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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Tradition- 1st January 1991

LONG after all traditions have broken down, the Truth itself, which was but the cornerstone of those entrusted traditions, shall prevail. Traditions have been put in place to speak to man in a way in which little else could be compared with. 

Ceremony, performed in earnesty, works magic, undeniable magic, which calls upon devic forces - not the angelic, as is misunderstood. It is from the elemental influences, upon which we are so closely bound together with, that answer to the ceremonies of men. 

Men cannot through ritualistic means, command those who are from comparatively higher realms. Such contact is not possible, and contradictory. Men may beseech and plead those from higher spheres, but never can conjure, or create manifestive appearances. 

There are realms to be respected of elemental origin, but also those too, who for reason of design, are best left without overly much attention. Even the primal beings which are so incorporated within the air (wind), the fire, the earth, are as such- cosmic brothers, who are quick to respond. 

Tradition is sympathetic, and seeks to re-establish relations with such forces that abound. The close connection between man and his elemental sphere is indisputable. . .

Friday, May 15, 2009

The Equinox- 1990

The Equinox is harvest time in the spiritual world. There is much rejoicing and this is the time where the lead of the dance changes over. 

Picture four different groups of gaily clad dancers, with four different costumes - as one group ceases its motions, another steps forth to begin. With skilful movements their splendid performance takes over for another quarter.

The changing-over period is quite marvelous, as there are for that time not one group of performers but two in action together - because there is no break in the performance ever, just a change in performers. These quarterly sessions have not the duration as we know it here. Imagine dancing for one hundred and twenty two days without rest the finest, most strenuous ballet, spinning and weaving into rhythms of future re-enactment, with each light-footed dancer trailing cosmic streams above and below. Each movement is translated into actuality.

A most complicated expression!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

We Pray…11th June 1990

WE pray also - you must understand - and those who have gone before us, further along the way, they too, and their fathers, they too. It is a communion we all share and partake in. It is not a practice, but divine communication - there is an enormous difference in this. It is what it is.

There are veils beyond veils and streamlined functions conducted throughout by the invisible hand that guides the communicatee. We seek help and solace, and are comfort in the knowledge that it is only a prayer away.

True, it is so much the more difficult in the realms of the bodily perfunctoriness. For a time this was meant to be, to find all possibilities anew to awake the sleepy soul. And the inner paths are endless, save one.

Though they be somewhat transmuted, we share the problems that hinder here. It is, as it were, that life is but a hint and a glimmer of former glory and wondrous possibilities yet to be beheld. How can it be otherwise? Think that if there is a stream of possibility in the life that you know now, surely the heavens share in a more wondrous counterpart. There are no two rules. It extends to every phase of existence. You had the words “as above, so below” how about “anything you can do, we can do better!" 

If kamaloka is deemed to be here with you now, so are the heavens also. Distance is only defined by the perceptor, not in actuality, as the possibilities exceed that of the perceptor always. Take comfort in this. Acknowledge that all that is on Earth was and is of heavenly making, and is not specific to this existence, only that you experience it now.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Path- 1990

THE axis of the Earth is the channel through which the multitude of beings stream through. Various planets have their channels into which, souls pass through on their heavenly peregrinations throughout the Cosmic stratosphere. When the circulations of travel are referred to, it is through these doorways that all entities are drawn.

It is said that within an orbit the center is stationary. This is quite correct. Here is the heart of the matter. True space travel and its destinations reside - in spiritual terms - in such places. But it would be incorrect to picture these repositories in a material way, devoid of light or its influences.

Each planet has a condensed foci point, thats center is in itself a gateway into a higher sphere or plane of action. Precisely, the diagrams of the concentric circles are actual: inwards, then upwards, and so forth.

The characteristic soul-quality of each and every planet that is within the circulatory pathway, contributes a distinct influence upon the soul of Man and is reflected within: all individual colors on the painter's palette.

Frogs with their watery disposition, as indeed many of their slimy friends, come under the influence of that planet, which in our terms, abides nearest the Moon, but is quite invisible in its most densely oriented mass, to be seen by the eye. Nonetheless it holds representation in form amongst the inhabitants here. Dinosaurs were of the same origin.

