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Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Esoteric Path- 14th May 1994

WE do not attempt to bring before you those things which are found in spiritual realities in which there is not same or similar within your current recollection. However elements and even objects, translate as are, as do all of the inner virtues and attributes which make up a man.

There has been some confusion as to the relevance of maintaining esoteric thought and instruction. The pupils drift from one base onto another and are uncertain about the marked divisions between the two forms of consciousness - i.e. the immediate worldly comprehension and the soul-consciousness of inner purport.

Firstly it should be said that every man experiences his soul-consciousness to some degree or other, for without his own inner conferences he would soon become sickly and physically die; as the frame is dependent upon the intimations of the whole being of a man and dissipates very quickly into chaos if unmaintained.

Now whether or not the man is awake and aware to his soul activity is another matter, for our beings cooperate on many levels concurrently, advancing and assimilating as if we were many men, if split into reference. It can also be said that there maybe little outward indication about a man, of his most valuable developments. These need not dominate his other aspects of being and actually may be inactive for long periods, during which time he has set to work on aspects of his personality/being which needs refinement.

We call experience to ourselves in order that we might be so fulfilled thereby - and enhanced we are, by every failing as well as accomplishment. So it is essential to reserve opinion of any man, because it is for this reason alone: the reason that he is quite likely to be presenting as a pauper, though has a kingly soul within. Conversely, he may be as wretched as he presents at that time, in which case there is so much more the pity and patience required.

There comes a time when the man has completed a score of necessary findings within his worldly phase and begins to turn back, that he may review his findings with an enhanced perception and critical understanding. The student of spiritual studies, once come to this point (as come he has) will find that he shall be no more satisfied to be insteeped in worldliness alone. He will not be inclined to revert back to humble happinesses as were dumbly maintained throughout preceding incarnations. For once a period has been completed it is impossible to 'go around the same way twice', save that he shall go the same way by a different route, this time by combining an enhanced spiritual consciousness.

Many folk ask about the importance of this work during their incarnating within this sphere, for they question the importance, saying "Why can't we learn of the spiritual worlds when we are there and of this world while we are here - keeping each unto his own?"

We actually come into this Earthly sphere that we may:-
  1. Bring gifts back into the spiritual realms attached and beyond.
  2. Establish a future world of residence.
To be here in this World is akin to having a magnifying glass, whereupon the light - being in this case that which enters our consciousness - may pass through the glass and concentrate down to the finest and brightest of points; and by this we are brought to intense experience, so that every such concentrated illumination actually returns to the soul and remains forever.

Therefore one can see that the time spent during an incarnation is extremely valuable to the individual who has not the same opportunities elsewhere in Cosmic fields, to actually develop such abilities and gather experience permanently. Furthermore, the esoteric student is developing an awareness which will be maintained after death. In his efforts to 'cross over' into higher knowledge he becomes astute enough to cross back when etherealized.

Although the student's attempts may seem clumsy and awkward, although they themselves may doubt their accuracy of evaluation, they shall find that every wonderful experience which is inwardly impressed with higher thought, shall bring enhanced visions when in that heavenly condition after death. For they are given the complete panorama of what it was that they knew but couldn't discern or describe. The wonderment will be revealed and realized.

Of those individuals who were personally known to you who did study this road with joyous faith and spiritual concern, know that they are now rewarded well. Their insights whilst within the World have given them the windows to glorious vision, through to the true realities, and they are equipped with a conscious appreciation of what it is and where they are.

To the student who is here and wrestling the realities, there is a measure of inner pain, a pain that accompanies the sweetness of finding. Inspirations do subside and this does, at times, dishearten the student. Also there becomes an internal pressure which begs to be heeded, for no longer can the man be fully comfortable solely in the material world, and there shall always be that part of him that desires the spiritual realities- that same part which prompts his inquiries and also is fulfilled after death.

The path of the student, even at the best of times, is predominantly melancholy. Men awaken to great truths and in their presence are greatly humbled. There are new beauties, but also fresh dilemmas. The path to higher knowledge and development is founded upon dissatisfaction - it has to be - therefore, inclined to melancholy. But we are compensated greatly, and the student knows this too, in time.

One other point - we began today by acknowledging that a certain range of worldly development had to be criteria for proceeding on to this path of endeavor. For this reason we may not hurry any man to awaken prematurely - it would be injurious to them (and to one's own karma) to attempt to do this.

Much can be given to a man soulfully, by our prayers, by our example, through our progressive emanations and by offspring of creativity - but there is no jurisdiction which allows a forced enlightenment. For the man or woman could not conceivably maintain their active consciousness throughout, and so in effect it would be meaningless. Putting it bluntly, there shall be many truths that you cannot share with all men at this time, and although we are all impelled to do so we cannot.

Furthermore, we have no license to expect that men who have little or no esoteric understandings shall be persuaded by our own, for it is wholesome that they progressively make their way to such realizations in their own time as is best suited and known by them. Foremostly, we must trust that the soul of an individual knows what it needs, that the level of experience of a man may be confined as may appear mundane to those who have surpassed these conditions. However, they are exactly what is needed by that man at that time.

To some extent one could say that the path to higher knowledge will introduce greater difficulties, albeit with greater advances also. So we are cautioned as to what it is that we desire for our fellow brothers.

At any stage, at any level, morality can and must be addressed. All men are capable of discerning truth from their hearts, and it is this that they should be encouraged to do in every way possible. Through our caring, conversation and creativity, their hearts may be stimulated. Also it shall be by this direct knowledge from within, from our hearts, that will one day be the only true guide to the then adept- particularly when he teeters at those canyons of quandary, locked in the illusory domains where he will need to know his heart well that he might find his way back home.

Friday, June 18, 2010

The Nameless One- 1st May 1994

THE living record of Christ - as He was embodied with feet upon the salty soil - although does not exist as reference here, does in higher realms exist in copy. In that testimony of exactment, the images of men and all that was said is ne'er to be found, only the Christ's configurations and issue of words, syllable by syllable, and how it went, and so it goes.

