now empowered with electrical impulse. This relationship is not unlike bestiality, whereby two realms are so joined in marriage which is unnatural, and produce thereby offspring peculiar to such a relationship. For the mineral kingdom as is, is divinely inspired and content to be thus impressionable; whilst the lower radiations pervert such materials and direct the impulses so received. For there are certain beings which do dwell in the radiations of the lower ethers, and merge in current and its emissions. These beings which singly are quite harmless to man, are noise-worthy and corruptive when entertained in multitude. Rust to iron will testify to this.

Furthermore, with man's fixed intent upon such inventions, he is drawn ever deeper down into their realm of activity, and inspired so. Additionally, Man incurs certain debt to those beings that would delight with persuasive cunning, and act as slave-imp to the desirous man who partakes in such clever gimmickry.

Whenever we command that another work our bidding, we contrive and incur a debt which in future times is fully legible. The question then is: are the beings so described, happily a part of the mainstream evolution of Man? If they are to be so absorbed as yet another ingredient to the mix of evolution, well and good. However, these particular elemental creatures are exterior to the constitution of Man, whereas the plant, mineral and Angelic hosts are in fact, composite to that which is Man.

And so we reach a very important distinction. Were that man was fully developed throughout every complex vein and sinew of his own being, he could perhaps draw such distinctions for himself, and then draw decisions accordingly as to the company he chooses to encourage and which relationships he should like to form and pursue. However, in these times of evolution when man is very confused as to present identity, and even moreso, unclear as to future ability, he is unguarded as to the consequences of inviting such strangers to sup with him and share lodgings.

Oddly enough, there are those too, who presume that if one will oblige you, you may make use of them as you will. And to a point, for a time, you may be fulfilled and obliged; and then later responsible for all that comes of it.

As mentioned before, there is nothing that cannot be achieved through etheric expertise to compensate for those remarkable electrotechnological devices and all that they have to offer. It is interesting to see how the advance of electrotechnology has overrun the Globe at this important phase in time. A very clever distraction indeed! We are becoming more and more earthbound. And the Earth itself is defiled by the absorption of more and more entities who would dwell amongst this atmosphere so charged with electrical activity, empowered and perpetuated by the cravings of both man and demon.

Fortunately the generations to come - somewhat sickened and weakened by this activity - shall tire of the whiz-bang offerings that this realm provides; for they are limited to the sphere of their know-how. Unless man complies and becomes as robotic as the inventions he now plays with, he shall spend his time and attention with those realms which are vitally his, and awaiting such revelations.

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