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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Spirit of Giving- 22nd December 1991

Good tidings my friend, to you and your kin,
We wish you a merry Christmas with an almighty grin,
May the breadth of your virtue,
Be twice of your sin!

YOU say that you want so dearly to touch the hearts of men, to somehow begin to awaken their minds, to stimulate those places so sensitive and so hidden, so untravelled, so unfrequented that their imaginations fire and new life can breathe again, that dignity be so restored and the chalice of charity is brimful with hopeful and optimistic outcome; that lives are enriched, that the Arts speak from the soul once again, that the many veiled theater of existence moves on from a too long intermission.

Peace on Earth and Goodwill to all Men! With blessings! And every year turns around, and the souls come in and the souls depart. Fashions change, vanity presumes, age creeps in; and progress is all too slow with quickened enterprise.

One donkey can carry three men, one farmer can feed many others, one book can service scores of thousands, the prayers of one may sustain - how many? Many, many - for what ripples out from the few, will in time, lap at the feet of many. The boat builder, the parent, the cloth weaver, accommodate many other than themselves - and here is the profound effect, that the work of one, the labor spent, which is not for the one but for more, goes on and this is possible.

Not the extortionist, not the unprovider, not he who is the negotiator, not he who is the slaver. Not the man who takes unto himself, for he who offers nothing is a veritable Scrooge.

For all that God gives, has within it the power to multiply. Every talent, each limb, each wish, each effort of goodwill, each humble duty performed - through which we may perceive such acts of multiplication. Look to the new life spawned within the garden! The replenishment, the propagation; and we too have the mercy of seeing the contrast of a prosperous act from that which gives nothing. Here is true satisfaction, the soul-food that speaks to the seeker, whether of humble origin or fired intellect, they know that satisfaction.

We may all witness the truly profitable. We may all sense usefulness, and wonder how life itself perpetuates. Rebirth redeems and answers all death; new opportunities, new days, new moments, ever renewal. 

Here is the measure for value analysis: from my act, will more than I profit? If every man used such weighty consideration before planning the day's calendar, how then would the world progress? It is good economy, it is good sense. 

Time is measured ever so strangely. Some consider that the time of employment, or the time spent in labor for another, or for the further propagation of some good work, as time wasted or lost when they could have been attending to something else. But if one were to suggest that the time accounted for in after-life is only that time of selfless employment, that being the fruitful fulfillment of higher being, then should we be surprised?

Many object to occult laws not because of the uncomfortable uncertainty, but because of an uncomfortable recognition of their correctness. The lesser man within all of us is quick to aggravation - he, as the ass, pulls this way and that and requires definite direction, coaxing and determination. 

The spirit of giving is of giving and giving. It is this spirit we seek to call, to invoke, to awaken and revivify constantly. The mystery of the fishes and the loaves was that they were given to many; and just enough - they were not in abundance for a few, and they did not fall short in number for the needy. And we shall all be provided for, if all men would recognize this. This is the wish at Christmas, this is the opportunity. He who would take unto himself will go without, without the certain knowledge that there is so much more if he would but share it around. 

Such graciousness needs be also for inner charity for those Graces which shower abundantly upon a man - the well that never empties: that of kindness, that of appreciation, that of peacefulness, that of congratulation, of forgiveness, of latitude of understanding, of sharing, of inner love, of sympathy, of higher love, of receiving those Heavenly inspirations and passing them through to another. These too are replenished and fruitful, not just for one, but for many.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Self Denial- 20th December 1991

Big crash

IS there a remedy for failure? If so, most would probably look for it in success. However rather than look to presumed opposites, one may look to completion and longing, fortitude and resistance, and one's ability to prevail regardless of either success or failure - therefore the strength is in neither, but in rather the prevailing and the knowledge thereof. 

Of all the human errors, the vice, the sin, the weaknesses, the habits detrimental and the contrasts which are contested from the very highest of our nobilities, one might look for remedial qualities which counterbalance such extremes and 'save the day' as it were. One can say that it is true to establish that not only are the elements of goodness and beauty intrinsically of pure value to man, but also as remedy to that which is not preferred to the soul - the secondary value being as answer, as remedy, to conditions which are but second-best, and at the very worst, devastating to the soul-life; being but a contradiction of holy health when we have fallen from grace.

