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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Across the Sea, I Am the Sea- 18th April 2003 Easter

EVERY experience that had been trialed by men, was known to our Beloved Christ. 

Furthermore, when He labored with the draughts of unconsciousness that blew in from death's quarter and relaxed His now tiring form, His Life proceeded forth.

With this procession in review - the now-again living story of His Life up until that moment - it did not come as with but in an instant and pass in equal time. It came and was known for a day, then stayed in the Heavenly recall. 

This revelatory mass of collected events, being uppermost then private to Christ, was not just with the bearing of this earthly Life known prior, it was moreso of all Life known by Him up until then.

So amidst the agonies, this gentle King was reunited with Himself, gathering in such episodes and events that truly had been long dismissed or disarrayed….as the eons unfurled one by one, in glorious order to a symphony of time that had begun from the sweetest of notes, to follow with dramatic fantastic plays (and interludes), one by one, one by one.

Muttering to Himself in the cold and the dark, awash with these memories of times before Time, the black night was now emblazoned with these scenes, scenes that only He could have drawn together - being at each of course, being that one remaining constant to all.

If we had seen these pictures as He, would we have known what it was we were seeing?- The rise and fall of many worlds, the perimeters of the Heavenly Worlds, and those places which even to Christ Himself had been ill-defined - either too young or too old to be clothed apparently at their time.

Every face of every being came before Him.
Every soul of Man came also.
Every Love and every Hope He had Known.
Infancy, inexperience and then the gathering
of experience was so recalled.
Every star kissed - once again.
Every bead and droplet formed all over.
Every departure and return to our Dear Father.
Came the morning of His Death,
He had remembered.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Real Time- 15th April 2003

VERY few events occur in real time. Most apparitions of fact live their reality within the spiritual realms long before they are realized materially within the world, and either therefore come from a past, or are being contained in an awaiting future.

One definition of real time is when the combining spheres all experience an activity concurrently at the same time. This actually does include the consciousness, because without the consciousness not all of the spheres of being would be succinctly together at that one point conterminously.

Real time denotes proper health. There cannot be decay of any kind during real time. Decay erodes; whether timely or untimely in the overall scheme of life, its action works one life force against another without a cooperation of subsistic living (as in subsistence).

Yet neither can real time be artificiality, whereby appearances present a continuum that does not ebb and flow with a supporting life above and beneath the exterior apparition.

Complicating this theme further, all Life is so cohesively conjoined through our Father God - He being in Real Time throughout. So in this respect there is both a consistency and an agreement which by its overseeing Nature does conform all beings and particles into the Supreme Real Time of Heavenly Existence.
An insight, a spiritual revelation, can bring us the experience of a real time event (the "AHA!", when that first 'flash' lines up in the consciousness, and all of the thinking stands together). Then the being of ourselves, uniformly and snugly, also aligns with this conceptual occurring; and then the entire being responds with the ego flaring its brilliance of joy. The soul light glows and the spirit's flame brightens too; there is a health and a happening of everything just for one moment at least, being perfectly together. This is an experience of real time exactitude.

The saints live in real time continuously.

To say: "I and the Father are one" is a statement of fact, health and real time as well. For it is with this fact that we can bring our consciousness together with Him and then become materially, and then completely remonstrate of this being as said.

Equally, if a person does not exhibit on the 'outside' - i.e. by actions, appearances, honesty, naturality - exactly who they are within their personage on the inside, then the alignment of such real time cannot and does not occur.

Love manifests only through real time. It cannot permeate superficiality or blocked arterial byways. Love lives in the present only, in the immediate, and is also experienced by the real time privilege of all worlds being in perfect alignment. Its gifts and rewards are all real time occurrences; neither accrued or owed, begging or conditional.

To feel strong within one's own ego can be an experience of real time and the perfect compilation of self. Every thread that knits through all of the layers of a man maketh the coat for all time! 

Our 'inner secret self' is not selfish when calling to be coherently dignified and respected by the consciousness. If we do not manifest the person that we truly are and need to be and become, then we betray, malign (get the word now: mal - line) decry and yes, even (hell of hells) blaspheme ourselves and our Maker, by those tensions of ill-fitting worlds and inferior realities.

