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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Gargoyles & Grenadiers- 12th July 1991

INFANTRY of any kind, of any order, require watchmen who stand at their post awake and at the ready, that others may take rest awhile, content that there are those standing guard on behalf of them.

This particular line of work is not an easy task. Though seldom the watchman is called upon, his difficulty lies in the anticipation and the hours that pass when his attention is uncalled-for but so importantly required. One could reckon that in these circumstances the imaginations of such watchmen are apt to taunt them more so than actualities. Much control is needed over nerve and sinew; and as tiredness seizes the unoccupied mind, extreme self-discipline dictates that the guard be fixed to that station come what may.

The watchman may inform the sleeping company should the need arise and must dutifully remain until his turn to slumber comes around. To remain alert and divorced from distraction, to be faithful to the watch, and restrain the imaginations, this is the post that many an army of a 'spiritual' command has pledged to.

"Awake!" the watchman cries at last, "There is a threat from the south, from the west, from the north, from the east!" But the company snoozes on. "Awake I say!" exclaims the frenzied watchman who has waited many a long hour in solitude, turning this way and that, with this eventuality in mind.

But the soldiers are unrousable, and not a one does stir. The men are unresponsive to his alarm. They are blissfully unconscious to the impending dangers. The solitary guard has yet a further fear to face, that no heed be made to his tribulations, that no action be answering his cries for assistance.

Many a man knows this frenzy when he comes to the Lord and pleas for assistance. In like way to that solitary watchman, he has called to interrupt the dozing consciousness of his companions and arrest the circumstance single-handedly; and in seeking to be saved does beseech the Heavens for their help. And night after night, in the loneliest of hours, such cries from frantic souls may be heard screaming from all quarters of the Globe.
There is nothing so frightening as that of feeling forsaken.

Every child knows this fear- that the parent will one day mislay them or go on their way without them. And during the course of one's life there are many sad instances of just this, whether by parent or loved one, or purely through division of death or loss of acquisition, whereby we grieve sorely in the despair of dejection and the desperation of knowing such helplessness in circumstance. We may be carrying out our duty faithfully, just as with the watchman. When the time comes, and the fruition of such labor is put to the test, we may be spun into helplessness, forsaken by those who we so relied on.

For the time this endures there are no sweet comforts in phrase or in parable, as ugly trials so described are never pleasant. This is the plea of the suicidal, the overwrought, the anguished, and the lonely; and a duty for all to answer, if not collectively in sympathy, one by one to awaken to the cries of our brothers. With one eye open and one ear cocked, to be ever ready to help, rather than to sleep on and on.

The cries of the spirit are divinely answered in time, but in measure, in kindness there is so much one can assist with, with those tribulations of our brothers. The proverb so said, "A problem shared, is a problem divided" is well remembered when one chances upon a soul in trouble. Through every man the Lord may effect His will, if given the opportunity.

All labor of assistance is accounted for and reconciled. There is much asked of us and depended upon, that also in our darkest periods we may look to another to share those fears and frights, and combat them not singly, but together.

Therefore friendship is ever vigilant to the needs of our companions. We do not forsake them when the times become unsavory. We do not withdraw our hand, ere they begin to slip. A hand in timely grasp does far better than a handshake. To acknowledge that the human condition is fain to desperate interludes, and whilst suffering is inevitable in certain periods, it may be lessened by our assistance, by our attentiveness.

And if perchance the lonely watchman has endured only imaginings of gargoyles, which in the light of morning dissolve, that the shadowy multitudes that had closed in all around abandon to the new day, having threatened only the tired mind, touching not the sleeping crew - just one, who may have aroused and come to the side of that frantic guard, may have lessened the seconds of anguish.

Friday, August 14, 2009

The TROJAN Fear - 11th July 1991

WOULD that some fellow try to deceive you, perhaps in costume, perhaps in speech, this is what we refer to laughingly as the Trojan Fear- for they do suffer this, coupled with a great excitement drawn from expectation. The compulsive liar and the dastardly deceiver are stimulated by the lies themselves, whilst the objectives are secondary.

There are honest debts and grave needs that some folk encounter, but the majority of robbers would have it that it was need that provoked a burglary, rather than the act itself rewarding them so. But needs are marginal and usually have little bearing on theft. Whether or not the robber fains to realize this fact, his exploits are prompted by the excitement and its fires, the charge of an undetermined future and the dangers encountered.

