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Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Basic Priorities to Existence & Grace- 18th December 1993

"NOT all trees may become Ash trees", and with consideration to species - as species is divided - we may add to this in saying that there must be Divine reasoning for diversification in plants, in animals and in Men. Not all men shall go on to develop and become so similarly; even when their feet are fixed upon this path, this inner road home. Even when the certainties reside and the urgings to the quest have lent the fresh perspective and inflamed the mightiest of curiosities, men go forth and become in different fashions - not all the same. Yes, men of Christ will feature this and that in preference to those and they, and each as glorified and as deified as the other. Every man has equal purse, over time.

The great mystery is Man - where has he gone? How great the contrast- the contrast between the firstborn, the purest blood, and his numerous relatives with heavy countenance in delicate stupor.

There is mystery if one looks into the face of many individuals and asks "Where is the man within? ". They may be walking and talking and appear to be interacting. But at times, with some fellows, it is apparent that the 'ennobled soul' is as inactive as to be quite separate, as it were, to the copycat facsimile before you. Where is the divinity? He is, in consciousness pertinent, quite happily placed dozing with back to road aside a river; concealed within a sun bespeckled forest; conversing with the Angeloi - or yes, most literally 'off with the fairies'!

When we gather our consciousness to ourselves, we drive more of our own substance into that concentration which is placed where the ego of our being resides. Yet too, we are apportioned in many ways throughout the soul-hemispheres, having remnants of self in all places past frequented- we may flit here and there, respectively. The 'narrowing down' in self-conscious exacting is a drawing together, a summoning of those higher faculties which are ours, when we come to know how to use them. In this back-to-front sense, a man never really becomes more than he already is; and yet one might say this also for a silken thread yet to take its place amongst an extravagant tapestry - one might say it is all one and the same. . . 

However, we may not take to ourselves and claim that which is not ours to take; and every godlike feature which comprises the advanced Man is already accessibly inaugurate to the constitution.

The central point of gravity within a Man depicts his knot of active consciousness. By and by he will become capable to enable powers and strengths - from will, by concentration, from a developed and exercised morality (which corresponds with cosmic virtue) - that he does exercise and provoke thereby the higher ordinances- little by little he is dynamic centrally and conducts accordingly.

The higher attributes of a man are correspondingly sensitive to the Graces which sustain the soul and infill it with properties specific to their heavenly inclination. For were we to not experience the qualities of Grace, a man would be basic to need, sameness and stimulation only.

  • Need= Hunger needing sup-placation, coldness needing warmth, muscular system needing exercise and commanding movement, genitalia needing accompaniment and stimulation - actually pairing according to the vital and specific inclinations.
  • Sameness= similar to sympathy, but not so developed. For one may sympathize or empathize without actually being the same at that time as the correspondent. In the developed sense we may advance out from our ego-condition sufficiently to experience another's station or experience or meaning, or gift; and then recoil back. However with sameness the sympathy is limited to expression and inadequate. Camaraderie is often born of sameness, as opposed to true brotherliness. Dogs may lie against each other when cold, in mutual understanding. They may even lack the ego as defined and consequently have sameness of experience with a human by sharing the man's experience, but this too is sameness.
  • Stimulation= the reactive element which maintains continuity. In this way the physical world may appear distinct from its truer reality - that it works upon itself with a series of atomic contests. However the movements of all are marvelously manipulated by higher intervention, second by second (actually out of time).

So the point in reviewing the basic priorities to existence: need, sameness and stimulation, is that it may assist us to begin to comprehend the power and value of the aspects compelled by Grace which infill us with a vastly higher meaning than the basic animalia has to offer. It is by the practice and rehearsal of higher thought, aspiring and conjoining with Divinity's reasonings that fashion the man, who, as the pearl, gains layer upon layer of beauteous acquisition upon the general core.

Is the student dismayed that he may supersede his brothers? Does he wrestle with their attendances and eagerly foists his own self-measures upon them? Are we impatient for perfection to work and prove us correct?

What we do we do for the future, yes, but also we do firstly for the here and now. The saying that 'the end justifies the means' implies that the means may be unwholesome and yet qualified by result. We would argue that a sour beginning only leads to a sour end, that all seeds of action are colored with the initial 'spirit-vitae' and the nature of such. Therefore it is precisely the 'doing' within the realm of the here and now that need be answerable to the future.

Returning to the opening comment about the Ash: the Temple of St. John is open to every man, of course, but whether or not it is to be the choosing of every man to enter, is an entirely different matter. In a manner of speaking it is as the whole of Humanity - just as we discussed - Man has all the components of deity already; and yet our supporters anguish in ripe indignation that their 'teachers' are so ignored! This frustration comes of immaturity and is to be expected. In time the student comes to realize that it is misspent aggravation, when it is consolation which is required.

How so? As every frontier is ventured upon there becomes esoterically, a deluge of unanswered imponderables, which if not met with an inner content shall dissolve a man almost entirely. For mysteries never cease to be mysterious! It truly is endless - any field of study necessarily and profoundly, holds the opening doors to further and further penetrations of understanding; and the 'unravelling' as it were, has to be ceaseless, for all that comprises eternity is by nature ceaseless too. The story is that long, and the facts along the way are immeasurable in their totality. So we must at the outset develop a capacity to be content when we are not so inclined to be so - that we may exercise this at will, for there is a paradox in understanding too. One may actually come to a comprehensive grasp of understanding, soulfully, and this may ease one into the contentedness we seek.

For example: If one is frustrated that the majority of men are incapable of higher discernment, it becomes an imponderable to contest this thought. On the one hand it is downgrading and demeaning and insulting and injurious to view any man as a dullard or inadequate, on the other hand (forgetting the impropriety) it is often the case that the man is a dullard or inadequate, and could achieve, would that he could; and we do rightfully make these distinctions on behalf of him, and are frustrated because he at this time cannot. However such frustration at these discrepancies becomes as self-inflicting sorrow if we do not answer it with, as they as they say, "a hope and a prayer", "a lick and a promise", and then go on.