Monday, April 18, 2011

The Expediency of the Christ Forces in the World Today- 27th February 2003

IF one were to listen carefully to the heartbeat of this World they would find its rhythm, and sounding stronger than it has ever, ever resounded!

Concurrent to all of the changes, tensions and scrimshaw* we carry about us, is an excitement also sensed; even throughout the dubious presentation of today as it is today.

*(Scrimshaw - an art form of engraving (primarily) in bone, which esoterically relates to our own recollection being carved out by us having carried over from our past actions - it is just an expression we use currently.)

This excitement comes from the very best of anticipations and current knowings. There has been a freedom achieved - fought for and won - that has become lastingly apparent in the overall atmosphere of this World right now!

Whatever might be said, and whatever might be done, there is today a living fact prevailing which will not change and shall not leave us. This living fact is that Christ has finally, fully and completely, arrived within this World and is here to stay!

What is meant by this exactly? Why do most still feel so alone and incomplete? Where is the stability we need, and the paradise which would be looked for in this golden age now here?

When one comes to think about it, even the most malevolent of forces and armies of darkness could not expire the Sun ever, could they? In all of this time in the history of mankind there have been periods when it might have been shrouded from view, but never was it extinguished - not ever. And same and similar within the human composition, the most remarkable and heavenly of attributes - the humors - these and the accompanying loves, have never ever been disabled within the soul, the ego and living mind. 

All of Nature is at play and our humanity also knows how to be playful! The harsh conditions which the physical world presents to us are really that only - physical difficulties. There are no agents anymore which markedly can touch the health of the spirit within. Yet this physical difficulty is not to be despised or prematurely deceased from. It needs only to further itself along the lines of its heavenly counterparts, that life becomes much easier in ages to come.

And come they will in the same ineffable tidal mass as they always have, yet with more vigor, more expediency than known. New life is already pushing up from behind, as we are urged into the futures and welcomed into their light.

It is almost as if Humanity itself has been waiting outside the theater door…. and there now on the other side, instead of a battery torch and a uniformed attendant, there are one thousand, thousand, thousand angelic ushers in service, each with a candle lit from the One Eternal source; as through the foyer we go!!!

There was but one cause of great sadness before Christ came bodily into this world. Then when He began His task amongst the pitiable, in every region that the Earth had to offer, in places hidden from all help and hitherto sanctioned by beasts and creatures too enormous to contemplate, there was another sadness which was borne by blood and by water, by pain and by death, from a God who had examined every fearful element and trine, met with them and abolished them to Hell. Yet this sadness carried over throughout race and clamoring decade, for it was as He had known and forewarned, that the world did turn on a very slow axis relative to heavenly change; and it would be years numbering the thousands before His work had been completed satisfactorily.

And it is. It now is. Right now. Now. Not to wait till tomorrow, but today. Tomorrow will follow on from today, but this is the big event right now, this change, this day. It is the deepest Peace prayed for. It is the one great Peril overthrown.

Every human soul incarnate or discarnate is now Christ-filled.

Every, all, without exception or possibility of failure, are accounted for - reclaimed and reconditioned with joyous prospect and diseases benign. Our spiritual lives share a warranty which is everlasting by His Grace now withstanding.

This era we are present in is one for the greatest celebration. Do not be distracted out from this happiness by the few who would clutter the moment. We may be assured that even those who still display a chaos from the tragedy just past, within the history of Man, they too have been saved throughout every level of their being reclaimed also!

Whatever befalls from this moment on, has no mark of misgiving or permanent strife.

Our world is still fragile - this part is true. The economies and ecologies will for a very long time stress and strain to bring further change, change which in most parts is amenable to the spiritual transformation occurring.

The human condition will still suffer the tedium and difficulty that aging, death, materialism and physical disease bring. However, the lasting corruptions, the threats which could have brought down the immortality of each soul, have been evacuated out from all possibility. Thus, this is that moment to applaud and hoop and holler with revelry! For this is the most golden of periods ever known to Man! Here we now partake in that birth of a new World begun just in this way.