This is of course peculiar when it comes to the reserved nature of most individuals. Excitement is not gleaned from promiscuous behavior, or has least settled down somewhat from the teenage years of exploration. Nonetheless, there are those few who would play tiresome tricks on others for the pleasure of the gaming itself, displaying little regard for the humanity of which they are a part of or the consequences thereof.

All care may be thrown to the wind, so to speak. Statements that begin with, "What the hell!" or "So what?" or "I have nothing to lose!" or "You only live once!" These, and others for example, "Life owes me, and so I shall take what I can" or "It's all part of the game", and so forth. These kind of statements, which when read in proper context translate to "The devil made me do it", speak of a consciousness which seeks to deny self-reflection.

Such a consciousness has sought isolation from the past and the future, and further isolation from the realities of the present. Those realities are the very real people who are touched by the wayward behavior, which are in turn ignored as the deceiver withdraws into a superficial self-enclosed orb, where, he being literally self-centered - centered around his lower self and desires - divorces himself from not only the world, but his own higher aspects as well. This is why a liar cannot look one directly in the eye (unless well practiced), as soul communication is blocked from this self-enclosed self-centered condition.

The question then is, how one can awake such a person who is determined by gross stupidity, and has thereby chosen to drop all connections which confer with truth, reality and regard in the world. There may be much contempt between the two parties, contempt which is understandable, but fruitless of itself.

One must firstly comprehend that the patterns laid out for the said excitement, gleaned from the games of the deceiver, have been entertained very early on in the formative years of such a person. This is not a temptation taken up in later life to be tried once or twice only, but rather a sad indication of a certain behavior and attitude that has cleaved to the personality, as a shell of his making. Therefore, one cannot pluck the shell dramatically away from the individual who has spent a lifetime contriving it. 

As mentioned before, the enjoyment which is to be had by the deceiver is in the very masquerade, in the deceiving, rather than in the outcome of whether or not he is to be believed. For he is not deterred by outcome- if the plan works then silly you; if the plan fails, then silly you; for he will try all the more harder next time. The time to deter the fellow is when the game-playing has commenced, and not wait to explain you have not been caught out.

Now in the case of out and out theft, if one is fortunate enough to catch the thief as he climbs through the window, or has hand in the cookie jar, well and good - one may take efficient means to reprimand and deter the criminal.
However in conversation or friendly encounter, one may not accuse or interrogate a fellow, prompted by suspicion of this, that or the other. On the other hand, if someone is 'trying you on' so to speak, you do not want to entertain one minute of their fantasy, as it is as unhealthy for you as it is unhealthy for them.

Oddly enough, one can in these circumstances, politely interrupt the conversation or relationships and season the circumstance with the salt of a little morality. Out of this one may gauge their response quickly enough, and if the individual has not fled or baulked, they have at least shared some pleasantries which you have invoked. This may sound too simple, but is indeed a good remedy. The idea is this: when one man to another places pressure (in the very real sense, a true pressure) upon another, to do his bidding or believe falsely against which he knows to be true, casual or not, this requires submission of a kind which one asks of his acquaintance, but will not give of himself. There are concessions in all relations, but also there are impositions. Where pressure is felt, there is a struggle for compliance and ensuing impositions.

Now let us say for example that a man deigns to encourage and trap you into bad behavior. Inwardly you might irk that individual, because you represent something in lifestyle or attitude that he does not find within himself. This individual perceives no virtue in honesty, and no value in virtue anyway. So being miffed in the first instance by your circumstances, and not knowing why, he has decided to encourage you in similar fashion to try and align you with his own pitiful self-image. This kind of conflict happens daily in the smallest of tests.

Firstly he would have it that he is actually superior to you, and testify through some tale to this effect. This tale alarms you, purely because it is out of context with the casual conversation, and secondly because it is an unsavoury idea in the first place, to consider that this may or may not be so. However, he has brought to your attention some story of his personal 'greatness'. This is not designed so much to impress you, as it is to re-establish his founding presumptions which set the way for the next line of thought. He may not desire to actually sell anything to you, but perhaps to win reactions only. Nonetheless, he does wish to dominate the conversation and take time and concentration, and commands this of you.

