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Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Digestive Ethers

Beaten, pulped,
Extorted mass,
Entrailed and swept,
Fires the furnace.

Digestive ethers work the physical load;
Same ethers sweep the universal planes.

Here, before vitality, before all's rent,
Digestive ethers employ their way
Into the substantiality,
Dissolving the binding conformity,
Releasing abruptly,
Their reality,
Into the higher spheres.

Friday, December 17, 2010


Intricate derbies,
The marathon of spiritual host,
Watch the horizon's parade!
See them assemble,
The holy ensemble,
Perambulate their lesser cohorts,
In trails parading gaiety.

Here, there,
A mother spirit,
A father spirit;
Not offspring so,
But an infant following,
Crowds in close.

See Wisdom's caravan,
As it pursues the day's highway,
Following the Sunrise
With the striving push behind them
For longitude!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Spirits of the Rocks

Spirits of the rocks
Amuse themselves with revelry.
Their crystalline tension,
Their patience within,
Is older than this world
Or its memory.

Back, back they go,
When water became stone,
When patience solidified,
Into a permanent complacence;
A commonplaceness,
Of marrowless bone.

Man! drive your pick,
And polish this stone,
Decant the molten vein
That once thickly flowed.

We bring use once again,
Animate, recreate, tablets of time,
Recalling the virtues
Of the old worlds revived.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

From Ice to Sun, to Sun & Back- 2001

Ice is not cold, 
It is but a stationary warmth -
A latent kindling for the ethers which compose it;
A dramatic interlude. 

Forces compelling forces into fixation,
The ice holds this the fiery tension.

Flaming mountains glitter in the sunlight,
Expire into the arms of patient cloud,
Gather, regroup and weep into the ground.

Pink as the sunrise -
These great hunched bodies of pinnacled mass -
Some, scored rock beneath;
A frozen sheath enwrapped.

Patience too (that icy virtue),
Holds all the tension of that which is hoped for;
Latent, yet there, the Holy Spirit aware…
Numbed by the contradiction
Of the improper moments,
Yet in place and secured,
Fully present,
 For the future.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Giving, Receiving & Thanksgiving- 23rd July 2001

THE acknowledgement of thankfulness given to those who have given to us, formalizes the receipt and is an offering of due respect, whilst it also ensures a full transaction rather than a partial fulfilment of that which was given. 

Pledges and promises will be covered here also. But we begin today in strict reference to healing and thanksgiving, observing what does occur when one person consciously acts to give thanks and bestow appreciation upon another - what effects does this have upon the giver, the recipient and the quality and effectiveness of that which was so received?

Firstly there is the word: healing. Healing (in the context given today particularly) is a generality which applies to any situation or condition in which a remedial, beneficent action has answered in application a need. Effectively, a need which has been answered is a healing. Whether small or large, even perhaps of a momentary nature, this is what we do name (with respect) a healing.

There can also be a combined healing within any given eventfulness. There may be a combination of blessings which one gives to another, whilst also some of the very needs of the healer may be addressed in the transaction. However and in the main, we can purposefully be intent on the simplicity of any and every giving, without entering into complexities of how much and to what extent.

Charity itself is an attitude firstly - as remonstrate within Man (it is of course a divine and glorious virtue: i.e. an attitude of the Gods therefore, before Man) and manifest secondly. Charity and benevolence discern need and thus effect response. However, one may sympathize or empathize yet effect nothing because of it; and it is the expression and experience of charity which will initiate the enterprise of action to supplicate the need so recognized.

The experience of need itself speaks profoundly to the soul within the man. The further experience of having a need answered through the means of another is in actuality, a godly event; and the soul knows this and is imbibed by it. A need, by definition, is that something which pains the soul. It does not threaten extinction, but is as a sore aggravant, confusing to its own sense and reason, perspective and stability. 

Physical needs in the physical world can disturb the soul because of the presence of the need itself - not necessarily because of the physical condition in its actuality.

