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Friday, September 9, 2011

Friendships- 15th March 2009

From tides of time and back again,
The undertow is strong,
For all the friends we meet again,
For now we say - so long!

OVER many many lifetimes there are a multitude of friendships one acquires - where trials have been encountered together, and numerous happy moments besides. And although our friends are not present with us throughout most of the time to follow, we are in constant connection with them in the spiritual worlds - during sleep and after death and beyond.

Generally speaking, there can be a very great personal sadness from most individuals in that they sense the separation from their soulic companions in fellowship. Everyone experiences this during their life; even though it might be moreover mentally framed as in being in a certain time or place that they are wanting, rather than the actual friends of lives now gone. 

It is the number one cause of sorrow within the human spirit (and in a similar fashion, so too the animal spirit besides) that such dear and loving friendships are not in this moment with us - that you know of folk that you miss but cannot name. And with this current spiritual dementia experienced, being born into this world makes it all the more difficult to determine, even who it is that we might be longing for. And there are so many.

For truly every soul upon this earth has acquired countless strong, true and lasting bonds with others over time. And although during any one life we are not capable of sustaining more than a handful of close relationships (this is for many reasons - all worldly) there have been thousands of eons of happy meetings and paths traveled, that it would be almost impossible to avoid having them as we do. 

Every time an individual meets up again with such a good friend there becomes a nuclear light all around them - such as you could power the universe by (or something similar) :). This is no small matter because such affection, genuine affection and recognition of another, does empower our reasoning, our yearning, our living and our extraneous life to follow.

When youths take guns into schools and turn against the students there, it is because they are sensing a friendship missing from their life that is not present, and at the same time sensing the friendships that they do not share with the crowd around them. If they did not care about such things they would be content to be alone and live alone and not be understood or befriended. But often the theme to their disasters is that they would prove or show or demonstrate to those who did ignore them. And of course ignoring is natural if you do not have the affiliation in the first place.

The students are not to be blamed for this at all. If they were cruel or condemning, this may have made the separation more apparent to the witless gunman. It is not to say that such acts are to be totally explained or even forgiven in this context spoken of, but it is to say that at the core of even extreme human behavior is this essential yearning. It is fundamental to every human being without exception.

Gangs of criminals have their own forms of camaraderie, which once again may or may not have substance, yet is born from the essential yearning of their soulic affiliates elsewhere.

Drunks mourn lost loves. The elderly fantasize what might have been. The ideas may not be rooted in reality within the lifetime itself, but do have causes that are very real outside of that existence from former times. And this is a good thing - good that it is not all nonsensical, and good that there is a genuine companionship that can be resumed and experienced at some point if not now.

It is very positive that folk have these longings, for in every instance it does bring an individual a way of perceiving life outside of their own beings. It draws them out into appreciations for all kinds of beauty to follow.

As spiritual beings we all know within ourselves that things come and go. Conditions change, and yet we wonderfully endure and last throughout these times. Our faith is not with worldly conditions remaining, because we know that they do not. Our investments really do not matter to us unless they be of the spirit - and even then, from one to another, and to our friends, to our Father and to Christ.

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