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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sister Cities & Incarnation- 6th May 1991

THE concept of sister-cities is quite a reality, though not necessarily as proclaimed by modern thinkers. However there is such a relationship between certain geographical continents and their divisions, with the peregrination of souls on a large basis going from one incarnation to the next. Therefore a very real affinity is placed between these two regions, and the peoples of the past and of the present; also conversely, those working within the present who are looking toward their future destination.

At differing points of the Globe there are different qualities issuing forth which can offer any given race of men certain influences that work upon their entire beings. So it is necessary for souls to partake in the manifold influences, rather than congregate in one particular center, time and time again.

Conflicts which dispute sovereignty and attempts at altering the social order of particular regions are often motivated by either a past consciousness of this order or a future push for preparation. Although interference is neither beneficial nor legal in current affairs, it is however motivated for these reasons.

Whole communities within a single lifetime can experience an incarnation that during a period, marked strongly an impression upon them. And out from that group of individuals has grown a very tangible yearning to return to that former set of conditions that impressed them so. The ghosts of such desires can haunt the bloodline of succeeding generations to come, without their conscious knowledge. For the sake of future experience and expression, these bonds with the past, which are but veritable fetters, must be denied the desire to further their hold on such communities.

Even in an apparently inconsequential lifetime the forces that insteeped a given people may have sweet reminiscences for the souls that took their part within that given period. However if this was not unbalanced within the individual's ego-substance, it should not present such strong arguments for continuance. 

 All folk can be affected by such tendencies. Here is one clear reason why recollection of past incarnations is suspended and denied to those individuals who cannot shear away from such ties and bonds of the past - altogether painful and unproductive in the process of moving on to greater and larger experiences. The ego is developed to the point where it can move about the world gathering new influences and gleaning from all cultures that which it needs to fulfill its learning requirements.

If this were not so there would surely be only twelve tribes of man, which would identify and cling to their zodiacal sign, denoting what should have been incorporated into the whole man: twelve offered in the make-up of the whole.

Friday, June 19, 2009

The Subtlety Club- 1991

Subtle is a good word- if you can spell it. The whisper of the spirit is subtle, discernment, good judgment, is often subtle. The forces we describe are subtle (in a restrained way); the gentle love for humanity is subtle. Development must be gradual, therefore subtle. 

"Subtle difference" is the relevant phrase - and though we do not hold the perfect word to describe our aspect, subtle is preferred. Realizing also, that it is in the context of the perceiver one sees the need for humility. 
Under the lens of a microscope is a window into the subtle difference between this or that organism of the microbic world, so indistinct to the unaided eye that the perceiver would not reckon on there being any difference at all . . . 
Love and caring, benevolence must be subtle- the image of the tiny bird recovered from the nest, held with tiny beating heart, beware not to grasp too hard lest the faint flutterings of life be squeezed out entirely in an effort of kindness.

Humans are tuned and are fragile. A noisy world will not assist the soul: veritable sea-sickness on a wave of thought. Becalm the waters, bestill the emotion/motion - perilously deep the sea! High winds and powerful undercurrents are conducive to courage but tax the survival. 

Beauty is subtle. Take a recipe, a set of conditions; set to task perceiving the ingredients, the timing and the outcome - and then, the ability to know when you have got it right - this is the subtle difference. Because if one key factor has been measured incorrectly, namely, the ingredient, the timing or the outcome has been misjudged, then the creation, the conception, the organization, or the cake, will not be as it should be, and will not carry with it the enduring vitality to retain life and perpetuate itself for longer than the life instilled can carry it. All important is this subtle difference to know one ingredient from another, one minute from the hour, the creation from the failure. 

The progress has been stupendous, when it comes to men's concepts and their spiritual in-roads. Links are all over, and it is quite mistaken to believe that those founders and their offspring societies, have in any way failed to bring the vital connections into the worldliness of people. All are bridge builders of their time. And if the consequence was not entirely as intended by their founders, the seeds were cast and the work was taken up by others. Names are immaterial.

There is always merit in projects which are started afresh. But arguably, the times at present may warrant speedy application: individual and mass remedies in the world of thought, not confined to any particular branch representative - they are all present and accounted for! Sterling task-masters and their worthy workers are all a part of the unfolding and vital administration of the spiritual work ahead. 

