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Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Testing of Experience -11th April 1991

THE physical body does not experience pleasure, rather the causal, astral bodies signify the resonance that the certain physical pleasures may inspire. For example, the sweet that you are eating: although the physical body registers both nourishment and sugars, it does not of itself experience the pleasure in which your consciousness takes part in.

Such pleasure is voluntary, when one succumbs to the essence within the sugars, and the essence that has more reality within etherical and astral substance: the character and nature of the sugar, rather than its chemical and organic composition. Pleasures cannot take part within the 'mental world' in this context, as thoughts themselves are indifferent as it were, to the colored impulses that receive and deflect.

Physical pain of course, is a reality. However there is much 'anguish' that can reach extremes, which may or may not be provoked by such physical pain. Let us say that this may be termed by many as 'mental anguish' and once again, is viewed as living purely through the thought-world alone.

In the instance of pleasures, as we have indicated, the man receives such pleasures and delights therein in a voluntary way, giving over to that which we have termed - for the time being - as the essence of that which he derives pleasure from. All of this is relating to and responding to, the astral and etheric substance in both. 

In the case of pain, we have opposition within the man to that which confronts his being, and the conflict and rejection marks the intensity of the pain, believed to be mental, that is experienced within the human constitution. Neither of these conditions is a comment as to whether or not indulgence in either should lead to an unhealthy destruction of the individual, but is meant as something of an explanation of the process that we are involved in constantly in daily life.

The physical body may be viewed as something of a 'poor cousin' in the sense that it is always the last to be told - meaning that it is always the last expression of that which has gone before; a very tangible reflection to a limited extent of what passes through from spirit to soul, astral to ether, and then finally expresses through the physical.

To have an overview as to what inhibits or motivates us in daily life is a prerequisite for being able to manage and cope with the forces that provoke responses continually, day by day. Thus many aspiring yogis and ascetics strove to becalm their interaction with the subtle worlds, in order to rise above the demands made either way. 

However, life itself, the very nature of life itself, is a series of confrontations and response, and should one cease in this, then one should cease to take a vital role in living. And so one can recognize the true nature behind those confrontations and respond accordingly and consciously, rather than be led through life by the nose.

Part 2

Partaking of the bread together…8th April 1991

PARTAKING of the bread together, “in My Name”- that's all that was asked of folk who wish to come together and ponder the holy wonder of the world, as far as groups go. All bread is holy, it is the manner (manna! excuse the pun!) in which it is taken.

Beware of grievous definitions. Beware of sensationalism. Beware of self-importance becoming inflamed - for salt has the most wonderful properties for purifying a wound that it might heal, but it smarts also.

All has been warned and explained. There are folk who would use teachings to meet an end of their own desire, and this will taint any teaching they may hold. The silver shall black.

If you feel hesitation after reviewing what you know, there is no harm in holding back, until you can feel quite certain that the teachings may be passed on with the spirit in which they are given. We care for wisdom lovingly as we would our children. It is not a question of greed in holding back, but caution and care that is necessary.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Art in Creation- 8th April 1991

IT does us well to observe that everything in Nature, if we were to describe it, perhaps would be aptly described as being laid out visually in the best of possible taste. Landscapes of various terrains, in color and form, are extremely pleasing to the eye and the soul who beholds them. Seascapes to mountains, animals and plants - all of creation is happily observed and is satisfying to any individual. In point of fact the more one observes, the more the inherent beauty becomes apparent.

If one were to design with a palette those forms and colors with creativity afresh, could one better what is already there in any facet of Nature in her splendor? Just perhaps a tone of color might clash slightly off pitch, or the gentle lines of the landscape may falter. Could we perfect a plant, recreate a beast?

It is often assumed that one loves what one knows. Science fiction would tell us - as many writers have attempted new worlds - that it is simply a case of the familiar, and that the appeal to our senses and then through to our perception, is a love of the ordinary. Many a child delights in their first encounter with a garden or a goldfish, a sunset or a loving face.

We suggest that it is often overlooked that our world is designed most happily, and it is small wonder that an artist should rejoice in drawing from their habitat the blended perfections of the spirit in manifestation.

A materialist would suggest that the world was created for function alone, with no explanations as to why it holds beauty at all. An atheist might suggest that the perfumed scent of a bud or the sweetness of honey was mere luck as far as Man and his compatibility is concerned.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Declarations are truly to be inner- 7th April 1991

Declarations are truly to be inner and it should be put forth ever anew, renewing and reinstating, for this is the nature of a live teaching. 

Big-noting oneself leads to laziness and subsequent effortlessness. 

If it could work otherwise, if the language of the past and picture concepts of the past carried enough vitality to impress and inspire the soul, then one could be content with those very fine organizations and none other. Nay, they who have gone before would be sacred, and within their realms still are. 

But frankly speaking one cannot bind folk to any organization with pledges or signed agreements and to endeavor to is complete nonsense, so one must question the need to do so. It would be better for this to be known now, for we have expressed the matter of honesty and humility to be paramount to any true endeavors for the future. 

