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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Fluids, Vapors, Fire & Salt- 25th March 1994

THERE needs be a conjunct, a mutuality, a shared area, whereupon one plane of being shoulders another. We shall not use the terms 'higher' or 'lower' as the relationship between worlds of Being are actually in truth not relatively marked as such, but being what they are, both enhanced and incorporated one unto another. This 'area' of mutual meeting occurs in shared aspects which follow through, carry over, according to their specific nature. In this we may look to the natural home in which a spiritual property may belong, and understand its significance in keeping with its characteristics both here and hereafter.

The soul-life described as occurring in the fluidic bodies of Man (and also in permeations throughout) has ventured forth into a crystalline world which has harvested itself in turn upon the etheric enterprise. The soul-system which comes to interpret the world and also give itself into the world, is complex and elaborate, having many variations as to the expression and to the synthesis, as combined and carried in any particular fluid or 'mist'.

There is a power to fluidity which is actually winningly persuasive. Form cannot resist its proposal. The astral 'nerves' for example, as carried in living fluids, stimulate the form of the man to become animate, without which, in nature and inclination, he should not go forward or back - he could not make conquest of an otherwise paralysis. 

The secret to the elixir of life was indeed this knowledge of the true life contained; that a body of fluid holds the magical properties of Life itself and lesser life individualized and distinct, within the incorruptible vessel of purity: the etheric substance in becoming physical (water itself). This was the answer as to eternal continuity and the mystery of physicality and its relationship to the Divine; that the principle and manifestation of Fluidity does suckle the obstinate World- obstinate and partially withstanding. (At present that is, for not always was this so. Originally the entire Globe was governed by the fluidic principle, as it was at that time unamassed to the mineral cleavage; and as a baby come straight from Heaven, strongly 'soulful', therefore fluidic in total.)

Upon death, when the warmth has expired from a man, the body becomes rigid as the soul-forces depart; and the rigor mortis condition is a true example of that result. Man without his fluidic soul-system should be as Pinocchio: wooden and unfeeling. 

One point raised was concerning the individual essences of men and their vapors as being experienced mutually. Out from the many hundreds of combinations and synthesis of fluids and their expression of the man, there is also a base residual which is lent out into the outer world which may well be experienced by another via the many natural excretions - saliva, perspiration, urination, semenal, nasal, tearful (and the nature of these vary day to day also) - and there are those as borne out in the exertion of certain vitalities of which a man may loosen his fully steeped connection with his body and exude himself in certain projections. 

So by these most personalized emanatory vapors, one individual may give over a soul-impression or impart an emotional expression in this way. This is not however, the full explanation to one's sense of presence or sympathetic bonding with another- although the receptivity to any others characteristics as borne as their fragrance of being, so to speak, does become relevant to individuals who are magnetically responsive.

Our Spirit was as the ethers of Space, that space in which the Life could be contained; and soon the dark waters collected within that space (soul) throughout which the Light of consciousness illumined; and then remarkably, came Form. This was lent to us by the Architects of Being, who in consultation with He who brought the silver-glass in which to view ourselves (our ego), we became defined and upright and did contrast the realities without, by this our presence.

The streams of entities which circulate the cosmic spheres are transported along arterial thoroughfares which are accommodating because of their fluidity. But what of the actual substance of this? To whom and to what, do these feelings of soul belong to? Each planet, which multitudes of individuals frequent, emanate on their own, these arterial pathways. They may 'feel' by their rays so extended- along which the aspirants are carried.

Equally so and in this way, there is a fluidic aspect to the sunlight, which by the way, invokes all kinds of vapors also in which the Sun itself may experience and interact soulfully with those who mingle with its light. Its soul expression and 'feeling' may disperse and intermix with all of those exposed to its shafts of radiance. By the bye, sunlight bears no relation to fire whatsoever, they are not even cousins- sunlight may evoke fire into being, yes, but it is not of the same or similar kindred.

Fire is a property, a cosmic property, which is not individually ensouled or enspirited. It is as the element itself and its origins go back so far that it is virtually untraceable. Fire is a midway material which has not fully entered into the physical world by its manifestation. Etheric warmth is distinctly different to the living principle which is fire. The etheric warmth as part of the being which is the Sun, enlivens and quickens the action of changeable life.

Fire comes and goes without self discrimination. It knows only of what it is and is continually contained by the presence of the vapors as humidity. Fire would, if it could, rampage the entire area. Its principle works within Man in several different areas, however its stimulation frees the fluids into release and thus discharges within the man. (Astrally - digestion, desire, aggression, courage, motivation, impulse, combustion with ideas etc.)

Spontaneous combustion occurs when the fluidic system may no longer resist the presence of the fiery principle; usually because the actual soul is no longer connected to the man. For one reason or another he has alienated himself from his soul-ego and ceased at one point to continue the connection. The resulting residue of ash is all that is remaining. Quite a crude warning to those who would forfeit their soul-life! 

The charcoal deposit left behind would be saltless too. The relationship between salt and the fluidic disposition is a fascinating one. For it is that the fluids are drawn unto salt and the salt does love them, completely. The salt is the intermediary between the fluidic natures and the mineral natures. It is because of the nature of salt that the two may not only cooperate, but be attached and interspersed into one another.