Manoeuvres have been attempted in the past, and the attempt was the accomplishment in itself. One cannot cling to a particular society, for the very closed circle, just by name, infers exclusion to the rest of humanity. One may identify with the Father, with the tender hand of our (pardon the expression) Big Brother, and with the family of Man. Pompous titles do restore certain dignity to those who require it, but offer little in the service of the Holies.

Perhaps if one was to begin yet another organization, it would be better known as a club of supernal interests. If the articles of association require tea and biscuits, then there will be little argument as to success or failure of such a group! Expectation of conformity because of a group's name or statutes is not enough to bend the wills of its followers, or change them into that which they cannot be - nor would you wish to create such a monster.

Not to remain idle or discouraged. Dogmatism and dead thought has not the power to reach and inspire the slumbering individual. With pure intent, enthusiasm, community, and so forth, an outpouring of spiritual ideas needs to flow on from one to another, inspiring earnest study in those who would help the cause; and so to be reasonably free from judgments concerning particular societies and their members, and future societies and their members, and be free of the stranglehold of mistaken identity. If the concepts are pertinent and resound with an element of pure teaching, they will be taken up and assimilated when cast into the world with open blessing.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Firsthand Experience- 1991

The wolves of Diana doth bay at their silvery beatitude. We have awaited your greetings too long; fear the night!
 Bemingled spores of passing minuscule time nodes- so much passes us by - trifle on!
THE SENSES and their perceptions are in constant fluctuation ever shifting in response to a world that cannot be comprehended nor interpreted in full. Each flash from nerve to vital body is a corruption of responses, and certainty is ascertained from a suspension of time- an interval of perceptive assimilation that corresponds, correlates and capitulates the given information.

Many maintain that they believe in only that which they can directly experience. When consideration is given to the statement above, one must question experience itself as a mode of worldly understanding and interpretation. 

Surely there comes a sense of deja vu when the observant individual has consciously realized the lapse of time from one heartbeat to another.

Point in fact, is the selective interpretation that must ensure sanity within the individual who cannot begin to encompass the activity of life around the consciousness, the whorl surrounding the soul. Imagine the screech of the plant bursting forth bud, and the heave from the ground, the perception of the very planet moving underneath; and the Cosmic radiation blasting in heaving breath through and without. 

All the activity, birth and death of the perpetual moment, cannot be comprehended even in part by the obstinate consciousness that maintains adamantly that it is to decipher the universe alone. Oh happy delirium!
And so we look to those who may describe some of the marvels to be explored, would that we had capabilities to enter the vision into the real world.
Consideration for all species, with affectionate interest, is a healthy beginning to science, even science of the extreme- to some, the implausible.

Firsthand experience is not desirable for every detail of the adventure.We may translate.

Superimposed experience does not transmit well without breaking the vessel that tries to receive the unintended information.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

FAITH & the PURSUIT of the Spirit- 1991

Thomas Ralph Spence

ST. BERNARD OF CLAIRVAUX: Bernard the industrious was a soul of vision and insight into the astronomical machinations of the starry velvet sky-dome. After long and arduous study, he had reached a point through such inquiry, where the stars themselves could be heard within his inner being, as though they were a multifold choir resounding and permeating the streams of life that flowed on down to Earth.

His holy rapture seized him, and many a time would he give over to these choral arrangements, from the Heavenly bodies that inspired him so.
Dedication to any one particular study, will in good time, reveal the mysteries of the spirit in any one such area of inquiry. Nature is shy and greets man as the virgin approaching from afar. Here is the maiden in the field; and the image of marble who is yet to be imbued with life, from one kiss of a wanting prince.

We must pursue that which we love and long for intensely. The pursuit may take one into twine, bramble and thorn, but once reached, that one kiss and intimate encounter will awaken and return the spirit of that which we seek so fervently. This is the magic held and captured in life and living, the one stipulation that stands in the way of the necessary striving and encounters that fill the main part of the story.

Dedication to a particular study must not falter. If one is to be true to the love of that study they must have courage when failure besets them and efforts appear dashed in the very trying. So many are too easily dissuaded from entering into any crusade, any adventure; unsure of themselves, uncertain of outcome, long-term vision is deflected by the mirror of doubt. To overcome such hindrances to any quest, such as doubt, fear or the very dragons of our lower nature, we must have a faith, a faith pure and strong to carry us on to the very horizon of our visionary pursuits.