But being already distracted from the conversation, the interaction is reduced to the noise of one rather than two. You sit politely thrumming fingers on table, wondering how to make a point in the next interval when he may stop to take a breath between sentences. By this time the concentration has lapsed, and this is when the deceiver cannot help himself - he will say something totally ridiculous! Furthermore, you, the partner in this, will believe that he truly believes what he is saying. If he is challenged he will certainly go on to spinning more stories, as he has enjoyed coming this far; and the same if such statements have been let pass. Just as you falter and are tired of the controlling speech, Bam! In comes the ridiculous! Whether or not you have fallen for it - just like a joke with a punch line - the deceiver has yet again relished in his own works, enjoying this episode.

The point being here that conversation is usually a wonderful medium whereby two or more souls may commune with each other and try to link up in heart and mind, or in the very least stimulate each other with marvellous challenges of thought. In the case of the deceiving personality however, he comes to the conversation with a predetermined conversation, the interaction is conceptualized by him as being something totally of his own making. He does not consider or know of the reality of their being two people in that room. Being so self-enclosed by these patterns of deception, he cannot distinguish between an individuality being properly quite separate to that of his own. He has motive and game-play, and not the honesty to wish to come to you quietly and to listen or learn or share with that world which you are a part of.

In the first instance, when someone has felt the need to tell you of their achievements, consider in yourself if these achievements are worthy of commendation. Firstly is the story true, and secondly are the achievements something of true value. The deceiving personality strikes tales of achievements which are either too highly placed as to be believable, or values which are not based upon personal work or endeavor, but rather station, property or conceit.
One obviously can enjoy celebrating with another, real achievements that have come from labor and loving intent. That is one thing. But the deceiver will cite images of grandeur which to the common man are not related. If this be the case, one may answer these initial boastings with tales (not of oneself) but of others who have struck similar and more marvellous goals. This will not upset the conversation if he is truly interested in the subject, but if it is designed to set himself up falsely he will abruptly try to deter you from speaking further. If the latter is the case, then it is wise to consider shifting the conversation into your own control for a while, fixing attention upon uplifting subjects only. Not to fall into degrading and upsetting argument or subject, and not to talk of mere pleasantries which comforts the conversation, but to turn to something of heartfelt importance whenever an interaction appears to be in discord. 

True intentions will be realized from this. It is not to say that one willfully goes into personal interactions with suspicion and determination to preach or make uncomfortable their conversational partner, but to learn to wakefully discern a good healthy interaction apart from those which may at times debilitate, or encourage those who would deceive, enjoying their fiendish and shallow exploits at your expense. Sincere and honest communication should be the leading goal, and needs to be worked upon constantly- particularly for the sake of the deluded who perceive the world as empty in the first instance. Rather, to lead in thought and concurrent speech with higher meaning, giving respect to the higher aspects of one's friends and associates and not participate at any length with absurdities and foolhardy falsehoods.

Harold Holt gone to the masters?- 10th July 1991

A bad taste joke. If one were to reiterate that death by drowning was a pleasant affair, men, alike to lemmings would possibly make the pilgrimage. Your fear of watery mass can be caused by a feint recollection of such a passing and momentary panic just prior to. 

This is not surprising, as when one confronts certain spiritual realities, very strong impressions from past experience of former lives will surface, and if unredeemed and uncompleted in being worked through, shall haunt somewhat. The unpleasantness will pass however, and is no cause for alarm. Some memories beg to be put aright, and yet not all can be answered at once; and like all, must await their proper time to be reviewed and sorted through. 

The confrontation of death is irksome because you are trying to come to understand split realities, and this of itself cannot be reconciled. You may be in more than one place at one time, but the consciousness may not; and the distraction of shifting consciousness is pulling as if the clothes were too tight to fit. A pig in a poke.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mineral Deposits & their Overload- 1991

ARKANSAS, KANSAS, has one of the richest mineral deposits, with veins of every particular ore known to man streaming through the subterranean layers; encrusting in conglomerate pockets and combinations of material, impacted and amassed, in rich abundance.

