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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Electro-magna- 25th May 2020

The electric nature of Man is often misunderstood with the electricity that powers the magnetic forces within the world. And although in appearance they co-parallel each other - interact and respond - this is coincidence only.

For the electrical nature of the being of Man - relating to his health in the physical world, and his etherial composition - is of a completely different vitality and energetic substance, which up until now has not been able to be measured, or quantified, or seen by scientists or their instruments, to date.

Electro-magna is the plasma of all activity. If one were to try to imagine this plasma, it could be similar to a sunrise in miniature, which is by all appearances is quite gradual, and yet pronounced. Its activity is fluid, and its constancy is measured.

Electro-magna has this same property whereupon every living interplay is fluid, graduated, cyclical but with a pulse of light entering into its sequence. And this pulse is of sunrise to sundown, to night and to the new day - in miniature - over and over and over again, in any given sequence.

The original concept of electrons is of a short stranded motion, and it does not take into account this melody of sequence.

And, the only appearance of sharp activity is limited to the perceived time.

Why is this important? It could be that relative to any given time one a motion appears to be sharp or fluid, this is true ... however, this distinction is vital to understand the etheric electrical forces that are life giving, life promoting and distinct, from the subterranean electricity, which is not.

Science can only tell you one of two things: either it can document that which it observes and draw conclusions from that which it can measure, or, it can hypothesise. But it obviously cannot understand what it cannot measure, and it cannot comprehend or take into account that which is completely outside its parameters of such obviousness that it works with.

Medical science has managed to narrow its perspective according to foundations of archaic ideologies. Its presumptive methods of observation and practice relate to mistakes perpetrated a century or so ago with habitual repetition.

The same cartographers who mapped the globe sought to map the anatomy and its geography, separating each organ and system as though they were distinct from one another, rather than as the cordial whole.

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