Dolphins however, come from a totally different region. Their free nature, affection infilled, belongs to the evolution of Venus, and in many respects they belong in neither water nor air. They represent the beginnings of a future species.

So the animal kingdom is divided quite specifically into split influences depending on their parent planets and evolutionary destiny. It is during this period that their characteristic planetary qualities are first bestowed, instilling and building a foundation for further receptive capabilities much further on in evolution.

'The Path' as so commonly referred to, is indeed the path through which we must pass throughout cosmic circulation. The knack however is to journey with full experience acknowledged and received in each realm; rather than the influences being superimposed on the salient being.

We hope to begin to start tying the threads together now. Pictures given in the past, teachings given by fine teachers, were laid out in waiting for the final keys to be passed on. All of them knew this, and with restraint and patience, diligence and hope, they strove to lay the foundations for future teachings to come forth and fill in the gaps, so to speak. Indeed, these were the terms in which they gave the knowledge out; suitably restrained from throwing down the whole.

It takes generations to absorb and carry forth that which they did give, and with effort and impulse the initial work was achieved. Probably with more success than is realized. We do not reckon with gambling, but the phrase "playing the last hand" is relevant here. And with the finesse of the winner who has the "full-house" we acknowledge the importance of timing. Did they ever presume otherwise?
Not to worry, the seas are welling up, gathering force. Do not doubt or lose faith in us or in Mother Truth. The conditions that were set previously are being lifted now for the next phase to begin.

(Mork, signing out - Nanu Nanu.)

Prayer & Radiation- 1990

RADIATION, excessive radiation, has a profound effect on the Earth's magnetism and its polar structure. Radiation is life unleashed, so to speak - formidable, all powerful, when the balance is momentarily displaced - matter unlocked - an awesome result ensues.

Matter is bound by its own complications. Existence relies on resistance to Life, and the Powers that surround. It is semi-paralytic. Flux and flow are stabilized in rhythmic obstructions, guarded from being torn apart by the veritable lion of life-forces (of which there are many). Radiation is a result of interference which allows the structure to be vulnerable, in a way that life and consequently death, break loose into a whirlwind fury.

Prayer can release the bonds of material existence also. This after-effect would not be radiation, but it is not dissimilar in the way in which the possibilities are thrown into being. The difference is this: the superstructure behind the material extension is not interfered with. With prayer, laws are not thrown into chaos, but quite often returned to. Opening oneself or surrounds to the heavenly forces is as dramatic to the material substructure; but as an aid to return to the underlying laws that govern that destiny and soul-structure.

However, radiation caused by Man's unlawful interference is not governed or subject to higher subjugation, but is randomly wielding powers: erratically, wildly and out of control, with unconscious destruction of Nature herself; holding no purpose to itself but to tear down the very structure of the material world. When unleashed like a tornado it requires much strength of the Keepers to try to contain the effects and hold back, stabilize and control the devastating mess that is left. All the kingdoms and their natural progressions are interfered with, and the Earth itself has rhythms interrupted.

Lower realms strive alike to every other, to move on to higher worlds - it is inherent in all. But it should not be conducted at the expense of the kingdoms above and their destinies.

Certain classes of beings who would happily take the body and soul of a man are, in sad fact, striving to better their evolution and grow in capability beyond what they have allotted at present. Look to any of the darker path, obviously discontent with their present lot they strive in a way (unlawfully) to overtake and further their own dark improvement, without comprehension of the truth that this can never be forcibly achieved through sheer will and want: that you cannot step on the kingdoms to climb your way up to the Heavens and sit on the Lap of our Father!

Atomic radiation and its effect, opens the Earth to the subatomic forces, drawing an intake of yet more beings to be absorbed, clamoring to take part in this evolution, pushing through the door as it were, amassing and cleaving to the Earth with every opportunity.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sun-bathing at Sunrise- 2nd June 1990

THERE are great and fantastic merits to be had at sunrise! It is vitally important not to miss the beginning of the day in conscious wakefulness - to be rising just before and to take part in the grand opening and the forces that stream through at that time.

