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Friday, April 2, 2021

A Floral Arrangement- Good Friday 2021

Betrayal sits on the precipice of knowing and unknowing - and in the order of a pagan sacrifice, it chooses the insufferable disposition ... whether motivated by desire for self, or by some dark divining that could justify harm to an innocent - betrayal is one step on the road to Hell for Humanity as a whole, as also for that corrupted soul who participates and gives way to such error.

Betrayal is a next level cunning: where there has been a deliberate choice by the betrayer involving harm to another by consequence, whilst they step back into the shadows, believing that they themselves will escape the fates now motioned.

One could say that the darkest impulse precipitating the event of the Crucifixion, was betrayal and by such, of Humanity also - not by Judas alone, who indeed signified the most despicable element - but truly betrayal itself was endemic to all sin prior, causing the greatest rot within Mankind, and ultimately and conversely the blight of all sin is its betrayal to self, and to those we afflict by it.

*. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. * . 

God gave us flowers to remedy our sins.

The Lillies in the field, the sprinkles of Daisies, the seas of colored Poppies, the shoulders of Peony, the heads of flowering trees, the thorny, many petaled varieties amongst the frolicking foliage - all of these come to our World as a grace and remedy to sin.

For every dark thought and deed inspires a blossom to spring up and into a field, or a garden, or even a desert, the flowers will come. And, as enchanting an idea as this is, it is also a truth: that the Heavens give us flowers, largely in sympathy for our mortal sufferings, and remedial to a cause.

The cosmic fields are ablaze with their cheerfulness and fragrances. In this world we capture but a whisper of their divine, sublime perfumery that enfills the vapours of Heaven.

All things that we know here originate from the Spiritual Worlds ... there is not a bark or twig, or skin or bone, that was not at first etherically purchased.

The giving of flowers in this life to one another, or as a tribute to those now ascended, is divinely significant to the wonderment of the soul.

Refresh your home with the presence of flowers, and give them often to others for the blessings they impart - most especially in remembrance of He and all who love Him.

Instead of attempting to evangelise, you may give flowers. For healing and for hope, they will radiate the home with the supplication that defies sin and sickness with the fortitude and happiness of Heaven itself so imparted.

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