Much that does occur all around us and does work its way through to our minds or our hearts in happening, actually involves much time to concur with the soul and the realizations that ensue. We do not always appreciate the full merit or implications of the present, in the present. We may never fully 'take stock' of the present, whilst employing our concentration to its demands as well. Also, there is no obligation of the actuality to offer a truthful foresight; such projection rests on other minute by minute variables which ceaselessly coincide. So there may be grand questions a man might hold about his future, and yet at the very same time he is manipulating it in the here and now, with no real appreciation of the seeds he tosses. And how wonderfully he is implicated!- regardless of his naiveté.

Every man is accountable to himself in deciding his fate- no teacher has consultation in this. A teacher may only demonstrate the way that was theirs, not of another man's.

Christ simplified the hazardous and gave all men the quick ability to instantly know as well as any adept, and decide all moments as they arrive. He gave them the wisdom of the Heart, and this wisdom surpasses all method and law, all creed, all stipulation. For once and for all, a man did not require, as he had, to conform to the rigors of the temple-creed. His 'honors' were now internal, whereas they were formerly given and decided by the will of another. However, our Christ has given back to every man, himself. He did say in gesture, in the magic of soul, that we might all win the Kingdom simply, in pure Love; and that all the rest, all of the rest, is consequential to that.

This is a freedom for all aspirants. It implies that one does not live to please any worldly Master (named or not named); that a man need not consult a manual to find himself, or for that matter, correct himself. He may stand directly before Christ on any matter and know in his heart where best lies his next direction.

Any love which is experienced is blessed. Given or received, love is blessed. It is not a substance to be had and cast and dispersed at will. There is far more mystery than that! Given the conditions today in which all men suffer, there can never be enough - there is no blame, there is no such thing as 'loving too much'. The question is why do men love too little? How, why, the frozen heart?

The distractions of the big world are so many, and when one views most men they find that they are in constant flux. Their thoughts are largely uncontrolled, their attentions are placed in habitual practices; their minds are disrupted with poisons and poisonous concerns; and they are very busy hurrying everywhere. They hurry, hurry, hurry.

The inner wisdom our hearts afford us is there for always. If we deny it today, it shall wait patiently until the morrow; our heart and soul will be with us long after this world dissolves. However the confusion that every man suffers in day to day turmoil, does come from the way he orders his life, conspiring his future haphazardly. We do not live to simply fill our days and mark time unto eternity. The random element simply maintains that we do not consciously make effort upon the workings of our own destinies, and this shall lead eventually to discontent, and the discontent will require of us our due attention eventually.

The holy life - dedicated to the spiritual realities firstly - may happily go into the worldly arena and not only be more equipped and empowered to be proficient, but shall undoubtedly enhance the company at large, by the inner sense of solemnity, structure and truth. Furthermore, the holy life offers a man such insights as do provoke much love to come simply and be imparted through kindnesses, concessions, generosity, consideration, instruction and gravity.

The key to this inner life lies in the words that we may hold the "spiritual realities firstly" and above the all-consuming physical contrasts. And contrasts they are, undeniably, for there is an example in the lesser kingdoms, in how taken one might be in basically 'watching' and interrelating within the physical world, not subject to confer with heaven or heart at all.

Quite often we hear the complaints that there is not the adequate perception with the man, that he cannot penetrate the spiritual worlds clairvoyantly and therefore is subject to error. The fact that a man's attention is rooted in the physical world is a marvel, and an intimate relationship which affects his entire being. It is in most cases, so delicately tuned in what and how it functions, that it would be perilous to attempt to graft additional senses onto our focusing perceptors.

Oddly enough, a man is far more at home in the spiritual worlds when he is tucked up tight in his physical body. The matter of psychic receptivity is irrelevant to his true spiritual perception - Christ said, "It is the Spirit that quickeneth", meaning that the flesh into which the spirit does penetrate, deceptively clothes the truth (as does the perceived encounters of astral 'flesh'). Whereas the higher reality borne may only be known by the heart- without the obvious 'visibility'- when we come to Him, through our Love for Him and of one another.


Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Lore of Numbers- 23rd April 1994

The number one shares affinities with all other ones up to Father God.
Monad - Containment.
Father God, Single Stars, Single Rays, Spirit Sparks, (indivisible and individual).
One (1) waits (another aspect of).
One is complete, but also empty.
One is essential to itself. No excess. Is what is. Is therefore = reality - raw reality: first reality.
By affinity shared in that singular sameness One hearkens to all; and always back to Divinity. The aspect of One inside each and every being may seek and yearn for Oneness, however when One actually projects 'out' and impacts with a different One on the same plane of being, there are then two.

Corresponding affinities initially come from oneness, even that of individuality to the core of the God within, propel the beingness of One out from itself in search for itself.

1+1= Consciousness. (The interaction of.)
Shares affinity with all other twos - where consciousness may meet and commune with consciousness likewise. (2+2)
Two is the number of AFFINITY and OPPOSITION - as in bipolar relationships where the compelling force becomes a repelling relationship.
Reality authorized - made substantial. AGREEMENT

The working illustration of Life.
2 can be both harmony and discord.
2 is the first differential.
We know 2 because we are one half of 2 - half of a divided whole and therefore compelled by inner inclination to reunite. This is then to satisfy both the 2 and of course the 1 aspects intrinsic to our being. However, by the combining of 2+1 there becomes 3.

The law is that there is one half here and one half there. The signatures of both halves combine to form also a separate signature (a third signature - see 3) which is then the combination of the two halves.

In this instance two halves can never make a whole - unless of course the two halves are of the original whole and then we would have 1 + 1 = 1, or more correctly 1/2 + 1/2 = 1. This occurs out of time in those periods of contraction and sleep throughout the greater Cosmos. Every 'one' is called unto itself and reunited up to Father God - this is the power of such, and for the purpose of manifestation we have the distinction of separation, which otherwise would call for our return into the sea of quiescence.

Two is mediative to BALANCE and EXCHANGE.
Blessed inequality. For the action of two is dynamic.
Life (1) finds motivation and expression through the power of two.

2 is CREATIVITY in the raw, in origin, whilst 3 is creativity's outcome born: the manifested expression.

[Triangle symbol] 3 CREATION - THE FIRES
By the combining of 2 there becomes a further attraction of consequence, an incorporation, and the equation is:- 2 (1+1) + 1 (1+1=1) = 3.