This is a complete day. Sunrise is creation herself. One can mark the path of Man's evolution by the proceeds of a twenty-four hour day.

Wonderful replenishing therapy for the sickly, it's essential to begin from this point and not sleep through the blessed event. Show us a wretched demon-infested soul who rises before dawn, nay, a prisoner's routine should bring them out into the new day to draw in the purity, the golden milk of the spirit, to be uplifted back into humanhood where they belong.

One will definitely tire less easily if one is up and mobile before the dawn. Of course as everyone ventures further into the conscious hours, strength wanes to a point where heaven must take over - so feeble the constitution!

But the gift of life itself is imparted at the rising and so many unfortunates miss out, day by day in their slumber, and the stranglehold of tiredness tightens fast.

A healthy child will instinctively rise always at this time. This tonic is not to be underestimated. If one charted a graph they would find that corrupt deeds are rarely, if ever, conducted in those precious early hours of sanctity: during that holy hour.

Monday, May 11, 2009

POWER from CITRUS Fruits-1990

CITRUS FRUITS, (no one in particular) can be used for the extraction of acids and by use of honey, to power certain mechanisms free of pollutants and odorous discharge. Here lies the answer at present to the question of the importance of distillation and properties that may advantage further knowledge.

Honey is at the top of the scale for use in such procedures. In the past it has been unrecognized that sugars employed in such a process have had various grades of result, mistaking all to be the same in the action and interaction they are seeking to excite.

Sugar and acid combined together in a fluid condition activate the powers of further growth, releasing combustive implosions in constant argument- the two elements, each attempting to overcome the other.

Fuel combinations of acid/oil (from citrus) and sugar will motivate machinery one day.

Unleashing minerals into the atmosphere by way of fuels used today, is releasing the elementary entities from their earthly habitat causing undue burdens on the surrounding air and ether which they invade. Far better to leave these forces contained where possible; and certainly it is undesirable to activate these minerals with life and motion, as is done when put to work to inspire activity and energy. 

The subtle power generated by a higher kingdom is not dissimilar to the relationship between Man and his stomach, and the vital action that powers his metabolism.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Clown & the Saint- 26th May 1990

IF one seeks to realize just why the clown has been so popular throughout history - the jester, the puppeteer, the fire eater, knife thrower - and not the sage nor saint - then it must be reckoned firstly whether or not popularity amongst consensus is just, pure and correct.

What do the entertainers have that the master has not? It is the presumption of humility on the part of the audience, the presumption that elevates their own personal status for an instant.

The servant who performs captivates the attention by extraordinary means - and by going to such lengths, the laughter at the idiot is founded on their pinions, the wings of arrogance. If after the performance, the audience shouts "He is truly great!” it is perhaps to say "He makes me feel good, that fool, I should not do what he has done! I am happy to watch, and marvel, at such silliness."

The sage, the doctor, the scientist, cannot inspire such enthusiasm. They threaten the status of the observer. Even dogs measure the depth of their growls, and establish the superior upon meeting.

Do the humble ever laugh at the comedian, or do they weep with him at his perceptive observations? Humility is the first requirement in order to place oneself at the feet of the master, any master, be it God, or neighbour, in order to listen and learn, and strike the soul's enthusiasm.

Christ never sought a conquered people. Dictatorships arise when humility has been instilled in a weakened majority of depressed and faithless people - and then the said dictator need not dance or joke, for morale ensures his power and status. When the bellies of the people are comfortable they rarely take heed of any other.

The broken and crushed come to the teachings, this they have in common. And hopefully, if the teachings are right, they shall strengthen those that would sip of truth's elixir, and not break them further. The teacher in the clown suit will never inspire respect - even though the audience be great in numbers. The teacher who threatens and causes the souls to quake, shall not reach the hearts within. The teachers of wisdom must wait patiently, that they may work together in humility, with peace, fervor and joy in their studies.

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