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Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Golden Corn- 26th February 1995

THE materialist would tell you that the actions of one man are equal to that of another, that if a prescription was followed in the physical realm and imitated regardless of intent being a factor, then accordingly all that followed would be unremarkably the same. 

This is not the case however, when one perceives the expirations which follow on from any one act. Everything a man projects out from himself is significant. A projection, for the sake of definition here, is outer activity which can be described as anything from 'being' and its natural consequences and impacts, to self-conscious definition, deliberation and decision accompanying an actual act. Such outer activity cannot help but be and become consequential. 

The ways in which it significantly does become transfused with all other consequential factors which work and weave their way into the present, is dependent upon the spiritual foundations of their worth. There are those which are short lived because there is no sustaining virtue afforded them - as in the careless act of a man who is not invested with the necessary empowerment to further it into the future - not being worthy in itself and of itself, to remain as a remarkable event. Therefore, it shall be as dust.

One might question the events which have been noted as an outfall to many a 'careless' act which have inadvertently caused great consequence, crucial and pivotal to a circumstance. However in these instances, of which there are a great many, we find here that a man has been used instrumentally by an inoffensive angel (angel, as in warden of the presenting karma; it may be an 'acting' angel, i.e. another man). Because of the lack of intent, and being void of ego-involvement, there is an opportunity for his actions and his presence to be utilized to assist some purpose unknown to him.

In this instance the karma is a bonus, it is true; that he has been offered the opportunity to manifest some remarkable turn of events. However it may also unfortunately, happen the other way also. Sadly a man may be temporarily made much use of, when his self-conscious control is quite forfeit, and he may be lent to ill purpose by demons who know no better. So one may not prefer to walk around being solely instrumental to the invisible; it is dependent upon the moral makeover and condition of a man that he attract the right and proper influences accordingly. We may all be watchful and prayerful, that our actions are only placed as Christ would have them.

Now in returning to the opening suggestion: there is a world of difference (what a remarkable phrase that is) between the performance of any given act by one man and another - just as, as you may imagine, between individual beings also. For example, when Christ moved in one direction the whole world shifted. (This is speaking of His time in physical internment.) Everything He did in the physical world, in that physical condition, was miraculous - termed so because the natural laws were obedient to Him, and where His intention was incited the matter was plastic to His Will.

Upon his 'death' and after His resolving, there were and were not marks of those changes which He had effected. He withdrew the evidence, so to speak, of much of His Presence. The matter which was immediately affected by His being, by all that He physically touched and made altered, does contain the memory-imprint sufficient to one day be recalled. However, speaking in the obvious sense of the immediate memories as are akashic or consequential, He returned the natural law to its rightful domain, insofar as He could not risk an anarchy spirit, which otherwise would have been born by Him.

Now this is a little complicated, so see if you can stay with me as I lead you through this concept. Christ nor Father God, do not turn against themselves, ever. There is evidence to say that this is impossibility; and were it made so, that they became supremely contradictory, then the patterns so established by such higher conflict would be involutionary and unthinkable. 

The very concept of nuclear war is based upon this fear of higher turmoil. And too the capabilities for the kind of change as is effectual, is related to just a few actions of Christ having been, as we describe, defiant of the laws as were. This is not the occasion to travel the thoughts about nuclear and other implications, but what can be said is that there are reasons and not just serial accidents, which have brought such forces into evidence.

However and more important to this issue: it is true that many poor individuals do undermine God and Christ in their contemplations, by way of doubting and fearing and believing them to be less than they are. This can happen in a variety of ways, and perhaps it comes from our own imperfections or perhaps and more than likely, from a bevy of suggestions which hang heavy in the astral domain. Many grumbles have been cast into the immediate astral. The souls from whom they did issue, are quite free of them and so unburdened; however they remain for some time and are convincingly bleak.

The question then is, if Christ altered back that which He made change, what did remain? This is the nice part: love became no less significant, it became moreso. Love in Man was given the power to immortalise that which it was invested into by any man. The physical laws were and were not altered in this - the everlasting spiritual projections and realities were. The material world could not be so impressionable as it had been in the past.

There was a time when one might 'wish' for another and it would be so - given that the design was placed well, immediate and apparent results would be consequential to the thought. Men could be physically perfect and materially wealthy, and the Sun would shine all day long as the clouds would be obliged to just rain where told. Yes indeed there was such a time in a former world; and many hearken back to it. Also there are many places within the spiritual worlds where this is the case, and so lived after death and in dreams besides. 

However, in the physical world a man still does reflect much of his being; only there are the associated impurities from within which are now evident and needed to be sloughed. Our wonderful capabilities have deviated into more complex talents to be perfected, and at this time it is of much more soul importance to negotiate with struggle, rather than look for the easy mean. 

It is not that we would not wish happiness to all individuals. Of course this wish is fine and noble and reflective of the joy of God Himself. But we look to true profit and real joy, and to that which shall be everlasting rather than temporal; which by the physical law itself, the physical world is changing, malleable to the future and therefore unstable and only ever temporary in what it has to offer. 

So when Christ asked us to invest ourselves in Heavenly aspect, it is (and this is the important point) not because we should choose to artificiate a heaven here amongst the evolving futures subject to consequential law, but that by our own actions here in the physical world, we shall eventually make perfect the World by way of those very laws, worked with love. Every action (thoughts are inclusive in this too) which is given in love (i.e. true love requires selflessness), becomes consequential in the parent realms and indelible within a future. 

Commerce, as in trading, is commerce, whether it be with money or with peanuts. Barters are still with self-interest; and whatever the system, it is a system nonetheless. These systems of agreement are rarely advantageous to both parties - this is just offered in observation. However and consequential to that, there is of course the karmic follow-on always, for which retribution shall be levied. 