Red + Blue = Purple. Purple is: red (one), blue (two) and (three) itself.

When red and blue combine and make purple they are still at the same time red and blue - that remains - and the creation of purple as offspring from such combination is as the 3, principal to their having combined. Therefore 1 + 1 = 3, or more correctly also:-

(2) + (2) = 3

3 3

(Further to that we are represented as only half of each aspect, as stipulated before.)
Three is the number of MANIFESTATION.
The triangle is the first 'shape' possible using non-conforming lines.

Where consciousness meets, each are stimulated and awakened by the other - the force from this activity, the inspired, expired combustive energies, are as a consequence to the combining of twos.

This activity draws upon the fiery ethers which promote MOVEMENT given to mass. That in Creation we can advance into NEWNESS - that one and one are not repetitions of themselves alone. This is of tremendous consequence.

In time, as regards the possibilities borne by the future, this principle is paramount.
CREATION = THE PROVISION FOR POSSIBILITY FOR NEW UNIQUENESS. (That being the meditation for the number 3.)

[Square symbol] 4 + SPACE - AIR/ETHER
This is the principle which affords Creation (3) combined with (1) our Father God. Wherever you travel from this space - this place where you are - out into the farthest advance: East, South, North or West, you shall always come to Father God. This is truth. Follow any infinite line and it trails homeward.
The provision for PROVISION is the quality of number four.

The nature of REPEATING space is congenial to the square.
The issue of manifestation requires the provision of an ever-increasing HOLLOW, a receptacle to fill- room to move, so to speak.

When we entreat four ways we call upon divisions of influence also. There will be, at the base of early distinction, four separate characteristics having been split off from the original '2 + 2'.

The gradient is to a degree, a continuum and also of extreme- 2 in sameness and 2 bipolar and contrasting (Summer is to Winter in contrast, Summer shoulders Spring in sameness). North opposes South repelling, but North leans West in relation to. It is the combination of both of the impelling sympathetic continuums and the repelling contrasting repulsions which maintain the vortex of AREA, the quadrangle of Space. By this formula more 'space' is created.

Here we have the manifested combination of Creativity (2) and its Creation (3). The Consciousness is driven into the Creation and merges into further conscious activity. The sensory reality becomes all consuming whilst the two cohabit, and the affiliation is binding until severed.
Five is the number of physical propagation.
It becomes the entrance point from one world (the spiritual realms) into the living Imagination of Christ (this World).
All things made TANGIBLE.
EXPLANATION: We exhibit and thus make explanation unto another.
EXPERIENCE: Consciousness is clothed in experience. The astral nerves have impregnated the physicality to the degree of sense before pain - Man penetrates the World, the Earthly World, via his Astrality-Consciousness (2) firstly, and then comes into the Created Consequence of Experience (3).
Five is the number of the thought-world, for herein too are they made manifest. The thoughts are beings which are characteristically linked to their source, but as actual elemental beings they are of astral composition (some are actually of higher starry fibre than others and do privilege the men who invite them into their experience in consciousness). The thought-beings were minor angels which flew too low (as fable would have it), and in sheer love of Man, bring their images before him that he might see into the mirrors of being and begin to interpret his world, this world and the next.

The second generation of two combining, Creations (3+3).
"Where three or more are gathered in My Name" (2+2+2). (2= Consciousness: three non-conforming men.)
The interlocking opposing triangles - higher Creation and lower Creation - combining to bring significance into both realms.
The spiritual worlds give the substance of TIME to the physical world, but are not in any way, given to its laws as experienced. The CAVITY of time is of SPACE (4) and of CONSCIOUSNESS (2) out of which we experience the continuum in marked degrees (6).
This is the number therefore for the karmic relationship Man bears in the world as a bond of renewing acquaintance and return. It is the CONSTANT between Heaven and Earth. It is the exchange of higher and lower Creations.
The increments of Time are measured by certain consequence. The number six is the precursor to the number seven which is of LIMITATION.

[Circle with dot in the middle] 7 SET SCALES - CYCLES
The COMPREHENSIVE SCORE is contained in the number seven. That there is a compote of gradient, a meter of cycle, allows for entry and re-entry into that sphere of expression.

7 is the number to which all good recipes fulfill.
REVELATION - Only when the comprehension is fully conceived, fully amassed with the very TOTALITY of the complement are we given to the awe of revelation. The full gamut is to be run, and in truth we are and all is, resounding with the gradients of the 7 concurrently - yet one out from the seven shall be distinguished in turn. The feature of 7 is this ability of distinction before turning back upon itself upon the plane of operation. There are seven distinctions in all manifestations, 7 categories, 7 basic differentials.

  • HOPE (The substance of.)
  • Eight is the white and the black beyond color.
Beyond limitation.
It is the as yet indistinguishable, which does not imply that there is nothing to be known awaiting in the recesses of the Future, but rather that it is unseen at present.
8 is the LEAP into other spheres of being and actuality. For this reason it is often accredited as being Heavenly and thus venerated.
It is also the number of MEMORY, for within its core, the Future's core, is always carried the substance derived from the past - the “as was” is then to be.

The advance FORWARD. The ongoing progressive status of all beings, as subject to the Divine Law, which exceeds the limitations as given by 7.

2 X 4 (Space on Space).
4 X 2 (Expansive Consciousness)
2+6 (Creativity & Consequence)
3+5 (Creation in relation to the future of the Earth.)
1+7 (The Bipolar relationship between Father God and set limitation within the realm).

When the unknowable is known it becomes 1. (9...10)
Infinity's limit is God.
Some qualities that the number nine brings us are:
Many influences stream in from Eternity, from a source which is unreachable in our advance but may come to us even though we may not journey its length and breadth.
Nine is the number of the MYSTERIES, of PERPETUATION of FOREVER
Nine does even exceed the Future (8) and its prospective offerings.
It harbors qualities which have been before TIME and shall remain long after TIME.
It is UTTER EXISTENCE made manifest.
It contains all of the other numbers.
Beyond this there are configurations which implicate the many woven variables. The essential numbers however (essential 1-9) are but one set which adhere to a firm reality whereupon the aspects of each may be experienced and known.