One cannot go where uninvited. One cannot give to he who refuses - this is the Law. We can respect this Law because it affords each to license of himself, and commensurately, protecting our freedom all the while. Dear Christ cannot obtain the entrance key (at this time - but who knows?) and so we must be content in His Reasoning that this be so.

There is no amount of urging whereupon one may accelerate or accentuate another's development. Equally so, all students, though few these are relatively speaking, share great meshes of supporting sympathies amongst them which surpass distance, from city to city, outpost to nether-nether; and every meditation, every aspiration, every inner acknowledgment gathers light to the planet, as well as to themselves. We may not answer all evil or all stupidity, we may however, address and remedy that which is our appointed task as presented.

Contentedness need not imply faint-heartedness, nor should we be one hundred percent content all the time- moreso content with our discontent which provokes us to greater concern.

Association, right association is of tremendous importance! It has been held by us before and need be said again, that it is vital to the soul of man that he lovingly works amongst that which he does. That study must be with joy and enthusiasm - his joy and his enthusiasm - and it is disharmonious and injurious if these aspects are not with him. When he labors it should be with great happiness to do so. When he is in company, be it - at least some of the time - with those who his soul is most comfortable to be placed with, and where possible, dynamically intertwined, fashioned by mutual love. For without absolute wholehearted participation, he is resigning his individuality to a corrupt and irregular aspect of perspective. The greater profit to the man and his world is through the expressions of ecstatic interaction.

There are many tasks which are loathsome and it would be pretentious to assume that every detail may be exerted with full joy. However when there is time afforded and personal choosing, one is better to 'follow one's heart' and pursue those activities which encourage the exuberant joy.

Should one choose the way of the teacher and to be exemplary to those who might savour advice, should it be from one who is lusterless and humorless, ill-content with the world? It becomes an interesting misapprehension: one is no less serious in that they experience happiness, in fact, contrariwise! There are confusions in this; however it is stressed by us because so often the students who have arrived thus far are humbled in their expectations and are dangerously grim. God surely has appointed happiness that we may come to know it completely, and that be His Happiness also.

Happiness is preferable to wickedness, and man shall learn this as well. Frivolity is not happiness, just the appearance thereof. Happiness is the expansion of self, swollen with the comprehension, jubilant with the infilling grace of wonderment, and closer to a knowledge-wisdom of one's soul. We wish you happiness - now and forever.

(Thanking those also for all kind thoughts - requests noted, depositions accredited. We are not so intrusive, but only a thought away. And, you do come close.)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Locomotion & the New Year- 14th December 1993

THE synthesis of time and actuality does differ in this segment of the year, for the parcel which does pertain to Yule is as at the neck of a vortex where the greater activity is clustered, and the calendar of the year begins to resolve rapidly, whilst the saturation of new impulses await the 'emptying out' as it were.

The celebrated marking of the New Year is for the very reason as identified inwardly: that the cosmic latitudes are broadened, that the gifts for the coming cycle are imparted and received; and too, something of a true picture-insight is accompanying. 

It becomes also as a death in miniature, characterized by the appearance of our ghoulish guilt who is the living testimony to fault, flaw and mishap; and if ever there was a time to make peace with the sorry fellow - this guardian of conscience - it is at the threshold of change, where we may begin at this interval to ask more from ourselves, pointedly. For there are very definite episodes whereupon a man may enjoy a precipitated leap should he consciously will to do so. He may effect certain changes in all levels of his being; whereas other periods and conditions do not offer such elastic grace.

Remarkably there are very many men who miss this period entirely, involved in such activities which do dissuade progressive change and coherent insight. The revelling of lightheartedness and lightheadedness is provoked by the cunning of those mischievous devils who work overtime at Christmas and just after, encouraging many missed opportunities. If there is any real merriment it is more apparent on behalf of these black oozing sprites who revel in the escapades of drunkenness, gluttony, irreverence, accident and morose dispirited conjecture. For here we have a time for marvelous preparation - and so often misused or accounted for; the men then wondering, as one year follows the next, why it has been that their lives are 'out of order' or 'out of control'.

Try to imagine if you will, that you are to gather and pack the provisions for the journey ahead, but you become distracted and the bounteous wares which shall answer every need along the way are snatched forthwith, and so with a sack near empty you approach the beginning of the journey. This is as with preparation denied.

There have always been special holy-day holidays allotted for the welfare of Man's spiritual sanity. There are differing New Year days as recognized, however these may specifically pertain to characteristic attributes of a particular race, in which it constitutes a considerable correspondence. However, the period between now and mid-January opens the globe to celestial splendor, invoking all living inhabitants to make correspondence with Heaven and her company.

This segment of the year, this one-twelfth, may be defined as the benefactor for all of the other months. Indeed, if men could but pause out from their yearly concerns sufficient to scrutinize their inner life, then the quality and nature of their year ahead would become apparent. Any unsettledness experienced is not so unusual in this forecasting, for as intimated before there is also a matter of refusing much that presents to oneself culminating from the year just passed. In other words, one would expect a man to become sensitive to the oncoming influences, and that he, as with his beloved planet, knows the spiralling evacuating of certain experience and phase, within. For it can be said, that as with the bodily motion of passing excretions which are unwanted, so too in a highly developed sense, we do forfeit much residual experience (of what we are/were in relation to the eleven months past) that we may be open to fresh aspects, would that we welcome them to us.

The planet heaves with such issue, and we who are inextricably caught in mimicry are purged of those associations of self and the 'odor' of self. We do of course, retain a memory; we do also, when we desire, savor or invoke the impressions of that memory; but we are disassociated - we and the memory are now distinct.

Here we might also make an important point: that during this time of new clothes, so to speak, it is also of great importance that we reflect upon the merits of our year and make a special effort to retain our acknowledgment of them.

If we may return to our traveller’s imagery for one moment, you may find that a clear-water river flows beside him, and upon it he has emptied his gathering of straws, and as they depart along the top of the watercourse he may see each one as it surfaces and goes on its way. As with an after-death review he is given the opportunity to experience particular memories objectively and yet sympathetically, before they break away. So we have now an entirely different meaning to the allusion of one 'grasping at straws'. 