With such graduations and bulk, there comes also a condition whereby certain active and reactive relationships within the stratum, cause great eruptions and cavities - earth seizures that extend throughout the vast area of continent. There is a determined relationship between the mineral banks, their sizable area, their content and their mix, and the predisposition to sizable earthquake activity.
Mineral outcrops naturally seek to dominate each other with influence and character, they also in nature rejoice when due release comes by men of mining, who subsequently disperse the material throughout the above world.

Extraordinary conflicts within the earth arise when such deposits congregate in close proximity, as such minerals will of themselves continue to call down into the area the very forces that are of their origin and making. Combinations of these celestial impulses are, in the extreme, aggravations to one another; and during certain aspects of the starry calendar, waves of impulse react through the earth- in a similar fashion to lightning transmitted through the upper atmospheres. This conflict in conductivity causes fissures to open and rock to crack where the impulses have come to overload and have no earthly avenue to escape, as one contacts the other and meets with disagreement.

Thus we shall find that where such rich pockets of varying mineral material have flourished, i.e. the coastline of the continent of Russia (also conflicting with the activity of the Tibetan region), there shall be seismographic activity with a predisposition to disastrous consequences in that region of the upper world.

The beings which inhabit the lower regions and attach themselves to the given influences absorbed within the earthly confines, endure much dissension and characteristically vary in much the same way as men do, race to race, man to man. In point of fact, the very nature of the mineral impulse is the determining factor in both.
However, all of the starry influences are reflected in man, whereas the inhabitant of the elemental realm of the inner-earth likens his characteristics by usually one, or at best an assortment of a few such influences. Some of these entities are assertive by nature and presume to dominate by their imparting influences of that nature which is of their own. Others, as semi-conscious sleepers, dream through such manifestation with their consciousness extending throughout the upper worlds or even further, and do not participate in aggressive propagation or ambitious persuasion.

The conflict as afore described, when aggregates of mineral bodies cohabit so closely as to repel each other's influences, can apply also to the physiological constitution of Man, whereby certain minerals within the system can seek to dominate or interfere with the absorption qualities of another or dramatically cause systemic conflict within a given organ; depending on excessive or deficient combinations, biological rhythms, and the rhythms of day/month/year starry impulses.

Of recent years men have felt the temptation to saturate their systems with great quantities of mineral supplements, regarding nutrition to be that which we 'take in to ourselves'. The current philosophy of nutrition generally assumes that within certain ranges one must ingest, ingest, ingest. And if one hasn't got something or isn't sure, work from the presumption of deficiency and swallow a dose of it.

However the constitution may only absorb given quantities of any mineral at given times; and more often than not, the dose is way overestimated, as it is not the physical quantity of the refined mineral that assists the physical constitution, but rather the working relationship to that quantity and the impulses that circulate and assist with the characteristics of such functions. Such a relationship the body must determine, between the mineral and the incoming forces that stream through that mineral; and no amount of the given mineral will actually assist the nature of that relationship.

But what excessive amounts can do is cause remarkable conflict, whereupon the influences inherent to that particular mineral have no channel, no outlet, no earth, as it were, and begin to turn upon each other, causing physical deterioration by such activity.

The over-assimilation of lead is a fine example of such poisoning, for here we find marked deterioration of the nervous system, and then consequently, tissue. (Saturn on the attack?)

Honey is an excellent supplement if one should require this, that or the other. For here we have within one substance a mix of minerals, that through the loving labor of the bee, are brought together in such combination that the minerals within are no longer in conflict or argument against each other. Their incoming attractions to their individual influences are as effective as ever, however the remarkable bee has brought to this explosive combination the realization of community! The minerals have been transformed by the bee.

Also, one might add that these particular minerals have worked their way through to the higher realms of the plant world, and have been worked upon in the digestion of the plant, now to evolve further in the creativity of the bee. And so should one seek a supplement, honey is the most perfectly prepared tonic one should wish for.

As for cleansing the body of unwanted deposits of excessive minerals, fasting will not assist, fluid will help the organs excrete such a build-up; also a good common cold. 

Starvation of the body is never desirable. One must seek to find healthy rhythms of impulse in diet where the constitution does not become aggravated in fits and starts, but can properly direct those forces which good nutrition can offer us.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sins & Virtues- 6th July 1991

PIRACY is a sin whereby one seeks to overtake and possess that which is not rightfully his to have or to hold. This sin may be contrasted with the sin of acquisitiveness, but although not dissimilar, is disastrously more invading and objectionable to the social order. 