If certain numbers (as in 33 etc.) are given for example, then too, the aspect of the 7: of repetition, may be taken into account also. The 33 figure could be 'read' as representative of Creation greater and Creation minor being coupled specifically pertaining to the aspect of 6. From this one can see that the method of addition in certain numerological practices is acceptable because of our understanding that it is the preceding factors which do make up the subsequent total. One can actually decipher much from the presentation of numbers as brought before them. The interpretation will never be ill-used, because all aspects of all numbers pervade everything, and the certain distinctions so highlighted make for useful regard on any level.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Christ & the Holy Mysteries, & Pledges- 15th April 1994

  1. What is the significance of a pledge which is physically signed? This morning I heard of a program for wayward children, where contracts were given, their [the children’s] signature too, promising this and that; and I wondered what the underlying reality behind the signing of our names was.
  2. Why do I hesitate to ask certain questions of you, particularly of those pertaining to Christ and the associated Holy mysteries? Instinctively I feel like I should lower my 'voice' (inwardly) and tread very softly, and also that perhaps I am not entitled to know many things of which I might ask for myself, or on behalf of someone else. Can you comment on this please?

THERE is a Promise of promise, which is because of those laws as set down by God Himself; and that has set the lesser pattern, for which we too are bound and made accountable to honor. The larger Promise made to Man was one wherein all suffering and need was to be compromised and addressed throughout time.

There was much which became unavoidable. The progressive man sought the experiences which would enrich and fulfill his own ego-knowledge and subsequent incorporation. And it has come to pass also that treacherous influences have raged upon the oceans of innocents too, and that many do suffer the total of their kind and are promised compensation.

The promise of all wish’s fulfillment is given to Man for he is so loved; and in similar measure a man must make good all of his promises also, and is given the opportunities from lifetime to lifetime to honor such pledges. There is no need to be uneasy at this thought. When one stops to question just how many such promises have been issued in the forum of an unremembered past, there is no concern warranted, as one is only oath-bound to those things which are intrinsically spiritually enhancing. Never is one obliged to carry forth with a promise which is destructive, threatening, insulting or unwittingly harmful. Such issues are not substantial within the spiritual realms; they leave nothing to build upon if in the business of unmaking.

Then there becomes the question of those who do offer their selves or their souls in service to some authority. Essentially we are drawn to return to those beings or souls to whom we have had commerce with; and there becomes a significant rapport with a certain few, who through the unveiling aspects of mutual love, become receptively obedient to the other’s influence.

There can be a recognition of past promises whereby each individual is confronted inwardly, and the seeds for continuance so planted may actually rise from many eons passed. So it may be acknowledged that the promises one may give to another can be more than well-meaning, but also well spent and carry forth into future circumstance as preliminaries for creative outcome.

Now the question so asked of the written signature in application, implies a conscious act of will which has underlined that which we have expressed our pledge to. It may be difficult to comprehend, but the degree of conscious effort and of willing really does make much in spiritual aspect. For although not always, the physical world, generally speaking, follows after the formations as applied in the nuance of the spiritual worlds; and in thus coming after it is amassed with influences of varying determination. One of the most potent influences is in the calling of a man, when he does consciously drive his will into spiritual aspect, for he may stimulate the higher innate forces merely by correct concentration, and summon all manner of influence thereby.

Holy water becomes activated, beginning with the conscious design and calling of the man so willing as to call forth its majesty. The water's powers were always there afore the man, however there is indeed a physical transformation as well as an etheric empowerment, when the man acts knowingly, with direct intention that the blessings be called forth.

In other words, there may be a spiritual definition given by a man, if indeed he consciously works his imaginative powers and wills it be so. Equally as powerful is a promise as given, to which we incorporate our name.

The writing of one's name is most especial to us and significant after death. During our episodes of residual review, we are given to great clarity reviewing those circumstances in which we actually signed our name. It is an exercise in self-consciousness to do so, firstly. Secondly, if it has been to seal a promissory commitment, we are obliged to review in all accuracy the conditions as given at the time; and then also we are presented with what may or may not have come of it. 

The post-death effect is exactly the same when it comes to a promissory handshake also. It becomes a wonderful reminder to what one has pledged and what did become of it. It is of solemn significance and no light matter that we enter into any agreement which commits our future activities and being. It can work well and be of supreme usefulness, that there are provisions for reminders for the soul which at times advances into shadowy domains, and is thereafter prompted to recall that which was previously significant and entitled to pursuance.

We are not answerable to all undertakings in the immediate however, as there are considerations as to those 'promises' as borne by the soul in terms of personal karma also. This variety of promise does not need a conscious affirmation to be binding, but rather is presuming because of past conduct alone. The workings of karma - the greater and the personal - are ceaseless. How could they stop? There is no provision for rest or for lack of contribution, as long as we negotiate the many influences within and without us. Motion summons karma. The very slightest movement awakens karma. For it must make compensation in the great shuffle - where one moves we all move, and must make adjustment. Can you picture that? That there is effect everywhere by everything, and it is ceaseless!

At certain conjunctions within an individual's lifespan there become aspects highlighted, as it were, incorporated within the active man. And he is as new, given many challenges all throughout this course, that he may enter into the marvels of the world with variations in his tapestry of experience. There was a question as to whether or not a man might disband those affectations of past karma and begin afresh within a single lifetime. It must be credited from the first, that so very much of one's ongoing circumstance is directly related to some past acquaintance or involvement or experience. 

You are in this respect, always inseparable to the past. There can be no severance and no acquittal. The fresh opportunity to go forth and forge anew is there at all times, also. This needs be afforded and is the Grace of God (literally) that this is so - it is complete forgiveness in actuality that we may be released from the otherwise all consuming ties of past karma sufficiently that we may effect change out from such and into improvement.

Now when it comes to the age of forty-nine and after, there becomes a substantial shift - which began at forty-two or thereabouts - that stands determinedly upon the outer earth and now looks skyward. Traveling through the years, it is as though the wherewithal within the worldly sophistication has only just reached culmination and the individual actually feels now equipped to progress further, into whatever direction their lives have thus brought them to. (One hundred and forty-two is quite a milestone too.)

However, at no time is there alteration in the periphery of pervading and cradling karma, for it is karma also which causes us to be allowed for; it is karma which provides the space for our expression of individuality, and it is karma which defends our being.