Impure passions, imperfect goodness, improvised and adjusted, perverted and unreliably projected - we may inadvertently mistake our place amongst the guideposts of spiritual law and walk the other way along those paths which turn anywhere but to our desired journey. If the path leads away from the heart, away from purity, then one must stop and question their direction. Stern questioning is preferable to future altercations.

It is unthinkable that a man should request unquestioning devotion to be showered upon himself, whatever the justification, whatever the revelations he brings. For such devotion compromises the freedom of the devotee and inhibits true love for the work, for the whole, for himself - who by weakened ego-condition cleaves to he who by will is the stronger, who commands him this way and that. This is why we must be devoted first and foremostly to Christ and the Father and let no one persuade us that they offer truer representation. 

For at the end of the day who is accountable? Who decides and who discerns, and who must struggle if it is not the individuality which is you? Who shall recover, who shall sit by the bedside, who has been there from the first days to the last, if it is not He, He who is not transitory and He who is not as puffball to the wind? 

If one is to know any measure of that divine upstanding which infills the character and replenishes the soul and comes to devotion which is unshakeable and made more real with every affirmation, with every breath of certainty, then they shall not trust in man but only in God. Conditions change, but God does not. Men may be tempted, may shake and quaver, may thunder and self-exalt, may protest and proclaim, may find cleverness and thus entice; but that they endure, is only because of He who endures them throughout.

There are those who would beguile you by offering that which is not theirs to give; and those who would tempt you, and make promise of that which you already have, with or without them. It is one thing to be bonded in love mutually with those who through great affection and experience are known especially to you - but it is another to make demands of a man whereby the affection is based upon particular fulfillment from either party.

Men may stand alongside each other and work with cooperation, and produce mighty results in such mutual striving. Or men might secretly desire from each other, and make such abuse of what might have been a natural affection.

The pupil who seeks out the grandiose master, and is answered, is wide-eyed and full of expectation. And although unpresuming to the dangers of misinformed spirituality, shall nonetheless be responsible for their desires and wants, beriddled by greed, seeking to 'eke out' something of the magnificent and draw it from that promiser of mysteries. Who is the greater fool? The fool who presumes to know or the fool who seeks to know from the fool?

One cannot bargain with knowledge; nor can one dress like a king and become one. At times such silliness in spiritual pursuits is not only a great distraction, but destruction. Because those who would otherwise be so enlivened to true and proper teaching, are lost for a time, panning for gold in the sewer, calling for rain in the desert; building card-houses of lies so ill-supported and destined for collapse.

For those who work steadily without compromise, it is unnerving that those who should have the ears to hear, heed them not. For the glamor of the bandied words, the muddled teachings, confuses them so and they become more dreamlike than ever. 

When will men tire of games? The pretence and the arguments are outstanding. All of the time men know that which is right, pure and good, and to the point - and still seek explanation. This of itself is a mystery: the mystery of self-denial. The point being - and let us be quite clear and to the point - is that men constantly deny their hearts, and what they know to be true.

We must be cautious. We are to be warned at all times when we come to ignore our conscience, when we stifle our inner voice and inner sensibilities- and watch for those times of fruitless compromise. Perhaps some are overly zealous in scrutiny, in searching; perhaps we are hesitant in trusting to ourselves. One need not ever impose on another or confuse the lower desires with those heartfelt and acknowledged. However, often as not, more often as not, we know immediately the true from the false in a given situation and then later there are arguments and perspectives; and qualified opinion and all sorts of other chatter that comes in to the contrary. 

There is a saying: "Trust to your instincts", perhaps better put - "Trust to your soul-experience, trust to your conscience, develop discernment of the heart, that with clarity and selfless perception, we are true to the order of the one and only reality: our heavenly perspective." Falter not. Consider quietly that which is put before you, but always put your own discernment first, and do not adopt another's.

Wise and careful choosing, prudent consideration, may well be called upon in any given situation. However when 'spiritual truths' are set before you, the very concepts hurled upon you, the immediate deciding factor flashes within before the inner gaze, and you will recognize firstly whether it is correct or not.

If a man tells you that you are to be devoted to him, what are your immediate impressions? Examine this carefully first - objections aside. Practice self-consideration. If a man tells you that you cannot be devoted directly to the Hierarchies, that you cannot love God or Christ in the immediate - that it is impossible to achieve this - what are your first impressions? Not second, not third, no clever arguments, no explanation; but what is the clarity of the notion, of this very real concept put before you to digest?