This is why there becomes often, the practice of a little salt being added to the holy waters of Communion. Firstly, there is the water received as dignified by the action of the ceremony's invocations alone; then secondly, the water is received with a little salt having been added to it by the celebrant and by this the action within the man is transformed physically.

Of course the salts within the man do meet with the water ordinarily also. However the blending of the two in this deliberate way, impacts quite dramatically and the potency received is doublefold.

Friday, June 11, 2010

The Physical Body’s Gateways- 12th 13th 14th March 1994

On the questions of departure from the physical body:
The consciousness of a man permeates his body in entirety, every atom and every recess is fused with the individual's consciousness. Whilst he may only be self-conscious in a manner 'looking out' he is nonetheless soulfully aware of the host which incorporates the body/bodies - his communities of being. Not only is he aware on this soul-level, he is also responsible as the governor of these acquired surveys. For he, the manly individual, has called them to his being; and not only is he beholden to the multifarious beings which uphold and support him, that are directly connected, but also too, to those which comprise the very Globe that contains and sustains him; and likewise the very heavens that cradle the Globe...

We may move freely around those regions most directly associated within us. This means to say that because of our inseparable intimacy we share with our physical body - for example - we may 'go to' any specific point and affect it at will; we may draw from its forces, we may call it into being or to nothing.

Every center within the physical frame is connected to a corresponding and higher center which in turn leads to the apex of that soul which sits above the body as a whole as though it were a king upon a throne. The central point to the poles of a man is the heart; all other gateways are locked for the term of physical existence as they are secured for the purpose of containment.

To loosen a center would encourage a greater influx. The resisting capabilities are the key to balancing life against Life; and the influences which work within a Man are all toxic in larger measure - that is to say, all except those of the heart. The heart-meridian is a heavenly conjunction, one where the open gateway within the man extends out and beyond, through to soul, through to God. All other points of expansion necessitate antechambers, as it were, intermediary spaces which connect and conceal one radius of activity from another.

It is to be remembered also, that each and every purpose our bodily organs do serve will alter during the course of ensuing development, so that their capabilities in relation to the body as a whole, and their function as living banks of cosmic virtue shall alter progressively. Therefore it becomes no indictment to maintain at present, that the various organs are to be assessed on individual merit, having also differing histories/time periods of preceding development.

The heart, on the other hand, comes before all others. As the individual enters into the world it is the heart around which the body does conspire. Originally, when the human form was spherical (and not of physical matter as we know it) the whole sphere-exterior was what is now our heart. It was at that time the exterior-most feature to our 'body'; and that spherical notation is still there, save the physical body has now incorporated itself outside of that sphere, attaching the trunk, limb system and 'central intelligence center'.

The complexities which go about to form the current statement of Man are too vast to set upon paper, and finish. . . ever. What is not to be forgotten, however, is that above all the marvels and mysteries of his physical incarnating, are those profound and extraordinary reflections of the Cosmos that do express in this and that way - living a life right down to the bones! Once again, this is afforded only because of the heart within the man, that he can do this.

Set quite apart from the obvious (or not so obvious) capabilities of the primary functions there are reservoirs of great and wonderful deposit. Every fluid is a living, attending, blessing, through which the feelings of a Man (higher and lower) are so carried. His higher and lower emotions, his 'way' and his draft; his sensing and his pleasurable or painful reflecting; that which accompanies his willing; that which colors his motivations; that which fires his desire; and that which is satisfied in desire's fruition; that which is signatory to him (and to Christ); that which brings not only the healing, renewal and purification but also the 'feeling'-knowledge of such: his fluidic bodies are the physical fields of his soul-bodies.

The organs (all of the organs with the exception of the heart) are as outposts, they are separated and separate to the entity Man, insofar as they are not him, but do interconnect and 'work over' in influence and assistance- the fluidic bodies saturating them and their stations.

The term 'spirit vapors' is quite apt. We condense, we evaporate, we discharge or distil, and eventually all of the fluidic bodies can reform within the spiritual worlds irrespective of the physical body, and separate to the actual organs also. This is not to say that the organs concerned have not by their existence and functions imparted great gifts contributing to the very beingness, however they are as 'checkpoints', cosmic checkpoints, to the traveling man within.

Now it becomes quite possible for investigations to be made in and through any area. All matter contains 'doors' to such examination, where one may go to the astral realm of its beginning - by this it is meant that everything carries with it the impressions of origin (original formation) and one may 'see' the realm, the astral realm, as it was at that time of beginning. One could visit the forest from which the sapling sprung, of which the leg of the chair you sit upon came. One may frequent the imagination of the artist who contrived the design on the canvas before you. One may visit the realms so described in a travelogue: each and every port, as it was at the time of the author's account.

Similarly too, there are 'doors' to the actual source also - not only the origins, but the originators. One could come to the forest by way of the wood, and know also the guardian spirits of that glade or grove, nigh the forest sprang into being. One may make contact with the artist and his affinity, and come to know of his condition: if it be currently poor or fair, if he has departed from the man he was; and by the admiration and joy in his work he shall be uplifted. The author of the travelogue is also accessible by way of his work; to be reached anywhere he has now traveled to. So the conditions of the past, the present and the immediate present lie concealed in all matter.