This is very old imagery which shall speak to more than a few, for the collecting of straws daily was customary across continents of many now ancient peoples. For it was then that the physical substance of the reed did hold for them - at that time - the memory as a reference; and the pouch or bag of straws thus collected were later used for divining future events, being quite readable and thus interpreted. Certain weaving was related to this practice also, and too the collecting of various herbs which were significant to the time and day they were picked and then later consumed.

There are many calendar-associates which assist man in his analysis of the phases of his year, by which he will gather to himself, himself, before discharging all and surrendering it back. We may look very carefully at habits that are similar, of which the year has been built upon. However the point being, that it is a particularly beneficial time for one to reacquaint oneself with what one was in order to ascertain what one should like to become, and welcome that.

The equinox periods mark a changeover of aspects and influence. However, just as there be one deep and fulfilling breath amongst many moderate inhalations, there is one twelfth of the year in which the veils are thin, and just like Brigadoon appearing in the mist, the spiritual ears lean closer, the whispers become audible; the children re-enter the membrane of their Earth; the elderly whose year ahead will be their last shall know and summon their farewells; the upcoming growth of the plant kingdom etherically ignites and is manifest; the Three Kings: Wisdom, Mirth and Salvation, step abroad into every nation, forecasting, deliberating, distributing their offerings; the hearts of men are uplifted - because afore overburdened, they are now then purged of encrustations and purified; the little children acknowledge their playmates, their invisible brothers and sisters yet to be born and waiting; while the souls who return because of great love enshroud their earthly beloved in dear concern and watchful warning; while the visions parade before the dreaming men and some wake to delights, while others have naught but disappointment this time, this year. 

But for all there is the Majesty of Christ who is gathered, for it be as if there are twelve of Him in relation to the yearly episodes - He, in twelve aspects separated and distinguished - and come the Holy Nights they do draw into one, and His full might is realized within the Globe itself. By Christ the call into the spurious realms is met and answered, for this is surely His time when He does literally drench all matter with all manner of Heavenly in-pouring. 

There is not a minute to be wasted! For every atom (and we mean atom) of joy, of charity, of humor, of pleasantry, of humility, of perseverance, of courage and patience, of compassion, of haste -these and others need be charioted in and reservoired for later consumption. 

So too, the sciences, the imaginine corpuscles, the arts, the diagramatic engineerings; the exactings; the philosophical refreshments; the mathematical polyglots and the seeds for the earthly harvests (harvests in the literal meaning). By the sixth of January - or fifth in some parts of the world - He has reached His zenith and after which, His magnitude begins to lessen having dissolved away into separated aspects, which do in turn separate again and again.

If there is no other time than at Christmas and just beyond, that one is to partake in Communion, then at least this, above all other times, will infill the man for the year ahead.

There are many desires and considerations which we may hold briefly but feel incapable of realizing - their fulfillment may be the true gifts as given us, if we prepare solemnly and with resolution.

We rejoice Life, and acknowledge that mirth (true merriment) and its accompaniments are God-given. We are not to deny the richness of our lives, nor strip the color from our sight, but may actually come to our happiness with conscious exaggeration.

We may truly reflect upon what it is we may give of ourselves to our beloved, our brothers and sisters, and our World, and become sure of great ability that we may carry through with well-intentioned offerings. For as we are given, so we give, conspicuously.

In company one may deliberately pronounce out loud, that they should wish for them, as though they had the very power of God Himself to grant it- to wish it upon him, and wish well. When a group is gathered (they may prefer to write it down) they may, in turn, proclaim such wishes. These wish-gifts are most valuable to all concerned and are unquestionably fruitful. Quite so, as with the power of all prayers come Yule-month; for once again we are reminded that the materializations upon the Earth are spiritually nurtured - being dependent upon Heaven for manifestation. Our prayers carry us within, and for the period ahead we do go a little further and request a little louder. The emissaries to prayer are afforded greater tactical abilities and may find openings into the elements of the year ahead which hitherto were not provided for. Moreso we may pray for our Sovereign God, that He be assisted by us in all that He would wish for.

Our Globe opens a little more every time. The ventricles of our Earth receive Heaven in grand replenishment. May we, as we enter into this holiest of episodes, prepare for the receiving of those gifts that the year forthcoming shall unfold; and may we also think well of that we should impart to the world that is valuable.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Impasse between Primary & Secondary Considerations- 6th December 1993

THERE are those times when we come to an impasse and there is no known way to resolve, proceed or determine amicably. Inwardly we may come to an impasse also for a time, indefinitely with no latchkey to progress, no mite of dissemination. For there are, quite simply, unresolvables upon which the world does rest also, and we as men find them out continually, even though we learn also a commensurate measure of peace.

If we are pressed to make change, within or without, it may not come easily for the present. Current conditions are irreconcilable to change and so we are obstinate and withholding. This rigidity, when exercised to good purpose, becomes essential to determining a steady character. However one may not be defensive to all change continually, for it then becomes a contest to life and the man becomes so decided in all that he is or wants to be, that he unwittingly resists and repels much goodness that would otherwise come to him.

So often there are crucial episodes affronting a man's circumstances and he has overlooked the Guardian's urgings, believing that change is unwanted. Should we pray for direction and assistance we should be open to it when it comes, as come it shall.

The student shall gain confidence by and by, in the value of his true opinion. It need be reiterated that only one knows their true heart, and to deny such promptings is confusing to the soul to say the least. When all has been measured beyond the exterial opinions, you must come to discernment for yourself and know exactly what is right and what is wrong.

Often this is confused with self-seeking for self-satisfaction, and it is argued that true discernment shall be clouded by improper motives or misguided desires. Firstly one must ask - who is it that you may trust if not yourself, to judge these and any matters? Secondly, if you do not practice being guided by the heart's directives then how may you hearken to your soul and the souls of the world in the future? To know your heart and know your mind is a good beginning, the causality of all good action.