There will of course always be developments worked through. There will be marvels and miraculous vistas of creativity unfurling through the accomplishments of the folk who frequent the towns that are yet to be formed. But of this amazingly ecclesiastically great occasion of now, to which we refer, not one thing could truly have been hoped for realistically had this not happened.

And so, let us please be awake to this change. Let us give thanks and tell all. We are safer and more well than we have ever been - Christ implemented and implied. Christ amongst us, born again within each one of us, with a full and inseparable infiltration and bond. Christ in the signature, Christ in our Word, Christ in every atom of existence, Christ in each turn. For Christ has found the one last worry and made it good.

Yes, and yet there is still a freedom to decide; but up until now it was never guaranteed that men could clearly and powerfully decide much at all. There were always too many complications and restrictions. Man in fact was in many respects not free at all to decide whether or not to stay or to go. This freedom, which was first given to him, was there in principle but became buried beneath the tedious, the stultifying and the murderous calamities restricting his politics. The individual felt this suppression and suffered more from this than any pain, disease or death could have ever afflicted. It was as though we wore the attitude of the suppressed lifelong within our innermost interior. This affected all of us - even the masters and greats amongst us as well. But this has now changed. It has been fully and completely changed. That which was foreseen and spoken of, worked for and hoped for, that freedom in each one of us, is here, fully accomplished.

Let us celebrate! 

 Praise God! Praise Christ! And Praise All! 

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Light of Truth- 25th February 2003

Imbibed around the cranium,
The haloic light shines forth,
Brightening the countenance within,
And enlightening the countenance without.

JUST as a computer works digitally upon a principle of 0 and 1, so it is (only far more intelligently) that Nature does also deliver her design upon a principle of oscillating contrast; and that is of light as it touches the darkness.

Here is where it becomes unique, right from the offset, right here in the start…
in the beginning… for Light itself is Thought. 

This Thought is not just the mere yet wonderful, substance of thought, not just the fabric and fiber of thought. It has origins, it has qualities, it holds its own defining characteristics as it was given out…divine thought with varying latitudes.

So from this very statement we already may concur that not all light is the same, but in point of fact, different. There are individual signatures to that which emanates through the light. As well as that there may also be perceptibly, one continuous stream of light; however the qualities of it are ever-changing and redefining.

Not one thing is static in nature, or fixed for any permanent length of time. Light itself will respond to its environment spiritually, kinetically and sympathetically, as well as being driven by an original consciousness; and the environment is responsive to it.

Added to this there can be changeovers even in the differential. For example: as a human thinker I radiate out a light (a halo) from the concepts I draw to myself and examine, and even once in a while am creative with also. Now plainly that might be one type of imbued light that then comes from me, in this thinking that is self-consciously motivated. 

Now in a moment we will also explore the various parts of the person which contain and emanate light, but for now we will for this example, place ourselves in our heads with the simple dialogue of daily thinking. However, with even this daily thinking we find that there are thoughts coming into us very quickly, albeit briefly, during our waking dialogue.

These thoughts which travel in, rapidly pass back out along with the same light that also comes from us. It may be that they come in directly from the presence of another (spoken or unspoken, it does not make a difference) or from an invisible presence unbeknown by us, or from the beings of the light that convey the wisdoms from afar that we have been seeking through our inquiring. We have all manner of input as you can imagine, and if you could discern the light from a man you would find that just as many influences travel upon it collectively as do travel with him.

Now when it comes to the spiritual beings that project forth light into the higher natures of the cosmic fields, these too will have varying content, and many lesser and greater influences will travel upon their light as well. So there is a quality of perpetual change to this process which smoothly continues throughout each conveyance.

Yet having now touched upon this notable, we have complicated ourselves a little out from the simple greatness of the first idea, and that was of light being Thought in the first place.

Though I be simple when compared to that great mind
I am yet to become,
I still regard intelligence with respect, regard and wonder,
When my eyes search for answers,
When my own darkness is made light again,
I am filled with a happiness at knowing.

We do not have to be thinking ourselves to experience light - whether it be the light that illumines what we then see by it, or the light which streams out from the consciousness of others, or the very soul life of others. Now we come to another turn within the paradigm…and that is to say that there are various forms of thoughts and thinking, as well as the light which does manifest them. As men and women we can "think" in various parts of our body and self, distinct from the thinking and cognizing in the self-conscious parts of the mind.