Ordinarily the soul is quite comfortable and never discredited by a need of great gravity. Even its yearnings are sweet in experience, for the soul's wisdom knows that yearnings are the open entrances invoking the sweet happenings thus dreamt of, and are often so content therefore in the speculative waiting. The soul is not hurried or impatient, for time is not relative - it will not wear out or tire and is much involved in the general spectacle to not feel the pinpricks of any disappointment in natural occurrence. 

However the metabolism of the soul's own reckoning was much altered upon the Fall. The peace which was once a given is now disturbed, and even the soul itself is called to stretch beyond its own knowing and mature. Not only have we the egoic tenderness toward life outside of our own immediate knowings and further experience to be accumulated, sorted and decided upon, we also have a similar reference weighed even within our intimate heart, our spiritual heart of self, which not only feels a pain of another nature, but also a love which hitherto was not possible in the creation of the naïve.

When a need speaks to us internally it calls us to realize that we are without something, and being without that something causes us discomfort. This discomfort is perplexing to the soul - the very concept is contrary to that which it has ever and only known. The discomfort itself becomes yet another need: not a need to be satisfied with no more need, but a need which is calmed, and a being which is enlivened when that first need is answered by another soul.

So there is the experience of the physical world and what comprises our needs there on every interlocking plane, and the subsequent difficulty the soul experiences just by the discomfort of being in impractical, awkward, and even painful circumstances at times, on these interlocking planes. Then there comes that other soul to us who may care for us and tend to us, on one or more of the interlocking planes, and the soul then acknowledges a great and profound happiness at this gesture or action of love which is offered it. 

The experience of this need being met and tended to by another speaks more to the soul (each time) than it has previously known … and the joy definitely outweighs the discomfort (and that discomfort is dispensed with - there is no recall, no appendage, when the healing is perfected).

So one can see from this that it is indeed quite a godly event. In the highest sense the act of supplication is most godly and true to Him. Working as His emissary, moved by His Great Goodness, we speak to Him and He is there amongst such giving and receiving. 

Within all of this there is one final consideration. For every act of giving (healing) there needs be also an act of receiving. The recipient cannot be passive or without a conscious willing to receive, or the transaction will not purposefully qualify. 

How many spiritual gifts and healings have been expired or cast aside because of the complacencies, passivities of the would-be-receiver! You can even see the ghouls of the chronic 'would-bes' in the afterlife, harrowing over that which they have not - calling and sorrowing from a deep want, ignoring the piles of tributes so far 'unsigned for' and now out of reach. It happens!

Students who mournfully berate their teachers, who having been just given the ornament of scholars, the very treasures they themselves have pleaded for - most times rather than not - have been eluded not by the difficulties that go with that prize, but rather with their own state of ingratitude!

As a primary law of protection to each being, there will not be a transaction of receipt unless the receiver acknowledges and accepts that which is given, and to do this we return back with a thankfulness that consciously (and audibly) names the giver and responds in same kindness back. 

This is not just a compliance of a simple and divine courtesy (which by the way, if it was it would surely be enough reason in itself to observe). It even goes further than the law as described above, because beyond this it becomes a thankfulness to our Father as He is manifest in all Love that comes to us and is offered thus. Once again, the smaller law now broadens, and it can be said truly that we cannot receive perfectly even His Love if we do not respond in kind, and with the acknowledging receipt of thankfulness to Him.

Now there are some places of healing whereby the priest or the consultant has a place of offering designated, whereupon the receiver may give goods or monies in expression of their gratitude. This practice, we suggest, defers the true thankfulness and possibly interrupts the completeness which could have and should have ordinarily followed.