Money is indeed an artificial wisdom, and the student when contemplating its configurations will be astounded and perplexed, for there are some terrible beings associated with the mass. It is not entirely relevant to itself; and this is our saving conclusion. What does become relevant is what we may give completely and freely. This is revolutionary to the laws - always has been - and now more than ever. There are no restrictions given to each individual on just how much he can afford to do just this. There are no systems required, for opportunities arise most everywhere for effort to be made selflessly. And by living the reality the greater world is made. This is a great truth. Of course it is irksome to our 'selves'. The very term 'self-less' is threatening to self. So we must look to the way in which it is not so disturbing, and understand exactly, just what in the true and proper sense we may exercise.
When a man feels inspired by love, it is that his own concentration of self becomes dispelled and relieved of the pressure of being so tight-bound within the veneers of his own ego definition. His interest is captured by that which he has gone to in mind or in soul. For that time he has exceeded his own self with the joy that has brought him into places and stations and true commune without. 

Love can be because of affinity, but in its working process upon a man it most definitely exceeds all affinities because it leads to greater ones, mutual ones that are thereafter established when experienced mutually. Therefore the release of a man out from himself, is the freedom he feels in love - free in spirit, because quite truly, this he has become. 

Our own selves are to be cherished and prized, and regarded with especial interest and care. Our own selves are entrusted to our beings solely, and so we are mindful of the responsibility each has unto his own self, and the love of our being, that it thrives and that it continues. It is also the nature of our being to participate with other beings - not only that we may fit in with our own ecology or just to feed and fill ourselves to capacity, but rather delight and find God by our communion with others, alongside our own nature. 

The notion of selflessness is only irksome where there is no love implied. The man may then look for the return for his efforts, and may or may not be satisfied with the outcome. The self-less lover is always satisfied with the outcome, for it is promised with the very love that he does offer. It need not be an action. It is not in truth a 'feeling' as such either; although there are a convoy of accompanying emotions which arise and circulate the immediate ethers when a man is inspired in this way. 

Can you picture a very fast journey as the consciousness travels, the soul in the uptake? For love draws us up into the far reaches of our spirit, as close to God as we may become. Then we journey down, all the time having being freed from self, because we are distracted from self. We are marvelously and delightfully distracted. We go, in our soul, to that very adoption of consuming attention - unlike the forcible exit from bodily constraint which certain drugs and practices do incur (and this does mimic the 'feeling' of love in the release). Unlike that loosening, the individual has come to his Beloved in consciousness and met in spirit - taken to the lap of God every time, bringing back in residue, a voucher for continuation. For this is the promise of Christ, that where there is love there is life eternal.

So the practical man, the materialist, who enjoys an almost immediate recompense for his actions, is preparing himself for the greater lesson to adopt, but in actual effectiveness within the world he shall be limited, as his issues are not 'guaranteed' as it were, or offered permanence, for they are self-limited and therefore restricted.

There is little point in trying to be selfless purely for the sake of it - this is destructive to the individual in many respects, not the least being the associations of such it shall establish. However, there are so many credits one is not aware of (that too being 'part and parcel'); and there are simple loves and acts of love, which men project all during the day. These simple but not so obvious investments are the very great beginnings to a wholesome career of natural sainthood in the future.

There is no need for terrific pressure or heartache - far better to work towards the self-goals consistently and thoroughly, and fill the lifetime with as much true soul activity as possible. In this it is meant that the rest will follow. If a man is true to his heart, as they say, then his activities and meetings and consequential dues will be obliging with grace.

The vision which is dear to Miss I.S. [questioner] is worthy of holding close, and projecting into future economies. It is natural and sensible to feel the need for an 'ecologically sound' economy. It would be unnecessary for this to become a matter of sadness or depression in the frustration for immediate realisation, for the most productive way to address this concern is in personally taking the time to defy the superficial laws and just give what you can. Quite often, if an individual offers himself to Christ it will be made known what it is that they can give, if they so desire.

Do we seek only the glamorous employments? Be cautious as to attractions. However it is best to pursue that which is so exciting to your greatest joy - that there is no hesitation but to. The faith in such love will sustain you when you have exhausted yourself for a time. 

And in the lesser marvel, employ a measure of charity at all times. Give time to the people who ask it of you. Give attention to what you consume. Give prayer for the needy, and know that the prayers when issued with love and compassion and empathy, are substantial to the overall remedy, and that such prayers are the necessary transfusers of law. Thereby the angelic influences have been invited to employ.

By prayer in love we release they who we may pray for. The action of the love is met on a soul level and works as it does within and verily without, our selves. The very nature of prayer is profound in this. This is explicit to high love for another, that we may take their cause or their pain or their protection, into our hearts and care for them. With the working of love we may carry them up into their highermost spirit-souls to be renewed, to be revivified and to be given then the substantiality of yet another measure of love's immortality.

Give effort, and when the rewards come, give them away too. It is a fine ideal to wish to divorce oneself from material belongings, however this gesture may be limiting to the overall effectualness within the world - perhaps best kept under the responsibility of yourself. In other words, if one is entrusted with monies within the world, then it is very much a responsibility and a personal concern to do the very best with such monies; to give them away completely is always done when dead, and even then there may be discretion as to where it is best gone to. 

However and more importantly, it is always the man himself and his very attitude of being which determines the world.
  • Man 1 grows corn to feed himself.
  • Man 2 grows corn to feed the family.
  • Man 3 grows surplus to sell for a profit.
  • Man 4 grows corn to give to the neighbors.
  • Man 5 grows corn and loves his corn.

He may be Man 1 through to 4, but he also loves his corn. He still tires at night, he may suffer the intemperate seasons, but he loves his purpose. He knows the germ and the marvel of its passage into sheath and then to Man - corn becomes in Man, as Man becomes enstrengthened by the corn. 

He stands among the fields and sees the pulse of produce there before him, and feels the freedom of his spirit's release, there in that field of glowing golden corn. And he is elated. 

Friday, July 23, 2010

Pouring Thee into Me- 16th February 1995

CALLING throughout the ethers to our Beloved, reaching into the spaces, there right before you the Christ in majesty, in royal perpetude, is ever present to invocation. Be still. Be knowing that He is present. Be watchful. Be ready. 

One need not search the Memories to find Him, nor the picture books of vague or great fantasy. The Memories of this our sphere are young to His imprint, whereas and only within one’s own heart is His greatest mark to be accessed and made known, firstly. No further. No stretch to reach. No bended light or perforated image. No muddied thought. No twisted beam. No distorted form. No death to self. No death to Him.

