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Sunday, April 26, 2020

The Haves & Have Knots- 26th April 2020

From the outset it should be said that this paper is not weighing the question of the poverty of hardship against inequities within finance, or skill, talent or beauty or enterprise, etc. within the material world.

Nor is this essay considering ‘gathering for Winter’ - i.e. that which compels either man or animal or cell to acquire and store in reserve.

In summary, this paper will endeavour to explain Entitlements and Contracts.

The word ‘entitlement’ in its purest form is simply that which entitles the holder or the receiver. In its derogatory form it implies that perhaps there is a party who may feel or believe themselves to be entitled, when in fact, they are not.

There is a fascinating element to contractual agreements in spiritual law: that it is reflected within the World. Law itself can be divided, and yet its principles, when goodly and for the common good, directly parallel the wider cosmic laws for which they emulate.

It is the very precipitation of Cosmic laws that have given way to there being justice in the World. It can be noted quizzically, that even the darker side of Man and Demon recognises contractual obligations to some extent, and historically the Devil has employed contracts with Man, who unwittingly in part, unknowingly in whole, has committed to such binding relationships.

Fascinatingly one can already glimpse that there must be a very occult esoteric commitment in relation to contractual agreements, whether they be material, or in principle of promise.

One could say that the major element within any contract or title is that of Time. The contingency and substance of a contract is wholly reliant and presuming of a future time, when that which is titled is held to be relevant and withstanding. It is a promissory note, reliant on there being both a future and similar circumstances in the future, as to be relevant to the agreement or promise formalised so.

Its very essence, apart from its nature, therefore is comprised of time - a time that has not yet occurred.

We can pause for one moment to consider the recklessness and hopefulness of any contract in the light of this - be it spiritual or material. In and of itself, the essential elements therefore involve literally the unknown.

This is ironic because it is also the nature of any contract to formalise the will of one or more parties to create a future going forward into time, and esoterically, there will become of this formalisation, a great motivation for it to become fulfilled, as best it may be.

Added to this, is the illusory substantiveness any contract or title imparts with the glamour of its own authority. Whole societies are literally forged with bits of paper, and those who prize such paper with intense promise, completely in the belief of their own accreditation.

This is not to say that contracts and entitlements are abstract or worthless of themselves, but to realise that they are largely valuable in relation to the future - a future time - which is both temperamental and unknowable.

Treaties and agreements between territories and countries are authored by individuals and yet are meant to incorporate sizeable constituents. These agreements and contracts are usually for purposes of mutuality, for trade and stability, however, esoterically the principle would be that the country or people would not be bound or accountable, as they themselves have not penned the agreement. Karmically there can be associative responsibilities when individuals support a governor or political party - but strictly speaking they are in no way responsible for the contracts signed by the leading parties who enter into them.

When dignitaries can be seen to sign such agreements there is conversely a tremendous responsibility they are entering into. These heads of state or corporation are literally putting themselves on the line - that the weight of the Karma that falls from these decisions and binding agreements, will impact them personally in times to come. It is an extraordinary level of commitment and extrapolation that they are entering into.

From this we can see how easy it is for a people to ‘love’ their leader, inwardly realising that not only are these individuals emblematic of their cause or country, they are taking the burden of the Karma to themselves and representing the people with such considerable weight and measure.

This can be said for CEOs as well as Prime Ministers - for which the implications are vast and heavy. The CEO is often awarded what appears to be an enormous remuneration for their duties, however it is a pittance in return for their obligations that may well haunt them for centuries to come.

Dynasties are no different, however there is also the aspect of family Karma entered into, as well as the compelling purpose to return back into the same family line through the responsibilities entwined. Many people will reincarnate back into the same family line, without being a king or a queen, but to fulfil contracts and liaisons agreed upon some centuries earlier by themselves.

None of this information suggests that we are better to be non-committal and free of all obligation - but it is to mindfully question everything we are to pledge ourselves to - even that which is seemingly flippant or transitory.

For it is also a fundamental truth that the spiritual core of all men (and women of course) is empowered by the Promise of God - and we, are His representatives. Therefore, any and all formalised agreements are created with this emphatic future building, fate commanding, enterprise of Spirit.

Men, when conscious, are far more powerful in effecting their futures than they realise - this is an oxymoron of the worst variety - for mostly it is only by their actions do they perceive later the consequences in review.

However, futures are open to being decided, and with creativity within the margins - and contracts are but one way of enabling two or more to forge a new beginning or stabilise an old one.

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