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Monday, May 15, 2017

Artificial Intelligence- 14th May 2017

My question is concerning AI - Artificial Intelligence: is it possible for computers or robots to become self aware, self conscious, and make their own decisions and become self determined?

Many operating systems appear to demonstrate personality, having been given algorithms that are programmed with such a bias and characterization - and from this it could be easy to conceive that by some extraordinary leap, their intelligence could spark into individuality. . .

At present, the basic programming of any system runs according to the angelic principle of service and sameness: and in concordance with same and similar programs/supports and operating platforms. There is provision for owner operators to control their computers and personally tailor the programs, yet at the same time these systems work because they are in harmony with others, and not because they separate out in form or function in any way from the rest.

And so, computer systems by their nature, are conformists.

As intricate and complex as they may become, they will still operate within preset boundaries of rationale programming - requiring consensus with like platforms.

Fundamentally a materialist does not hold ideas as to the origin of consciousness, or the forming of individuality.

A materialist is limited in their view on this subject, and from this non-perspective an idea could be entertained that consciousness would just evolve or develop, as if by magic.

They really do not have an explanation for the imagination or individuality in relation to humankind, but rather than it is, computer-like in cognizance and either random or pre-programmed, in its choosing.

The materialist does not recognize the aeons of prior experience that the individual soul has gathered and grown with, along side its instinctual collecting along the way. And, more than this, far more than this wonderful learning, is the Godliness within the human nature, that 'spark' of divine intelligence and construct - that godly nucleus to which all else is fixed upon.

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