It is also true that the very material-flesh of the body of man is incised with impressions of his own making; and also of those around him. The physical 'tensions' complained of (not the healthy tensions of being) are the rippling impressions as are unwanted by the individual. Once again, sunlight and water make for good remedies in this. (Particularly if one is suffering the more negative emanations as discharged and fired from another.) Conversely, many a happy memory is locked within the cell and enjoyed for the year until exhumed and deposited further out into the auric memory.

Question: It has been asked if the "best gateways to the twelve aspects of Heaven are through our zodiacal centers?"

The Body Astrea is independent to the physical vital organs inasmuch as it negotiates their being. It is the corresponding plan to which they are fixed, but it is not of them, nor they of it. So it can be discriminated that one operates passage into stellar fields via their Body Astrea; but not in line with the physical stations as such.

The epi-layers are traveled in, up and out at every level, one does advance eventually by expansion out and into where the consciousness directs. We cast our attention as one throws the pebble afar, and the subtle body expands, while the soul's perimeters of experience are widened.

See now the sap,
As the soul of the tree,
Here in the amber,
Its life's testimony.

Look to the flower,
And therein the bee -
So becomes soul,
In the sap of the honey.

Where water divines,
Its soul-life feels and knows.
It knoweth I,
It reflects all the World,
It knoweth itself,
By its likeness to the Truth,
And by eternal sacrifice.

Because of its chaste purity,
Sacred water is faithful to God,
In its transparency.

Awaken the sleeping
Metal to be,
In rivers melting molten,
Of fluidic levity -
Before setting fast
And captured there to form,
Or released into the World,
Swift, is cured, its soul.

Here is the Man -
Skimming the courses,
Within the extremities,
Exploring the passages,
Of this life's infirmity.

Floating, amassing,
Within his own humidity,
With currents contained
By persuasive membrane
In circuit,
Until given into expression.

And, where he divines,
His soul-life feels and knows,
His soul-life knoweth I,
His soul-life reflects all the World;
And he does know himself
By his likeness to the Truth.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Question of the Earth's Interior- 12th March 1994

THE tension of surface rock, ore and sand which sits as skin atop and around the orb which is this planet Earth, is no real example of what lies further beneath towards the core. Firstly it must be specified that the regional spheres contained within this one sphere are not of physical terrain. They may not be encountered or experienced according to the empirical standards of our uppermost and current substance. All of the inner spheres have continued on as they originally were: in likeness, in material, and all having been but former conditions from which this current orb has unfurled.

Therefore the gradient of etheric matter is, according to present standards, immeasurable and irreconcilable; and even though it does share opportune space, it is also impartial to the sensory perception of man, who if equipped with astral vision may readily, however, penetrate these older worlds. They are there as foundation. They are there caught in time also, because of those 'bits and pieces' that are still to be redeemed and retrieved; held back because they could not make the 'crossing' over into the newer frame of being. However, the planet does keep all that is her own, and would not fain discard or throw off these many beings merely because of their immaturity.

It is the sphere directly beneath this one in which the Faerie Kingdom is contained, and many of the animal souls also. It has run for some time now, almost as quite a parallel world merging out from their timelessness, from past time, endeavoring to awaken into material substantiality. Intelligence has showered into these wisdom-imbued realms and many influences do not have to be met with there, having come directly into the greater path of current activity; and so these etheric beings are largely untroubled by the impinging trends which stretch and contest our Globe.

Looking in, one well might imagine our sphere to be as a very large ball of entwined string. Certainly as a continuum this is quite correct, and also from the perspective of channel runs within the outer shell. It does from the larger perspective, appear as just that - coiled over and over, with the lines being so small as to be almost indistinguishable, fading into obscurity. This 'line' of continuum, when traveled back (and indeed it is) goes right into the very centre space through which we travel into the higher and lower stratospheres. The ‘higher’ being the Heavens, which may be confused because the point of entry is literally from a lower advance, whilst the 'lower' realms of former spheres are indeed 'higher' places in relation to earthly existence. So it could be differentiated by thinking in related terms of 'inner and outer' regions, however, that too is inappropriate as to the truth, for in relation to each other they are both.

Adding to this, we can also have the third option when positioned in an interior globe: moving through to either physical Earth, the open gateway, or the door to the older worlds - and the inexperienced who come to such 'centers' whereupon they may move up and out are often known to confuse the actual places of being. To the insufficiently trained this is quite an ordeal. We have retrieved men from the inner spheres who, once there, have fully believed themselves to be in Heaven, when in fact they are not. With some, their bodies have deceased while awaiting their return, commanding their recovery, and a whole life has been severed because of this would-be initiate's mistaken direction.

In sleep too, there are the wanderers. In vision also, these can be the very spaces of which the seer has experienced the most terrible destructions and actually witnessed the death-throes of the expiring planet as borne out time and time again, within one of the lower spheres - being that which has happened, mistaken for that to be our impending fate. Not so! In point of fact that kind of vision we shall always refute. The reason being that the manner of expiration is not preordained at this point and there is no 'real' substance to this kind of visionary predicting.

