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Saturday, March 27, 2010

To the Divinity of Exuberance

Dear Divinity of Exuberance,
Please mark us with your visitation.
You who are the power which propels,
Come quickly before we expire!

And to each hapless, hesitant beginning,
Move us to fervor, extreme and fulfilled,
Empowered with an exuberance divine.


Friday, March 26, 2010

Prayer for the Angels of Color

We come to you,
Angels who live in the light,
You who project forth in visible transparency –
How perfect Thy art! Thy workings!
And Thy wondrous expression!
We are enriched by the colors You bring to us,
Each throbbing variation.

We thank Thee oh Angels of purple,
Of Cosmic incline,
You who have encaptured this tone,
Holy and sublime,
Sanctity manifest on the face of a flower,
This color gives to the world,
An inoculation of High Holiness,
The regal and royal purple.

And to the associate Angels of blue,
We thank Thee also –
Verily Space may live,
In your hues of expanse and containment.
The ego you bring,
In sky or in water, in iris or cornflower.

Angels of yellow:
You speak to us of the golden radiance
Ever with hope,
For it is life itself,
In marriage to orange, so stimulated.
Essence incorporated, the bright, bright yellow,
Tells men of such liveliness as moves through them.

Dear custodians of red,
Of Cosmic Will,
The shock, the impact,
The driving of manifestation.
Thank you for blood and beetle-back,
Rose and berry.
Masters of green,
The expression of expression!
Crimson you be in disguise!
We find sanctuary in this:
Your umbrella of spirit clothed,
Proceeding in growth,
We thank Thee also.

Celestial pink,
The Angel's flesh,
Heaven's promises incarnate,
The gentle whispers of soul upon the earth,
In being.
We thank thee too.

For colors do enter in,
And impart significantly,
Each an equation in relation,
Each a child of the light.
So many hidden, not yet forthcoming,
To these we wish Grace as well,
And pray for the Angels’ wellbeing,
Who enrich the definitions of life.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Prayer for Time in the World

Dear Christ,
As we pray in this moment time presses in upon us,
And labors our bodies and our minds;
We are unsure of our advance into the future,
And call to You that we may be allotted the wisdom
To use each moment of each day, fruitfully.

We come to You in gratitude,
That today we live, we breathe, we feel,
And that the warmth of life embellishes
Our earthly form and frame.

Let us be mindful of the gift that each day brings,
And knowledgeable that no effort is effort wasted.
We pray for continuance,
And ask that we may become keen to this life,
Bringing much of Your Love into the days we live.


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Prayer for Surmounting Failure

Heavenly Father,
I pray for reprieve,
I come to You,
That I may be healed of my tumors of incongruity.

There is sadness in my bosom,
And many tears held back, beneath,
Much loss unanswered, subtle torment and grief.
The woes I lament are not as troubles to You,
And yet indeed, as they trouble me and stifle happiness,
My pain is troubling to You. . .
May I surrender this upset, all of my disquiet,
To You Dear Lord?
And by doing so, may I heal,
That I best serve you, renewed and revised,
And neither You nor I be tormented by these troubles now past.
May I desist from self-mocking and rather, knowingly review,
And accept that shortcomings lead to long roads well trod,
And know that experience counts for much;
Gratefully accepting all compensatory activity
Which shall rebound upon each and every movement of my being.
And herewith, return to You Dear Lord,
Knowing that you would not have me overburdened.
Please release me into Your Expression,
That I may overcome my sorrow for such failing.


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

To Know Christ

Consummate Christ,
You have followed me,
Throughout all of the ways,
Ventured in and upon.
You were there at my side
As a small child,
As Chief Protector.

When I know not
Whom I am to be,
When I know not
Where I am to go,
You are still beside me
Knowing for me.

I pray that I shall come to know You also,
And converse in spirit-speak,
And grow towards Your Light,
Which flows forth
And saturates my being.


Monday, March 22, 2010

Meditation: the Oar

Exclusive to Christ,
Adamant in the reality of complete and perfect Love,
Quick to respond to the curious World:
That World without,
That World within.

Inspired and transfused,
Here, the ennobled spirit descending –
Enraptured, enlivened and buoyant
Upon the pulse of time.

Neither frail nor whole,
I am nestled in amongst good company.

Gentle strength which uplifts,
Compassion the oar,
The invisible hand does steer well with;
Dark the river, silent the waters –
Thus my soul is ushered forth,
And drawn ever on…..

Sunday, March 21, 2010

For Configurations: the Community of Christ

Beloved Saints and Martyrs,
And to all who bear witness to our King of Mercy: our Christ-
We call to you, oh cherished members,
That you might include us in your divine and orderly transpirations ...

We ask that we may become as Knights to your Order;
Knights virtuous, pledged and true,
To an almighty movement of Heaven to Heart,
Heart to Earth, Earth to Heaven and back again.
For all good purpose and divine engineering,
For peace-making and strength to defend such peace,
For freedom for men and that they be free to be men.

We call to your fellowship,
And offer all that we have to the Order of Christ and associated brethren.
Let all beings who are like-minded, and true also in heart,
Be welcomed to our quarters and afforded assistance for need.

We pray too, on behalf of all men,
That they will awaken to their rightful allegiances,
And come to you also,
Dear brothers in love.


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