If we do not live in accordance with these our higher tensions, then we desist and detract from a full and meaningful life. Life lives us, and obvious as it may sound, we become motivated and stimulated exterialy by that which is upon us at the time, and we respond accordingly. So you can see how it is that a man may be so closed to his higher directives and the angelic whisperings only to find a basal stimulation upon a semiconscious fixed existence, narrowing down unto death.

It may be that in the opinion of others there would be much disagreement - this is inevitable, sadly, that men are unsympathetic to each other. How can it be, you ask, that there are such outstanding differences at issue, that one man may be right and his opponent equally so?

When we come to examine our own inner intentions we may begin by sorting out the primary from the secondary considerations. We may not use this method to seek to justify ourselves completely, for in one sense that would be an impossibility, and in another it becomes a fruitless attempt should we not be true to ourselves firstly. To establish our primary intention we ask of ourselves, "What is my first reason?" and "What is the strongest motivating current that moves me?"

The secondary consideration is the question of the outfall from the first. This may be in contrast, and if qualified in options would be endless, of course. However, some may be entered into.

So we arrive at a set problem: for example, the Knight errant, would-be crusader for the Cause, has doubts about joining in league with company. Now there are two points of view to be had here, upon the subject of a primary consideration. That is, that some do work from negative assumptions that men believe and judge awrong and that one may look for such motivation at the outset. 

However, we do not fall in with that stream of thought, but acknowledge the contrary: that men begin with good and worthy desires essentially, and for that which is profitable to the soul. For why should a man seek for otherwise? It is natural to seek after the good and in the fullest sense- that is precisely what self-seeking is, being meritorious and wholesome to the outreaching soul.

Therefore we would not make suspicion of the Knight that he does not truly love Christ as he says he does; we would not surmise that he offers little in pledge but wants for vainglory; nor too that he has fanciful notions of knighthood in general. For even though one may never perhaps, love Christ as fully as is possible, and so it is a true judgment of any man to pooh-pooh such a generous declaration, we may counter this with the truer view of the heart, which indeed does know and love Christ completely. Therefore, the Knight when speaking from the heart is to be taken on his word and believed.

Secondly, whilst it may be said of any man who pledges afore time, that he has not the foresight for prediction; and too, it may be argued that it is tinged with exploitation, and that he seeks more than he does offer - we may agree to this insofar as all men, secondarily, are fain to these weaknesses. Whereas primarily and from the heart, it is the offering and original desire which makes the difference.

Outcomes are dependent upon many interconnecting factors and may be unresolvable in relation to original intention, and yet it is the seed that must go first regardless, and the offering is merit-worthy and not to be cut down by insidious condemnation.

Thirdly, it may be said (secondarily) that all men have fanciful notions of that which they should like to become. The athlete trains to such 'delusions', as does the saint attempt to graft himself to God; as we must necessarily project out from ourselves in order to incorporate and become more than ourselves. 

Naïveté is no sin, and in point of fact, the heart/soul is not so naive, for this is from where the motives of self-betterment are spawned.

So we may come to practice our criticisms of both ourselves and others in a most positive way, knowing that the worldly implications are one set of problems which are always negotiable, whilst the primary concerns of the interior's callings are there to be respected and acknowledged.

We do need confidence in our own goodness, for the very reason that if and when the world may contest otherwise, our surety of the heart-directive may be as a beacon to those who are unsure but wanting, and at the impasse of life contesting Life.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sacrament of the Eucharist- 30th November 1993

Question: Would it be possible to give us an outline of the practice of Communion for our gatherings? - C.

Communion - The Practice of, in Gatherings -

To: Celebrate the Spirit in Matter
To: Stimulate the Holy Velocity
To: Promulgate the Perpetual Divinity
To: Resurrect Our Christ Within.

THERE are as many varied formulas for a prescribed Communion Mass as there are ways of prayer, and in the 'how to' department it may be preferable to review what has been done, or with equal determination cast an entirely new set of ceremonious ordinances. Either way, the deliberate choice of partaking in spiritual revivification, incorporates those individuals by experience of such unity.
When Man seeks to provoke the insensual spirituality, he does so in contradiction to his outreaching consciousness; which by the bye, expands outwardly with 'inner visions' as well. As confusing as this has begun, we may proceed with the thought that Man truly relates to all actions within and around himself in the physical realm, and the very way that it has been brought about and is substantiated because of him - his being, that he is. Furthermore, the process of this dependence is as the rays ray outwardly. Even though there are set parameters of given strengths, the action and the impulse is not inverted, but rather accentuated.

The plinth is Man, on which the Natural World rests. And Men, as scattered splinters of Christ, thus determine the habitat in which they dwell.

Manifestation is activity, an ever-renewing activity which ceaselessly spirals in and about itself, relentless and impartial to that core spirit-space which of itself, is but a doorway; or even more accurately, that recess between that which is (the Man) and that which was (the Divinity which streams back to its source of being, and has been afore Man was, and before all else included).

We have discussed the repercussions of successive and repeated movement: that one may incur memory by said actions calling forth the spiritual realities of the past in the performance of a physical repetition. In the act of Communion there becomes an invocation of the deepest, most sacred memory that the men and women have turned back within themselves to find.

The physical substance translates into the incorporated body and is by no means of symbolic value only, for as consumed with open intention it makes cause for the vestibule of spirit-space to be corresponded with in life. The Greater Christ Who is all extensive, has imparted His Goodness in latent capacities. There are various ways a man may animate his goodness within, and the action of Communion does indeed stimulate him so.

There are of course unsafe practices for inner awakenings. However many are characterized by the nature of the substance - the herb or the metal or the magician and so forth - so that revelatory incurrences are tainted as it were, with the colors of association. In other words, if I am to employ some means to illumination, that very assistance will necessarily afflict what it is that I see. If I ingest an illuminatory herb or plant, the plant itself shall conjure its dreams, its visions, its ways of viewing the world and me. Therefore it is no accurate communion with the self-soul or into the vacant spirit-space either. This is because the herb/plant has only a limited access to comprehension and is not permitted into the holy interiors of Man. Equally if one were to employ a metal in ritualistic conjuring, then the perception would fain to its (the metal's) approval.