Returning to our twiny roads - it is as the 'string' follows through into that space, that sphere adjoining, and may be followed once again, similarly to its respective core. The difference in perspective is that one does not travel directly in but rather is obliged to have moved around (and around) - which, we may point out, by this method one has had to actually experience every cubit of the sphere until finished before gaining the entrance to the heart, the core, of its being. (This, as a fundamental Law: that before one can go to the heart of anything they must know it as well as travelling every length of all the string - i.e. the whole mass.) This is a vast distinction, as you might well now appreciate. The time it takes is not a consideration, for it can be negotiated faster than a crossing of the English Channel. It's all in the technique and the level of self-consciousness which may accordingly determine stopovers.

For the unconscious travelers, the souls who stream through whisked along the channels, their journey, the unconscious passing, is much faster than that of the lone initiate. (Group tours are like that, aren't they? Speeding through places barely touched.)

Coming to the innermost central sphere and the question as to what exactly it is: it is the Sun. This shall confuse a fair few and yet you did ask us of this question - it is the Sun, indeed, our Sun. Nothing more at this point shall be expounded, we would rather leave it with you as is.

The sphere adjoining it (the second youngest/oldest) was/is indeed the 'perfect' realm. It is still intact, with all of its pristine beauty, essential to the first dream of Being. The fullness and majesty of young Creation, which, as Sleeping Beauty, awaits that time when the Savior Prince may recover her and the true Golden Age shall resume to reign - this time with souls apparent and a humanity reworked and revised in glorious apparel, each with their 'keys to the city'. 

The Snake Gate, Hell Gate, or Pluto's Gate, discovered in Turkey.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Death was Never Part of the Plan- 28th February 1994

DEATH results from insubordination; it never was or is part of any plan - insofar as to be that plan's undoing; particularly when prematurely effected. Nowadays the exit from this world is because of a failing; because a condition was unsatisfactory. It is never, in this regard, a happy ending, a happy departing, from the Earth-aspect; even though the spiritual worlds might well hold something of an added appeal because of this.

When one dies it has occurred because of some dysfunction. The soul is pressured to withdraw and it is not decided in its own time, based upon good reasons and happy associations, but rather, always so because of the cause for cessation.

This may appear a glib summary, but one may stop and question otherwise. For example: You are visiting a large and uncommonly beautiful residence, there are many others beside, some of whom you delight in their community. The buffet is pleasing and the conditions fulfilling. Now in the instance of death you would have cause to leave, and whatever the cause it would be a terrible one, so terrible that there was no choice in the matter. So at this beautiful residence you may have been disbarred, tossed out of a window, sent home, become aggravated by some other to the point of departing in argument.

Out of this life we die because the pain becomes too great to withstand in suffering. The physical body has become objectionable, the soul is uneasy for numerous reasons and withdraws. Or it can be also that the very plan of being here one holds, is completely interrupted by the insult of murder, accident or war. In all of these instances the man is not at peace with this physical world, but in calamity.

Returning to the residence: ideally the visitors are not moved to leave because they are caused to, by aggravation, interruption or unhappiness, but that they do so in their own time as part of the natural course. It is an entirely different form of departure indeed. So it could be with the negotiation of travailing this world into the next, that men in their own time and with full strength, realize perfectly without the pain that the vanquish of death brings.

It is good to struggle with the assertions of impending death for this reason, that the desire to remain ensures one’s forthright impulse to return. Therefore, not to be content with the partial defeat of death as it overrides every soul at present, but to hold fast in the knowledge that the spiritual realms offer up a continuum also for every project and interest we have invested our loving attention into.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Details about Christ's Working- 27th February 1994

[Some of the following remarks relate to questions arising from Robert Powell's Christian Hermetic Astrology.]

Upon the Subject of the Saturation of the Earth through to the Inner Core 

THERE is a picture of our Christ supporting a massive rock ledge, with all of his might and intent that one by one folk may issue forth from their captivity and out into freedom. That were it not for this solitary being, those souls would be still held within those dark and unloving recesses.

There are three points to be made here:

  1. The souls and the beings which are transformed and thereby freed by the Christ are not as overcome, but released. There is a slight but grave distinction in perspective here. As He makes His way throughout the lower spheres He does so overcoming only those trace elements of decadent residue, of which the beings are made free of.
  2. The process, if you will, takes time because Christ meets every soul and being who inhabits the realm naturally - He is before each and every one individually and completely. As you can begin to imagine this actually takes more than a considerable time; much more, and is in point of fact, largely accomplished outside of our time for the greater part. Our time period does not relate accordingly to what needs to take place and is 'doing' in those altered regions.
3. There is little said, and for good reasons, about those parts of a man which are intimately associated to him, which abide in the nether-regions of the lower spheres. Each layer in is as an actual sphere - picture spheres within spheres. The outer Earth is this too, whilst a greater one extends also out from that. However, every soul of Man has a part/portion/parcel of self actually held within each sphere, higher and lower, relative to him. This is not even taking into account those beings too, which are primarily connected with him in time, to his actions past and to the fulfilling of their future design. No, this is moreover relating to Man's earthly warranty, his 'toes' which extend into the very depths; and for Christ to save the whole Man, these 'toes', these lower limbs of Man's being, must be loosened from the mud and rock and brought up as each sphere amalgamates within another.