The Passion, the Holy Passion, is complete when it is drawn out and, as though a gem, held up to the light to be shot with the backing flame to its color. We may bring out our stern passion for Christ and hold it before the inner sight, waiting for the illumination to come with Him.

There is a regular heartbeat which all the planet does resound. One can hear the hearts of every man, as He does. Every soul that drives their flesh and works the existence, resounds the ethers in beating, in accord with His Life so given. And He also radiates in measured rhythm the heart dialogue of an ever-pressing affirmation - for that is what this action is. It is the gesture to our existence, it propounds its way into the exaggeration of action and of being, as it reaffirms our meeting with the world. 

The heart draws our own self-souls down into a flesh that is made perfect with every breath and beat, and the soul circulates the courses and expires out, maturing in love only; all else withering early. All the while it makes for the continuances because it has the one great emphasis, over and over and over and over saying "into this World I come, into this World I come, into this World I come", without pause.

This heart is too, the vehicular vessel for His Being by which we are substantiated. You may hold in your meditation upon this, the further parallel: "Into this World He comes" - meaning, "into mine own Heart he has entrance and right and existence and definition and Being; only that I would know it."

The mantra, therefore, as visualized to be a constant within the very resounding pulse, is:
Into this World I be,
Into this World He in me.
Into this World I be,
Into this World He in me.

Think too that all actions forthwith shall be of His standard and glory. All commerce and kindness shall be issued out from this being (your own) in the stature of Being, now given to His majesty. Every word now offered is in His Holiness. Every motivation and hope, every plan laid down and acted upon, every thing so imparted shall be dignified, as He does dignify and quicken all purpose and being.

All worldly decrees amount to nothing in comparison to the cordial truth known by Him. There is no law, no determination given by else, which is relevant; and His Way is best known by the man who will find Him through Love.

Goodness is not complete without Love. Laws are given to be empty of meaning, if practiced and upheld without love. Purpose shall be dead before begun. Death itself becomes the solitary gateway through to oblivion and desolation, if Love does not accompany the passing soul. Love is mandatory.

And what, where, is this Love? Why does such sweet completeness become so misunderstood and often denied? How can a man retract from his issue at all? It is because Love is too mighty to contain, or to issue, in knowing, in exceeding, in intensity. That which we find or manifest in love to our brothers is parallel to Christ, and it is terrifyingly powerful - it will take much a getting used to, and strengthening, little by little, that we may withstand the great surges.

It is not that it is meant to be deleterious to a man or that God in some macabre aspect has maligned His great gift, but that we are frail creatures still in the making, and in His time we are not as capable as we are yet to be realized. Being so, we are cautioned not to be impatient in this or doubtful, but to truly know that even though it appears that the love in our life comes and goes, ebbs and flows, it is immeasurably there, and it of itself, even in the unknowing, will strengthen us that in the future we shall come to comprehend more and give more.

Its actions within us can force the intensities to extremity - our man [student] who is fevered is simply overwrought with the desire to love so perfectly and violently, and he wonders at the margins he perceives, and cannot really reconcile such powerful intensities. These things are not of the mind, for the mind explains them afterwards, when the passions have dropped and the man is so exhausted, that he has emptied all his efforts for that time - this is symptomatic to Christ and to the terms of Love. 

Be prepared to wait for the next heartbeat. Do not lay doubts in the in between. The succession of heartbeats is what determines the continuity, not the emptiness felt of the interim, which makes the space for the next.

Learning to love with significance is what all men must keep striving for, and although it does imply simplicity, it is not such a talent that any one of us can say we have fulfilled to perfection. Therefore there is no need to feel frustrated or inadequate. This is the whole sum of living, and were that we knew how to withstand the greatest Love, in the giving and receiving, then we should be right up there on the thrones, alongside the immortals who have attained and won just that.

Do not turn away from love. Not for 'reasons', not for impatience. It finds you. It retrieves you from self. It acknowledges you in this World. It infills you and qualifies you. It enables you to pass it on. And it returns…always.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Gentle Perspective- on Virtues & Virus- 4th February 1995

IT truly does make for good sense to learn the gentle approach, to come forward into all meetings with the gracefulness of a gliding bird, soft to set-down, quick to alight, buoyant on that mighty volume which presents as only thin air!

The aspects of Christ you may carry with you into all meetings and communications, is one which will instantly ennoble all fault. This is the Grace of Christ's very own perfection - He has made it so, that men are not without such love or constant ennoblement. Therefore, there need not be charge or fear, reaction or recoil; but rather when confronted with an abysmal evil perceived alongside a man, you may know that Christ can and will help those who you feel incapable of answering. 

We have spoken of the nature of evil as being lovelessness - the loveless act, as distinct from that which is dynamic to life and to soul and to being. Some individuals who have lived amongst lovelessness have in turn, come to recoil from the inspirations true love may bring. This may or may not be so, but in particular circumstance it may be, and may be pitied with warrant. 

Before technique and before mastery must come love. That love may be present, there requires a man to know gratitude. Without gratitude - gratitude in the larger, overall sense of experience - then the man shall be unable to comprehend the love that dwells amongst him, and that may flow in and around and out of him, in full-color so to say, in totality also.

The hardness at the outer core which some individuals do adapt for themselves, is defiant and contemptuous largely because there is anger too great to be quietened. The anger is deep-rooted, the defiance to grace is as ill-shod and the man or woman becomes the very epitome of loneliness.

When there has been a local history of wrongdoing without remorse - say for example, whereupon the man in his previous life has been the sole cause of injury, hardship and enslavery, and he has known that there shall be karmic repercussions, that there will be those who will return for, at the very least, an apology - it can happen, that the man shall not find within himself the necessary admissions, nor the sympathies required. In point of fact, he only sees misery confronting him and is quick to send his debtors fast away (usually with insult).

He may then go on to seek empowerment for the weaponry (as imagined) necessary to ward off the gatherings of conscience and actuality. There is no power however, sufficient to karma, but the distressed do not recognize this - that being their main problem indeed - and they fruitlessly go after much cunning and ploys, learning to manipulate, whilst at the same time achieving nothing of lasting importance.