If I am reliant upon another individual to stimulate me artificially into such awakening then I do so via his perception, his experience, also, and by this there can be no 'self' discovery, but moreover a binding with the other fellow, along with explicit misconceptions of one's own interior. Therefore having discussed the more hazardous practices and ignoring those others (which we shall not enter into today), we approach the sacrament of our inner Communion in a personal expression of being colored and guided by Christ, that we may do so in His Name that He has provided us with a safe passage, privately within.

  • The Wafers:
Dried, completely dried. Portions of paper have been known to be digested - rice paper with inscriptions upon, incised with innocuous vegetable inks, whole pages with verse or decree, broken, then apportioned and shared, just as the bread (dry flat-bread). For it is without the water, as the body, the physical body, is when separated from its divine aspect.

  • The Water:
Pure and clear (although known to have had a colorant dropped in mid-ceremony for effect - this is not suggested unless two pitchers are used concurrently) for it was the transformation into wine which occurs inwardly as the action of the holy water mingles with the fiery soul-forces. There is an inclination to attribute also to the higher flames of spirit-being with the greater Divine Ego, as one is to the other.

It is the nature of the water to contain that which we imbue in it - when words/thoughts become uttered within a vicinity the water is impregnated thus.

There used to be tales of those certain ponds and fonts in which the future might become pictorially revealed, that the water contained the pictorial visions is indeed a quality which may in part be explained. The pictures were brought before those privy to view, put there by beings (angelic or faerie) by way of communicating with the child or the man. So too shall it oblige with the impressions we may imbue, having called upon the assistance also of those beings, invisible but present, who share our fellowship and celebration in Grace.

The water as such, shall become of great potency, beneficial and enlivened - remembering too, that should it be contaminated with flavoring it has already given itself to the nature of that which it has mingled with and is impotent in action. Distilled water (by humidification) is preferable.

The body of the water is to be disturbed as little as possible, neither to be poured out singularly or taken too much time in delivering - simply because the material of individual cups will disturb the water by it having to meet with the substance after the invocation. Therefore one vessel is recommended; this being preferably gold (or gold-lined) or wood. The cup/vessel is not to be covered during the invocation, but of necessity is covered preceding - again a gold-lined lid will suffice.

  • Time of day:
Early morning or early evening.

  • Positioning of participants & dispensatory officer:
  1. It is recommended that the gathering be as comfortably placed as possible. In ritual there becomes an internal emphasis depending upon the placement of our limbs in relation to the ground beneath them. For example: to kneel upon the ground, denying the flat of the foot contact, is a heavenly disposition because the related consciousness in the feet is for that time inactive. The placing of feet upon the ground (standing or sitting) binds our attention to the world through an exchange of forces which flow up, down and out via the soles of the feet- truly magnetized and polarized, if it could be put that way. However, one does not have to kneel, for although not the same but similar, one may sit with feet raised from the floor on a chair, footstool or cross-legged and deny the currents accordingly. When a man lies upon his back and is therefore staring skyward he does literally 'turn his back' upon the world and its calls to self-consciousness. Deepened meditation and of course sleep, are conducive to this position, but it must be remembered that we work with a collective intent and a measure of self-consciousness in order that we achieve the vital action of the remedial Communion. Therefore the position of lying flat is not recommended.
  2. The dispensatory officer (forgive the wording) does not require a worldly credential nor officiation from some designated source. The power as such, as transmitted within the ceremony is as a blessing and a contribution and does not come from the man or woman conducting this Sacrament. All that is required of them is that they hold a complete goodwill towards all who are gathered, that with an open and honest heart they must unreservedly declare this to themselves and before God; only because without such stern respect, that which they do shall be ineffective or poisonous. So if they may be humbled as to look upon the faces of those that they share company with and only envision the living goodness in them, then they are amply qualified.
As for costume, it has been pointed out previously that a garment or fabric which is exclusive to a purpose shall be better for same purpose. Therefore one may choose some over-robe or shawl, or equally, if there is not one suitable there is no great care to go without.

The washing of hands is desirous; so too, if possible and practicable, the bathing of feet. The latter portends, once again, to the extinguishing of earthliness to the degree that one is freed-up from the restraints of a compelling concentration in that area, in relation to the world; for our prayers seek to go inward, albeit consciously also.

  • Inside or outside?:
If fresh sunlight in a vibrant garden is available, and without distraction the gathering may be comfortably situated, then let it be so.

Candlelight is preferable to electric light, if one must remain indoors. However, for the time of Communion it is suggested that windows be open and a bell rung in each one (and doorways) at the beginning of the Mass. There is a significance wherever there is an opening to a building - the bell shall temporarily seal the room as well as herald the beginning of the session.

  • Incense?:
You may take it or leave it - but you can never have too many candles! All candle flames can be seen and appreciated with an iridescent incandescent beauty, by those beings and men who attend invisibly. The candle is welcoming to our extended fellowship, which gain much and contribute much to the performance of Communion.

  • Fasting periods?:
Preferably at least two hours, whereupon no food or drink is taken prior. [Toothpaste included.]

  • Special days? :
All days are wonderfully useful and not to be discounted. Collectively, some days are of themselves more potent in the overall operation than others; for a variety of reasons: cosmic aspects, local factors, combined Masses - whereupon the Sabbath, having many combined Masses, concurrently contributes largely to each other at a distance.

  • Ornamental Colors?:
Anything but black! [Could be joke]

  • Pictures of Christ?:
The adoration via representation is not unknown as an assistance to maintaining a particular focus, however, we welcome the Living Christ as He presents, and certain pictures may become more of a distraction than aid.

Music, on the other hand, is elevating and encouraging. If the words may be sung, all the better; if not, some music played quietly behind the words. Once again there can be superb variations, where the words (unhurried and enunciated thoroughly) are issued in silent submission.

The Relevance of the insignia of the Cross -
  1. The Ethereal Cross.
  2. The Symbol Structure.

