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Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Displacement of Magnetic Polarizations- 1990

 EACH organ has its axis, each with a corresponding polarization. Central to all is the blood, which circulates amidst seeming chaos. The displacement and arrhythmia of the lateral motions of each individual chakra is indicated and manifested through ill-health, symptomatic in malfunction of the whole.

Outside influences can displace the sensitive organism, in a way that indicates malfunction, alarming the individual concerned to blockages in the vital flow - cosmic hiccups, as it were.

The metabolism firstly, must be equipped and strengthened. Secondly, there will be found that at certain star-times the weakened organ/s will be prone to behave differently. Thus for no apparent reason, symptoms can be aggravated or alleviated.

The snake is presenting itself today. Yogis, sensitive folk, took all precautions with this vital organ; realizing its action on the metabolism as a repository, to aid in the final purification of the matter within.

The snake has no teeth to speak of, fangs yes, but no teeth to digest with initially. Visualize the snake consuming the mouse, ingested whole. See the mass dissolve and disperse, so that by the end of the process, the offending matter has gone and the form has resumed its slender shape.

Avoid the overuse of acids, a bitter taste will awaken problems. Boiled cabbage leaves are good, cabbage water is better. Drink much, the tract requires a steady and constant lubrication.

Sugars harvest overactivity, sending the vitality into unsteadiness. Fats turn to sluggishness, whilst the sour foods slow the action in a halt. Start by eating small quantities constantly throughout the day, evenly, never ingest one large meal - if need be stop after half, and return one or two hours later.

If food is taken in small quantities (one hundred times a day if you like) overall it will sap the vitality less. This is a specific for the snake. It draws too much leaving the individual concerned feeling weakened by the overactivity of response, as the forces employed by the snake are thrown into action almost as quickly as food enters the mouth.

Slowly, and with constancy, the internal orbit will strengthen, excess in any particular will jolt the axis sufficiently to cause discomfort in the system.

Use a hair-brush (preferably with real bristles), and dip in water - rose or lavender - brushing the hair twenty times a day. Worry will dispel. Some use grease for the same problem. Many a sensitive yogi shaved the offending tentai.
If tiredness persists or an unwelcome visitor has touched you, shower.

Wear sandals when possible, walk with bare feet, or leave the socks off under the sandals. Do not restrict the feet. Bathe feet if you cannot shower, baths are good. After going to the street where there are people, change clothes when at home.

Carrot juice is good. 

Visualize the bull with its cosmic horns. Radios when off, channel sound just as they are. Visualize the streams of constant flow, discharge the bad radiations, dispel the confusing harassment of sub-negative charge.

Further information given for poor digestion:
Start the meal with a drink of lemon juice or honey in water.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Skeptics- 8th May 1990

Pyrrho- founder of skepticism
THE word 'skeptical' came from the Maharajah's scepter - to mean as with the orb-like globe that sat atop the baton, "to have an all round view". Thus, to be skeptical was not only to indulge in just one given opinion upon a particular, but to have an encompassing approach, as most subjects require.

To consider a subject must surely be from its entirety, and this task is mastered by a certain few. However challenging, the endeavor is meritorious in the least, as good practice for the concepts to come - not discounting any information or view, but to see its place in the whole conceptual truth.
The seer-gazer's crystal sphere was but an embodiment of such a whole perspective. And interestingly enough, the user must give over to all possibilities before gazing within. The revelations are dependent on this condition of submission to the truth.

Rather today, thoughts can crystallize almost as received, and the hardening process echoes the world of thought that man entertains, grasps and 'materializes'. The material world is just that - and hard and fast it is interpreted. Those who dwell in that consciousness with firm rooting are now given over moreover, to the title of 'skeptic', which has become a term that has turned.

To some it can become an unbearable burden when the thoughts are no longer fluid, living and growing, but have amassed within the contiguity of the structure; and such crustaceans are loosened with the effects of alcohol and the like for a time, to ease the sores of heavily crystallized thought. Of course such remedy is haphazard and dangerous, as all concepts are loosened and thrown to the wind, as it were. But it is the closest some souls get within incarnation to free-thinking and the spiritual freedom (mistakenly), that the soul desires.

Thus dependence may be found in the character of the 'skeptic' today, or rather those who are materialistically entrenched to the point where their processes crave release that cannot be found within their own capabilities. Therefore the path to reform for such individuals is through their thinking processes, in aspiring in spiritual teachings and considerations, in devotion, etc.

The means of inducing the loosening process by artificial means is only to release and scatter thought long dead. Living thought however, is nourishment for the mind and soul, which cannot be artificially consumed in any way other than by 'living' thinking in the first place.
Certain foods can have a profound effect on the crystal/fluidic structure of the thought received. Also, the child can be severely marked aurically in the beginning of his life, depending on the conditions within the childhood dream period and the nourishment of such free-thinking (imagination, so-called).

[Pyrrho was the founder of skepticism, but are the many "Pyrrho-maniacs" today, true to his original intentions? When Alexander the Great took in India as part of his "world discovery tour", Pyrrho and his teacher Anaxarchus accompanied him. Whilst on the subcontinent he hobnobbed with the Gymnosophistaî, the Naked Philosophers. It is speculated that Buddhism influenced his ideas. Ed. ]

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Fruits of Labour- 8th May 1990

THE FRUITS OF LABOUR are just that, and when we are rewarded with the fruit granted to us when the due season arrives, can we say that because we tended the tree the fruit was of our own making?