Wilfulness is not 'good' will. The will of man is in likeness to the Will of God - it is capable of great and noble activity, of summoning the substance of inert Creation and making vision manifest. The immature development of some aspects of Will within man, arise when the ego is not truly 'enclosed' and made strong. The actual willing is haphazard and irrational. Misdirected, ill-gained willing is a wilfulness untempered, and therefore quick to expire, but dangerous whilst active. 

The exertion of wilfulness, as one may direct unto another with motive and with effort, is a misuse of the natural power all men have placed in accordance with higher attributes (largely undeveloped as yet). If we exert our wills consciously that we may hold domain over our own actions well - either in order to rehearse, perfect, make practise, withhold etc., then it is an obvious jurisdiction well placed. If on the other hand, we use that very force of willingness that we may persuade, dissuade, displace or corrupt another individual, then the power so contrived and dispelled becomes wicked (wickered: as in bad magic). The soul in question, has pronounced their needs or wants before the freedom of another and tried to enforce their decisions unlawfully.

The outfall of such behavior is that eventually, by the misuse of such will-directives they become weakened to their own self - having cast it out spuriously, without saving enough for the turn inward. For in becoming so involved in the actions of others, and by literally feeding their intention and will to them, they have left their own house open, so to speak. Thus the individual is further anguished.

Virtues are useful. The exercise of the Virtues is there for the saving and sustenance of souls. To be virtuous, to receive and make practise of, has nothing whatsoever to do with external tests or grades of man or master. It is for the good of that man and then for the world, that he know:
  • Kindness (in often doing not that which is required by law or by asking, but fully giving more than being called for);
  • Gratefulness whereupon the soul looks up to the heavens and rejoices, struck with humility before all else, conscious of their being's design, acknowledging God for His industry, feeding the Angels with the effluence of thankfulness;
  • Charity of soul and of word, whereby there is never intent to injure or recant, and never thought of self and return to self or desire for self in the giving;
  • Steadfastness knowing the endurance of ages, believing in the promises of Christ and by Him made strong to make stand;
  • Courage, the fiery supplement to provocation - once again purified by selfless need;
  • Forgiveness as is warranted, with peacefulness to follow, removing the stain from our brother's bloodied tunic, albeit our blood;
  • Chastity in spirit loving God firstly before all other life and being pure to His Love;
  • Consideration, the ability to afford due time in respect to - holding back from letting forth, perceiving the contrast between one and another and then judging accordingly;
  • Compassion, compelled with a love born from pity;
  • Sacrifice, making offer and resolution to give that which will be missed at that time, i.e. all of it, everything we have;
  • Justice and fair-mindedness, discernment, as credited by Angels (who are keepers of judgment because they live law unquestioningly) paying naught to the demonic or the frivolous, praying for wiseacre prudence, in judging on balance, in respect and in perspective;
  • Humility which makes us as invisible in the World - the most gracious cloak of all to wear upon our naked souls.

These virtuous aspects give to man the coloring characteristics which shall weave the foundation for his being to come. 

The anti-forces implied, being the antithesis of the above so described, are common by degree and essential to the aspiring and gathering virtues also. In other words, there are times in which the gravities go the other way, and a man may unintentionally come to fault, however the essential compromise is that we practise such virtues consciously where we can, and come to enjoy their presence where possible, in full knowing. When it happens that we act contrary to the virtuous incline (and all do in some measure) then it is most fortunate to have some substance and aspect had previously. That is to say that the striving is essential to the performance, whilst the 'perfected' man still waits in the future.

There was such a time when the Earth could hold no nourishment from Cosmic Virtue. In this the men were barren and their souls quite suspended from their bodily frame. There became a risk of yet a further separation - as was the beasts and Man - but still, with this instance, Man's own beastly friend (his physical body) was to depart. This is not to say that the physical body was or is without its own inherent virtues. No, it became the opposite in being that it should have been saved from the willfulness of Man- misspent egohood in a time when the intellect had not the light within it, and yet the soul-psyche was clouded with exterial value.

Before the country-folk came many magicians to whom they were cooperative. These men of power were men of will, who at that time could cause cavities in Creation and fill them with their own imaginings, and then impose them upon the scenery. Where they came from, in being, were such early beginnings - they did not belong to the ordinary stream of peoples, but were associated with Moon-Magi, who were spirits without incarnating.

There are periods in which certain men incarnate infrequently and dream consciousness in far-off realms, returning to the rest of Mankind with special knowledge thus gleaned. The periods between incarnation become lengthier and they more detached from the one body of men; and yet what it is that they bring with them, inspires gifts that would not have otherwise been got - needing that 'detachment' and that out-of-body consciousness. 

The name for these special souls is, in translation, like your Gandalf: of the 'grey cloak'. For they are half-ward of humanity and half-ward adventurers into the unknown; becoming less recognizable as human and yet playing their part in the forming of the future Man.

Men tend to have tendencies generally as regards their interims between incarnations also. The mainstay of the bulk shall share similar averages, which can waver in and out of five to five thousand years, with a two thousand year mean. 

Then there are men who may tend to reincarnate more prevalently with an appetite for embodied experience and very little heavenly approach; many of these souls are of 'primitive' consciousness today. One would imagine that the compounding and repetitive experience would drive them into a modern constitution, but this is not the case. They have, by compensation, a more heaven-bound mentality because of their loss given to spiritual realms in between. Although this is not always the case, it is quite often the rule. It may be that these souls continue on with their contrast of heaviness and heavenlyness, whilst the 'modern' men are neither so.

Then there is the extreme of the Grey Cloaks, who have travelled over from a former time again - generally 'slept' but still with admission into our existence. Their fellow men have moved on into realms of permanence, whilst they are still bound to return, by will and by want; often as leaders in aspect, fairly and fully advanced from Humanity. The magicians which came were of lesser degree, but still nonetheless similar in their makeover to what we have just described. 

There has been more than one peril along the path of progression, and grief to the physical body (although, physical not in the sense of what we have today) was a tragedy quite possible and likely.