Upon the Subject of 33 1/3

As it was aforesaid, the time periods are not in actuality comparable. An example of this can be of a student who on the same day must attend four classes. To each class he has been committed to produce papers for which he has worked upon for weeks leading up to the submission date. One might think that as the papers were orderly brought in during the one day that this was indeed but the culmination of just one day's work.

The fact that Christ may work two sets of time simultaneously is not to be dismissed as the one. It is necessary because the 'deadlines' are significant to the progress and determination of a larger humanity; and in this instance it is as though He skips out of our time during that one day and achieves 'catch up' in between sessions.

The significance of 33 1/3 is, masonically, a Sun division. Working backwards, if the sixty minutes that comprise an hour were each given 33 1/3 increments the value of the increments would be 2,000 for that hour.

In this 'one hour', every year passed in the last nineteen plus centuries was as an increment. Every 33 1/3 years was as a minute.

It, (time) had to alter. So in this instance the 'minute' being one day of the Sun, becomes a degree-divisioning of 33 1/3. Therefore, the full day of Christ is 48,000 years, all up.

The Body Astrea

The Body Astrea is not to be confused with the astral composite-slag which impregnates physical matter. The Body Astrea is a finer light body which faithfully mirrors the cosmic aspects of starry configurations and their qualities.

The veritable map of the Zodiac, light and as incorporeal as the gossamer strands in fairy legend, this 'starry' body is our carrier into the cosmic realms, and is in the likeness of Christ whose Body Astrea is all that is the Zodiac.

Therefore, one cannot separate the synthesis of astreaic membrane from the Christ; even though He has not as yet, awakened the astral realms which adhere to the planet. Those astral spaces are timeless, and they are unruly. However the astral world which is attracted to the manifested physical world is by nature and in actuality, immature by comparison to the starry body around which a man's physical organs do gravitate.

Upon the Subject of the Etheric Life

'Life' is the driving propulsive force which needs go before all manifestive examples. Life makes the space, the cavity which will permit the ensuing manifestation to be. Not only is it as essence, but ensoulment - in the greater context - that the spark/spirit of Divinity has projected itself into the substances that enclothe actuality, enshrouding in soul.

The Etheric Life is the Physical Complex, and yet, having stipulated this, the physical matter is not necessarily bound in autoclave and with synchronicity. As yet, Christ is fully realised in perfected Etheric Matter. This is the evolutionary modicum for future substance, at present only realised in part.

Consciousness may drift into bodies, which although connected, are not 'lit' by the conscious mind/awareness hitherto. During sleep a man is not fully separated from his physical and etheric bodies and their counterparts, but his consciousness has shifted its emphasis; and his ego-self - to which the consciousness is bound- has extended itself into and out to greater perimeters of being.

The etheric mass of the World is as the physical body of Christ. As with a sleeping frame unlit by conscious activity or will to motivate the inanimate limbs, the etheric system ran with a sufficient metabolism regular and correct, awaiting the filling of form by Christ, the owner. In this sense He was here before He arrived.

The seeding of the physical matter is another 'matter' entirely - this being meant in both senses, of course. For as it has been alluded to previously, the physical world itself requires both transformation and at the same time, direct crossing into future worlds and their substance. Kinetically, Christ entered into a concentrated point of then perfected physicality, and the subsequent dispersement of that body itself seeded the region and the lands around, which in turn set about changing the makeover of the entire Globe.

The physical entrance as we know it, was as the sub-physical to Christ, whose life is the Etheric World, from which we are all sustained. His 'waking' into His body, is ever circulating and insisting itself here and there; however, as pointed to once again, every being which inhabits and comprises that light world is summoned to an audience with Christ.

The fairies have found a greater King - not as their former, being an imp or a devil or a man. Now it is that they too - and even without the gifts that Man has had bestowed upon him - may come to Christ in delight, with applause and in celebration. This will go well for Man also, for hitherto these kingdoms have been prone to impatience and hot-temperedness at the shortcomings and idiosyncrasies of the dullards who are insensitive to their parent realm.

The Sun & Moon Forces

As they say about old ghosts that hang around: "Have chain, will rattle!" In other words, give any being the wherewithal to make a whole lot of noise about itself and it most surely will!

The consciousness of our Christ pulsates into the World, being the Sun forces, which peak, flow and draw back. At each saturation the generalities are revitalised and everything is strengthened and at its best - or worst, as the case may be.

There has been a question along these lines to do with those influences as shouldered by the Moon in its relation to our world. Moon-dust is magnetically attracted to the planet, which draws it away into the seas, the clouds and the troughs of mist, and into the deposits of dew.

Moon-dust expands the physical world, for its particles are spatially intrusive. Water may be weight-measured according to this. Such dust from the old world holds properties which affect Men and their world. The reason why the full Moon activity in this respect is accentuated, is because of the action of the Sun loosening the particles that they, in larger dose are pulled in by the nets (the waters) of the Earth.