Physical karma need not translate with physical ramification. "An eye for an eye" was descriptive of the way in which karma used to operate when it came to the individual being answerable for every blight and scourge he did cause. (And we mean every.) The circumstances were that a murder was definitely and unalterably commissioned for any who did murder, that the physical consequences were commensurate with the act of cause, and that a man might live the experience he invoked upon another, having need of that experience from the other angle.

However, this obvious example among many, proved to be the first law of prophecy as worked over by Christ. Much future prophecy is kept guarded and prepared by the Lords of Karma. Prior to the transmigration of beloved Christ, the walls surrounding the fate of men were engraved so heavily by their past digressions into mishap, that the entire world would have been bound to repeat and suffer the sorrow until the planet's expiration.

For this reason alone there was need for a higher command which might elevate the conditions of rebounding karma into spheres attributable within the spiritual worlds firstly. That a man could play out his judgments - which we might add, are imposed and created solely by self - during the interlude between death and rebirth, and work in and around the ensuing presentations in due time and in differing ways.

The precept of an "eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth" was not meant as criterion for retaliatory conduct, but rather as an explanation of the then workings of a strictly defined karmic system. Further to that, comes the question of bearing the karma of another, that the weight of the account be so burdened as to be unbearable by the individual, but may be alleviated by the loving sacrifice of another soul who has intentionally taken it upon themselves to arrest the consequences. This sacrifice is indeed possible once again in the light of the new law (as made by Christ) which has surpassed the exactings of the obstinate tax-man (old Karma), and has been effected through great love, charity and sympathy in the extreme.

To a lesser extent we may alleviate another's ledger of debt with the very issue of forgiveness, which shall determine that the individual concerned may be offered great opportunities to address his actions in a positive way. In other words, karma would have us learn and learn well. It is not merely the indiscriminate force that compels compensatory action and reaction- it is determined by those who are involved. Therefore one who forgives another (where there is reason) has altered the relationship to begin with. For on the most important level of all, there is already a degree of quiet, of peace, and this does release the other from anguish that would otherwise come to him.

There becomes a certain necessity, that thoughts which begrudge or accuse, condemn or stingingly rebuke, are to be calmed and set to ease, rather than perpetuated. For rightly or wrongly, with just cause or without, the ongoing armory of insult inflicts unseen pain upon the person to whom they are directed, and aggravates their station in the world. The overall remedy for every soul is the cessation from such calamity, either offered or received.

On the lighter side also, one might be mindful of those who we choose to contest with arguments left unresolved; that it shall be with these people to which we are entangled with in conflict, that conflict itself will oblige resolution, and we shall be assured of many dealings with them further on. Therefore if one does not wish for a protracted association, they are well advised to be peaceable, and resolute to pray for that man's salvation, rather than demise.

The intricacies of karma are all digested and comprehended by the being of each and every man. The soul knows the reasoning behind every charter; and we are fulfilled completely, having craved the very avenues of experience as are brought before us.

For the more advanced men upon this Globe, the hosts of Karma and the ribbons of consequence are equally enforcing; and we deliberate with caution in obedience to the law. But even the most advanced have their times of being caught in double-sided decisions, and rest on the issue of the heart before the law and wear the consequences willingly.

As to the second question: concerning your general apprehension: we too are delicate in this approach and know that the level of understanding may be undertaken, but very slowly. Great truths, those truths which are associated with Christ and the Christ Being are so very wonderful, but very terrible in the strength of their power as it works in the realities. You must recognize that already there are those things which you know, that if you would take but one of them and treasure it in full contemplation daily, there would be so much made apparent thereby, and enough to keep you occupied and enlightened in this life.

It is not really even a matter of reward - although reward is what it is - that when an individual really works upon a spiritual truth, applies it, digests it and becomes it, he becomes ready for another on a vastly different level than before; and so it goes. All of the knowledge, all at this once, would not be beneficial or attributable, but be as only jargon.

Worse than that is the violation of the truth when it is mistaken and abused. This is not to say for one moment that the Christian Mysteries are at risk with this with the consideration of faithful students. However, to say that they are simply placed would be a lie in itself, for they are not. The explanations as to the events leading up to and proceeding, are not easily assimilated - our scribes are still reeling from the massive tumultuous changes which turned much around in but an instant.

The destinies of one man or many men are watched with curiosity, and in part may be predictable insofar as there are only so many roads open to them that they may travel. However when Christ entered into this World and reclaimed the mass in all its entirety, much of what was to be then following was unpredictable and totally unknown. For this was He and the great plan was His - in consultation, that is.

So it is understandable that you should be respectfully cautious before asking of this or that; but it may also be said that any question phrased in earnest is welcome and worth honoring. If it cannot be explained sufficiently there shall be a time given in the future to the inquirer, in which the reality shall be put before them.

A reliable key into the events of the past - and in particular the Christ-events - is in having a direct connection. Of course this excludes many who could not be in the vicinity at the time and therefore have not the ability to enter into the memory of what transpired. Quite often a higher vision is offered by angelic representation - how it was as they did witness - and such pictorial images leave wonderful soul imprints and are historically loose as to actual words passed and towns trod. They are more as from the view from the spiritual worlds, where souls who were met with along the way could be seen to respond in a manner which would send ripples of joy through the angelic onlookers.

Another mystery of this Mystery is that much of the actual happenings whilst Christ did stride the Earth have been concealed, as it were. The record is not there. In the Akasha, He does not represent. The men to which He had dealings are visible (and those who are here can make good account too), but in review of the Akashic memory they can be seen to be talking to the air rather than to an identity.

We do have a way to go, and with patience shall we get there. (And that was not intended as a pun.)

Rudolf Steiner on the Akasha:

"Let us imagine these words congealing somewhat as water congeals to ice by sudden, intense cold. In such a case the words would descend to Earth as congealed air and we could recognize each word by its form.

"And now, instead of a process of densification, let us imagine the reverse. We know that matter can pass through the most solid to the most rarified states: solid, liquid, gaseous. Matter can be subtilised to a point at which we are led over to `negative' matter — Akasha. Events on Earth impress themselves into this akashic substance and can be rediscovered there even those which occurred in far remote ages of the past.

