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Sunday, May 3, 2020

Calamities & Calm- 3rd May 2020

Out from a solitary window cries the voice of Man interred...

Walls and floors and ceilings, boxes, caves with stone doors, containers, duplex, multiplex, prisons, confines ... there is a significant psycho-spiritual complication that arises when a man, or a woman, is no longer free.

There are two considerations in this: in the first part to ask what it is, how it is, that the soul of a man is fundamentally altered in captivity.

The second part is simply to state that all of Humanity is the veritable sum total of many many lifetimes - and that the individual comes to this very moment born of the preceding lifetime’s experience, from which in many of these lifetimes the soul had encountered periods of confinement and captivity.

Now of course we are all captive by circumstance - whether as free men or not, whether in open air or, free to go about where we may - there are restrictions; a lot we can and cannot do, both lawfully and karmically, and realistically - this is true. But what is to be measured here today is when the will has been thwarted and the individual has been interred - constrained in ways that are not of his own choosing, and, to whit, internally he cannot reconcile this happening.

The anguish that comes from this is magnified almost always because of former suffering having been recalled from within the deep recesses of the soul - added to which it is also directly contrary to our beings to be held captive, as all naturally seek the freedom that is God-given.

This is not to say that ever are men in any way entitled to take liberty over another with hurt or harm, but it is rather to go to the very heart of freedom itself - for example: of the spirit journey that nightly rises up and out into the starry plains of discovery and flies its courses.

And it is that the former memories of internment can somewhat accumulate and exaggerate in a pictorial representation that is invisibly kept, but nonetheless apparent, for example: being locked in a lift or in any small space, for a child or an adult, claustrophobia is more or less past experience being relived in the present. Ghosts come in many forms, and the most frightening of all is that of our own - our own astral spectres that have remained and carried over into subsequent lives.

Added to this is that the measure of suffering relates to both will and to choosing - not necessarily to conditions at all. Such as: whether it be womb or the shelter and protection of a bedroom, a home, a hotel or a guest house, or anywhere that supplies warmth and keeps out strangers, predators, noises, and the world at large. Any area we can call our own, any space that becomes defined and lockable to our choosing, any place that is warm, comfortable where we are content that it is safe. This then is of course a most pleasurable and happy environment for which we seek ordinarily. Conversely, the same surroundings may become repulsive if we cannot leave. And with this then the will will want to challenge its captivity.

Our wills are extraordinarily powerful and even though we equate them with our consciousness, they are also in part the driving engine of our physical wellbeing; motivating the fiery forces throughout the limbs, the heart, the pulsing heart, the firing sparking brain, the digestive forces, the eliminative forces, the ambient forces, that of going forward, that of standing up, that of using our eyes to see, waking up and out from our thoughts into the world, divining truth, calling the consciousness forth, amidst an orchestrated harmony of health, deliberating the perfect fit of subtle body into animal self, and collaborating the two.

These forces of will are strong in healthy individuals and it needs to be to motivate all of that fantastic collaboration, which is life within the world particularly.

Cosmically, of all the places in this Cosmos, the organisation of the will in Man, shines its brightest within the physical world, because it is there that it is required the most.

Therefore it is no small matter to restrain, constrain or chemically compel an individual in ways that challenge a will into madness.

The word ‘madness’ is not meant lightly, and it may be but a temporary affliction, momentary, or chronic. What is meant by ‘madness’ is that there are those things that make sense, those things which follow predictable roads of healthy design and then there is the chaos where life is fractured and becomes undone, or thwarted or contained, and from this, energetic rebound and confusion becomes madness understandably.

Illness, all illness is in fact a form of madness. The sane become insane. It may not reflect in the consciousness, but it is a madness in the organ it afflicts. Its tune is of discord and its palette is a muddy complexion, however, any tangle of complication - almost any tangle of complication - can be righted in the physical constitution, for there is the blueprint which keeps the madness from the ordinary.

We are corrected and dissuaded away from such madnesses continually, and it also is part of life itself; and there is a proper containment, a proper boundary that we experience where physically, mentally or spiritually, we may step out from a boundary and be corrected from a madness that would otherwise ensue.

And so one could say that there are forms of containment and confinement all about us working their ways continuously, that push back in degree against an all too fervent immature will, or perhaps when the forces of will so strongly present there is a containment nonetheless holding all in place.

And so limitation of itself can indeed be helpful to the organisation within and without the individual’s commodity of life.