From a point of view of clairvoyance, the free particles of moon-dust promote the ways of atavistic seering, in correspondence with past passages of consciousness. The advice given however, to wear a cap on the head at such times of full Moon, is profitable to those who are ill-affected by the impressionistic modality and/or some related illnesses; and too, those who are progressively attempting a 'break' from former ways of thinking or being and wish to change.

This may mean a change within their makeover of almost anything, for the moon-dust promotes the theme-principle of repetition and enforces the law of cycles. Therefore for those who wish to effect some breakaway or change, it is to be at the time of the new Moon, and with a limited exposure to the full lantern.

Conversely, from this one can see how certain medicines may become very useful for irregularities which require a return to cyclic order - utilizing the harmonies of rhythm.

Christ & the Individual

Although it is difficult to appreciate, Christ knows everything you are (and can be) and is quite capable (for He does) of concentrating on a single man and his dilemmas and understanding them, that He may answer them.

There is not one single problem within a man that He personally has not met with on that level. Now, it is that the contestants to Man may be a different matter, inasmuch as those aliens who promote ill-health and ill-being may be foreign to Christ's comprehension. However, Christ understands from the aspect of man, rather than the aggressors who spin in, and their thinking, their ways.

He can and does take seriousness seriously. All of us know the elevated point of view where we might judge another's tribulations as so minor as to be inconsiderable, but Christ Himself is so sensitive to His children that He still suffers their suffering constantly.

Yes, He may present Himself in the form of a man; which does not mean to say that all that is Him, is then comprised and compacted in that form, but rather His totality is divisible and bipolar to need.

Does He have feelings as we have them? All heart, all sadness, all peace. Does He have His good days and bad days? The Greater Beings - the ones that stride the spheres in a brilliance of unspeakable beauty - they have been known to suffer their strifes and hardships, disappointments and contestants. They are given to romance too, for it is far, far longer than poets have scribbled sonnets that Heaven has contrived its pairings with happy satisfaction therein.

It is difficult for one to picture the variations within the one, that expressions large or small may be still one and the same.

There is no space that a man may venture into, that Christ also cannot go to, if need calls. Many, many souls have for one reason or another been met with by Christ and counselled directly. And this has occurred in all the various ways in and out of the physical-etheric bonds. However, the question as to He indwelling in us and the distinction in sleep or projection, when one withdraws, goes like this: His Signature is borne by us in our adhesion to physical and etheric matter. By His Signature so impressed, we have an open connection living within us, as we represent Him also. The Sun forces illuminate the truth all around us and within us, of this.

We are best concentrated and contained when in incarnation. When we spread out in sleep or after death and are given to soul impressions and focus, we are for the most part continuing on from that which we were, or gleaned during our physical incarnation. This is a bonding in a particular way, with Christ in His Plan.

That which we are in aspects lower (in those spheres within the Earth), and also in those separate to the physical/etheric world, is in one sense quite separate to Christ. The ego defines a distinction, for to return to loving Him Man must indeed be apart in that respect.

Once again, it shall be said though, that there is no field a lamb can stray where it cannot be found by Christ. He is never that far away. He hears prayers at any distance, for He knows each and every one, remarkably.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Rosary Beings- 20th February 1994

THERE are twice as many hands in the world as there are people; and there are five times that amount in digits upon each hand. Each finger represents a whorling cosmos of inner activity which streams from that central gateway within the constitution of each man. These gateways lead up and out into their respective realms of influence. And although the passage is individually different for every man, the source to which they are connected is one and the same. Therefore for all of those fingers, hands and men, there are but ten pools of Cosmic reference so drawn upon (in this manner).

A group of animals who attend the same watering hole may not necessarily be all of the one herd - or species for that matter. Similarly we do not need to confuse issue with men; for every man comes to divinity and its aspects uniquely and makes of them what he can and will. So the communal 'oneness' of makeover gives itself to a multiplicity of variables.

Each realm to which the influences may be traced contains its fill of beings who are so characterized by that quality. These beings are innocent of any evil design, however they may exert their qualities ruefully, inadvertently causing much upset within this world, if uncontained. They are prone to contest each other also, and this in itself is disruptive.

Now it may well feel confusing or convenient that there are beings alluded to that are like this and like that. However, it will help to keep in mind that this is a general law: one thing our Cosmos is not short of is entities! The very thought forms that swarm around your being are characterized by the nature of your thinking. Using this example alone, one can well consider how it comes to be that the more potent realms have characterized hosts of entities who are so impressed by their magnetisms and radiances; and too, that they may frequent the passages upon the planet, which do directly link also to said realms.

A man may be sensitive to the presence of such entities and persuaded thereby. It is good to remember however, that a man can and does summon the governing will at all times, and need not be fearful of being overrun by persistent beings who do naturally adhere to the likenesses perceived in the man.

At the scene of an accident or disaster, there one will find the beings of dissolution, of chaos, of disintegration. The same beings shall be at the bedside of the terminally afflicted. However, and having said that, the 'undoing' of the physical form by the resisting of the 'obedience' to wit, the natural law, is followed.