For example: whether collectively or individually I am there before the altar attending for a healing (or for many healings), and with me are my community of needs tagging alongside, pulling on my coat-hem, whispering in my inner ear; hugging at my chest, clamoring on my back, pulling at my heart, stinging at the groin; twisting in the stomach, aching at the feet, dancing in a distracting semaphore at the thoughts, living in the sneeze and the cough … I take all this rowdy bunch up to meet the priest to be instructed as to a better life, that I might regain a little more peace …

He meets me there under the rosy light of Charity - it surrounds the bier and dances around the candle's edge. Kindly beings have assembled to pray for my respite, to welcome the love that may now come and stay. Conditions will be different from this moment forth - the country breathes a little quieter, anticipating my soul's encounter. The priest knows this well. He lives for these moments. He perceives the higher and heavenly trials. His own soul life is pained with the ill-fitting world and he seeks to harmonize the corresponding divinities. He intuits the presence of his Beloved and acts accordingly.

So it is that there and then Christ comes before us. There amongst the chaos of conflicting needs, of little and not-so-little anti-angelos and elemental harbor; there to me who am expectant, yet half-awake/asleep and impervious to His Presence consciously, He comes in answer to these needs.

Now if I defer my thankfulness to a coin or a paper thrown into a bowl, I have turned from Him and from the administering priest as well and issued forth my spillage into some foreign and abstract receptacle. This is not effective! This is not an act we should choose directly after the event of healing! Only and only again, must we acknowledge and state out loud, in self-conscious receipt our thankfulness naming that of our giver. We bow to our Father, to our Christ, and to the community Altar (of the invisible beings who assist) and to the priest and namefully thank them all. Only then may we receive the true blessings into ourselves that have been offered. This is a meeting of the wills and most potent to us. 

By all means, should we wish to give material donations for material needs at some other point, this of course is another wonderful transaction and does practice us also in the furthering of these heavenly ways. However, in relation to the healing as sought for by us in the practice of communion, it is ill-advised indeed to incorporate this as part of the event. Spiritually the dues need be met in response in kind. When we formally make this response, the spiritual worlds do know that they have been acknowledged and received and are glad.

When folk offer up a kindness, a consideration or a truth, and we take it for our own without attributing it rightfully to he who does give it, it becomes a thievery which will not profit the recipient, because the deal is never completed without the correct respect and process of receipt followed through.

Pledges & Promises

A pledge or a promise offers to supplement a need at some further stage, however it requires a similar receipt by the soul it has been put before, in order for the promise to be secured in actuality later on. 

Therefore if someone offers up a pledge to something and the would-be receiver is unconvinced as to the viability of this offer, then the response of doubt itself will effectively and incontrovertibly put an end to the eventuality of that promise ever becoming fulfilled. 

One can see therefore from this just how very dangerous doubts within our faith may be to us. The spiritual worlds cannot even begin to enter into a consideration of helping us if we do not accept their offerings of promise to us for our wellbeing in the future. 

Sadly, in relation also to the clinics of healing where sound advice and instruction are given freely with optimistic and kindly servitude to specific need, it can also be said that there will be no lasting consequence if the recipient cannot bring themselves into the equation by responding in kind with a conscious desire to not only receive but to name the effective teacher and the powers beyond, and complete the healing with a thankfulness - either for the promise of hope or for the healing itself.

The more specific we can be in our naming and our thanksgiving the better. Specificity is so important. When an ordinary man names something he even so requires many helpers which connect him with the reality of that which he has named. Fully, his comprehension cannot encompass other beings or realities which are not incorporated within him, and so the naming shall not be invocative in the sense of the essential being or spirit coming to him, but what will occur will be the conjoining of being in that naming event. 

So thankfully the individual need not be completely aware of he whom he names, but the effort itself to find the bearer of the gift will be secured and made apparent to all who are relevant - enabled by the spiritual powers assisting.

When I am uplifted and infilled with a natural joy from the sunrisen glow of early morning and I thank the beings of color, and those of the cloud who do offset that color, and for the beings of Creation, and our being of Christ, our being of the eternal morning and of Life itself, for the Love of Father God and for Father God Himself - naming and thanking all these and those besides - they know, and to me they are so then received! 