In times past, and indeed in some cultures still, a malady, a malaise, is said to be spiritual in nature and causality firstly. And yet any practitioner of the past until now understands that the physical world itself can impact the physical body directly without the predisposing substructures being essential to any given problem.

Life itself is a contest of wills in respect to our will pushing back against the forces that would otherwise break down our very substance and being were it not that our driving forces push back. Life erodes life- constantly breaking apart and rebuilding - and so these complex forces have, if nothing else, a subtle balance and finite reparations in their design.

Particularly in relation to the will an individual is an homogenous being, and even though there are so many compartments and references, the will itself leads us, corresponding with this Holy Spirit being essentially the one.

It is coupled to the Divine motivating Spirit - the Greater Spirit without. And our own wills with which we have sovereignty, determine so much about what becomes of us. Not only in capability but enquiry, and in building our futures to come - it is our holy allowance, to determine so much about ourselves.

And so when the will is unduly suppressed there becomes, in part, a tremendous malfeasance within the individual responding to the chaos that ensures.

And of course one will often crosses another, person to person, justly, unjustly in work or in love, in discipline, or in hardship, fairly or unfairly. The human spirit has an intelligence all of its own. Even without the ego or the operating consciousness, the Spirit divines immediately truth from untruth, right from wrong, fairness from unfairness. If this were not the case the ego or its consciousness could not have any appeal or discrimination in such. This knowing goes a long way to the cooperation of the health and balance aside from the madness perceived.

The spiritual nature of an individual operates out from the perspective of truth and goodness with a sunny disposition understanding that the essential motivation to all life is abundantly good.

When an individual becomes disconcerted it can happen that their own very layers of being are called upon to understand the anomaly they are experiencing.

This is our desire and prayer for peace. That in effect disharmony on any level may be reconciled, and that we may refer to the wisdom of the spirit within as to that place that has only essential goodness, and the stability of eternal health.

The physical world is tumultuous and rarely within its singular sphere can such peace be arrived at, for in truth, it is a constant tangle of forces, of change, and, ever evolving conditions with both creative and destructive impulses from without.

Interestingly the Spiritual worlds themselves do not like structure or definition and beings of all kinds incorporate themselves into dwellings and spaces that are defined, and separate for a time, themselves from others. There are countless homes to which they go to that they make their own. There are spaces that have windows and doors - windows to look out from and doors to leave by - and these spaces so defined actually repel the forces from without and accomodate a quietude within.

Such containment in the Spiritual Worlds helps any entity to define themselves. It is a mode of being which offers a favourable place to establish identity separate to the light filled Cosmos, whist at the same time being a part of its community. Any containment affords us a personal space by which we begin to define who we are.

A dispersement of light or of consciousness or of spirit, or of thought, that travels out and onward, that is not contained, affords the experience of great wonder and oneness, and we do have this continuously to refer to. But there are those times necessary where any individual needs to collect themselves and take stock and know themselves separate to the rest in order to go on to develop or to change, or to simply be.

And so it is that our chosen ‘homes’ are not only for shelter and protection, but a space to define ourselves, for which we seek containment.

Megalomaniacs seek to confine, contain, and change other individuals, to purpose them for their own design. And megalomania itself is quite separate to its outcome or desired outcome one should say. This sickness of soul and conduct, is also borne from lifetimes of wilfulness in which the individual has coupled themselves with entities stronger than they who have in fact possessed them as their own.

Alarmingly, and most woefully, there is not one tyrant or would-be dictator that has not this problem of forced compliance themselves. It is the very men who would control the freedoms of other men that do this because they are no longer free - and are so distant from the recollection within their spirit of what it means. Tyrants and persuaders, are given to the will of a complex of beings, who in universal terms are also not ‘free’ and so it goes. The hierarchy of Evil is a most misfortunate corporation of subjugation.

From this very picture alone one can begin to understand the importance of freedom - the freedom of Man - and how exactly it runs counter-current to those forces that seek to manipulate lives and control and disquiet, to terrorise, and to thieve from communities that could otherwise live their lives in simple joy.

And so there are those who essentially would be free, and those who simply are not.

To varying degrees it can be said that when one wishes to control or override the will of another (who is mature and not a child), that wilfulness of itself is misplaced.

Thy Will be done is the ultimate prayer to save our own souls - for deferring our own will to that of God is ultimately safe and fruitful.

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