Firstly we can begin this part by asking to define the term "thinking". Its root origin meant "to go back and forth", which is interesting because that phrase does not imply necessarily going further. The Ancients (if you had asked them) would have stressed emphatically that any and all thinking never encountered new realms, creative realms, possibilities which had not already been known before. Thought pre-exists our thinking it. There was no "going further" because it was already there - even though we might imagine that we ourselves had not been there before. Regardless of all of this and the philosophy one might counter-argue today, the actual motion of thinking truly is one of "going back and forth and back and forth" in the process of examination and discernment.

The mind's eye might see, yet the being is enveloped in expanding and contracting through every encounter met with (holy focus). Responding to something before us involves ourselves in a 'waltz' of reaction; and without wanting to become too tied up in mixed metaphors which are not translating dutifully, the point of this piece is moreso to say that the thinking process itself is an oscillating practice. Often people comment that they need to 'think' when deciding something, and in point of fact we are undecided in everything we actually think about, for once we are decided we do not think about it anymore. This is not to say that we cannot go back and 'look' at whatever it was we felt decided about, but that decision is a form of sleep for thought.

Thought is active and busy by nature. It thrives on contrast, is ever moving, and many folk can be buffeted around by this activity without necessarily being able to control the activity and what it may be doing to them (and to others).

Not all thought needs to be ended or calmed at all. It does need to be productive, useful, creative, inspiring, helpful and healing - not necessarily just 'positive', because positive can be negative when it is misplaced or selfish.

There are forms of thinking which are definitely destructive, and forms of non-thinking which are equally stupefying and full of death forces to all around. False thinking, agitated thinking, erroneous thinking, lascivious thinking - all of this 'thinking' is actually subterranean to real thinking, real cognizing, real experience and real light.

Human beings are capable of this pseudo-practice of going backward and forth which becomes so repetitive and predictable that it is long outworn into its own one single movement! The thinking is taken over by the astral processes and continues on there without present day stimulation necessarily, or reality based ideas. The astrality is so competent at maintaining these repetitive thoughts in the defective thinker that it can continue on even after death, thinking and expressing the same ideas over and over.

Such thinking can be based in various organs of the body, being either a useful cognitive process or a destructive one. Even with the most handicapped of people it is very noticeable as to the interior nature of that person, as to whether they are affable or conceited, generous or aggressive - and this nature is very telling about the individual, regardless of their intellectual competency. It also determines whether or not the thinking of that individual will be given to an astrality which aids or an astrality which dominates the thinking.

In the best-most possible context, we can and do think within our various organs - once again emanating a light out from this thinking - in ways which are harmonious and generous to the entire system we carry. This thinking is also connected to a 'knowing' which the various organs individually do hold, properties for each of us to assist us in our experience of many states of being. The lungs, the liver, the heart, the womb etc. are not just perfunctory to a walking animal that needs solely to digest, excrete and breathe. Our physiological systems are there as spiritual organs firstly, providing spiritual perceptors and conducts for our negotiation of life here and beyond. Parallel to realms of great importance outside of our own natures, these places within us are conjoined, yet individually quite conscious centers, each within their own points of foci.

Now the consciousness is not self-conscious and nor are we usually drawn into them with our self-conscious awareness. Many yogic techniques try and do achieve this, however it is not recommended because simply put, if you put your mind effectively into your stomach, it will become as the stomach, because you have willed it to do so. This can affect the personality; it can begin processes which no longer identify with the mind, the divine mind or the heart.

To some in the West, contemplation to the point of 'non-thinking' is held as something honorable. But non-thinking is only experienced as being a relief to those who find themselves compulsively thinking poorly. Folk who think well or high, seldom seek time out from their good thinking or see this as a condition to be worked for!

Non-thinking was never the objective of the East, even though disassociation may have been. So we can see the confusion here; if not also the truth. Can one achieve true thinking with disassociation and is it recommended?

The answer here of course is 'no ', but it was interesting to visit it for a moment. False thinking is riddled with disassociation and is a keynote to the calamity itself. And yes, the word 'riddled' is also specific to this problem! Riddles come from disassociation also. We may think that riddles exist outside of ourselves within themselves, and this also is true; yet if we entertain a riddle and need to remedy it, then the answer (as always) can only be found within our own truth.