Monday, December 13, 2010

The Countdown- 13th July 2001

Ten is the number of 
efficiency …
Ten is modernity - without the character.

Nine is the fellow of 
perpetuity …
Nine is conforming - without the one.

Eight is 
the equinox,
the cross when crossed…
Eight is polarity - without submission.

Seven is the number of 
the heavenly,
of uniformity…
Seven is ordination - without possibility.

Six is the number of 
it is navigatory…
Six brings three into duplicity - without being two.

Five is the number of 
of Manifesting
of Manifestation…
Five is the World - without its earthliness.

Four is the number of 
airy space…
Four is totality - without the infill.

Three is 
the Trinity,
Three is the measure - without nothing or void.

Two is the number of 
the heart,
of life,
and of life again…
Two becomes significance - without bearing or overbearing.

One is the number of 
One is the number of the very lonely.
Until we come, to Him.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Atonement - 23rd June 2001

Dear Elder Brothers,
My brother has committed suicide four weeks ago. Can you describe what state he is in now? As a sibling is there anything I can do to help him?

At his funeral service are there any important issues to raise, concerning his suicide, when giving his eulogy?

With Love,

Anthony -
The winds do not score you,
The heat shall not melt you,
The rains not dissolve you,
The earth will not swallow you.

You have just discovered one great truth - that you are indeed indestructible. Beyond Earth and beyond the outside reaches of the Earth, you have survived on. Beyond even the destructive effort of thine own will, you have outlasted. You are permanent. You are real. You are made from same substance as our Father God Himself, Divine and tangibly forever, you exist and exist, withstanding. 

Know also, that even though fear is difficult and terror is sickening, longing is painful, and impatience worse, these things of themselves cannot annihilate you. The distorted faces of crazed demons - those of chaos, of stupidity and of malice - these creatures of Hell are not empowered to interfere with any soul which is borne by Christ. They cannot and shall not do any more than torment you. You can dismiss them yourself, by the authority given to you - which has always been yours at any time.

Sadness took you to the water and weighted you deep within it. Tangled amongst the cold and the salt you can look for the source of the light - there above - and float up into it. You are not drowsy anymore, nor overcome by the weight of this water. You can come out now. Neither drowning nor diving now, it is time to come out.

Dearest Tony,
There are those very close to you who can help you. Flesh may separate spirit from spirit, but unclothed you now know that we can find a compact love, soul to soul. There are special souls you can recognize which shall guide you, inspire you and cheer you encouragingly for the times ahead. This internment, this interim waiting, can make a new space (not just a pause) whereupon you may gather yourself - and watch life for a while from a differing perspective.

This is now a period for appreciating good works and good souls upon the Earth. There is much to take in, to learn, to enjoy. Although your will and your body is ineffectual in the physical world, you can condescend to the will of others whom you trust, whom you love.

Your astral body remains quite intact and will continue on for the term of your life, as it would have been. It was not badly affected by this death. There shall be disquiet from it however, as it seeks to experience the earthly pleasures it is used to - and it is important to understand that these drives and passions are normal to it, and if you experience major disturbances and wantings this too is normal given the transition you have just made.

This is understandably confusing because the astral body as it is actually (persuasively and realistically) feels more 'physical' than the physical itself. In point of fact the physical body dulls down the sensory and astral impressionings. So at this time, it will require some adjusting to - however there are ways of making this time of life more bearable in this regard.

Firstly, it is counterproductive to try to achieve what cannot be achieved - for example, to believe that you can pretend to eat food and go after it. Our astral bodies are creatures of habit and creatures of desire. Your body needs a consoling of sorts, that it will not be fulfilled as it is used to anticipate. It may also panic in response to this change … desiring vitality and fulfillment wherever it may. However, you will not be debilitated because your soul is feeding the astral body from a higher source.