Faith is all important to any task attempted. Some would have it that faith is of its own an indication as to the individual holding no real knowledge, and therefore the faith itself has no real basis in reality. But it is quite otherwise, for in order to perceive any given reality one must have the key- the key being the faith, in the first instance. Faith is when the soul of man is telling him of what it knows, that the man may discover it for himself, that the truth might unfold before him, and as a total being he may witness and behold this reality that the soul whispers in hope of discovering.

Faith assists Man with the courage required to go forth into the world and encounter all that travails. Faith is the sword of the spirit that deflects the unwanted obstacles that arise on the path, in deterrence of grand pursuit. Faith is the cup of sustenance that imbues the spirit with the light of fulfillment and strength of determination.

Every man is in pursuit of an inner quest, and if waylaid for a period, an episode of one or one hundred years, the sleeping princess of the spirit shall still await…. until such time when the beloved comes to claim her.

Enviromental Influences 1991

The church is infilled with sprigs and bunches; and for funerals and in sickness it is customary to present flowers. Although flowers do actually assist in just this, and the lines to higher inspiration are conducted, the open bowl of fruit too, brings a marvellous field of influence. 

The fruit in its nature blossoms at the tree to receive the golden etheric rays. Fruit that swells forth with such light in its breast, retains for a time much of that effervescent vitality. Also it desires the influence of the Sun at all times, therefore speaking to our immediate environment of the Sun-filled existence. 

We do of course, attract certain influences into us. It has often been maintained that a man is easily impressed upon by that which he surrounds himself and the company which he keeps. 

Certain men of charity often forego perfect conditions and rise above that which may otherwise soil even their own stable standing in the world, by assisting the less fortunate. If a soul is strong enough to negate the negative influences of corruption and sickness, and thereby help his fellow man to turn it around and extinguish such influences, well and good. However, it can be a task of such magnitude for an aspiring individual to attempt such grace, when they are themselves at a stage of self-help and correction. Exhaustion may be the consequence of such charitable relations. Therefore it is not wise to force oneself or another, on conditions that become as an unbearable pressure to that individual. 

Within a given society that leans towards corruption whereby the burden of the immoral consciousness plagues the majority, this group can in fact bring harm to the whole. Collectively the society continues to do damage to itself continually.

It is therefore small wonder that a certain relief was experienced when a particular family removed themselves from the radius of such a large suburban collective; which unfortunately has the aura of mess and a muddle that would make inspirations of this nature, virtually impossible. In this sense the folk in the Himalayas do have a much easier time of it!

Contrary to this, we do not maintain that all folk must pack bags and remove themselves to the outer countryside. There are experiences in such cities that are irreplaceable to any individual. However, we cannot ignore the fact that conditions surrounding an individual play a very important role in either helping or hindering their development and their sanity.

It is advisable for the elderly to retire to the country in preparation for the higher worlds. They might experience some of the peace and order, and be free to receive inspiration without the constant battle of resisting the quagmire of conflict and mindless debauchery that is a twenty-four hour occurrence in the heavily populated suburbs in which they dwell.

If one is serious about maintaining a spiritual consciousness which is relatively unhindered, they must acknowledge that in order to commute with the higher worlds and participate with higher thought, it is obviously preferable to give oneself the most favorable conditions where this can be effected- to withdraw, to rest, to know silence and experience beauty, setting the way free to contemplation.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Electrotechnology & the Etheric World- 1991

TAR from woods and essences from flowers are lively, life-etherically imbued substances, which are as elixirs to men. The plant kingdom may be drawn from in such a way, as it is uncorrupted and pure by nature.

Primarily the plant kingdom is what it is. It should not be of the same to extract essences from various emissions of animals and expect it to be so. Nor should one wish to indulge in culinary exploits, of an animal that is profoundly aggressive or evil in nature. (Such as snake, shark or any other predator.)

As for the kingdoms above Man, we partake of their essences and emissions daily - throughout the ethers, in water, in air and in fire. The lower realms affect us accordingly through soil and mineral products, whereby the lowest strains of the planetary forces (in gross) also too, have their impulses.
But the plant kingdom does directly nourish this existence with a multitude of symphonic resonant qualities, which may imbue the man engaging with such essences and food.

Generally speaking the world of plants are a happy bunch. Their consciousness is not rooted within the physical existence but rather in the etheric world from which their growth is inspired. They have already achieved the apex of their evolutionary progression for the time being, and are a perfect example of harmonious interaction. They are that part of ourselves which has sought and found perfected expression.