Piracy may take many forms in human behavior. It may constitute a physical rape; it may involve cheating for monetary value, or out and out theft. It is firstly held in attitude, and just as the virtues may enter into our being and infill us so, the sin of piracy may also take root.

As with all sins it begins with a minor and progresses rapidly to the major offense. Once this has occurred, discrimination on the part of the individual has been cast aside and the false desires would have their way. It is sad to see how often a man may fall for the trick of stepping down into the act of a sin where there is really very little value to be gained personally to him. No matter how large the sin this will be so; especially in the sin of piracy, as one may not breach another's freedom, nor covet and hold that which is not to be had and earned dutifully.

There is nothing that measures so much value that it be worth the sin of piracy. This is the law. Therefore, those who suffer the illusions of the sin of desire with such piracy, must discover this again and again until put aright.

Sins are brought about by a condition of ineptitude. There is something of a void, a vacant space where a given virtue should be entering into a man. The Cosmic impulses and their corresponding ethers that flow through to the receiving individual, become distorted and perverted, being absorbed by a man who has not a home for them to go. 

So with what should have been the powers that sustained and colored a given virtue, which should have been operatives for the experience of this divine quality, is reduced in action and in thought, in heart and attitude, to merely a sin. A particular failing to the extreme, a failing which is fed by the same fiery ethers which were to infill the characteristics of that virtue.

Find the virtue and then look to its opposite and there you will find the sin! Find the sin and you can identify the remedy. We are talking of actualities rather than abstracts. One does not like to feel reproach. Reviewing behavior is an irksome task, especially when one is faltering with self-doubt anyway. But as explained before, our lower self as we have come to know it, does change and will change and is no indication of what we are truly capable of in becoming in full realization that divinity within.

There is no point to bandy about with loose terms which defy personal scrutiny and falsely exalt the lower behavior. One must learn to dutifully contrast the true dignity of the soul and those actions and attitudes which do not behoove it. It is not for any one soul to become complacent and believe that self development is ever accomplished. This is illusion and as such falls into the sin of deceit, self-deceit though it be.

The very poor usually learn the phrase "We will make the best of what we have": one finds that it is with the world-worn, those who are at their lowest ebb in a given lifetime, that have had certain sins quashed through hopelessness and suffering. We do not suppose that one should ever wish a condition of deprivation be imposed on any soul. However, it is true to say that through hunger, sickness or grief, there are some that suffer intensely on this day. When one observes those individuals who are sadly caught in these conditions of suffering, one cannot but help witness the fortitude that perseveres, even though these souls are lacking in that which the sins would have us desire. Many a soul is crushed and broken in terms of outer world experiences, and from this there are inner strengths and inner wealth so discovered, coupled with the associated sense of propriety. 

We may have a sound constitution but complain bitterly of a cold. The marathon man may scorn his competitors and desire to better his speed and distance. Those of ill health pray not to be without or cold, nor to be champion, but only to be fit enough to function with the health that will carry them from one day to the next.

The very wealthy are seldom content; they strive to yet make more of the same. The middle class presume that the dream of such wealth, will for them one day be realized, and furthermore an entitlement. But those who are truly poor do not hold expectations of being overindulged, but pray for food on the table from each day to the next. The very poor do not focus upon a Mercedes or a Rolex, but rather that their needs be met. Thus we find that where one should understand the sin of acquisitiveness to really be acceptable in those who are without, it is not as so; as much as those who have no real need, but just want for the sake of wanting. And who through the gates of Heaven goes better prepared?

The sin of haughtiness, the sin of conceit, would rather not have you identify that there be sin at all, within or without.
So many would hearken to the calling of the Divine, but when one mentions the elementary perfunctions of sin and the corresponding virtues, they tend to run the other direction. But where there is a need, that need is answered in time. Where an individual is bereft of a particular quality or disabled in Holy Virtue, the consequences of that sin so channeled into shall answer the need and cause the Heavens to prevail in working upon that soul through inspired experience.