Usually the astral body dissolves after death quite rapidly (depending upon the physical attachment and cause of death etc.). In some instances and in this case, it persists even though there is no physical body for it to connect to. Now if it were on its own, but divorced from the soul (had the soul gone on, which yours can't do just yet) it may try to protect itself from finding vitality elsewhere in an attempt to remain whole and intact. But even though it may feel this, there is a need for you to see through this time (and it will be short) calming it into an obeisance, rather than by giving way to its excitability.

Even though some aspects must quieten down (or else frustrate and detain you with ceaseless earthly passion unfulfilled), the starry complex of higher virtues can be interpreted and experienced and even developed much further, as you are now. On the most positive of outlooks here, you may be exiled into the life of a saint but do truly have the capacity to adopt the holiest of lives because of this, if managing the future well. It can also be said (and meant most strongly) that saints live very happy lives.

The spiritual worlds and the higher pleasures are simply and divinely echoed only in feint part in the world that you have just stepped the veil from. You were right to anticipate there being much more, but the hurriedness of departure and the insistence of it being just given to you in this condition, was wrong. Be prepared for work in the days, months and years ahead, but also for the wonderful dues which will come from that work delightedly.

There is much which can be achieved that is wholesome and good, and tasks which need to be addressed - perhaps now, more than ever. The peace and quiet and rest which may have been envisaged is simply not yet to be, and nor would it be welcomed, because as you now know the greater sadness lies in leaving things half done.

However there is another truth, certainly of worldly affairs, that despite the imperfection we realize in ourselves and our condition, it is the present which begs our attention most needfully, and there is no point letting the remorse of the past hinder our good works of the inviting future.

This death was explicit to a culmination of sadnesses that haunted and taunted you for some time beforehand. In many ways dear friend, you endured the life of the suicide way before you completed the act. The road was not seen clear for anything else but to fulfill what you already experienced within and without - the death of the self. 

But now with the loving help of others, you can regain and find this sorrowing self, and once more treasure it, one day to live and express creatively that which it is and will be.

You now know that you live on. This is a great gift of knowledge, and one which perhaps only death could truly show you completely in this case.

You have witnessed the exasperation and confusion from the many who cannot accept your departure - do not inflict them with your anger, do not intercept their lives with any more self-pity. Go to them for mutual comfort, devotion and later also, constructive learning. Be aware as best you can that you are in fact in charge of the explosions of emotion still emitted from your lower being. These too will quieten with time, particularly if you can concentrate on simple happinesses - times, songs, hopes - and approach the world again through those doors in gentle step.

Abrasiveness and anger are tiring to you, particularly now. You may not even notice your own behavior until you feel this depletion - and then can review yourself in the light of that. Temporarily these emotions (in similar fashion to the desires) will be accentuated and too easily stimulated by the smallest of callings from you. The memories are incoherent; but even so, do spark the emotions into combustion. However, this condition will pass quite soon, and sooner if you can consciously work on realizing what is happening through you as it occurs.

God bless you now and always. The saying that 'things can only get better' was written for you dear friend, and surely is true. You have exhausted that sadness now which did plague you - and the better of times, of circumstance and of becoming truly that which you yourself should wish to be, has just begun.

The laws of reincarnation require that the very same problems and contests which have brought you here will have to be experienced as before, at some later stage. Yet when you return to these burdens and difficulties, it will be in a much stronger aspect and the findings sought for and won during this period will give you an excellent insight into the spiritual worlds when you finally move out from this sphere and into the next - if you work well.

This too - this awakened condition of appreciation of the worlds before you, before the next life - will diminish the depressions which befall you with the challenges. Your whole being will strengthen because of this.

So when the same conditions befall you next life, and you wish only for the sustenance of Heaven to be known, it will be the sustenance of Heaven consciously won by you now, that will be realized within you. During any circumstance or upset that challenges you later, and even with sadness afflicting, Heaven herself will carry you over any difficulty, through to the next happiness assuredly.

The winds sing songs to you of life and of love,
The warmth may stir in you - bring comfort, bring hope,
The rains end the thirst in you - replenish and revive,
The Earth conjoined to Heaven, realize the Divine.

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