The mineral kingdom has much absorbing, dissolving and evolving to conduct. It of itself has been something of a laggard, cosmically dragging its feet, waylaid by certain interferences along the way. The mineral kingdom has much of the past to absorb and purify, and is in constant conflict, as many of the influences coming through push and strain against one another.

This was not always so. The mineral kingdom is so condensed and restricted today, that the plasticity and flow of the past has withdrawn, and the amassed physical structures are somewhat frozen, held back in physical expression. The kingdom awaits in the bottom of the trough of that hardened condition, in the cycle of materialism that so grips the world. It shall be so until humanity can of itself, assist the flow of cosmic influences and determine their input, for the mineral world to awake from this semi-quiescent period.

The higher ethers rattle on, doing as they know best, unperturbed by the 'catch up' phases and goings on of humanity's earthly scurry. The technological advance over the planet is so irritatingly persuasive, that one's attention is continually called to from this or that gizmo, and taken up solely with the particular magic it performs. All of this activity tends to draw one away from the inner concerns, and fills life and the planet with an interruptive buzz. One tenth of the world play with technology, whilst the rest suffer its consequences. But in time like any fad it will dissolve once the entertainment value has been spent.

We refer of course to electrotechnology. The sciences have many a marvel yet to enter into; would that their studies peered into the etheric realms, rather than devices speaking from substratum emissions and currents.

The overall problem is that the goals set are unclear and unproductive. Man's development has before been beset with confusing interruptions and seductive interludes that speak of glorious encounters with the mundane. Think of all the modern menagerie of device and chip, and ask what for.
Ultimately, when reviewing life after life and the importance of refining oneself, the gimmicks and the gizmos come to mean very little. Some would tell you of the miracles whereby men are held back from the gates of death for a time. This is questionable. If a soul is certain of its timing, no one thing will affect it otherwise; and if an opportunity for the conditions is given and taken up, well and good. 

However, could this have been effected through other means? Yes. And is half of the panic towards the entire situation misunderstood? Yes, for all of the electrotechnology of the world cannot speak to that man of living a better day after the operation- a more productive day where he may learn to fully use those tired organs, and breathe with the breath of God. We are too easily distracted, distracted by adult toys and exploits.

Tools of agriculture do not tell the man how to fairly distribute the produce, and yet this should be of first concern. Secondly, the tools, rather the means and required knowledge, are to be found in Spiritual Science. Most of the modern notions concerning agriculture have to be way off the mark, as the knowledge does not come from the overall view of the nature of the plant, the earth or the elements and the life-forces that permeate.

One cannot turn to the mineral kingdom and ask it for a complete source of reference pertaining to the etheric. It does not understand. One cannot lean on the electro-technological instruments to impart those values which are higher than that field of operation.

Folk presume that one must utilize machinations outside of themselves. The electric beater was to replace the arm. And whilst one cannot swim the same distance that a boat may travel, and a jet does a marvelous job, considering its primitive construction - these modes of transport will one day (sooner than one realizes) be considered clumsy vehicles that sufficed for a time.

The point is that whilst men are caught in the fascination from one aspect that the sciences may prove to them, they are deterred from looking to themselves and deterred from beginning to perceive higher alternatives. Which whilst being even more fascinating, are also more worthy and conducive to Man's world-experience.

Every facet of electrotechnology that is useful to man may be bettered by utilizing etheric-technology. This will be so.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Did You Know?-1991

DID YOU KNOW that life contains a series of heartbeat failures that must be accordingly revived second to second? It is when the heart may no longer achieve the reaction we usually refer to as heart-failure.

It is the dual-nature characteristic of life, which permeates all impulse and successive responses. The cessation of life permits following renewal, without which there would not be the pulsating vitalities which, in order to ebb and flow throughout Creation, may at pausal intervals intervene.
Were all time to halt in an instant and resume at a period given to the future, should we know of the gap in between? Would we know of that flickering between life and death, between every heartbeat, throughout every episode of sleep?

Here is an indication of the world and its heaving breath, with time contained and all things assimilated in this way. 

There are many episodes that are forever shifting, cycles endured and phases uncomprehended, confounding upon themselves; the patterns of extremities, though not of actualities.

Can one hear the silence? How can one hear silence? Does one perceive an eyelid flicker?

There truly is more than meets the eye.

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