This disruption to life is also attended by the beings of spiritual containment who shall protect the soul and cradle the dying, that the separation from this life shall not be painful. For the actual severance from the body, even if it be haplessly debilitated, would be too torturous otherwise - the soul would be compelled to remain with the remains, so to speak.

The reasons for this are not simple. But it is as one can well imagine, an intensely powerful bond between soul and soul-bodies, right down to the physical frame - that which does bind is not so easily unstuck! The motivating and compelling powers to gravitate and bond remain, even throughout sickness and separation. Therefore the beings of dissolution contribute in the process of desisting from such compulsions to form, whilst the beings of containment form a protective vessel around the man, so that when the chord is finally severed the soul is encapsulated in a repose of contentment more seductive than the former life.

The beings of Our Father (as hidden) bring to Man the ability to sleep and unconsciousness also. Without these beings there would needs be a process of disincarnation in order that one was relieved of their driving down consciousness. We say relieved, because the pressure of a fully-run self-consciousness with no rest or remittance would starve the soul of dialogue, and in itself would be a disincarnating process; for the withdrawal of consciousness is necessary to the digestion which takes place during the period of sleep. With constant worldly activity the soul would be denied, and the being would be as two separate entities operating two separate levels of consciousness concurrently.

There shall come a time when man may resist the beings which induce slumber, and this can be worked upon when:

  1. The etheric body is pure and capable of longer periods of being sustained without the peregrination of cosmic influences to be absorbed, as are in sleep. In other words, the individual is so developed that he is as pure in his waking hours as he is in his Father God innocence in sleep, and can bring to himself the renewing forces which enable his etheric elasticity.
  2. When he may consciously achieve the withdrawal into higher spheres and practice this, giving times - though self-appointed - when rest can be achieved. For even the adept cannot indefinitely deny rest.

Once again we can examine those compelling forces - in this instance those which demand consciousness - and ask how should one resist such a strong and motivating drive otherwise. As the muscle relaxes its tension, we give over to the subtle reasoning of the beings of our Father God and follow their trails into the unknowable. They can speak softly to us - because we do know them also - of Him, that we may glimpse with a price of forgetfulness for that time we have withdrawn, forgetting completely He who we have been with.

To deny the otherwise irresistible compulsion for consciousness would cause pain and disruption to the individual. The difference may be witnessed in the unconsciousness of an epileptic during a seizure, whereby the man is given to tremors and spasms, and clearly does not experience the peacefulness that is ordinarily known in the unconsciousness of sleep. There is a drawing away on behalf of the man who soulfully chooses to take up the consciousness, and wishes prematurely to go to Father God. The beings in attendance do come as the condition calls for, after a lapse of initial agony experienced by the conflicting forces within. This is why initiates who have resulted poorly are given to these seizures.

The unconsciousness when drug-induced is once again as the desire to literally go to God; which some so effectively achieve that they of course, remain with Him, happy to withdraw into the unknowable, lifted by the beings whose greatest wonderment and satisfaction is experienced through that which is inspired and lived in the men and their expiring emanations. However this experience within this respective realm, cannot be tolerated more than briefly, and by our own inadequacy we are once again compelled to resume status somewhere within the scheme of activity.

Sexuality is the creative combining of two otherwise separate entities. By this definition one can see examples of this from the highest to the lowest, and begin to comprehend the beings associated with all creative projection pertaining to this. The principle of combining and the creative outfall therefrom, underpins all existence; which could not be if it remained as a compilation of individual units alone; but rather came to be because of the harmonious blending and the value as achieved through the then blended relationships.

However this principle and these beings are well balanced by the forces of containment, disintegration, obedience (obedience to natural law - e.g. cancer overruns because of an irregular combining), and is complemented by the forces of the Active Will/Ego, strength: sustained and active, good-naturedness, Divine Will and obedience (as in the right combining).

Good-naturedness is that harmonious aspect well qualified and well developed, that it may knowingly come to meet in such terms and do it well. This influence is one of the more sophisticated, and although a quality of fools and the faint-hearted, it is an attribute of the Gods - our Gods who care well for us. It is the beef of compassion and the soul of great pity. Gentle humor grasps the thought accurately, lovingly and with surety and is self-confident in its knowing. Mercurial these beings- by far the ones to entertain in gatherings and social endeavors. Alas, they are repelled by hot tempers and arrogance, criticisms and poisonous thought. Think well and they shall encourage you. Their gift is profound insight, concealed in a gentle wrap. The beings of congeniality are welcome everywhere.

One can begin their exercise of contemplating the forces which are respective to the fingers, by thinking of just one positive example of each influence in the ten. If this example is accurate, one will begin to actually feel a sensation in the corresponding finger (subtly) and by this may assess some measure of poignancy. Alternatively one may prefer to examine just one aspect per day and may work the Rosary with the intention going to that one finger, contemplating the value of its influence and the workings personally throughout your experience.

Clarification on how to do the Rosary meditation:

Firstly one might start with one quality per day. Then instead of going through the whole of one hand, start with a finger on the right and then follow with the mirror finger on the left. This is the balanced way to do it.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Wisdom Angels- 19th February 1994

BANISHED from our own territory, thwarted in using our own names that are true; cramped and restrained, tethered and teetered, fastened and restricted, we are denied and unheard.