Of course from the perspective of the visiting Grey Cloaks there is no distress in such a loss; to the contrary, for some of them it does seem to be a welcomed evolvement, for this too would affect their ties and binds also. 

So in critical form when split began to rent, there was a great necessity for answer, as a World without ensouled men would become but a realm of the undead. Evermore the spirit-souls of men would crave and yearn for their animal-souls and their body; whilst kept locked within the very substance of that physical body were many inheritances of soul-substance (and virtue) belonging to the higher man. And so it was essential that the answer came.
The Grey Cloaks were advanced in Will. The properties which they brought to us were of that realm and of that sphere, and this was first amongst their learnings. But higher on to them, there were Grey Cloaks of an order which came down into embodiment even less frequently: the Bodhisattva-Buddhas, to which you inquire. 

Whereas the lesser Grey-men brought will and creation, the higher order barely touched ground, it is true, but also came from a more ancient an origin again - being closer to the first men ever, being as first-removed from Christ and less impelled to leave Him. These brought the compassion which would make the way for all of the other virtues to be received - not the least, we might add, comes compassion to self.

It was because of the influence as brought by the Buddha that Man retained his physical existence and brought to it much worth and belonging. Typical to the misunderstandings of this are the assumptions that Buddha resented the physical existence. It is partial to the comprehension when one knows that the Buddha/s hold less tendency for such reimbodiment, however it is to say also that the remedy was owed to him, and it was for a right connection in this World that he sought to enspirit matter. 

The wheel (the world) was mere wheel alone without Grace, without virtue. Christ was not to be able to incarnate if Man himself had lost the key. The wilfulness of a worldly-desire body, which was separate in meaning to love and spiritual inclination, was to be a morbid and incompatible world, in which Christ Himself could not find a place. Thus was the significance of the Buddha, by which the harmony amongst all things was preached and the respect for Karma made known. 

Every so often the Grey Cloaks of Will shall return; and perhaps as the future progresses we shall find that their learnings are well adopted with good purpose. They too, in the meanwhile, are continuing to further and enhance their properties of reason and of higher-soul; although distinct from their relatives here.

The Buddhas shall come when needed, for they are driven by a love which, with Christ's blessing, surpasses the ordinances of cyclic time. However and for the main part, their inclination is, as said, infrequent, but notwithstanding.

With the Incarnation of Christ there came an assurance then of certain substantiality. This was because of the infusion of He into Matter, of He into our Matter - making holy the relationship of our spirit with our causal frame. Our bodies are sanctified temples now; they are more perfect and wondrous than we appreciate. Each is an intermediary between our Heaven and our World; it is where the forces of spirit-soul, God-soul and Christ incarnate, alongside the arms and the legs of our kingdoms. Each man is a miracle made manifest, for it is his soul that distinguishes him in matter. It is to this principle which many an entity should wish for similar grace, who does perchance look in from time to time upon the shining men. 

Many dream of beings who are intent upon gaining on man in such a way that they should unravel some of his humanity from his physical substance. These are inorganic viruses which the consciousness of the sleeping individual has happened upon, within their own constitution. The alien as perceived is unintelligibly small in reality, in proportion to our own bodies, however in astral projection it can appear to be of all sizes, depending upon the flux of the sleeper. 

Also, in times of forthcoming illness we are prone to shift our consciousness into those regions to see for ourselves that of which we are afflicted. The fact that in some instances the virus effort is self-conscious and remarkably astute is somewhat disconcerting to contemplate. However and also, self-conscious beings are attached everywhere to everything, and so this is no big deal, or threat, as is worried. 

The evacuation of a virus comes about in many ways, and is to be anticipated, for these foreign entities have no place in our personal systems, unless they are implicated historically (and that we may go into on another occasion). The ones in question today, which are causing the distraction and the upset, have found a 'way' in, but not a plausible or workable way of staying, or of measuring up to be of any importance (as in regards ensoulment). 

The bacterial diseases of man, are unquestionably, enemies to Man. They are unwelcome and to be countered; and with many and varying purpose do they come. The fact that they have attached themselves, noticeably tells us of a cause to be alerted. There becomes a deception when the man who is afflicted begins to perceive the succubi as clearly with impression as one may recall the meeting of another man. The reason for this is because they have mingled within the self-system. Because they are now characterized by us, we may see such caricature in them - although it is not entirely correct. So a man may perceive the aliens to be quite loving and friendly or, as more to the reality, intrusive and grim. Whatever the case, it is a minute and telescopic view into their own physiology, to where the creatures have temporarily housed. 

The concern for the infant [referring to the original question asked] may be understood in the light of this now also. It is true to say that these particular beings would prefer to go to meddle with early life, as the child is most perfect and more attractive to go to, but the consciousness of that child shall not be touched, because its ego is in safe protection with Christ Himself, particularly during the time of unfoldment; and his constitution is ever more guarded from the principles of unwanted virus, which although may disrupt his constitution for a limited time, shall be no more affected than a man in this respect. 

These aliens cannot find the means to inhabit a physical body. Firstly, it is because the permeations of our bodies, which they are reliant upon, are of us and our soul fluidity. A dried man is not an animate one. The aliens may not even rouse the consciousness of an infant, let alone abandon it outside of its own form. 

Our physicality is precious. There is even associate substance within our own bodies from which we shall unfold our forms of the future. There is much memory, and particles which at times are shared, but at others, are intrinsically ours - substance which has traveled and transmuted over the many life-times- we have drawn it to us. And this physical substance is especial to us, and especial to the spiritual worlds. 

The aliens of the astral-viruses are individually ego-less. Their general assault upon this World and our people came in on an attraction to the voids of virtue - pockets of the antithesis to Life. This was their gateway in; that man would allow them was due to his naivete in conduct, concurrent with his development. They are not due punishment for exercising the unwholesome emotions, but they are consequential to the effect. The constitution of man shall be prey to such onslaughts as long as he harbors the astral activity which is conducive to the alien environment. This is a collective effect, and is not individually pronounced. That one individual becomes ill, or an entire community, is not a specific follow-on from any one cause, it is symptomatic of their humanity as it is today.