"Akashic pictures are not static and immobile. They unroll before the eye of the seer as living tableaux where objects and persons move and even speak. The astral form of Dante would speak as he spoke in his own milieu. It is almost invariably this kind of image that is seen in spiritualistic seances, where it is thought to be the spirit of the dead.

"Our task is to learn how to decipher the pages of this book of living images and to unroll the innumerable scrolls of the `Chronicle' of the universe. This can only be done if we are able to distinguish between appearance and reality, between the human sheath and the living soul. Daily discipline and long training are necessary if false interpretations are to be prevented.

"Definite answers to questions, for example, might be received from the form of Dante thus perceived. But they do not emanate from the individuality of Dante, for the individuality continues to evolve; they emanate from the ancient figure of Dante,`fixed' in the etheric milieu of his time."

So if Dante can speak to us from the Akashic Chronicle, what about Christ Jesus? Of course it has never been done. It is impossible because He is not there. And what an immense tragedy it would be if Christ allowed a double of Himself to be available in this way.

As discussed, the akasha is only one form of memory manifest. There are many systems of memory that operate concurrently- the Astral Light, the Etheric (memories of blueprints), being others. Apart from the "dead" systems of memory there are the memories of spiritual beings- Angels have long memories.

In the dead systems of memory we can find the `who', `where' and `what', but the `why' is no longer there. The Akashic Chronicles in themselves, are not self-conscious. Though the image of say, Goethe is there, and he may impart new poetry and answer questions, the "living
image" is essentially one of death.

Christ has the power to alter the Akashic Record:

"If one surveys the course of human evolution since the Mystery of Golgotha and approaches the Akashic Record without being permeated with the Christ Being, it is easy, very easy indeed, to be led into error, for one will find records which very often do not coincide with the karmic evolution of the individuals concerned. For example, let us suppose that in, say, the year 733 some man lived and incurred heavy guilt. The person now examining the Akashic Record may at first have no connection with the Christ Being. And behold — the man's guilt cannot be found in the Akashic Record. 

Examination of the Karma of this man in a later incarnation reveals that there is something still in his Karma which he has to wipe out. That must have existed in the Akashic Record at a certain point of time, but it is no longer there.

"A strange contradiction! This is an objective fact which may occur in many cases. I may meet a man today, and if through grace I am permitted to know something about his Karma, I may perhaps find that some misfortune or stroke of fate that has fallen on him stands in his Karma, that it is an adjustment of earlier guilt. If I turn to his earlier incarnations and examine what he did then, I do not find his guilty deed registered in the Akashic Record. How does this come about?

"The reason is that Christ has taken upon Himself the objective debt.

"In the moment that I permeate myself with Christ, I discover the deed when I examine the Akashic Record. Christ has taken it into His kingdom and He bears it further, so that when I look away from Christ I cannot find it in the Akashic Record. This distinction must be kept clearly in mind: karmic justice remains, but Christ intervenes in the
effects of the guilt in the spiritual world. He takes over the debt into His kingdom and bears it further. Christ is that Being who, because He is of another kingdom, is able to blot out in the world our debts and our sins, taking them upon Himself."

The Foundations of Esotericism:

"For example, Caesar conceived the idea of crossing the Rubicon and this roused in him certain feelings and desires. What took place at that time corresponds to a combination of astral impulses. The physical deeds on the physical plane have vanished for all eternity.

Caesar's advance can no longer be seen in the Astral Light, but the impulse which drove him to it has remained there. The karmic (astral) correlations with what takes place on the physical plane remain in the Astral Light.

One must accustom oneself to look away from all physical perceptions and only to see the karmic impulses. One must hold fast to these and consciously transpose them back into the physical. There is no purpose in looking for something which might be seen, as though one were looking at a photograph.

The greatest impulses of world history can however no longer be read in the Astral Light, for the impulses of the great initiates were passionless. Whoever therefore reads only in the Astral Light, for him the whole work of the initiates is absent: for example the content of the book `The Great Initiates' by Edouard Schuré could not have been found in the Astral Light. Such impressions are only inscribed in the Ether. What one can read in the Astral Light in connection with what the initiates have done is based on an illusion, because one can only read the results of the lives of the great initiates in the impulses of their pupils. Pupils and even entire peoples have experienced strong and passionate emotions in regard to the actions of the great initiates and these have remained in the Astral Light. But it is so difficult to study the deepest motives of the great initiates because they are only present in the ether.

"Cosmic events — metamorphoses such as those of Atlantis — remain at a still higher level, no longer in the Ether, but in the actual Akasha.

"That is the Akashic Chronicle. This latter is nevertheless connected in a certain way with the most earthly concerns of mankind. For the human being is connected with the great happenings of the Cosmos.

"Every single person is to be found sketched, as it were, in the Akashic Chronicle. What is present there continues further and works its way into the Ether and the Astral Light. The individual human being becomes ever more clearly discernible the more one seeks for him in the lower spheres. And one must study all these spheres in order to understand the real mechanism of Karma."

-Rudolf Steiner

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Seven Aspects of a Sanctified Space- 8th April 1994

A PRESCRIBED chapel becomes as a very anteroom which does rest then between this world and that. Attributed and made special, purpose-used it makes over itself quick-soon the halo, encompassing that very room now made holy.

  1. 1. We make welcome all souls, saints, angels and Deity.
Admission into closed spaces is not easily negotiated by the many invisible beings, who would by invitation, become present. The focus point, the altar, is usually the very doorway into which they are drawn, and it is the nature of many beings to remain outside of any walled room if not given an invitation or direct calling (by certain desire) to be there.

It is not so much that the walls translate into the spiritual domains, but moreover that the walls actually impinge upon the space, as in what goes in and goes out of it. This is true for many emanations and perceptions, and the laws of the angle-meet where lines confer and enclose, do work for certain containment.

This is relevant to that time in particular ceremony where the bells are rung and notice is given for the clearing of a space of unwelcome beings who may not be benign to such activity, and the windows are given an invisible membrane likewise, in the issue of the ringing.

