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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Thorn from Paw- 6th January 1994

REMEMBER the frog's knees? That we are to be that strong and that supple, with as much dexterity, momentum and expert movement? And if we venture into a circle, we be free to spring out; coming to meet minds with dear people, with wit and withhold, with blessings and resolve, with certainty and with detachment from the obscure. What is meant by "detachment from the obscure"?

Obscurity as an element is valueless. Its promises are truly vague, albeit they may appear mysterious, but are of no root, no substance, with no hidden mystery to be prised from the ravelled-root. To have something which is made obscure, is that it has been interfered with, played upon; as it is now rendered powerless to make the complete sentence, the overall impression and impact as is meant to be.

A cloud may obscure our vision of the mountain peak, which is nonetheless there irrespective of the cloud's coming and going; and the wading through the floating mist is of itself, neither here nor there. In this sense, obscurity should be recognized for what it is, even when certain folk do welcome it, believing it to be of its own, of great importance.

There have been entire schools which were taught upon obscurities. Certain 'truths' were fashioned so as the men and women could not see through to the spiritual reality, but were caught in a maze - amazement - they were held back from an otherwise revelation. This is why we are particular to ask that for ourselves and our brothers, we are saved from further entrapments in this regard.

It is not merely a tautological statement to imply that obscurity is misleading. How close may a man be to 'breakthrough', whilst there are such concepts as have clung to him, which he has tried mightily to reconcile and still they persist out of their proper place and time. 

A case in point that one may cite readily is the suggestion that Jesus the Christ was ever as a "common man". From this simple but potent obscurity - obscuring the truth and reality of His Divinity Apparent - the entertainee of this conjecture must suffer the postulations that accompany such a premise, and as pointed to, is denied the pinpoint on which he should found his opinion as a lead in to proper insight. One may see from this that simple suggestions which are contrary to the great truths are not merely false representations, but also prohibitive to the finding of the truth as obscured.

In other words, there are not two to choose from when one is taken by an obscurity - get it? That is the nature and danger of such. Therefore one must remove the obscurity first, as a preliminary to 'taking in' any truth whatsoever.

Clouds - Untruth/Mountain - Truth

Untruth------Truth- This is not the case; there are not the two to choose from.

Untruth with Truth concealed behind.

The Untruth obscures the vision of the truth.

If one has seen the mountain and presumes it to be behind the cloud, then it becomes another matter. The cloud does not convince him that it is the only reality. Similarly, just as we may enjoy the cloud and concurrently know of the peak, once we have recognized and known various wisdoms they remain self-evident even though contradictory opinions may present. We may even acknowledge their reality, knowing all the while of the greater reality behind their obscurity.

To believe that one 'knows everything' becomes an obscurity to the very attempting of doing just that - it actually denies any learning which could follow. It blocks the path, it stands in the way in between the pupil and the real truth; being that only within God is there the Alpha and Omega, and He does comprise all that there is to be encompassed, as He is the Unfathomable, only He does know Himself and parts thereof. 

'Everything' is a bigger word than most realize. As far as one might consciously come to know or realize, 'everything' in all its detail, its multiplicity and great design, substance and sinew, history recalled and future seed struck, in actuality and in countless individualities - one simply could not know everything. It is an obscurity which conceals the true concept of 'everything' replacing it with a veritable dud: an attractive, pleasing notion, which flatters the man and quietens his desire to really know, having surmised it as won in completeness, veiled from the truth of his ignorance.

As for the concept pertaining to "not giving one's power away" - we have always (as is the Divine Principle) given our 'power' to those lesser; and so it goes. Here perhaps is the preferable focus, for a man who seeks to contain and withhold his 'power' as such, becomes impotent eventually, in that which he struggles to keep. There becomes in actuality, some grand reasoning within the reality of Love. The 'powers' as they are called, refer to a man's assertions, his activities of will and desire, and the vitalities of intensity thereby. When one diverts their power to enable assistance for a lesser individual they are immediately doing as their Master would do, and in this sense they do give their powers to them, that they may be better used where needed.