Will alone, that all should be well, is not enough. The remedy overall will come when our brothers, as well as ourselves, have become vessels for Love, unremittingly.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mosquitoes & Sin- 26th January 1995

Dear Teachers,
This morning it occurred to me that my own episodes of sin, in small ways (like when I might fall into criticism, or do not do as well as I might in the moment) or in the constant sins (spending money while others starve, i.e. indulging myself and pretending its O.K. to do so; false pride, believing it is me and not Thee; and others I do not wish, for vanity's sake to go on to mention) - these areas of sin that I manifest often do not bother me with upset, for the main reason that I perceive most folk around me with their individual sins too, their needs to work upon as well. 

And so my question is: How do we weigh the blights in our own behavior? How stern in regards to this work? 
- Thank you

THAT the mosquito bites you is a sin against you; her desire is a blight, and she then carries away a small portion of your soul-self unknowingly. Sin is like the mosquito, for it persists and would feed upon the man, taking a little from him, of him. 

Relative to his true nature, the size of the insect as opposed to the man is quite so; and every now and then same insect injects along with her desire, a poison which may provoke death - the same is with sin in each jab, sting and itch. Most are a nuisance; collectively (if they seized upon you all at once) they should surely take all of your life from you; but singly they are minor, unless they bring poison - a poison to kill us could be made to materialize and be supported.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Out of the Blue- 1995 Christmas

THE distance which seems to be between us and the starry belt beyond is only an exaggeration of consciousness - ours, and that of this planet. In truth, all places are 'twixt and twain', they are together in habitude, in recess. Every place and plane, memory or projection, is neither near nor far, being simply here or there in relation to us. That is the larger, more comprehensive overview.

The blue ethers expel memory, as if to discount substance, and memory of substance 'vanishes' amid their erasive powers. 'Annihilation' it is called, not meaning to be 'snuffed out' or destroyed, but rather to be counted as nil - to be as though one were not, displaced in space and in relation to, dissolved in the blue, rendered with impermanence, concealed with invisibleness - this is ethereal annihilation. It is the 'empty' spaces in which we see nothing but where there is much. Light penetrates blue ether and will not be dissolved therein. It is a lover of specifics and ignores the illusions of space.

The Sacred Planets are not round places - planets as depicted for convenience as balls upon a map. This type of thinking is misleading to the truth. It is and it isn't post-positive. For one thing, everything is spherical, and so the apt description is the reality view - however, with tension upon the circumference and higher worlds central to the being (accessible thereby) all Life is orbital, planets or otherwise.

The seven Sacred Planets have been held to much controversy and speculation. This paper shall not end such but begin anew, adding to it with but a few more. You may picture sandbars with wading water in between. These sandbanks are as the perimeter of each world, whilst the waters are the blue ethers, which by their intrinsic powers of rendering specific invisibility, do cordon the sandbars exclusively from one another.

The Moon Sphere is both within this of our own, whilst also extending out (as far as the extremity of slag remaining in the silvery disc; that being the edge of the sand bar, as it were - as it is). The moon material incorporated is pound-by-pound slight indeed. However, when it is considered what is actually attached to that mass, it may be appreciated that there is a much larger sphere so connected to it, where there is yet another repository of mimicry to the Earth. This is an ancient astral sheath which is inseparably hovering alongside the Moon's mass; and it is upon this astral cadaver that verily the 'sins of the past' still haunt us.

To make a point, there becomes a leaning from one to another - this world's immediate astrality with its former host of 'hangers on', whilst the recollection of the former world as it was, is beneath the skin of this our world, and faithful in realm to the past, in perfection. So there are two Moons from one Moon, except to say that the Moon is now the Earth - and so one may say in such context that there are in fact three Moons to be considered.

These are not example to the three immutable currencies (past, present and future). For they are:

Past Preserved (Inner Moon)
Past Disconsolate (remains and decaying Moon)
Past Incarnate (the present sphere - our Earth)

There is no element of future within these immediate three. There is a living sojourn, a very real relationship here, which although may be separated up by those distinctions, does nonetheless prevaricate one globe in beingness.

Now to the point: the mystery-spheres as named, are of realms which dwell concurrent to our own; just as the Moon in its three phases is present, so too are the sacred spheres belonging to the higher realms. If they didn't already exist there should be no point entering into discussion about them. They either are, or are not- and they are.

The Venus incarnation of this planet shall be of attitude rather than ensoulment. Once again, we ask that the former concepts of floating balls be put away for the time being. For the domains of Venus are already frequented and inhabited and specifically characterized of its rightful order. When it is spoken of in terms of our own planet re-embodying into one which we will call Venus, it is not to become as a hijacker to a planet, nor is it to be that same spirit which is, but that it will ascend into corresponding mass and become Venus imbued, and therefore Venus entitled.

The name of this planet has hitherto been guarded, so guarded as to be confused and neglected. For the spirit to which we cling, propels our passage throughout the phases of heavenly development, sensitive to the guidance of the traveling humanity. The spirit whose arms do cradle us are of Venus herself (ever present), whilst the being which is the Earth is as a child.

The planetary influences - the characteristics of their realms - are with us in part, present today. The seven Angels of the seven domains are irreproachable and quite removed from any mixture of influence or play upon the theme. The seven ruling Angels stand away from each, but are the as the upstanding grain of the pearl, essentially signatory to those conditions as are then to be represented.

There are also Lords of the Domains, who are creative by nature and responsible to each. These Lords (overlords) are benevolent caretakers who are not fixed in time or place, even though they are usually duty-bound to remain within their respective domains. It was three such lords who did make a visitation heralding the blessed Christ. You see, it was much more of a vacation from soul in body to make way for the Christ. It was a planetary soul who too departed so, leaving to become our Venus, as we will come to know.

The three Kings (and Kings they truly were) were of Venus, Jupiter [Sangus/Sancus- son of Jupiter] and Conundrum - who besought to negotiate the said transition. The spirit-being which had up until that time brought the gathering mass to be this World into conspiration, was to empty out and exhume itself. This spirit was Elijah-John, who although is buried with the remains of the Moon has now gone on to prepare for the incarnation of Venus.