Some beings (the lesser variety) have little or no mal-intent, but are obnoxious because they have been around coarse men and become quite characterized by their behavior. These beings may impinge upon a holy gathering and cause much unwanted disruption, making for irritation and actually trying to invoke or induce a havoc-causing rendition. The reason being that they may feed from the lower emanations as given by the men or women who react in a particular way.

There are of course, mischievous creatures also, which would upset a prayer or interrupt a meditation, for want of attention- which they are used to in the ordinary day to day living. These types of elementary beings are actually brought into the chapel accompanying each individual, who best leave them at the door, literally; and hope that by their future conduct they may be empowered to rework their elemental offspring into finer examples of higher influence.

Added to the attitude and prayers of welcoming to all desirable noteworthys (i.e. calling upon all who revere our Father God and acknowledge Christ as King of the World) we may also assure a special attendance by the way in which the chapel itself is characterized - that it is by its own gravitation inspiring to the gentler beings who would otherwise be offended by ordinary rooms of inhabitance. Which leads us to:-

2. We enhance the area, and seek to ensure the chapel be inoffensive to the Divine.

Enhancing a chapel need not involve extraordinary means of lavish proportion. The properties of any sacred space require that:

a) It be well lit by natural sunlight, and never, if possible, darkened (even when not in use).

b) It be furbished with those requisites which signify with either some direct purpose of usefulness, or hold beauteous value as objects of inspiration or significant meaning.

In other words, every piece within the chapel is to be there for a well thought-out reason and acknowledged as being important to the contribution of the room. If something is unnecessary, then it is best left outside. This too may be well applied to those articles which may be thoughtlessly brought into the room by the attendants (books, handbags, etc.) for it is better to avoid superfluity and its contrasting emanations than hazard them.

c) Ensure that representatives from the plant kingdom be present (either pot-dwelling or fresh-cut). The chapel space becomes as 'outside-in'.

There are compensations to be adjusted because the devotions are within a certain confine - all of the abovementioned prerequisites are exactly that - and no less is the provision of plant life brought into the space. We respectfully acknowledge the life of the plant/s within this special area: the life to which they are firstly connected and do spring out of, is the essential life which inspires us also; with this difference: that the plants actually generate more life than they expire, and for this reason we do venerate them and are uplifted with their presence.

d) The concerted activities and inner expressions of the participants shall speak more for the environment and determine its appeal thereby. It shall be known for what it is, and it can be said, that if there is any such place where something is truly perceived for exactly its value, it is surely in a sanctified space of which this world's veils are transparent.

So we may ensure that the environment is pleasing to higher activity by our direct conduct within the space, and that it be solely for the purpose of devotion, kept strong in that and not weakened by extraneous involvements. Of course there are some chapels in which folk are brought food and associated conversations are unavoidable, however if circumstances allow the strict privilege, then it is best that the convening for consumables and throwaway conversation likewise, be offered in another area, far removed.

3. We build an altar and make an altar-space.

The altar, as stated before, is the actual inner door to the room. It is to where all eyes do go, when projected openly. It is where the concentrated forces are pinioned by the eyes of the men, by the activities streaming in and around that focal-piece.

Raised off the ground, this area is marked with lit candles. These candles preface the way for all of those invisible; and whilst there may be others besides placed here and there about the room, it is recommended that there be several upon the altar, on each corner or end of that space. They are best placed in water, that the water may reflect their light, and there are many ways this can be achieved. (Standing the holders in small baths, or floating candles.)

The candlelights not only help to purify the space, but also to sanction it. The flame brings man a very old representation which enthralls his being, because the fire he has known always, and it is far older than ere even his recollection. Many turn inward their ponderances by glancing at the tip of the candle, and the fire without speaks to the fires within of the many motivations which react within the living core.

The water beneath signifies the perfect containment of each flame, and by the reflection we are caused to ponder our own being, as similar. The water too has ancient origin, and is revivifying to all that lives because its body is Life itself. The action of fire may be considered as the Holy Ghost in element: ever moved to enliven, whilst the water embraces all by its perfection - the I AM of Christ, of which all is contained. The sunlight as does penetrate is verily the consciousness of Christ, and all that is touched by this light is known by Him directly. Let prayers be addressed to the region of the altar, and when spoken openly may this also be, for we bear in mind that it is through this space we are sending our words and our thoughts and our commiserations heavenward, and looking for reply. Therefore the host to the Communion is best facing it also, be it from the back or the front, with attention dwelt there.

4. That we provide an ornamental Cross.

This may or may not be positioned at the altar space, however it is best to be nearby, where it may be appreciated. The actual shape of the Cross reacts with the ethers directly around it. There becomes a conspiring, an activity, out from this humblest of forms. The image of life commands life. This is an esoteric law. The Cross, amongst many other things, is the image of man - in his simplest form. Other images more complex, can be more defining or exaggerated, or in striving for likeness lose to accuracy. However the law is that the model of a man is enough to draw to it the gravitations of life: certain vitalities, properties, elemental attachments etc.

This is our mark, our notation. When upright, it becomes a noble meditation. It says "Man!" It hums in the darkness, it perseveres throughout all time. It signifies our destiny as charted by our Christ, who ennobled it further by His great act of Sacrifice in becoming man.

5. We ensure that the tones of the colors are respectfully pure and inoffensive to the eye.

The colors in a given space hold supreme effect upon those within that space. They need not be seen to be appreciated, and have great sway over those individuals who are steeped in solemn propriety. For it is partial to the sensitivity as brought about by devotional contemplations, that such 'ordinary' contributors become extraordinarily powerful in their persuasion.

So we must be mindful of this and begin to discern this color from that, and come to know of those which contradict and argue with each other, and those which are uplifting to be with - preferably pure and light-filled, rather than muted or muddied in aspect. Each color attracts to it a corresponding being also and so we may happily represent all colors of the spectrum at the one time, providing that they are rich or clear and not combined.

Woven variables are best excluded where possible, keeping the sectors of color clear, plain and precise. This is also more pleasing in aspect and the overall psyche of the individuals in the room shall feel the difference also. Clean, crisp colors, warm rich colors - both are reflective. It is the manner in which they are displayed and combined that is of issue. Patterned fabrics are argumentative and a distraction. Paintings and wall-prints are to be scrutinized as well as to whether or not they truly merit the displaying of, particularly in special regard to the aspect of colors.