  1. Making a cross in the air: There could be an entire book given on the ramifications of this subject, verily it is a study of life impacting life. However what may be reiterated here firstly, is that the ethereal cross shall remain once formed, and the gesture of making it intentionally invites the past (all of those who have done exactly so before) and the gesturing invokes the powers which came too. The simple formula speaks etherically - it says "Man!" Mankind is especial to Christ and the Hierarchies - though not deservedly revered, he is nonetheless held to be quite beautiful and powerful, though not yet fully realized. Manifestation is the '+', it is the impacting of one upon another and the relationship therein, and we celebrate that we are because of our meetings, because we realize ourselves only by the provisions of others.
  2. It is not ill-humored to display the cross - it may be simply written upon paper. The more elaborate crosses hold variations upon the meaning.

Beloved Christ,
We call to Thee -
Thy Presence, Thy Strength,
Thy Multitudinous Configurations,
Thy Compassion, Thy Fixation,
Thine Intent,
Thy Vast and Wholesome Stations,
Thine Exact and Perfect Vision,
Thine Eye, Thine Ear, Thy Divine Mind,
Thine Attention we crave,
Today: this day.

Beloved Christ,
Be here with us,
We who wait accordingly,
May we know of Your Perfection,
Live with Your Determination,
And be Your Privilege
In this and everything we do.
We call to Thee to be revealed,
And known by us,
Thy Works, Thy Holy Mystery,
And all accounts in lesser and greater marvels.

Beloved Christ,
We remember Thee
And all that Thou hast done
Within this, our World.
We call Thee forth,
Out from the tombs of humanity's ignorance,
And bid Thee find harbour
In each and every heart,
And the cavities of Spirit
Now illumined by Your Passion.

Beloved Christ,
We have before us the Blessed Water,
This same water which has
Dwelt within this world ere it began -
And we call for it to be
Charged with Your Vitality,
And by You, made Holy,
That it will quicken Your Grace within us.

Beloved Christ,
We have before us the Blessed Water,
This same water which has,
Dwelt amongst the skies,
And we call for Your tears of compunction,
That it now may be as a tonic
To our wanting soul,
Remedial to our wretchedness,
Encouraging our humble greatness.

Beloved Christ,
We hold before us this Blessed Water,
Upon which You have entrusted Your Life,
For this same water which is
To become in us,
Is verily, Your Blood, dear Christ,
The Signature which encompasses all -
And this, Your Will, The Greater Will, Overrides all conflict.
May we take it to ourselves
And thus dissolve all sourness,
And bitterness and poisonous resolve.

Beloved Christ,
We have before us the physical world,
In whole, in piece,
[The Wafer]
Redeemed and made holy in sustenance,
Only by this, Your Being.
And we take this, Your Body,
And seek to combine this substance,
Now life-filled,
Though dry and without,
May it mix with Your Blood
And become -
One of High Heaven,
[Raise hand & lower,
to form vertical of Ethereal Cross.]
One of the Earth.
[Motion horizontal crosswise.]

Heavenly Father,
We thank Thee for This, Our Christ -
And as we knowingly consume
His Grace and His Charity,
We pray that we be worthy
Of such Mighty Love
As would surrender Itself for us,
Sustaining our spirits
In joyous commune.

And we partake in this,
Not only for our own soul's sake,
But on behalf of all of those
Beloved to Christ.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Homeopathy, & the Divine Architects- 20th November 1993

PICTURE water in which the light has penetrated easily; now picture too the surface of a glassy sea in which the light is molded alongside the flat. Quite simply, there are two relationships of light unto water. Christ permeates all life in like manner, as He being the Light has shown Himself upon and in the body of recessed waters; and then amongst that floating sea, the one which wafts in stronger current- the mass of clouds gathered above; suckled in the splendor of His Light they move about the world in glory.

The condensation of dew upon the earth comes even to the desert, in filbert pristine orb. Ever downwards also, Christ does enter into the Globe as the water joins the internal rivulets and channels, the courses below, to pool in entrapments and seep farther beneath until spent.

The divine nature of water is as the feminine aspect completely, it is encompassing, embracing, accommodating, and compliant. It may reform an infinity of times over, becoming in purity what it always was. Water is because of what all else makes of it also- it perceives itself in the bodies and experiences of that which it inhabits. It lends itself willingly because its nature is of the feminine aspect of the Divine Will. The masculine aspect drives life into being with distinctions and certain directions, whereas the fluidic water gives over to life and surrenders her body where called upon. A lesser signature pertaining to an individual ego or lesser ego, may incorporate itself within a body of water (the greater, sublime ego), and deliberate its action/power in the world.

There is a point where all physical matter borders the fields of the etheric world. Physical matter is not a debased expression of higher life - we shall address that one later - and it is of course, tight-bound to its signatory source on every level.

The intermingling of water is not of itself, sufficient to enhance or transmute the qualities of that substance, however, as is well known, there are various points of graded dissolution that bring forth the etheric nature of that physical substance. However, what is most overlooked in homeopathy and its practices today is that it is not solely a question of provocative dissolution either. 

The action of the rhythmical percussion calls forth the memory (in matter) and substantiates also; and there is one other most important connection in this the potentization, and that is Christ Himself! For the etheric life is He, The Life, and His influence empowers all manifold expression. Homeopathy is not wizardry, nor is it a reverse dynamic. It is a science of mixed natures amongst a common ecology. It is the harmonizer, as Christ is remedy to all conflict and disharmony.

In this sense we have in the past questioned the ethics of those practices used to annihilate species using homeopathic techniques to do so. If one thinks in terms of extinguishing life then they do so running contrary to the Principle which incorporates all Life and is Life.

The fusion (temporary) of individualities is remarkable and worthy of sincere contemplation- the 'coming together' of one upon another, one alongside another and the very mass of those - that uniqueness may cohabit is nothing short of extraordinary! It is of itself, a paradox.