This planet did not die but continued to be. The former worship of her is now irrelevant. Christ fused into the orb because only then could all matter become completely revivified and resurrected. His Body and the body of the World, as He entered into His own Creation, echoed such remonstrations as were matured by His Rapture.


What is Corundum? [As per initial transcription]

Conundrum! Not Corundum! The unseen planetary sphere. (The Negro King) The Unnamed Realm: Conundrum.

Comment by J. - I get a strong picture of the three Kings at the birth having the same experience that Christ had at the transfiguration. That is one of Brotherhood, Constancy and support.


Perhaps as the brotherhood of Uncles, one might say! These founders to the planet’s associates are most definitely held and fixed in common trust. The beams of support are a triple A gauge and the connecting junctions are riveted with Love.

Comment by J. -
Denial is there in both - Christ, although picking up some followers, is predominantly a story of denial. The virtuous three were denied by the men of the World.

Denial in the World? From denial alongside evidence, comes great sadness in the spiritual worlds. For there is no sustaining ecology of belief given to those who deny, and to their others. It was as though men simply passed back their futurious gifts. 

The mechanism of denial is related to the astral mirror which deflects the truth unfaithfully. When men qualify the astral delusions, it is generally because they are bound to the astral realities with inordinate desire. Astral passions alone, without soul connection or inspiration, are lifeless and therefore life-consuming. Denial is consequential to the routine involvements in soulless passion as inflamed. The virtues in purity were to give to men their possibilities into the future, but were denied because the men were engrossed with lower passions, ignoring the heart's qualities and reference to cosmic passion, which should have uplifted and thereby purified all passion.

Comment by J. -
Death looms over both events. In the Babe we have the death of the Cosmic Christ (in part) as He desires and accepts His gravitation. At the transfiguration Christ finds the wherewithal to proceed to Calvary.

This would take an entire essay at the very least to comment upon, for the exact definition of Death itself is an imponderable. The Cosmic Christ gathered and then disseminated; and also by that same doing, revalued the entire World.

Although Death 'loomed' it is perhaps not the rightful theme to His tearing apart in the perishing. Death is an individual being - and we would say that Christ never actually gave it all up to him. Properties were transformed.

At the Transfiguration - the positive old Moon forces borne by John the Baptist/Elijah were transformed so that they could still be part of the future with Christ (John's trunk and limbs).

At the birth, Celestial Joy, Beauty and Youth yet to be experienced fully in future epochs, are nonetheless made available now in Christ. Christ is central to both. Yes, as the above now tells - in more ways than thought of. However, that very question necessitated the answer. And so it goes.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Beloved Christ- 25th December 1994 Christmas

Beloved Christ,
When we were wan,
You tripped into our hemisphere;
Made saturate,
Our beings here,
With antidote;
Ignored the perilous threatenings there,
In pain and passing,
You suffered our fear.

Beloved Christ
The children await.
You come to each and breathe for them,
With visions outstanding,
Dreams of sacred terrain,
Unspoilt but unkempt,
Still saved to remain.

Beloved Christ,
You whisper in the ear,
Of infants dear,
Of joyous songs;
Such sing-a-longs,
Tell this of futures clear.

Beloved Christ,
How near You be,
In each spent grace,
The child in me;
And with thine eyes,
I'll see for Thee.

Beloved Christ,
We wait with joy,
To know Your promise is half-filled,
Remiss, for which,
This very world has grain on table,
Yet crops untilled.

Beloved Christ,
I know Your Love,
It moves the tides that well in me,
As soul does waft and then condense,
I cling to your Divinity.

Beloved Christ,
Born in Man,
How can we be as best we can?
You love us ever,
Forever, no matter,
And we love you so,
Returned in fashion.

Beloved Christ,
How small it be:
The greatest, when compared with Thee,
And what of time?
It is but all the moments You decreed;
Your breadth and depth,
Extends to me,
Whilst I make skate peripheries.

Beloved Christ,
The foe did fall,
I saw him cower,
Beside that well;
My heart felt same pity,
For which You resolved,
Each droplet that fell,
Into mine own mirrored soul.

Beloved Christ,
Thou knowest all there is to learn,
And so to tell,
May I come to Thee,
For such study,
Inscribed only by Your Great Wisdom?

Beloved Christ,
My self does flit,
In juxtapose, and concentrate,
From here to there
I know not where,
And seek your Guidance everywhere.

Beloved Christ,
The memories fail;
There were but few,
From which great love brought flames,
To cauterize this spirit,
And grant indelible recollection,
Of love's Divinity incarnate.

Beloved Christ,
The seasons tremble,
With a tension each so does submit,
With certain death then comes renewal,
To a character most foreign to it.

May I weather the changes inspired?
Forecast and foretold in the stars?
Where the winds do blow in from the Cosmos,
And the warmth comes from fires afar?

Beloved Christ in all Your plans,
Did You make for me,
That special trace.
Amongst this sea of Humanity,
Each man has his purpose,
Shines a different face.

Beloved Christ,
Dear Christ,
Our Hope unsurpassed,
You are our flesh and blood,
As we are Yours,
In family and in being.

Beloved Christ,
Please know this true,
That with all the inner might from You,
We hold,
We shall try to try to remain,
To withstand,
And to love unreservedly,
As is Your plan,
As Son of God,
And Father of Man.
We love You now and forever,

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Nature of the Three Kings- 1995 Christmas

ALL physical manifestation has spiritual beginnings causal to its perceptibility. Many spiritual realities do not become manifest. Many are unrealized within this world or are yet to be made apparent. Every visible thing is a spiritual marvel given credence, and substantiality and was brought forth unfurled from the great mind of spirit-divinities and design.

The penetration into this world is dependent upon very specific allowances and also opportune maneuvers on behalf of all causal bodies. There becomes great history and lesser history, and in this we try to confine our attentions to the magnificent proofs of Christ and His impacts. The lesser history, although remarkable and significant, is all subsequent to Him, and it is partial to the very realization of Him.