The sin of piracy extends also to one's perceptions of the teachings. One cannot overtake, or make grab, at another's wisdom. "Give me the Truth!" is piracy, when the truth is not worked for in effort and obedience, in loving inquiry, in discipline and endeavor. To have true knowledge of the Virtues and the nature especial to their spirit, one must come to know them firsthand and give over to experience of the sublime qualities that they hold. 

One can never fully realize the length and breadth of a Virtue and the beauty that confounds the soul thereby. But through such practices that open one to Divine characteristics, the tendencies towards the relevant conditions of Sin are denied to prosper and take hold of one's life. The remedy of Sin is the tonic of Virtue. Like any good teaching, it is to be tried and proven by the student himself!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tri Tri Again!-1991

OF ALL the mysteries perhaps one of the more deeply profound is the question as to why Man did suffer such a 'falling-out' with Paradise. Why he during the course of a life, cannot recollect with clarity the spiritual worlds.

Overall one is a question for the theologians, as too for philosophical inquiry. The other one is of individual perspective. There are even some questions (wonder of wonders!) which we do not hold complete detailed perceptions of. It is unwise to be specific to the extreme when faced with enormously profound whys and wherefores. However, what is known is a question which only time can answer.

Because Paradise has been, because all men do know it, it shall be once again. There is a solemn truth which designates all that is past to be renewed and reborn. Therefore perhaps the issue of what occurs in between the first and second Paradise, is yes relevant to the moment, but not relevant to God or the Cosmic perspective. The question relates rather to timing. As we trust that this is always perfect, the question relates to patience and being content with such.

Individually however, it is a different question as to why the cosmic children have been spun down into realms manifest, where the Face of their Father has been hidden from them. Does He watch us at play, as through the great kitchen window? Do the children rebelliously mimic and laugh, or obediently come when the Father does call? 

We may not live the lives of our children on their behalf. Benevolence and unconditional love, strict insights and family treasures, this we pass on. Concern is not worry, concern is correct. Worry is unknown to our Father.

Each man bears duty to the family of his world. Also too, he must answer the Cosmic Kingdoms and align himself in their accord. But for now, he is afforded a time to play and experience. Yes, these are the salad days!

Our Globe does encircle the girth and girdle of the Lord, and we on said Globe are given such freedoms that Angels do dream of. Many a Kingdom is fascinated by our endeavors and exploits- many a chuckle and a titter, from below and above. There has to be humor in the Divine or we should not be manifest! 

For all the awkward recklessness of Man, there shall be the quiet times to come. We must continue to work, and with grave concern, definite intent. 

If this dialogue appears that we care not and wish to partake in the antics, we have misled your thought. But needs be that one is balanced in perspective, that overall we draw courage from the big and sturdy truths, that we may address all work at hand in full knowledge of such overall perspectives. Then we apply the grave concern. For laughter is twofold.

We may not become so complacent about the prospects of destiny that we expect all future to unravel of its own. Besides there is always the possibility, which none of us can answer, that if Mankind chooses not their destiny then perhaps another shall fulfill it. That is the grave concern part. Of course if one holds to opinions unselfishly, then all prayers are answered. If Mankind and the folk you have come to know are especial to you, then it is your desire to set them on the course which was their inheritance in the first place, to be afforded to them.

One can hope! No, we are not gambling men! We do not speculate, we do not give odds. We are in good company. We have all the help one could ever ask for. Time is on our side, as time was brought into being by Man himself. Man does unfold mostly everything that is needed, out from his own constitution.

Impulses and inclinations change so radically from century to century, swinging backwards and forth. Very little remains remotely similar to its cousin of the past. But for those with overview, we are given the fount of the future to draw our forewarnings of change from. The silver-glass which reflects all cosmic change may be previewed way before such movements stir in the fate of Mankind. 

There has to be much counterbalancing at given times. If the course is to journey straight to desired goal, our position is to effect the balancing when the soul waivers between the extraneous and the spirit.

Never accept the disheartened point of view. This is the sufferance which is borne of the men who deny the spiritual realities. When focused upon the outer world and its aspects, step back and widen such perspective. 

Remembering, reminding oneself, that worry brings failure; and worry is unfounded, failure is apparent. "Let me introduce you to my friend" says Worry. Enter Failure. Best not entertain Worry at all. If Failure turns up, thank him for pointing out error and circumstance, and then bid him go far, far away. Worry brings Failure prematurely. They have a close relationship. Failure is very obliging. He will visit where needed and where not needed, if called upon by Worry. As it is he is overworked, so best not disturb him more than need be!