Every time we try to 'explain away' something which we know to be wrong, we deny ourselves: our true and highest self. In daily transactions, in improper motivations, in hapless justifications, with inflated and inflamed status, we constantly deny reality and that which within is known to be true.

Therefore as a student of the truth we must ever rely upon our own abilities to call upon the inner voice for first counsel, always. The more that we adhere to this practice, the clearer the voice will be heard. And no one may replace this; and no man may offer better advice or insight. The largest problem in the world today, is not the question of what men do not know, but that they refuse to act upon that which they do know.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bird to Tree- 19th December 1991

IF ONE has cared to stare long enough at the spasms (yes spasms) of cloud formations which waft by, before becoming so laden and cumbersome and weight-bound that dissipation downwards is the only way to go, they will undoubtedly observe something of the higher movements which swell and work their way throughout the immediate hemisphere - the currents which rotate, the currents which expel, and the currents which in spiral latitude spin beneath and around and throughout the mighty mists. These being the fields and foreign pastures of our gentle magnificent creatures with wings, who on their pinions, encircle with down-draught, with air-swell, in gliding procession, in rapture of freedom, as perfect expression; the greatest of all mobility far exceeding any other creature, who unlike they, are earthbound and know not the skies.

Man's relationship to the upper atmosphere is clumsy and awkward and has never been so coherent or astute; save for those times when his very earthly body is so expelled and he is free to move about with similar operation.

If one is to venture into any observation of a particular kingdom it is best to do so without blanket assumptions. The first false notion being, namely: that all creatures which are not as Man must be the same, with consciousness and function, capability and offerings, inclinations and impulses all one of the same. Rather, we go to each kingdom and their representatives and inquire most respectfully and presume nothing of which we know not, about their personal identities or individual attributes.

As we all know, a dead man is far different to a live man. The dead man may hold appearances quite similar however, although the physical details hold true for both - even disregarding the question of vitalities, there is clearly a grave difference worth definition. The beasts which pertain to earthly habitat vary in manners of conscious expression. Some are notably more of realms which pertain to a differing consciousness, their physical bodies being only one part of the integral system. Just so for all creatures, just so for all kingdoms. 

I may stand upon a mountain with my head quite hidden from view - imagine that a mist conceals my head and the torso is all that you see of me. Then the name I might be given and the form that I might be taken for might be an example of this picture of me that you do hold. But what if I am buried, buried in the mud right up to my neck? As a creature I might have a different name, for the head would be all that is recognized. This example is an extreme oversimplification indeed, but the point is that we cannot simply judge our limited views of physical manifestation on the grounds that we visually see a physical creature - being but one attributable feature to their constitution which lives and dwells and manifests within a multitude of realms concurrently.

How we ourselves appear to those who are not of this world, in part is also so very different - depending from where they stand and in what region. Complete pictures are hidden from view. We only ever perceive partial interpretations of that which is before us.

The notion of 'sameness' is misleading, false and lazy. Species are species because they are divorced out from 'sameness' and no species likes to be considered as a lumped congregate which is stripped from its identity to be placed amongst their arms-length cousins. Therefore one must be very careful when entering into speculation or guesswork about the true nature and instinct of a given species.

Development is necessarily acute and far reaching, depending upon the streams of evolutionary pathways a particular species has floated and formed through. Also one might say that there are kind affections in Heaven, not unlike a man who might take to the care and nurture of a pet, but where verily a god himself has chosen to take a hand in the progressive evolution and expression within a given species. That the species may be animated, but as the 'dead man' be so indistinct in its heavenly properties and loosely connected - being yet but a primal formation; perhaps even a moving organ of Man himself, and then is taken up as it were, by those who imbue such loveliness or characteristics which defy simple impulse. And alike to a fairy godmother they are imparted with qualities anew, and so reshaped akin to their friend/master/god of affection. 

On a far away planet somewhere quite unseen, there may be a tree amongst many others, and this garden is of men and that tree is of you, and whether it is of the past or of the future, it is presently manifest. Caution yourselves when you look to tree or to bird, or for that matter any item which breathes amongst the ethers, for not all physical creatures are beings who are conscious here. Their consciousness may be placed like the well-hidden egg on gigantic jagged mount - the eagle’s eyrie that may not be approached, but is nonetheless there.