The problem of conceiving the Wise Men as being ethereal or corporeal is in the nature of the assumption that the Christ event of Incarnation was limited to a set period of thirty-three years, and also that it was solely a happenstance of this World. His preparation and infiltration has been, always and forever (broadly speaking), whilst the stories which relate to the sequences of remarkablities are told for the exact purpose of conjuring memory along those lines. However, should no pictures come naturally (with their spiritual stories attached also) then it is a befuddled approach necessarily, because like a yeastless bun, the description gives rise to nothing - only being what it is.

In order for the Christ event to be, there was the very same dictum as is preceding all matters of matter - of material realization - that the spiritual worlds were thus imprinted. Herein is one deciding key to the questions pertaining to predestination and as to who decides what. However, one may always remember this: that in the dress rehearsal there shall be a very definite plan executed and to be the model for the true performance, and yet the key players can and do play to variations, which in the real moment may by choice or necessity, go very differently.

And it should not be regarded solely either - but it does ease the pressure of this dilemma. The spiritual worlds for this point alone, can be thought of in terms of a 'dress rehearsal' - largely they are the major reality of course, and so without meaning disrespect, we enter into analogy for the purpose of describing time and its problematic variances. 

And too, one may begin to see how so many 'well laid plans' go askew with the final arrival into material play-out, for everything is subject to preceding consequences and this may not be deviated from remarkably either. For the frame of this world is positioned and substantiated by such dependable laws, therefore we or anyone else must regard the way it goes; and also in marvelous aspect, be forever prepared for surprise, otherwise it (this World) would be an exact mimicry of what has already passed - we would all be 'living' in the past, literally, and that is not healthy. We have seen such circumstance - there are actual realms and beings locked into this manner of being. (Angels for one.)
Herod waited two years for the return of his Magi 'informants'. It was then that his trust was dismayed. The Jesus-child as often described, was not a new-born babe when come upon by the majesties, but rather was a young child, having been born some time before their arrival. 

The World had become gloomy and impenetrable. The lofty saints of the three majesties were loathe to enter in ahead of Him. (Picture if you will, an astral corona so tacky and unpliable - the World had become isolated and withdrawn.) Their empowerment issued where it was not received and so could not 'take' or fasten as virtue to endure. No, they did not pre-empt His base arrival, but followed in thereafter, directly from the upper realms, the synthesis being complete. 

The spheres belong to Man. It is because they are in the aspect of Man and therefore of Christ, that there is an ability for interchange and physical admission. If you had met with one, and had the eyes to see, there would have been such a rush of remittance within your humbled psyche; for they are the true majesty in the highest - exuding and being that which they have come from in fiery life, both great and grand.

The persona of Celestial Joy is delightful, but upsetting (unsettling) to be confronted with. Everything else dims around him; where his aura touches comes freedom. The bursting of the egg-shell; the breathing through into realisation; the license to go forward into emphasis with exaggeration; the untold being spoken; the thrust which surpasses strength - joy, celestial joy, delivers us into happiness. It frees all things that they may know happiness. And this was his nature so expired.

The persona of Beauty was/is a stern and noble king - to be before him was to be almost affrighted that he should so perfectly speak or move, or even cast his glance upon you. It is not adoration that is subsequent to this meeting; it is a reflective awe which resounds quite deeply throughout the cavities and likenesses of the man before him. Great Beauty which is true, is in likeness to God and therefore shall always be 'breathtaking' to stand before. His gift is such reminiscence as is true to the spirit likeness as is possible - reminding us too of the realities within the haphazard and impermanent world.

The true Venus is 'Heaven on Earth' - not as a receptacle for pleasure seeking but as true a dedication as can be; with all elements redeemed. In false paradise there is false entry and false presumption. False beauty is not Godly but of itself given for other superfluous purposes. 

The Venus attributes are adherent to the splendors of true love. To meet eyes with the overlord King of that sphere, is to be graciously penetrated with the solemnest regard - one which knows the soul and respects it well, and in love for God strikes you with an unforgettable seriousness. It is because of the quest for healthy exactness to God that we are so inspired to recreate this World. It is the deliverer of purpose and shall necessarily draw us forward into the future.

The persona of Youth, our King of the Unknown, is pure and remarkable to all things possible. In Venus we have trueness and dedication; by the yoke of Conundrum we have yet a further stage of Creation. In Venus is the principle of two - for by Love in two there becomes a known reflection. One is realised by way of the other when perfectly aligned. 

In the qualities of our third King we find future possibility calling us into change which shall be enabled by the freedom to do so (in Joy), and the true and proper remonstration of God (in Love) bringing us into a future impacted with new possibility (Youth).

To meet eyes with this King makes us forgetful of our former selves, and we would be quick to up and follow him - this is why not much shall be maintained of this realm, because at this point, at this stage, as unprepared as we all are, it would be perilous to advance so far into unrestrained possibility. 

A star is a stellar being. Before Christ assumed a human form he was that stellar being which the three Kings followed as it blazed its way into the Earth sphere in concentrated brilliance. It penetrated the heavy-set astrality, it commanded the ethers to obey its Presence and it shone with an unmistakable fury. 

This 'star' was not visible for some time after the Cosmic day - like unto the fireworks you've seen. It melted into hearts and into Earth - from one brilliant shatter there came a multitude of fractional stars that showered the realm with His Being.

John Duncan

When He resumed Himself into semi-detachment, He came to his awaiting Kings who had been searching for His whereabouts. His consciousness went to them and brought them to a child to bless - that that child may have also the very qualities which would be needed in future Man (that were not nearly fully present hitherto). For Christ was to make way for future man in His appearance, and this child was so chosen to bless. They gave their gifts and so departed; however, by coming to one child, once again, all babies were thus visited, for it was from thereon that all would be loved equally and impartially, as was/is His way. The unique singular remonstration was blessed by Christ and therefore to be conclusive to the whole incorporation. Although there could be but one individual who would later serve to be as curator for his Master, there was a complete understanding also, that in this one attachment came the bonding amongst all men, and the deciding qualifications of this association came to be that very comprehension.

Likewise our bodies may be His Body should we dedicate it to Him. And by the grace of those gifts as brought by the visiting Kings, this shall be so.


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