If we are to resolve a threatening imbalance within the physical constitution, it may be addressed etherically by the powerful attitude of the water herself. To say "like cures like" is not correct in itself. Like becomes like, and it is a misnomer to say otherwise. The reformed 'like' shall reform the 'like' within. The divine nature of the Christ-empowered water shall persuade the inherent nature of the substance to 'give in' to the ordering of the higher ego and harmonize. The action within the man shall be an acquittal and the constitution will be fortified by the relationship now amiable. This is a different way of seeing things, granted: that physical malady is due to inner arguments and the resolution lies in the redemption of a conflict made good.

It is a question of basic philosophy also. Power alone is corruptive. No system can be maintained by the stronger reigning supreme. Health may not be won and maintained simply by knocking-out the poisons and undesirable flora within. Because as with all ecology, the lesser cohabitants support the more powerful, therefore one shall not override the territory of another.

Similarly the case for homeopathy is not a perspective of a 'knock-out' match - we return to the theory of exacting harmony and the upgrading, the redeeming of substance and being.


The true architects of the forthcoming worlds are not one and the same as we the plan keepers. For to devise one calculated deviation or new addition, or coerce such transfiguration, one requires a future substance, a skerrick of that which is to be.

Are the plans composed by visionaries or innovators? Are they precognized or simply preconceived? Do the master-plan Angels follow yet a higher dictate? - Most surely. Does the formation and subsequent reformation of a world go full-circle? - Indeed it does.

That which compriseth a world could be placed on a scale of category as to that which is most argumentative - the metals being so. Individuality need not imply disagreeableness nor argument, as we have just discussed the marvel of coexistency whereupon being is afforded all. However, upon the Globe there are varieties of corresponding evolutions and considerations needed for the progressive furtherance of each simultaneously. Everything begins and ends with Man. All else adhered to the world is bound to follow. For it is Man Himself which unfolded the components of the Kingdoms of this World - save for the metals which are indeed obstinate by comparison. The metals direct those influences cosmically as do enter into Man correspondingly, and are exhumed from his dynamic.

The 'outer system' holds signatures which extend through to realms and gods of differing influence and magnitude. Apart from the Sun's metal, each and every other metal has a radial field which reaches as far as its base planet, and the shifting influences upon that planet hold influence over each particle of metal that it is.

Although contrary and obstinate, the nature of the metals is precisely what may give to man his additionally acquired 'blocks' of the future world. Because were he to evolve upon himself only - i.e. all the other kingdoms without the cleavage of their mineral parasites - then there would be more of the same with sameness abounding. However, it is because of these outer influences impinging, to which we must become answerable and address, that we shall thereby further and enhance both streams of progressive evolution concurrently.

Working with the various metals, the incorporation of they in daily life, realizes a partnership between Man and the outer domains. While one may say also that Christ comprises the whole of the immediate Heavens and therefore has jurisdiction over each and every metal therewith, it is another matter for discussion, as these portions are unrealized by Him in relation to us.

The confederate architects bring designs from those worlds to which the metals belong. This is their contribution. And Man, who does contain their seeds in blood and cell has passage into their realms by the quickening of his corresponding faculties, and also as passport into such spheres in metal bodies. (Yes Dorothy, there was a Tin Man!)

We have never seen an atom enlarged to the size of the world, however if it could be so pronounced then it would exactly be as detailed within as the world itself, and individual also in relation to its fellow atoms. Again we add, that this must be so, for if it were not one should simply become the other.

Having gazed a little into an atom - made not nearly so big as the world, but rather focused down into and exaggerated in part in visible portion - there can be witnessed the world as it was, yes, but there are no representations of living people as such. It is not as though one were viewing a complete passage in time, as say with the akashic plastic. Rather, that if one knew the symbols (insufficient word), knew what they were looking upon, they should see the history of the formation, of the coming together of the material world. Furthermore, there is a completion of sorts, already sequenced, that even though each particle is of a former world and shows as such, it has been renewed by its being present in this time.

The atom is permeated with light, just as the water so described. And the light either deflects from the surface, as with the water, or permeates through rendering it visibly transparent. Every minute particle has its respective place and is irreplaceable in the order of things. The interplay between life on life requires ceaseless readjustment.

The innovators need have some precognition, and the visionary seers need creativity; while all the while the true architects labor on without rest. We have never really seen them - seen their faces or their true being. Their inspirations are delivered to us, that being their communication - nothing more could be so valid or so pert - and they slip away back into the realm of design without introduction. Perhaps that is the way of newness: that it must remain uncontaminated by the meeting with the old. One gives to the other in quick and silent passing, ne'er daring to idle, never daring to be detained.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Questions on 'Lazarus'- 14th November 1993

Question: We have gone to the Bible and followed through with your clues, have we been correct?

As it was told.

Do you have any further comments?

"Lazarus" was not his actual name. He was unnamed also.

Question: J.W. has suggested that there was a dual authorship of the Gospel of St. John - is this true?

Yes and no.
The formulation of the Holy Scripture was not accidental. There was no part which was mistaken, nor part which was not in correlation with many.

The specific ascribing, the 'penning' and subsequent responsibility was of John's.

'Lazarus' needed to be free to wander amongst men, as he is wont to do, and was allowed distinction from the work to enable him to 'cover' from a differing direction.

Bruce was correct - the Master Christian Rosenkreutz was called forth and awakened to perfection. In his final death, as recorded, (viz. Lazarus) he did find the way for others also - a new route to go, so to say - for there are many of these also.

Initiation of its own was not markedly unique to the world; consciousness was half there, anyway. One cannot fully comprehend the implication during the death-sleep - what was entailed, who was met with and what precisely was brought back.

Our beloved Master C.R. was the successful candidate, and in the fusion of events, there was martyrdom resigned. For the two noble souls (St. J. & C.R.) did not grapple with a divine destiny, they complied, and became leaders at the front - orienteers.

Such men do not cease to be human. There are glamorous misconceptions which pronounce a Master to be so divine he is as separate to you or I; or so far removed that he is above the comprehension of the daily contests. However this is not the case, they have not the angelic withdrawal, and are sensitive to the individual stirrings and affectations of any man.