Not all plants afforded the title of plant, for want of a better word, are similar in any respect, save that they are visible and relatively inanimate. Some species are so closely linked with partners that the relationship between the two - the interdependences, the play of life and lifestyle - bridges most beautifully the two contrasting beings, so that the evolution is very much mixed, and so comparative. What are fish without water, and birds without trees? Oddly enough the relationship can be so, that one is not one without the other. It becomes evident we too are to be regarded similarly.

It is stated that man is essentially a septenary being. It is convenient to begin somewhere and draw divisions, however as man the human spirit is to the beast that carries the spirit within, we are two; and similarly so the bird speaks to the tree. This relationship is of great importance - and it does not stop there.

Although species vary in those ways in which they are insteeped in a particular realm - how active they are within the ethers and beyond - one may take example of a complete ecosystem and well relate it to the composition of a man. But the stringy hair on a coconut does not make it a head!

It is no easy task setting about on a five minute study of anything so very complicated as the complete attributes of a given species. But what may be said most clearly, is one cannot generalize about the individual kingdoms, and that they have their very highest representatives respectively, as also the slower brothers - the apex and the dross who are all incorporated in group or singly, and merited accordingly. Also added to this there are those features attributable which stream forth, depending on characteristics and their development - cosmic impulses, imbuing design, making ever yet more wonderful combinations.

However, it is possible for consciousness to be so shared and so linked and evolutions entwined. And so we return to our bird upon the bough. That the bird so knows the tree, that the tree so knows the bird - can you imagine it?

We work to become so independently sensitive that we shall come to know our brothers, know the mind of God the Father, know of the multitude of cohabitant creatures; and not only converse, but share insights so intimately that for a time we become as them. Some are developed in ways which partially afford this; this 'time out' to identify without surrendering identity in the very process. For the gifted few who are within that span of development, there can be such a meeting of consciousness with mutual comprehension.

Our native brothers could slip very easily into this condition amongst the various animals so signatured, adopted and made into relation. Here again was something of a necessity for the division to be made - as with a wall between both - so that man might firstly come to the identity of man, rather than community with beast, which was by method, by function, then possible. So too with angel, so too with plant and elemental.

However, this the tree and the bird still have, which is especial to them. Now the bird as living leaf, and now the dreaming tree whose emanations reach high into the clouds - both so intimate and now so related. As man is to his body (his beast), as the devas of fire are so related to pop-guns.

Excuse the humor, but one is cautious when divisions are entered into. For reality proves the interdependency, the interrelationship of all species, first and foremost. There are countless species and families within each, remarkably coexisting - not only those which are visible; all with their influence, all with their being, and all having unfolded from the one nightshirt.

If I ingest a plant and take that plant into myself, we are for a time conjoined. We may struggle and push to persuade each other, we may choose to part, we may enhance each other, we are nonetheless, intertwined. As to water, as to ether, as to fire, as to earth; as to kingdoms of varying planetudes - all creatures great and small! 

Divisions defined are useful when necessary to a purpose, but divisions for sake of such, are rudimentary but not explicit. The nature of truth is like that: it can be simple, simply put, simply interpreted, simply grasped. The actual comprehension of truth is far from a simple digestion. The truth itself is at the front of a wave of preceding knowledge which from the embankment, streams back into eternity - the complex past which pushes forth, the comprising truth, blazing comet-tail trails executed with precisioned momentum. Continuum is the substance of truth, truth which is the consciousness. All that has preceded is inextricably, investigatably, interpretively, that of the whole truth - the simple truth, affronting the larger truth. Interpretation of the physical world is the receiving of the simple truths. For being caught within the specific limits of time, we are not privy upon first surface examination, to extend past the simple truth front to view behind, to examine the wholeness. For this takes a many-leveled perspective, and all information which is not digested intellectually or impressionably or by experience direct, is either abstract or by way of imagination or of clairvoyant interpretation (which is seldom and not clear).

Each sensory interpretation speaks to each other, but not with clarity. For we are overwhelmed with the physical sensations firstly, and habitual motivations along with effort of will and so forth, as we try to develop those qualities which will one day speak to us of that which we seek now to interpret.