One has to continually ask, for what gain should a society or brotherhood, starting in this peripheral way, be in connection to the teachings we share? Should an earnest soul seek our own society and have desire to further the work that we do, then consider yourself a member right now with the freedom to cease membership at any time; with the glory if you wish, of being connected in love and thought to this scruffy bunch of individuals. 

But we do not teach divisiveness. If one were to belong to a given race of men, surely they would not need a membership card to establish they do. In point of fact the only times when such passports of identity are issued, it is rather to serve some insidious end, rather than for any good to come of it. Do not feel isolated and alone. If this is the cause for the desire to effect a personalized brotherhood or society, then it is totally misled - for it is either a reality or it is not, and no amount of excessive paperwork will make it all the more important in its effort of communion and community. These are to be words of comfort, harsh though they sound.

Historically it is the Devil who requests the signed contract, who seeks pledges, who limits freedom and the power of love, and with sweet-talk and promises of elevating personal status in the process - all of which is still as meaningless to the spiritual soul and their progress in accordance with true learning as a student of the universe. We cannot express this in lesser terms. 

Our Father has given us already the noble pass in both the society of Man and the keys to the kingdoms above and below. There is simply no need to place uniforms on all and inhibit the glory of all. Those seeking the grandiose adorn themselves with the garb of the exalted, in pomp and regalia that befits an ass; and even monks would commit themselves to the uniform of ragged cloth, austere, cold and scratchy! 

Right now our concern is with teachings, teachings which are intended to uplift the consciousness to lofty insights, to inspire and infill the soul, to regain a personal freedom in a very complex modern world - and this and this only, my friends, should be our task at hand. Let the rest take care of itself, and should others seek the comfort of societies, wish them well in their endeavoring and achievement, but we ask that in no way are we to be connected to such endeavors or aspirations, for this is not our way in the world. 

Christ went to the temple to turn over such formalized rigidity and all of its requirements. He did not found a Church, He did not ask that we bear any symbol, but that we recognize all men to be of Heaven and embrace them so.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Peanut Butter & Baloney Sausage- 6th April 1991

THE entire framework for concise ideas is as an archway, built stronger for the curve. 

Concentric circulic ideas in living motion, permeating the various levels of thought, are of course complete. For as with all that lives in motion, there is a beginning and an end. However, in the world of ideas the snake would eat its tail, as the complete idea shall follow through to its very beginning, thus leading to an elevated motion of thought on its respective higher level, and so on.

Truth visibly lives. Truth manifests itself firstly through manifestation. Interestingly enough, untruths live by deception alone: of presenting that which truly is not. This is not to be taken as merely a simplistic notion of itself, but the first rule or guideline as to the rudiments of fundamental occultism.

Manifestation can present itself and represent the spirit in many ways, on many levels. Therefore one can never discount any particular form of life, whether it be organism or hierarchy. But clearly there is that which is and that which simply isn't.

Secondly, we may impart a truth to another, and this is a special transference of a living concept, of a reality - a veritable tonic for the soul. This may be considered as the secondary manifestation of truth, and again is life-filled and imbued with a yet stronger life by him who has passed it on to another, or even into the ether.

One may ask then, surely a falsehood may be given life and then by being imbued with such life has become a reality of its own and therefore a truth? Certainly it is an unsustainable truth, that can for a time be experienced, and surely there are dangers in imparting such guileful falsehoods of misrepresentation that hold no nourishment for the soul, as they can even grow of themselves. 

Seemingly flourishing by more of the same, they spread throughout the metabolism of the individual and the thought arena of the world, in reckless armies that seek recognition of their own without there being any real substance or foundation to these soulless concepts. Sadly, they are not to know that they are soulless, as the temporary life that fed them is real enough, and these conceptual bodies are merely impressionable vehicles who have no karma in any particular situation of their own.

It is unfortunate to say that there are those who would happily rejoice in setting swarms of fruit fly into the orchard - and one can understand this upsetting behavior by observing their need to sustain themselves.

Truth leads to truth, untruth feeds on untruth, brothers they are and the bond inevitably leads to dependence one way or the other.

This is why it is so important to keep constant vigilance against that which is misrepresented in the world of thought, because apart from there being no substance, reality or spirit within, it is not meaningless but quite dangerous. All concepts are to be regarded seriously.

The gourmet may well find himself quite ill where hunger has ceased to take first place in the nourishing of the constitution, and the tenuous novelty has exceeded all good instincts.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Universal Egg- 4th April 1991


UNFOLDING universes present that picture of the egg indeed. With a whorl of compounded macrocosmic activity, buzzing, spiralling, confounding, configuring, preparing, evolving, and amassing.

All of this above described activity conjugates within the universal egg. Although it is unnecessary to picture our Father as the universal chicken!

However, returning to sensibilities, at least for the moment, the festival of Easter is celebrated by all of our folk. However, we mark the festival of eggs to coincide with the appropriate equinox, rather than a moon-date, to be exact.