Riddles plague the conscious and the unconscious and can find lodging in many dark places within the body as well (waiting to have the light of thought put upon them, so that they can be identified, known and finally answered) and these riddles will always be rerouted if they are taken into association and made accountable there.

You see, the 'I am' of Man, the Arterial Self and the Christly Individual Self, all have the power over every riddle ever presented in the past, present or future. Riddles do not own Man. Riddles are the thinking processes in shadow, going backwards and forwards indefinitely without the light of the Master about them. Riddles are the Black Holes of thought!

In one sense it could be maintained that all things are a riddle and not to be fully comprehended by Man. Yet this is not the case in experience. Firstly we are very capable of deciding (putting thoughts to sleep, i.e. giving them up to the heavenly worlds) any matter. Our whole range of operandi is subjective necessarily. Having said that, our experience and knowing also comes from and is linked to the greatest Authority presiding. What we cannot know is known for us. Through Him we can know all things. If we really seek something self-consciously to know, we will eventually come to the answer. 
However, the riddles which cause upset and illness within a person are usually the variety of unanswerables which exist because the individual themselves has willfully chosen not to answer them. The thought has turned into darkness because the Master has withdrawn, the consciousness and the 'I am' of the individuality has taken their own sense of self out of the matter.

Thus the disassociation is causal to the problem. It may be that there is a negligence here, that the individual is refusing to really address a particular problem; or it could be that they believe it more noble to have little or no self interest. But where self-interest begs to be heard, where the 'I am' or individuality or soul is afflicted, there will be this ongoing riddle awaiting attention - needfully and with good reason. When the light of thought is finally given to this ongoing question, if the heart is listened to and the personal preference made, the riddle dissolves completely. 
On a larger scale the 'riddle of the universe' can be applied to in such a way also. How often people lack the faith in their own knowing! It is exclaimed "Oh! But how can we know?" and this implies no one can know etc., and one could say this is true - how can we know anything? But spiritually, we know we can know, don't we? 

We can challenge our own knowing and others with doubts and derision or good questionings etc. but we do have a firm knowing that decides even this. If our premise however, begins with us not being able to decide or know anything, then we are committed to an outcome which is self-determining. If our premise is hopeful we have at least skipped the bounds of the biggest riddle of all and are heading off on our way to some discovery! (With a little lamp hopefully.) 

You mentioned before three types of self which I took to be all the same, can you please explain?

  • 'I am' of Man,
  • The Arterial Self,
  • and the Christly Individual Self.

The 'I am' of Man is the highest egoic condition of the individual, upright and quite perfect, Christ-given, of Christ and of pure integrity. If we begin to search and sense our 'I am-ness' this integrity helps us to have faith in our own decision making processes and helps us to come to egoic stances which otherwise may not have been possible. In the lowest context there can be self righteous behavior, but even this sense of selfhood comes from intrinsic goodness being known and acted upon in mind. The 'I am' is beingness in absolute fact and it is indestructible, through the power of Christ being woven through it - our core of being.

The Arterial Self is a work in progress, the work in progress of ourselves ongoing. There are pure elements of the 'I am' manifesting through the Arterial Self, but primarily its/our referral is with Father God. This is the deciding part of the conscious self which gets to choose the many planes of consciousness we frequent. 

You could say that the 'I AM' is Christ in us.

The Arterial Self is our Father with us.

The Christly Individual Self pertains to a respectful mystery in which He dwells in each of us differently. The globe of the many Christs, this Earth could be deemed! Beyond even the ego is an overall spiritual being that is you. Again we name this being through Christ, but also it is different (in truth) to any other spirit existing in the living cosmos, local or forever. This is privy to our innermost knowings and yearnings - and here is the provision for true choosing. It will always be ours as long as we maintain to keep it.

You mentioned the heart before, being listened to as a remedy for riddles, but you have not really said why?

 If you asked the heart it would tell you that it really is involved in all aspects of your being, including your thinking. It would warmly respond with much loving rebuff if you suggested that it was not part of any decision or thought that passed by. In fact, we are heart driven. Our souls incarnate daily through the heart - the spiritual organ of the heart, not the physical. 