Clairvoyance can be much alike to a microscope, or for that matter a telescope. There can be lenses which are capable and lenses extraordinarily more powerful and accurate. A man with a penny telescope will tell you seriously that he sees no rings around Saturn.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Frog Playing Harp- 15th December 1991

YOU should be able to 'feel' the nature of any writing - even when the manuscript has been copied - by the mere touch of the fingertips. If you run the fingers along the print and retain the impressions that come from this initial encounter, there shall be something of the measure, content, vitality, essence and character of the intended message which lies within the word-formula.

Whilst of course, this may never take the place of a 'good read' with proper consideration of any work, it may be a useful exercise in later qualifying or comparing such first impressions, opposed to later, and review accordingly. For as mentioned earlier, words upon a page, do of themselves issue much into the ethers. Similar to all computations which are designed and set, they hold living qualities unique unto the intrinsic composition.

Not all works are favorable or compatible with one's current forms of thought or being. Some may upset, or of themselves be quite destructive and volatile, or of little significance.

One must not be overtaken by fads or by trivial behavior which confuses true insights with quick and easy novelties. But having made that apparent, it is also true to say that there are small practices which may assist the student in becoming in part, more sensitive, more aware of his environment, without rendering him consumed by such practices.

Another example of such a helpful tool is namely that of annunciating, in company or without, certain words which stimulate a most positive smile within. They need not be directly related to conversation or to positive implication, but personally call upon a smile and a relief, which helps break the tension and diverts the condensation of intense thought which hitherto has become noticeably restrictive.

For example: if I were to say to you, "Green jelly!" or "Happy holiday!", "Big teeth, great smile"!, "Foibles!", "Turtle on rye!", "Frog playing harp!" and so forth. Whatever invokes instantaneous cheer and gentle humour will suffice. It may appear as complete nonsense and an overindulgence would not be advisable, for there are institutions devoted to housing such people who maintain this sentence structure day long. However, cheery nonsensical exclamations, intermittently, can be useful - and surprisingly enough can actually assist in returning a certain sense of normalcy to a situation which is becoming over accentuated. For perspectives need shift, and radically each sentence requires punctuation.

Another helpful tip one might like to try: Choose a small vegetable or nut and try carrying it everywhere upon your person (in your pocket or in your bag) for a whole day. During the day take it out and examine it - it may be a cherry tomato, it may be a hazelnut; obviously the larger it is, the harder it will be to carry it comfortably. Study and befriend this whole fruit or vegetable or nut and appreciate its presence. Whether or not you care to eat it come night-time is another matter. In point of fact, you probably will not want to do so, but by entering into this small relationship you shall come to an unusual consideration for the species, whilst at the same time be imparted during that day, with aspects of its very character and vitality. Thus the flower in the lapel. You may decide this for yourself.

There are many little exercises which may be helpful in increasing one's awareness of sensitivities, and also observation of such. The natural world becomes a great teacher if we may begin to unlock and unravel the smallest of intricate and otherwise complicated messages.

How often when we speak to another man, are we caught by a particular feature and focus upon such physical attribute, and consciously or not we become persuaded that this is the man or woman before us. These are small exercises which awaken us to the truth that we must not be satisfied with casual impressions, or for that matter unconscious impressions which may be tangled up with mingled comparisons of our own.

Any study of fruit or of word in any respective region, will undeniably assist us to observe and study elsewhere in all encounters. So we strive to be wakeful and considerate, observant and not overly receptive, however knowledgeable of that which we are receptive to.

So we do not try to force the faculties and replace sensory experience for a world of subtle impressions, but rather try to determine the relationship of both, and our concurrent awareness of. Not to lose consciousness, but rather to be so stimulated that we become more refined and attuned in our daily consciousness, and therefore more generally content, for there is strength in such awareness. When symbols and features confuse us, when interpretation of the world appears unachievable, it is then that we are given over to stressful complaints; for we are uncomfortable and know not why.

If I carry a vegetable, I do not have to become as the vegetable. My days learning need not be satisfied by this one small exercise. However, it can be a very useful adjunct, especially as I introduce the vegetable to my world in all its aspects, and am given to consideration of that very life and vitality which speaks to me from him and his.

We are all representatives of our relations- each and every one of us. The powers and the impulses which stream down and through to that cherry tomato are cosmically inclined, a living representation of his god himself. That form is no accident, the color is by design.

