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Monday, August 1, 2011

Riding the Wind-16th November 2008

AEON after aeon,
We are carried through,
The realms of time
And the places of time-not,
Just to be present
Here right now.
As long as the journey was,
With perils known and battles fought,
Through dawn and dusk and dawn again,
Ever back to the home of a thousand reunions
Then on the road alone once more,
From here to there,
Beginnings and ends-
"Hello" in this moment to you.

If only we could but know just how true the truths we know are so. So much gold, yet not the strength to lift it!

Great and profound truths are medicinal to the soul - and even though only ever in part, they are whole.

And conundrums are round like balls.

When a dog barks he is being a warrior. The dog has four feet and a rudder.
When a man barks he is being a dog. The man has two feet and a rudder.
[James 3:3-12]

Divine Humor is the Cosmic Wind that carries us through the pages of each solitary biography.

It is not mean or cruel or false, but rather delightful and loving; it is the best part of the moment to glimpse a happiness of sorts.

Divine Humor is the unseen wind, the breath of a laugh from the Father Himself.

There was the Word,
There also was the Laugh,
And the Word became all substance,
And the Laugh became the driving force,
That empowered the motion,
The move, and the thought.

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