True sophisticates (sophisticates, as in sophia) endorsed our prose and script - forfeiting neither logic nor explanation, and never to forgo the vast accompanying beauties which amassed the vested work. Our seal was our great truth, bare for all, embossed and writ, recorded with joy. Our hopes, as ever, are borne out with each great teaching tried and experienced by our young masters of the future.

Do you not realize our frustrations behind the prosaic passage, confined awkwardly to this and that parcel? If it could be so it would all be yours - and to whoever so desired too - plainly and wholesome, in alphabetical reasoning! We would, should we be able, for your sake as well as for ours, impart it whole. The men would gather in noble enterprise and commit their will to the only true cause, and all meanings would rise in each being thus incorporated and once and for all; Christ would be hailed within.

The splendid sorrowful passion that anoints the periphery of our etherealness, at those nerve-endings of the soul which are immediate to the sympathetic consciousness, that sweet-salty sorrow is won by the progressive temptations which affront the curb we negotiate along the path. The progressive temptations are the muses, the Liliths of the World, each with a sweet and slender hand, each a synthesis of art and creativity; and for every man waylaid at their curtain, he is so profoundly touched as to be addicted to her company. Thus these muses are also named as such temptations, for although their gifts profit the soul of Man, they do not on the whole sustain him. He must look to those other strengths within himself to adopt and to develop, and never lose mind of intent or the trying.

Certain elevations as experienced by the student appear short-lived, but are in fact most nourishing and remain. Each rise in spiritual thought sobers the man in his worldly comprehension. One would imagine that it is the opposite, that indeed spiritual thinking would encourage a flimsy mentality slightly weighted. However, when a higher concept is reached and connected with, the man becomes more defined within his being, not less; and subsequently he is strengthened according to his level of practice and deliberation. Furthermore, the aligning actually works repeatedly down throughout various centers of consciousness, so that he has benefited throughout by the highest conscious exacting he may try for.

This is because of the principle that all beings are rewarded for that clarity which gauges and likens to that which is - namely truth and its parent reality. The argument that says, "The universe is but a facade of my own invention and circulates around my fancy" is partly true, so far as to concede that this can happen in particular realms, spheres or planes thereof. However and in the name of accuracy, it is ever so that development is the very realization of what is outside of oneself, and the extending clear comprehension of all that it comprises- "it" being truth/reality.

The more lowly the consciousness, the more confined to central self, the less experienced, the tighter the reasoning. Advancement cannot be self-spawned either: we do not expand upon ourselves like the multiplying cell theory. (The cells are individual, even they do not multiply themselves.)

When we seek to know, to really know - as some men have not come to that yet and deny consciousness, deny truth and deny their real self repeatedly - when we seek to know we are urged and prompted exterially to observe in new ways that will assist our consideration. These ways may vary from individual to individual, in that there are physical qualities that greet the eye as never before. Perhaps that the otherwise empty words which drift in have imparted a meaning for that day, that the significance, the real significance of the men and women you meet with begins to concur with your curiosity and prompt you to examine greater differences.

You are not without assistance. For those who are awake and calling, they shall have such an Angel to accompany them thereafter. For the birth into active knowledge brings all manner of diverse and obscure realities (not all are desirable for the novitiate to attempt). In plainer terms also, the assigned may speak to the man through promptings and whisperings at significant times, so that the individual will see a sign as an affirmation to his knowledge at the time, when it is moreover his Angel calling his attention to it specifically.

This is a way of communicating with him. In other words, one may view a certain formation in the clouds at exactly the right moment and it will be because their attention has been urged to go to that spot in the sky; not so much that the Angel has rolled the mists into a personalized design, but that the aspect of the moment has been realized and becomes significant.

Another example is a favorite tune being played which is overfull with associated meaning. This might be heard unexpectedly but at a time when some affirmation as to the correctness of one's thinking is called for, and the attention is brought to the source so as to hear it. For the Angel has only signs and symbols to work with and also is quite a keen interpreter of those around the man, which are his own intimations of being. For there are many pockets of knowledge and each man selects that which holds the greatest attraction. His Angel may see this and is duty-bound, as it were, to fully assist him in the coming closer to fusing aspiration with discovery and fulfilling comprehension.

There are a multitude of differing Angelic beings - the complexities are astounding - but the ones which we speak of today are the Wisdom bearers who attend the developing aspirants, who have won such an assistance by their efforts to Love. We may begin to measure our true knowledge by exactly that: by how much we love that which we presume to know. Of course the wisdom-beings can recognize this cognition immediately and are drawn to the man who begins to interact with his world in these flickerings of real consciousness. To some the word 'love' implies that one overlooks - viz. "love is blind." We refute this, hatred is blind but not so love. Perhaps that is one of its greater significances.

Of course we have often maintained that an excellent lead-in is to become fully involved in some activity or pursuit in which you lovingly rejoice. From all points of view this is obviously sound advice, and when it may be coupled also with the yearnings to love more and to know more and to become more, to experience more, to give in participation more and to appreciate more, then the radiance born from that joy shall be as a beacon to a Wisdom-Angel in waiting, who shall equally delight in your findings and encourage each step further along that way to becoming more.

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