Carry as little money on your personage as possible. Folk prefer new notes, because they know instinctively that they are not tainted by past transactions, by fingerprints of countless eager hands. It is not so much to say that new money smells good, but rather old money smells exceedingly bad! That sickening smell awakes our sensitivities to the undesirous nature of those notes we carry with us.

A little bag of grain used to be carried in a similar fashion to the vegetable exercise outlined above. However the properties of seed react upon us in a different way and are not entirely suited to contemplation by the student. For seed contemplation may be far more overwhelming to the unprepared and underdeveloped, as it will speak not so much of characteristics, than of vitalities. Over-stimulation is never desirable.

Practicing the telling of a good story is not only a wonderful art, but a disciplinary exercise for consideration of others interest. It is vital that we should be aware of those times when our words become as lead, and those times when we impart meaningful and happy notes. It is true that a good story loses something in the telling, and therefore it is more significant that we should work upon just one, and so try to refine and bring into the telling that which genuinely gives something to the listener.

If we fail to be observant, if we choose to ignore the closed windows, so to speak, then we shall tire ourselves as well as others, when we are called to relay teachings or instructions, which albeit are worthwhile but lost in the manner of the telling. It is no less sincere to be so contrived. Language as an art is much given to improvisation these days -spontaneous outbursts can be stimulating indeed - and yet usually it is more the case that we do not speak with lively tongue, but rely on rehearsed repetition which is uncaptivating to all.

If a speaker has little love or enthusiasm for his subject, it is not surprising that he fails to impart or incite much interest either. Therefore, we are best given to speak firstly of that which we genuinely hold affection for, and to balance this with careful observation of he who we would give to, this our treasured concern.

Listening too, requires much intelligent review. Do we listen to another, simply awaiting the pause or the break, in which we may interject? Or do we listen to another, in order to glean and share experience and enhance the meeting, with a meeting of heart and mind?

When we are in company it is important that each and every one is comfortable, as comfortable as possible. Therefore it is first courtesy to ascertain this, before any conversation is to 'take off' - a shift of positions, of rooms, of appearances, foodstuffs and room temperature, personality adjustments and so forth. For as host to another, we are obliged to consider their requirements firstly and strive not to entertain or inform, but make as possible, a possible setting for a wonderful interplay of thoughtful argument (not as in argue) and experience the moments of unison to follow.

Therefore grumbling and complaints are out of the question, as these are unsettling and make all very uncomfortable. Apologies and confessions are great openers, as long as they do not bring grief to either party. People usually start from some point of agreement, and if you admit to some small failing they will usually consent, whilst at the same time become all the more relaxed.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Oil on Water- 11th December 1991

Charity, Mother of Virtue, Mother Charity, Angelos Caritas
WE may invoke a counter-magic, in order to set aright all of those invocations from those who blaspheme . . . One need not be surprised to discover the very real harm which does come, not from the innocent and not from he who is stupid, but out from he who does deny sorely that which he knows in heart and in conscience, and negates such true and proper inclinations, and rather emits vulgarities in nature, unproductive argument and devious, self-placed design.

We must answer not only the doubtful, the dubious, but moreover, the wretched; who in commonplace manner, defy and deny all spiritual heritage. And yes, they may take the form of believers also - many a criminal would mouth the words which insult his true thought, and vice versa. However, lies are lies, wherever, whoever; and it is a special task indeed to be both watchful and forthright when one encounters deceit and deception.

No one can 'make good' another man's wrongful or evil emission. But by careful and prudent perception, assaying fact from fancy, measuring man from word and discerning credibility, sensibility and motivation, one can be helped twofold: that the ethers be somewhat cleansed by such effort, and that self-reflection become more tardy and addressed with greater deliberation.

There are waves of lies that hang heavy, sometimes dormant, sometimes cloudy, around an area which encompasses a man or his house; or perhaps his meeting place. And we may enter into such an oppressed condition; and if sensitive to that environment, we may unknowingly suffer much confusion thereby. For alone we are as one glimmering speck amongst the refuse, and may easily be coerced into surrendering our identity to that which appears, more persuasively, to be a greater reality. So we must be mindful that we may call upon those who we desire to help us in our exploits, that we may go forth into a situation, not as one but with the undefiable stronghold of a veritable host, that the glimmer may become radiant, and permeate the greatest of heavily hung cloud-thought – oppressive, stagnant and pungent to the human condition.

