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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Christly Humanity- 28th June 2009

The hearts of the mighty
Are weary with regret -
For their laboring for strength
Is a heaviness on the chest.
Whilst the coffers of the wealthy
Are infested with deficit -
Their money has got poorer
And their vaults too big to carry.

Those that try for self and self alone,
Grow a cause too big for one -
And those who live for all in love,
Have the strength of the Heavens,
Their Host and above!

What a marvelous time this is for self consideration and review - whilst the worldly conditions themselves are growing an egoic awareness not experienced before in this way.

Continents are infilling with the hopes and dreams of a Christly humanity. Although not named, not known, not spoke... it is this that moves for the changes all around. And it is a happy change.

Although traditions carry wisdoms of the ages and soulic stories from a far past that echoes the distant memory, there is a lot to be said for those fresh impulses that command certain change, that bring benefit to all and each individually. These changes to the moribund, are waft with conscience and reflection.

We can tangibly, audibly 'hear' it in the thoughts of the people - in all generational ages. It is the growing ability to question themselves and break from the repetitive and selfish thinking.

• To review one's own conduct within a worldly frame.
• To question past behaviors and look for a high intent and content.
• To be honest in such reflection - and genuinely caring.
• To become so incorporate within the context of Humanity itself, that it is both experienced and acted upon.

This certain change is moving around and within every culture, every race and every mind right now. And because it has entered in and begun its task, it will not stop. For this is Christ incarnate in the world.

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