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Monday, June 18, 2018

Last Phase of Pregnancy- 18th September 2017

In this last phase of pregnancy, when the mother is asleep, the infant can be seen etherically lying outside of her body, contained in her arms or sleeping on top of her chest. The spirit child is not ever actually inside the growing form, not yet incarnate within it, yet is travelling with their mother throughout this time of growing.

The infant child senses deeply all of the mother's emotions and physical sensations, almost as though they were experiencing this effort to carry themselves. This bonding experience, where the two unite through this combined effort, helps to form a resonant pathway linking them both, the strength of which, carries into the earliest memories and closeness throughout the life of the child to come.

All of her sensations felt, concerns and dreams, and wonderings - whilst also, the discomforts and the tremblings - these too are known exactly and proportionately to the incoming entity. Similarly to the experience of sleep, beginning with the day backwards, so too is the experience of birth. The joint collaborative journey has begun at conception and the travelling two truly share the entire impressions through the eyes and expression of the mother to be.

Likewise, the mother can sense her child's character, purpose and striving. These elements are at their strongest during this preliminary waiting upon entrance to this world. The little being's vitality is literally empowered by that of its essential self - of that which it is, and who it is, impelling and propelling its way into incarnation.

The time of birth itself is literally a conjuncture of worlds - not so much of the hemispheres of people, as already these are fixed and intertwined - but remarkably that threshold, where the child leaves its mother to enter the body, just prior to delivery, and then to the first breath, this leap into life, 'bumps' the baby into a necessary separation so that it may now begin its individual path.

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