When it is said that a man should consult his heart etc. what is meant is that he is consciously, arterially, reviewing himself through consultation with Father God. At any point we can decide things through this endeavor. Our links to our Father are twenty-four hours a day. Interestingly this knowledge is not one that is necessarily qualified through the light of thought at all. Our pathways to Father God and the subsequent experiences need not be carried to us or through us via thought. There is a higher reasoning, but a peace which is of the heavenly realm rather than involved in the action of incarnating or going backwards and forth.

Once again our sense of self from this is different. If we are to find our 'I am' it may be through difficulties, contrasts, conflicts, tests - situations where we are pitched into being quite uncomfortable, yet from all of this contrast we are enstrengthened and then decided. The 'I AM' is further known and formed by the differences without it - the self-conscious awareness examining things and being prepared to go back and forwards in healthy thought and deliberation. 

Having said that, no man should place himself in a situation where he has compromised his own 'I AM' by enduring a constant battering of it! At all times we are duty bound to ourselves to sanction whether we go or whether we stay, and never consent to or permit ill-treatment upon ourselves. Healthy conflict is enormously different to violence. Violent behavior does not strengthen the ego suffering it, but rather assaults it. 

The worse damage that can be done is when the person who is imposed upon does suffer it and thereby refuses their selfhood for the sake of some evil. We are responsible to our own egos and to the egos of others to expect and give out a certain quality of nature which is kindly and careful. If folk mistreat your good-naturedness in an attempt to rule your will or take from you your sense of 'I AM' by being violent or demanding in their behavior, then there becomes a misgiving of wills between the two, and an illness occurs within each being. The sufferer and the sufferee worsen each other through their mutual part and responsibility to the drama so created in this constant aggravation. Often what was once great love can turn into vehemence because there has become a corruption of the heart and 'I AM' within the terms of living. People cannot be expected to go against themselves, yet even when they do in an effort to appease and please with appearance if nothing else, it is sensed by the other and resented. When there becomes a contest of wills there is much suffering. The contest will not cease because the conditions simply do not fit the demands. If this is the case no amount of pretence will suffice - especially when the happiness and 'lightness' has in evidence gone from the heart and the relationship. 

Yet when we go via the heart arterially to find our Father's perspective, the thoughts are instantly sopified (as in soporific)…and we are calmed and decided etc. Therefore, if riddles are the problem and are haunting and daunting and overwhelming, prayer to Father God is the very first remedy, and then listening to what the heart tells you follows through. 

One should be reminded here that Father God does love you remarkably. It is also reasonable that you should care for yourself as well. Each to his own as they say. Negation of self is a blasphemy. 

Herein is another clue about that prayer which might be ineffective when it comes to riddles - that if there is disassociation involved then the person is not really arterially presenting in prayer at all. It is a little like knocking on a door and then running away. If we do not 'come as we are' into heaven, we cannot be recognized. It is vital that we keep ourselves in the picture at all times and it is significant to Father God and to Christ how we feel, wish and want about things. Sometimes folk go to prayer in such a spirit of generosity they forget to also pray for themselves. It can be that there is much guilt in asking for what is needed or desired, and this too holds people back from confessing their sadnesses. Yet a conundrum can be unconundered so easily if given over to Him! 

This is not really even a joke. Especially when it comes to presenting in person as the person we really are. Passing into the spiritual worlds you do really see thousands of look-alikes through association. There will be thousands - yes, thousands of Princess Dianas for example, thousands of Saint Patricks too - because the individual has worn association all of their lives, instead of their self within their makeover! (Yes, and Elvises, dear.)

There is not a thought in the world which was not originally good.
A living thought,
A living light.
A piece of a greater ray.
And thus it is, that if someone is telling you something which is dear to them, there may well be some of that sunlight or starlight within it.
This is also the provision for the Christly individuality.
It does not reduce the Universal system to an anarchy,
but it does give its blessing to every perspective.

Heavenly Father
You exact us in Your Keeping,
Enabling and enlivening,
We earnestly thank You,
And pray ourselves worthy
Of our continument.

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