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Wednesday, December 26, 2018

The CHRIST CHILD SINGS - Christmas 2018

Faith prevails as illusions fail ~
Unmask the bandage and reveal the scars the sores, the scores,
the inimitable flaws.
Enchantments dissolve in Truth's light of dawn Criticisms wither lit bright by Moon's own mirror.
Failings too can fail: where merriment presides.
Goodbye to the cruel
For in Christ we find Life.
Christmas is all about the grace of new beginnings: of unexpected leaps into good fortune and happy humors - with the energetic kinetic reception to those forces of Heaven that refresh the soul from the inside out.

Individually and collectively, this period is very different from that of the renewal experienced at the time of trial during the Eastertide event.

The impulses and healings of Christmas are not kissed by the dark, and do not require trials to be effective in the soul.

The actions of Heaven during the Holy Nights, are more alike to a bouncing ball, when compared to the transformations of Easter, being more akin to a river reforming itself into a fountain.

From the aspect and point of Christmas we go forward.

It is a period of being open to opportunities, to incarnation, to planning and building, and conceiving new ways; whereas the impulses of Easter are of closure and renewal subsequent to Death.

Easter's start-point is Death itself. Of necessary endings. Of pain and sacrifice, of a world that suffers and cries. It is when the momentum has ceased, and the inevitable end is redeemed and received by new life - however, not of its own plane or place. The impulse then comes to push upwards, and out, of whatever stage or scenario exists.

The Christmas ball finds its own impetus and goes forward ... it is this gift from the Heavens: bringing us the ability to gleefully and wholeheartedly find new ways in the world to both better ourselves, and it also. It does not require a shift up and out from anything.

It is not so much about finding strength and courage, because we are raised beyond the need for such - and carried as the babe, on the shoulders of Christ, elevated to His view, travelling the cosmic spaces, with the security and speed of both Angel and God. This is a time for great creativity and planning. This is the season of Hope.

* . * . * . *

Man! The Christ Child sings for every soul upon this shining globe - and yes! as controversial as it is to say - all that breathe have souls.

From amoebas to Man, and trees to beast ...

And though the forms of these souls may vary, they are all blest by the grace of this Cosmic Christmas.

The soul may eventually leave its physical embodiment, however it never stops breathing.

Breathing is Consciousness.

Whilst the deer breathes she is ensouled - when deceased, her body is only body without breath, whilst her soul has leapt forward into the heavenly fields continuing to breathe there.

When a human being stops breathing altogether deceasing this world, both the soul of the indwelling spirit takes leave, as also the animal nature of the body as well. The continuum of consciousness of the two will independently enter the spiritual worlds.

The Greater Universe breathes also, and by this very motion, this interaction, and this transaction, Life is defined.


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