6. That we offer song with our dedications.

Music combines in a way which creatively works within a man, and yet also may stretch out from his being into further realms far beyond the reaches of the initial sound. The interplay of harmonies is a statement of both a rejoicing in being and an active creativity, and although Man is only just beginning to come into the realms of song and know of its powers, he is nonetheless rejuvenated much by this participation; whether it be in actual vocalizations or by the reception of another's voice. In song we aspire to our highermost selves, for it is the language of the soul, the notation of harmonies.

7. We may make tributes to the virtues and signify them.

Words indeed are powerful. Usually the fewer there are, the more power there is attached. We may use single words or fully phrased verse, prayer or statement, and have such displayed round-about, here and there, in order that we may be reminded of certain qualities which we should fix our attention upon. Not only do these serve as useful to read, but also the very associative emanations hold beneficial contribution to the chapel as well. Such deliberate contemplations awaken us to our purpose and intent, and are remedial to such failings as we may suffer.

The chapel is not the venue for discussion or open conversation, but rather is to be reserved for spiritual commune and revelation. It is with obedience to the truth and reverence before God, that we enter a sanctified space in full expectation. We are not required to compromise our earthly world, but rather to uphold it by the returning to its strengths and origins, and incorporating the spiritual world back into this existence.

The serious nature of such an endeavor is awesome, for here we have an intent on behalf of those who conspire to enjoy this sacred space and make much of it in the glory to God! No matter what residence or who the people involved, it is a dedication which is respectful, and hopeful and encouraging to all.

Every temple, every chapel, every sanctuary, every church, redefines and upgrades a portion of earthly space, that we may begin to offer back to God that which is His - namely, us. We attribute all that we are and all that we be, to Him. Out from ten grains we give one grain. Out from this plenitude of space, we make but a small space and dedicate it to Him and His, and in earnest searching we may go to this space, singly or in community, and bring gratitude for this our true spirituality.

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To Know Him Well- Easter 3rd April 1994

OUT from the tomb He sprang: this sweet release from fathoms of impiety. There where the death-odors could not penetrate but had clung around the opening and hung waiting in all dark places. . . there inside that cavity then made secure, that in the name of final sanctity the One whom they loved as no other, could now hide cold and silent from the world which had refused Him; with His tortured body dignified and His Angelic armies abashed and dismayed.

"How could this have ever come to be?" they wailed.
"Return to we who love you best!" they implored.
"Where, oh where has He gone to?" they entreated.

For no one did know. No one could see. Christ had returned back to Father God for final counsel and for His provisions.

The Christ had tried on the raiment of imperfection; for it is that Man is incomplete and with need. The path of mortality, the subjugation of Man and his impieties, was so far removed from the original vision, and yet with seed and score intact. The symptoms of evil were the blight of the earth and the abandonment of a Humanity, which was naive to its potent powers of thought and of being.

For in activity one is experiencing- which is necessary to the fulfillment of inner knowledge. However, in the midst of such experiencing one is not relaxed and is unable to refer to that wisdom accrued. Humanity was embroiled in constant activity, relishing the confusions of a vivid and dangerous existence, steeped in the contrasts brought before the soul which accompany the conflicts - and in that time they became overexcited with the scent of blood, and not pious, nor respectful, but rather stimulated by the physical essences.

The Christ was not a dainty, for He was and is the very Strength of the World. When He called upon the Father in His final moments upon the cross up on that hill, it was then His chosen time to withdraw. However the exit was halted by His very Love for the World, and His binding to the frame was as so secure that no shaft or bleed would warrant His Death. He needed also our Father to draw Him back, that He could loosen unto death.

Christ's Body was ever renewing. Just as so He could share the empowerment of His Law over the physical domain, (as well He did by such numerous healings and manifestations) the same empowerment was His also, for that capsule of His. Yet He denied Himself. The Martyr bore the insults of a fraudulent office. He let way to their choices, their prophecy, and surrendered unto the pain of Mankind sufficiently to meet it where it could be found. He wrestled then, with those choices, with all prophecy and with that pain; for His Vision is complete, and His Might the more persuasive, and His Tolerance is as supplication.

Upon His journey back to that same spot - same spot which was to have held the holiest of reliquaries (sweet-smelling not because of the balms that smothered, but perfect within the rancid overflow) - He advanced in completeness, having surveyed the summit and the depths of this His own determination; that He, Christ the Being, pledged Himself to the wanting World and had begun to fulfil the greater works within ongoing Creation. Creation has an unashamedly intemperate wildness about her - youthful in her enthusiasm, still moved to go forth and go on into new and newer expression, ever rejoicing the majesty which motivates her so.

Christ traveled the passage of time that would take Him to the very end. For it was to be that long before He could salvage each soul (out of time) and commend them, He worked the future backwards, He stormed the lower worlds, He made His Presence known, He reclaimed His World, perfectly.

Then, in what appeared as just a matter of days, he returned to that same spot to where His followers had remained and He smiled upon them. He was not over-weary, because He had won out; even over weariness itself, He had won out.

He gave gifts to the mourners and gifts to the disclaimers. He stepped into the shell once more, to prove yet His mastery over this our manifestation. It did comply because there are none who may deny Christ when He is so revealed unto them, and He is convincing by His sweet Presence alone, of which one is overfull with pure joy and pure love.

"Tell us Lord, what it is that You would have us do?"
"Tell us Lord, what it is that You would have us be?"
"Show us the way, and we shall gladly follow and be compliant in earnesty."
Christ craves harmony, and He does promote all that combines in treaty, in unison, in conjoining within Creation and in Spirit, in Man and his World, in Cosmos and its extreme. If every man could but follow His example and love one another, all else would take care of itself. For He is the doorway through to true Life; the mirror of the heart, that only by which may one faithfully represent and retain the truth and the beauty of all spiritual reality.

May we cherish Christ in His actuality. Let no man defame Him, for they who lack the grace of such piety shall soon learn of their misconduct by their expediency, of a tethered soul becoming both frail and without life.

If we seek to know Him, afore qualification, we are nonetheless assured of great and grand result in time. Whereas the man who never wonders and is sore tempted to inquire of Christ, shall be given also that which he has asked for, albeit nothing.

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