The Great Ones summon to serve, and their beloved assist them to serve. The only gathering of 'powers' on a need-for-greed basis is with the devils and their cohorts who do live upon the spent vitalities of men. They inspire certain desires and milk the man till man no more - in this sense of the meaning, Man should not give his power away. . . indiscriminately.

We are always called upon to answer a need. When we hesitate, and in that pause find an opportunity to assist or enhance or make good a situation, when pity moves us and optimism drives us, when our powers of intention and will, enthusiasm and compassion are directed to prayer on behalf of the prayerless, when we dedicate our 'powers of good' in allegiance with the pious and the loving, then it is that the many rays of Grace may be felt as they pour their way through upon us onto their destination - which we may search - and from this, shall be quickened accordingly.

So much effort is short-circuited by introspection! The delicate and awesome chakras are perpetually resounding as a string might quiver to the guidance of the bow. The 'new thinking' knows what it needs, but not that it must become by answering the needs of the other man, to find the meaning realized within. And brotherliness, compassion, correct worship, appreciation, creativity, charity, piety, spirituality etc. need be practiced.

It is by the concerted effort of practicing self-betterment that will develop a man enduringly. That we may patiently approach our development and accordingly grant such patience to our fellow souls, whoever and wherever they be on the path. Instantaneous enlightenment is only short-lived. Methods provoking results are injurious to the subtle regions of a man; for he has not the capability of expending the energies so summoned and shall overfill his psychic senses radically.

The earthly personality does not suffer what indeed the soul does. The earthly man may be tantalized, for the explosions being so large in the soul-realm reach the dull consciousness of the man who wants but fireworks. However the natural soul, in all its graceful being is shocked extraordinarily by all of the activity which is not yet transmutable. For the unequipped man may challenge his centers of chakric activity and stimulate them without relief. There is no fulfilling expression within him or without him, and there become duplicates of himself (in a manner of speaking) shafting off from his expiring being. These duplicates are not ego-bound, but are to the individual, convincingly him. Furthermore, because of the activity, the man is persuaded to believe that the fellow before him is reality; but it is only, of course, half of reality, not actually interacting at all.

For example: if a cow is suckled at the teat by her calf, the milk is to good purpose and the flow is just perfect. If a cow is artificially stimulated at the teat the milk will swell the udder until expressed. If a man has compassion it shall flow most naturally to where his heart so cries. However, if it is that his centre for compassion is awakened not by the soul itself but by such a method - not dependent on reality - then the compassion itself has nowhere to go. It becomes as the unrelieved udder. Now it is that ordinarily the soul acquires the value of issue, which maintains the many irradiated streams to flow through our being, but when it is denied then the man becomes separate to what otherwise would be, true life.

A teacher may not incite pity to well in his pupil - unless of course he was pitiable - but what is meant to say is that the knowing of true pity is worthless if the man pities no thing in particular. In other words there needs be specifics and not just vague generalities. The experience and answer must come by the actual happenings, for development is not based upon a one-sided conjecture.

We may wish to excel and this is a worthy desire, but must not exceed our true desire for betterment - continual and ceaseless betterment, without end, without complete satisfaction.

No Master will tell you that he has 'got there'.
No enlightened spirit counts the degrees.
No holy man boasts and no pupil ever learns without effort.
If this were the case, we may as well all throw it in!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Spies Like Us- 1st January 1994

TODAY'S theme is: All the World is watching. Usually one is not given to this consideration, being so taken up with one's own looking out into and at the world, too occupied to observe the myriad of faces watching all the while. Souls are eager spectators, reserved from complete participation in those areas of worldly activity which do by their nature exclude them. However it is inherent in each and every nature to cast itself further into observance.

The trees and the wildlife are impressed by a man's presence. They watch closely and flinch and shiver and grimace, shying away from the burlesque intruder, and shivering excitedly in the company of a lover. . . they watch.

The men watch, not in full consciousness, but it is with certain anticipation; the same as has always been, spirited and knowing of promise and ever surprised. No man can contest the wonders that are ever before him as insufficient in detail, in color, in ceaseless exchange and with momentous complexity. The realm we dwell in shifts and changes with every variant of light and composition.