So be of good cheer and strive to assist the progress of Man whenever, and wherever the opportunity presents. In this there will be felt and acknowledged the great family from which one is so importantly a part of. One may go running to the Elders for help if the children 'play up' or assume responsibility and take the matter in hand yourself. Either way, be happy in this. 

(Don't Worry, Be Happy!- Good song, very inspired.)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Self-Doubts- 4th July 1991

SELF DOUBT is often confused with humility and proper caution, but is neither of the two. Doubt need not be based on the truth of any given matter, but rather lends itself to a symptomatic condition invoking more of the same. Doubts may be seeded by another. Self doubts persuade one to believe that certain inadequacies (real or imagined) will block one from their desired goal.

Positive-thinkers, so-called, have a tremendous control over such self-doubting; and the results do prove themselves. Quite often those individuals experience possibilities and extended limits that would have been otherwise.

Caution alerts the wary to be sensitive to that which is incompatible to their very nature: an unwholesomeness, a danger impending, a foulness, and so forth. Cultivating a sense of caution is extremely useful, as it is firstly a learned discipline of holding one's self back, giving time to contemplate, rather than to act out of rashness or impulsiveness. Caution hesitates before proceeding, and yet may or may not inhibit such procedure, if necessity does not prevail. However self-doubt, having no real substance other than the doubt itself, may still restrain the individual, immobilize the will as it were; and has no usefulness, has no application.

Humility, as discussed so frequently before, is a Divine revelation of itself, and is the very substance of progressive 'openness' to Heaven herself. It is a true and proper perspective which is paramount for the student to realize, as prerequisite to contemplation and inquiry, as to the inner nature of the true order of the Mysteries. Humility tells us that no matter how grand or wonderful our experiences may be, they are but the smallest fly-speck on the window of Creation. Humility reminds us that in order to observe the world, we must step back and allow the world to have its turn in speaking to us, rather than we address it, pronouncing philosophy and dictating whims and wants. This again has no bearing directly upon that condition of self-doubt, as it encourages interaction with the world and its findings, rather than completely enclosing the doubter within a shield of inner conflict.

Many a nervous individual suffers daily from self-doubt. One can see with every twitch and random impulse, that the turmoil and the struggle is uprising in chest and flowing to mind, poking away as hot pointed spikes, contrasting the 'divineness', the 'uprightness' of the individual with suggestions of hopelessness and total inadequacy.

Because self-doubt is not related to a given reality and is rather a condition, it should be treated as such. A condition of being, that interestingly enough does relate indirectly to the target of self-perception and the accordance of the life being lived. A good example of this is an individual who plays out many a role assuming a personality and behavior which conflicts with his inner sensibilities, his inner knowledge of that which is moral and beneficial and conducive to right living. This individual has not managed to come to a point of making the necessary changes in lifestyle or in attitude because the elements of self-doubt have thwarted such efforts before they have surfaced the consciousness. Yet the self-doubts are in fact rooted in there being a total problem as opposed to any one distinct problem.

Here is a position where it is almost impossible to address the whole situation, given that the individual concerned is consumed by haunting nervousness daily that begins to deteriorate all of the functions, resulting in extreme nervousness and possibly mental breakdown. There is something of a communication problem with the inner self and its dictates, and the outer worldly personality who is continuing on in the same direction but suffering the consequences of perpetual self-doubt. There are times when the self-doubt would be better dropped completely, in order for the individual to clearly review the order of his life.

Most folk know if there is something amiss or awry in their life. It will be displayed in many a symptom, which does not necessarily speak to them directly of the concern. It is extremely difficult for individuals who from childhood carry a bank of misconceptions to draw from and know not where to turn or how to turn towards a fresh and healthier directive.

The positive thinker applies a dynamic approach, whereby he casts aside the self-doubts and then focuses upon that which he should like to be rather than that which he is or is not. Yes, here is the 'grafting on of virtues', which does seem to be the proper solution to an otherwise indefinable problem. As said before, the doubts a man may hold prohibit dynamic action and discourage the change so sorely required in that lifestyle. Therefore one must assume another personality, another set of values, which if higher placed, will assure a rising consciousness and a new set and range of possibilities and achievements. Recognize that the condition of self-doubting has spoken to us of an overall 'unsettledness' and begin anew in every way, replacing a vision of higher expectations on oneself, rather than envisualising and predetermining a lower range of inadequacies.