Verily, should we neglect the water and the pruning, should we pluck the produce before fruition, may we protest at the harshness of nature herself to not have fulfilled the promise?

Simply speaking this attitude is rife amongst those who would sit and wait for the fruit to drop into their mouths, acknowledging not the working processes of the world and its ways.

One may never attribute blame, but seek the causes of the situation.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mirrors - a reflection - April 1990

MIRRORS were once regarded as a contemptible evil to be shunned lest the devil himself would bewitch he who would face his reflection. A pool of water was superstitiously regarded a threat, and there is truth to say that a mirror does portray the picture back to front - thereby a false representation. If one was offered a mirror in which to view the soul, would they willingly, nay eagerly, take a look in it?

Curious to say that reflections are the term for consideration, deep thinking – ‘I shall reflect upon it’ and so forth - which implies that within the thinking process Man receives a mirror image of thought which he tries to hold and perceive.

When an animal goes to the water hole to drink, does he perceive the character in the pond as himself? When a babe views herself in the mirror, does she reckon that those eyes are her own?

Take this a step further - when you look into the eyes of your brother can you find yourself? Do not be alarmed if this concept shocks you, at the very least it is a most useful exercise to try!

And when after death the soul is removed and can view the brief enactment, such horror is deep-felt that this fellow was himself! Watching his life's story, this stranger caught in time, making the tea, fighting the wars, cheering and grieving, all of this relived. Many find no connection with the individual they are privy to observe, and when the drama has run its course and concludes, the impressions that last are few. The sum of a life still has little conscious recognition of having been one and the same with that stranger.

Now, look at your brother with humility and love, with this lesson above retained. Few who enjoy dramas wish to partake in actuality; few who proclaim they seek Truth are earnest in such courageous endeavor.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Diana & Pharos- 1990

Specific instruction is necessary for those who cannot yet form the questions, you are welcome to ask and we urge that for your own peace of mind that you try. It is not always possible for a message to get through to a closed mind however, and so pick some middle ground and we can both try our best.

You have already had a question this morning regarding fleas. Such parasites feed form a warmth-activated body, harbouring their infestation. May we suggest that bathing in oiled water will desist these aggravations?

Cold black tea makes an excellent compress for aggravated skin.

DIANA OF ACROPOLIS was a goddess of the moon. She bore a sickle and a lamp, wearing a girdle upon which a gourd was strung.

Diana bore two children one of whom was wolf-faced; one was a pure child. Hieronikos was her lover, and his shield deflected the lower worlds. Hieronikos rode astride a chariot that bore great tusks.

[Note: Hieronikos means “Sacred Victor”.] 

Pharos of Thebes was an orator and professional conversationalist. His arguments were greatly prized. Gourmet philosophy abounded. When the babe's head was anointed it was with the blessing of a cunningly quick mind. Words were as spears, conversation was sophisticated amongst the upper-class. Cleverness was rewarded, the enlightened bore society's medals. Such were a proud race, with little inner activity. They were the torch bearers of intelligence, the fathers of new thought.

The trial of demotion is difficult for the soul who so proudly took part in this past epoch. Devotion was not charity - there was little place for mutual regard in this dynamic environment which the sciences first grew out of.

Streams of individuals encompassed an intelligence that surpassed their capacity to love. The combat of thought was perceived the arena of humanity, past devotions paled when wit matched wit. Small wonder that this gave way to slavery, as the champions of society were clearly defined.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Celestial Peach- 23rd April 1990

Good Morning,
THE nut inside of a peach holds tremendous qualities concentrated within. The essence of that peach, so to speak, is there in that nut. 

During the peach's growth when on the tree, the nut itself goes through remarkable changes and does not resemble the nut found once the fruit has been picked and broken open. If one could see through the skin and the flesh, through to the nut whilst the connection on the tree is intact, one could perceive distinct differences in the outer shell and its appearance, and in hardness and actual weight.

A nut is a nut it is to be argued and how can it be so? In fact the very process of interference with the peach can bring on sudden transformation. This follows with all stone fruit.
Imagine a heart within the fruit radiating a brilliant light from within, a reflection almost of the sun without, permeating the flesh of the fruit - the fruit is picked, plucked and pried apart, the light instantly dispels.

This applies also to seeds of citrus and of apple etc.
It is with this picture that we bring to you Adam, who breaks open his apple. The sacrifice of the vital light within is discharged from that fruit; it has gone and has been released by this act of desecration - and the significance is great because it was consumed by Adam. This one event was the beginning act that started the chain of consequence that brought interference with Paradise and the sacrifice of one for another. That Adam should interrupt this perfect force contained, and take it unto himself, for himself. . . and so it started.

And the birds would then take for themselves and spoil the fruit, and the trees would flame with their treasures plundered. And the animals did turn upon each other, and take from each other the God-given life bestowed.

So it was that through ignorance and curiosity, the treasures of Heaven were lost in the very method of seeking, before the act was completed. This is a lesson that is still to be learned, as men in their impulses would reach out and tear open the nightingale to find from whence the music comes.

This is the original sin and this sin stems from a spiritual blindness. We truly seek what we know in our cosmic memory to have experienced, and that our soul knows to be there: the spirit in all life. But because of this blindness by which humanity is now struck, the urge and the impulse to find and discover it anew is continually deceased by crude ways of inquiry.

They would even tear apart our Lord in order to find the God within.

And of course these methods (if they can be called as such) are not only destructive but unnecessary.

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