New beginnings bring such joy to the world. Possibilities, rather than distinct complicated consequences, are the harbingers of hope and freedom. Ponder for a while that the enjoyment of a story never lies in the final outcome: the end, but in the mystery of the storyline itself, the anticipation and the experience. 

All beginnings are blessed, save of course those which are the beginning of an end, which is always unwelcome. When we rejoice at mankind endeavoring to come spiritually to a certain fruition, this is with the hope of ever new beginnings and possibilities, rather than mass annihilation in an omnipresent slumber.

Whosoever pictures unto themselves a pool of souls combined as a soup-mix, foresees an unenviable future prospect indeed. Were we to forsake our consciousness achieved, earned and longed for, we should regress in the soul-consciousness as in a group of animals, from which we formerly owe our pool of experience thankfully to. However, should God Himself plant seeds of identity and super-consciousness only to ask that it be relinquished in the final passing through the gates of knowledge? One would expect to find some gold at the other side!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Death- 1991

IF the Lord reveals to you much beauty in life and sweet satisfaction thereof, why not in death also? From where does the babe spring from? Shall we commit our beloved and also our self, merely to dust?

Grief speaks to us of personal loss, but one need not grieve for those who have gone ahead of us. As on holiday, when one awakes to a new bed and glances all around, so saying:-

"Now I know where I am, for I am not in my bed back home. I have journeyed to where I shall best recuperate and invigorate.

"It is as a warm summer breeze coming through my sunlit window, carrying those fragrant echoes from that glorious garden which awaits my exploration. Down into meadow, through forest to crystal springs that flow - I can smell the sweet pasture, now the herb garden and now the fruit grove.

"I have returned to a favorite spot. I shall make many a new friend. The lines of tired years have dissolved, and a certain strength, a youthful excitement, runs through my being. I can move without effort! I am content and yet in quiet ecstasy, as so many worries I have had all around me are no longer with me. I am thrilled with the prospect of discovery.

"Ah yes, I had a dream whilst I slept. Curious it was, this dream that I held. May I peep through the window to remembrance? There were faces and places, and much goings-on. Just now in thinking of them, it is as though I hear certain voices a'calling.

"I can see the beautiful faces of my family as they are gathered in a crowded room. Yes there are others I know also, some I recognize and some I do not recognize. They are solemn today. Perhaps I shall look in tomorrow. But wait! I may hear their prayers, I hear their music. I can hold the flowers that they brought to me.

"That's it! This is an occasion, held in my honor. Oh dear God! I am startled, for I realize that this party is gathered for a funeral. A funeral for my death! I wish them well, these special people. I am sorry if I have caused them pain. I shall look in on them from time to time.

"I do not wish to forget; no I shall not forget - but isn't it strange how clearly I do perceive those events and those people? Goodness, I was one of those people! And that which I enjoyed, pales compared to that which I loved. But I know this place well. . . I have been here before; it's like home to me now.

"I wonder what is outside of that door. I wonder what I shall go on to find. I am relieved that this is death. I am relieved of much. I must find the ones that are here already. I shall go and be with them, for I have missed them dearly. There is so much to do and I have only just begun.”

Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Rock-Face- Easter 1991

I GIVE you the picture of a man edged up against a rock-face. With sheer will his strength has caused a boulder to hold the gate of the mountainous rock-face, supported. There is an opening from which many flee out from behind that rock, verily a multitude of beings, of souls, all who were prisoner- the aged and the children of God- all who had been in captivity from what had seemed since the world was new; stumbling and fleeing, some leading, holding hands and guiding. Picture the multitudes in tatters and rags, blind to the sunlight, supporting one another.

And this one man still holds fast, supporting the immense bulk that towers above. He must continue until the last soul has escaped the gate, and still they keep coming. No-one can take his place. There is no rest offered, and the time has escalated to such, that this was the task set to do and that it will be done.

Three days and three nights the rock-face has been held. Those who were captive are captive no more - sublime and holy, miraculous release! But what of the solitary figure who withstood the damning rock-gate? Now we give you the last days of our Savior and Lord: the Christ.

Although unseen, there was much that was done - all was accomplished, in those hours of Crucifixion. Verily, souls were given their sublime release, souls whose freedom had been bound to both kings and demons, in chains and bondage that no other could have brought release from.

Here the mission reached total fruition. Here, although not documented as in a visible gateway, our Lord with all His Might threw over the powers of darkness. Out from a seeming feebleness came a Might unimagined.

Sweet passing could have been instigated at any moment, there need not have been a spear or nail; but the task was set, and freedom, freedom from earthly reins, was not sought until the freedom of the children of Man had been accomplished - as was done. 

In joyous uprising our dear Christ gave forfeit to those plans and destinies that had otherwise been played out and maneuvered, to enslave and encapture the kingdoms of Man.

When the boulder was drawn back, our dear Lord Christ did defy the wardens! He who went first down into the prisons and tombs of humanity, then followed last to signal the age of entrapment to have crumbled.

And when in the days to come when all humanity places Him first and above all, we may pass joyously yet, through the gates ahead: the gates of gold. (Not pearly!)

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