Secrecy is a great protector. It has been in the past, that the respect as issued is warranted, and details of movements and even heritage are uncalled-for. Just as the royal family goes about with consorts to guard, it is the veiling attendants which move about the Masters, shielding them from undue arrest. Even we have regarded much of their business to be their business.

Of course there is much that may be and should be shared also. One cannot, as difficult as it is however, come from the approach of trying to make all things fit, for it is an approach which dictates obscure outcomes. There are parallel roads, which, when thoroughly investigated are 'in line' with others - and there is a difference in this. These parallel roads are designed to meet at intermittent conjunction, but not all the time do they blend so, for they would not then be separately useful.

Johfra Bosschart
It is as this also: The work of one Master is uniquely different in his approach and conduct to that of another - and this is of necessity we might add. But the two specific tasks are dependent upon the success of the other, and are in no way confused by the extreme distinctions.

Question: Margaret has asked about the term 'deva incarnation', and what that might mean?

"A one to whom the devas find dear" - for their involvements were such that they are sought after, having returned to try another life; and the friendships established are renewed, in a manner of speaking. For the deva knows not of the time having passed and is eager to reacquaint with their beloved friend.

Certain periods historically, have allowed the men therein to cross the threshold through to the etheric plains and partake in the communities which reside there. These men or women (or children) were innocent in nature, not barbaric or violent, uncouth or demon-bound, but enjoyed a clarity of perception into the fine light of the adjoining world. The relationships were never bestial; they were cordially loving - one being flesh, one being fairy.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

What part of ye be ye?- 11th November 1993

WATER is Light insofar as it becomes because of the other, and is as a dual aspect of the ether. People often reckon with the physical world in a way that decides its sameness, forgetting however, that all matter does not manifest on the same level in relation to its own, or to ether.

An apparent physical reality has come into being from a particular beginning, and there are many differing beginnings, in time and in former place, whereby we may make keen and exact differentiation. Secondly that aspect of itself which is incorporated within the physical realm may be, relatively speaking, to a higher degree or a lower degree of itself. This too, differs extraordinarily.

Then also, there becomes the transformative process, whereby that 'thing' has become altered, enhanced, imbued or made different, because of some lasting influence as catalyst to change.

So one may picture, if you will, an intersection with many roads leading in, the courses of which are all traveled, and many who stand at the center - this is representational of the diversity as is the physical modality. Every being, every creature, every vessel of life, we may inquire upon: "From where have you come?" and then: "How came you to be here?" and further: "And what part of ye, be ye?"

Even a man, a very normal looking man, may be deceptively presented. One may well inquire "What part of ye be ye?", because moment to moment, the aspects of this man apparent, may prefer to be realized in part or not at all- there are so many which comprises this soul. Who can predict what shall be forthcoming?

There shall always be common ground that one may set themselves upon intuitively in relation to another. Likewise, proportionately a man may have developed and surpassed his brother in ways which alter their common regard, evoking either respect or hostility in one, charity or contempt in the other. How often one hears the phrase "We're coming from the same direction", when in truth the two most clearly have in reality just come from the same place. This kinship of experience leads men to further openings of mutually shared insight.

Where men were physically placed in one lifetime will transform itself in importance to become a meeting in their emotional or ideological spheres, and the gathering will be collectively based there. The vitality of shared and common interests will succeed and expand with high levels of importance and work its way through respectively. One can see from this that there are foundations for working relationships everywhere.

Simply by 'being' one is drawn and compelled to meet with the components of our life most fully, in time. Of course we are not compelled to ceaseless involvement, rather we are offered opportunities in which we return to those folk or those places and come to know them differently. For one must know reasonably, that and those we have experienced and enveloped within our own selves. It is as to know ourselves more fully; would that we enrich our understanding of the infinitely complex individual to which we seek to incorporate in part.

"We go way back. . ." is another phrase which indicates the comfort of kinship throughout the passages of time. By such acquaintance we are made certain of constancy and continuity - the friendly face we recognize is the most beautiful in the crowd of thousands! None can compare, none count as much, as they who we know. In time the face of Humanity as a whole will present itself as by the Face of Christ.

If we are to strive in willingness to bind ourselves with all of our brothers, then in essence (the essential striving and willingness) we have done as much. The actual linkages go back and have pre-existed any severance that came later. We may renew our composite endorsement in bulk, so to speak, without the need to shake hands with every individual in and without embodiment.

Further than that there are indeed special relationships whereupon a man is soothed or strengthened by the complementary aspects of another. One should not confuse dependency with gratitude, nor equate duality and the combining therein as in anyway a forfeit of oneself. That is the point here: when men enhance each other they fulfill each other, even in sacrifice and labor. The two are simultaneously brought forward and elevated. That is why each must give freely, otherwise if there is an inequality of freedoms there shall be conflict with further aggravation.

Although we acquire much knowledge from the eventual resolving of conflicts, it is as energy spent- getting that far only. Quarrels to some are inevitable. At times men may be viewed with thunderous countenances and all the activity around them of an electrical convolute, all arguments being predecided before the manifestation of conflict. The battle is worked upon and stimulated by one or both before the meeting. Arguments are subsequent, not consequent. If one discovers that they have happened into such target practice, it is prudent to leave as is possible, for the designs of argument require partnership, and mere presence may stimulate further.

Every part of the physical body represents a characteristic aspect of the being within. Every part of that part contains a physical representation of the world at large, in miniature.

Every aspect of a man - and there are too many to list - is a manifested attribute of the 'the body' of his higher man. And every part of each attribute is a miniature of the Cosmos at large. 

Every aspect of a man that has become developed, perfected and realized, is then 'bodily' incorporated also in Christ and of Christ. And every part of that aspect, now qualified, is also attributed to those who were complementary in the attaining thereof. They are shared with co-achievers, who through the mutual ecologies in spirit, advanced thus.

"What part of thee, ye be?"
"I be, that part of ye, ye see."
"Do you agree?"
"Most verily!"
"That we be, that we be!"

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