For we are not bound by our self-image. For a time we may be sorely discouraged and ineffectual because of a given self-image. And it may be added here that for most people, their self-image has been adopted largely by the dictates and pictures of others and has not begun to be worked on by the self - rather impressed as clay upon a rock. And if the self-image be degraded, then it is incorrect.

Christ assures us that our likeness is of His. This is all we need to focus upon.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Fellowships- 3rd July 1991

THERE are streams of individuals who work in a fretwork that encompasses both centuries and the Globe, in which certain unique influences characterize the teachings and involvement they impart- much like the Scottish clan system, whereby many designated parties belong to one country, each with individual symbol, each with characteristics and history dating back to the founding forefathers.

Unknowingly, we have partaken in this way- gravitating to this or that which is akin to the streams we have formerly belonged to: fellowships where past connections link back to sympathies expressed during life and laid down in Heaven; connections for future involvement, recognized or not, with peoples and ideals that are marked as a map on our being.

This is a distinction however from the racial bonds and necessary immigrations that occur from life to life. One may certainly have strong connections with geographical sites and the influences that they hold, also with a bloodline of a people following the course of a certain evolution.

Outside of these influences, which may characterize preferences in worldly perception, there is the fellowship/s that are established through experience, where souls striving are mutually impressed and have desire to work together, to come together some time in the future in mutual assistance. And so these streams of individuals are progressive by nature, as it is a conjoining for future ideals, rather than historic ties.

The establishment of communities by preference and design (rather than estate from one or another) is an outward reflection of such endearing fellowship, consciously recognized and worked through. Of course this doesn't mean to suggest that all folk from a particular stream have the resources or means at hand to be together in same time and place. However, pockets of individuals may gather in this way from such past associations and with future ideals.

The 'commune' is basically a creative venture with mutual sympathies. The monasteries, the cloisters, the retreats, perhaps the five-star hotel, have this in common. Folk have moved on, leaving behind the home and hometown, migrating in flock to weave their own nest with their own string and straw of ideals. 

Much respect is to be given to these endeavors of fellowship, as fresh possibilities and bonds of mutual interaction are gathering together also: communities for the future, not only for the present day. In striving to establish a unit, a social model for the propagation of high living set with the correct values that assist and enable each member to contribute and co-work, they begin to perfect the relationships of man to man in the very striving. Whether or not there are conflicts is of no importance, it is the commitment to the fellowship (not imposed by state or race), that when put to task founds a lighthouse for those in the future who may better the objectives of mutual striving and support.

One need not share the toothbrush to be of good example to this. Actual community need not even imply residence, but to happily acknowledge that there are indeed very real relationships that have been worked through in the past, whereby our involvements and empathies may take fast in future work.

In church and in charity, and many other venues for fellowship, there are wonderful bonds between soul and soul, and marvelous strivings together. Who among us does not need companionship? Were we to drift in and out of life making no friends we should not learn of the satisfaction that comes from the importance of mutual striving and mutual work, rather than self-importance (which on its own, says very little).

Oddly enough, fellowships may have respite periods. It is possible too, that a stamp club today may have comprised the same individuals yesterday who might have been Druids or may have worked together in excavation after a dire earthquake. They may have been bakers who shared the same merchant of spices. They may have been babes all born on the same day. They may have held court as duke and duchess determining land fallows and application.
When people are gathered together under a common flag conjoined, it may appear to be of little significance, however the true significance lies in the effort and in the bonds that are established thereby.

Conformity is not the important point here. The point is that through the freedom of individuality that we all enjoy, we also share divine capacity to embrace and co-work with other individuals and do add to such enterprises, in giving of ourselves and our time. This is fruitful in the common meeting of man to man.

True society will one day be realized. Man must work ever towards that goal of true communion and respect for such fellowships. Not because they are caught in bonds which inextricably tie them to laws imposed by such orders, but that they come to recognize the value of mutual striving and the support then given.

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