Enchantments may weave almost any design, for there are creators who are deft and proficient, whom we may not so readily apply ourselves to, whatever the good wish or motivation. When one remembers the folk tales in this regard, it is important to note that one must firstly retain their individuality no matter what they may happen upon exterialy; and hold fast with both sword and shield, fearless and confident, and ready for that one moment of certain application. 
Many a saint held fast and would not give over his divine identity - the point was of renouncement; the price to many would appear so great. Are we to negate or negotiate our freedom, or our greatest loves, simply to appease some fiend or foul-mouthed renegade? How often we are put to the test, by neighbor, who unwittingly seeks our compliance and our complaisance. And do we surrender or do we hold fast?

Remembering also that an aggressive response is also a form of denial of that true certainty. If we are to answer the tribulations that affront the world of thought then we are not by measure to spark the flame with more of the same. We cannot be over-sure, we cannot be sustained by pride alone, we cannot endeavor to offer the cherished gifts of wisdom along with insults and condemnation.

And so there is a precarious mix afforded us whereupon we are duty-bound to answer all untruths, firstly within ourselves and secondly, back to the world; but by being so transformed that they may injure no more.

It is a steady regulation that is therefore required. We may ever work for such development, that we ourselves become as regulatory monitors of each and every confrontation. To do this, we also ask for assistance, for we must realize that we cannot and do not stand alone in this dark and dreary place. It does happen sometimes, that one may stand in dense fog, and not see even his own hand, until he holds it closer to his eyes. So we are not to be misguided or mistaken, that those Powers of assistance are at too far a distance as to be called upon, for verily, they are at 'arm's length' and awaiting; humbly awaiting.

Such oppression is manifest wherever people dwell. In part, in measure, we do carry burdensome preponderances of our own, we know too well. Oft times people seek out company which shares similar densities and weights which stifle spirit and true happinesses. There is little alleviation in this, and comfort is no more extraordinary. However, folk generate more of the same with gloomy and earthbound results. The promulgation of such oppressive thought-clouds, becomes representative of a soul-condition that is so recognized it becomes assumed that this is the very plane of consciousness.

If a man is to live with too much of this murky pollution - in dullness and in clouds of darkness - then he is so accustomed and begins to view the entire world with 'night-eyes'. Then the contrast - when the clouds are: lifted away, shafted away, drifting away - becomes awesome and painful, and so brilliant as to cause momentarily another form of blindness. So they mistake their newly acquired vision for yet a greater way to blindness and are so confused that they are inclined to immediately withdraw back into the shadows from where they are attuned. Would that they might confront the grand realities long enough to be more accustomed, they would then enjoy the 'revelations' which are so often called for.

The soul lies adrift like oil upon the water, and as one unto another, the mingle of one's wakeful consciousness and soul-consciousness, relate to each other according to the levels of visibility.

And He who stands with the Heavenly lamp, may cause men to take a fright at the length of their own shadows - but also too, to see the world as is and not in sorrow. For a real smile is far more potent than one thousand masks - what use is a party, if there is nothing to rejoice? How often men fake gaiety and try to assume frivolity, when truly they sorrow together.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Condemnation & Charity- 9th December 1991

Whilst men dig graves for other men,
And women bring the new life in;
How busy we are, how busy we be,
How short the longest life,
How long our misery.
THERE are two types of condemnation: one is conversant, by which experience measures fault and future mistake; whilst the other is but an uneducated bias, which is all too quick with bile and venom, and judgment which is extraordinarily unfounded. Therefore if we are to judge wisely and correctly it is as former sinners who have fallen from Grace herself. Whether by firsthand recollection or by imprint on memory lost to a former age, nonetheless the guilt and blood past spent has left its remorse and admonishments upon us. 

Were we to judge and proclaim our innocence complete, then we would be misrepresented; and mistaken also in gauging our brother's future regret. Therefore we perceive all men to be holy, with none other so perfect as to be compared with the Father. Rather, we are all with guilt and folly and all of splendid origins. Here lies great and greater paradox. Here we may enjoy humility and yet disgrace.

No one man may pride himself on a glory surpassing his brother; no one may endure without the love and leverage, the grace and forgiveness of his kin and King. Who may be truly exalted, and beyond tears? Tears for those misguided and tears of triumphs to come. We do not lay down our face in the mud that others may not soil their feet. Conversely, we do not seek to walk on the backs of the fallen. Greater happinesses are to be found in the most humble and holy of recognitions.

Condemnation which calls not from the conscience, is self which has met with the trials of martyrdom, and made weak by the actions of destruction and denial. Those men who spit and defile the sacred imaginings, who scorn and scoff and know not the slightest of true repentance - these we must pray for; and pray for we might, for they are sorry and forlorn, stupid to the heavenly world and the presence of God.

Men would seek to steal with vanity vain that which is most worthless, and cannot beg and address He on high for that which would be given to sustain them. Where is the sensibility? Where is the cherished love for humanity? That we should put more credence in folly filled exploits and give over to impermanent passions which beguile and distort and make feeble the gentle empowered constitution?

Charity is a gentle soul indeed. She asks for nothing, she is steadfast and with fortitude. She is so developed that she may bring many a gift; not the least being motivation to those she has tended. For those who implore Charity, calling forth on behalf of others, are tended to also - infilled with her sweet presence. Much is made known to them who are faithful servants to her calling, for it is she who has domain over many a secret and a wisdom.

Those who seek kingdoms may be content with regions of swamp where the cold-blooded reptilians slither and slosh. But they may not know of those places which are truly marvelous and well worth exploring. They may not be shown entrance or pass into realms given over to great dreams, worlds whereupon visions are made and become manifest, worlds of substance: dream-substance, dreams of inspiration not of fancy. If they would but consult Charity and heed her slight ways, then perhaps these worlds would become apparent and made known . . .

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Goodness, Greatness & Glory- 20th November 1991

SURELY with clarity, we do not perceive our troubled lot; for if we knew such sad predicament we would be forlornly dashed irrevocably. Moreover still, as we endure with enhanced fascination and untiring curiosities, we also lack grave insights as to the true order of magnificent glory in which we are haloed and bathe in daily. For as indicated, extremes are never so desirous- extremes that would shatter and break apart a man in the very sensing. So we quietly have knowing which is both linked but separate, distinct from the experience of such enlightenment.

We are cast into abstraction and extraction to distill and purify the potent expressions of our innermost and outermost being. We come into a life that is all consuming; our consciousness is bound for a term with only the sweet relief that slumber brings. We are so enmeshed in both subtle and blatant actualities that our thoughts may be stern one moment and flip the other, and our duality of inner man coupled with earthly consciousness walks the world semi-incognito.

Outer dance is inner joy manifest. Outer song expressed is active creation fulfilled.

The grey and sullen tones that conspire from the tongues of the dubious and the doubt-filled, that lack the resonance of he who would truly be in clarity, are dull and listless and without reflection. Whilst the higher strivings of an awakening soul who maintains that perplexity is no deterrent to his efforts of perception, the man who at best is defiant of the doubting ways - those doubting ways which are negligent of beauty, but brimful of conceit - at worst is humbled by this his unknowing.

If we fail or we falter it is not because we are frail and unwary, nor is it because we are unloved. For all failure as perceived through these our earthly eyes is but skip and joy to our highermost being, who is ever mindful of further opportunities made possible with greater consequences.

There can be no delight derived from sorrow, not even that of our own, but there can be delight in the fruit and the promise which specifies that all sorrow will pass and touches not our true being. That the days ahead are much the brighter; and if we have ever come to know of great happiness, if only briefly have we kissed the cheek of her loveliness, then surely we must be patient and expectant of her coming again.

Remorse and deep regret are imprinted on each soul stained with misgivings of error and immorality. We all share the questions which cannot set the past aright within the very spectrum of what has been. Only may we address such regret in future callings which will and do present themselves again. In this we have great hope and sense; and time is limitless for all of this to be resolved.

Know then peace in times of struggle. Acknowledge yes, the outer world constantly and meet all obligations faithfully. And when the earth crumbles away, know the fortitude that comes only with a strong regard for that which is truly essential and enduring.

Be shameful of your sins, but not so completely that that you deny your divinity. Give to each man similar regard. For we will all be made bare, as bare and as beautiful as the babes who enter into the world, held tight as we tremble in the bosom of Heaven's sweet nurture.

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