Watching is something we all have been doing e'er since our cosmic birth. Even the humble eyeless rock, in his own way, watches. From these thoughts we may become aware of the consciousness behind each front, and with the astute precision of a golden mirror, begin to acknowledge the fall of the eyes of all others.

To watch does not imply to look, for in looking we do narrow with intent for some specific, whereas the act of watching is expectant of no particular thing and requires no talent or expertise to do so. Many watch and see nothing, but do watch nonetheless. Furthermore they may watch and see, and then retain nothing from their observance but rather go on to each and every moment consumed in the experience - as in the case of the plant-kingdom, for instance.

The capabilities required to sustain a recollection of an observance and then manage the augmentation of experience in relation to one's own self is a crafty-art (hit and miss) which in all men is quite far off from realizing full perfection. However it is an extraordinary capability, as even the angels have not the gift of judgment and review as appointed by their own consciousness. They cannot and do not 'think twice' so to speak; never thinking at all, save for amusement purposes when the fount may be drunk from, and intoxicate their being with what is to them great nonsenses, which wash over their beings with aberrations, designs and intricacies and endless verse. 

The thoughts bring their pictures and these the angels may view, but only to their confusion - which is just as a gentle breath upon their fine hair, without prompting a great disturbance upon such a countenance as is rendered with true glory. Light beings can shake the dross and dreary of Man, never so affected by such foreign and repelling particles. Sensitivity is born of sameness, and these cousins are but a million or more times removed, in aspect, in being and in desire.

The extraordinary talent which Man bears is that he may move out freely into the experience of the many, many expressions of Christ which are manifest around him. As he moves on into deeper insight, the characteristics of such individuality are known and recognized ever more richly, that he may incorporate the goodness and the attributes which hitherto other beings may only have witnessed from a distance. God Himself is intimate. Man in His Likeness, may enter into the likenesses expounded within all of Creation, and at will take them to his being in full embrace.

Many who will read of this shall already know the accompanying sense of possibility awakened with these thoughts- the eagerness of future discovery awakened once again, the desire to learn. And this desire is not to be abandoned to mediocrity, but rather rejoiced in by the finding which good inquiry does bring. How may a man know of what to inquire? Of what to ask? Of where to look?

Firstly, sincerity only comes with true love. To be sincere in one's quest for Sophia there must necessarily be a full love, that the man may come completely to the wisdom-knowledge won. Questions, when properly framed, do of themselves demand the ensuing answers - they summon unto them - but must be empowered with the love and vitality of such enthusiasm, that we may tolerate and withstand the richness of their fulfillment. Of course, in whole a question may not be completely satisfied with a fulfillment which encompasses it into eternity. Only in part may it be answered and delivered with the grace of understanding.

Truly this is the sustenance required by the soul that it may grow and grow well. If a man becomes empty of questions then he pursues the empty course. If he is dull and indifferent, humorless and dissatisfied, if he be cynically pre-emptive, quick to opinionate and sour to the world, then he best remedy his deathliness with the looking for that which he does truly love. . . and begin again. We are not to be dissuaded by the disappointments of an empty finding.


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Teaching in Parables & Pictures- 29th December 1993

IF I give you the picture of a herd of stampeding stallions, dust and dribble, frenzied push, straining, flying forward with a pressured thud of hoof impacting ground; this picture-representation may awaken and stimulate some or all of the centers which would ordinarily respond to the actual event.

To the man who has not been exposed to cinematographic reproductions, the suggestions of imagining are even more savorable. However, to each there is the gift of this which affects a man's inner sensibilities equal to the impact of the world at large upon his being. The workings-in of pictures drawn, have the influence to heal or harm, enstrengthen or weaken, tighten or loosen, enhance or conceal; and so the subject alone – i.e. of creative imagining - becomes intensely relevant to every individual.

The "guided tour" as given by another, is an interaction which may be the first progressive insight into the man of the future, and what one may bring to another. For example, we may have a storyteller - not one who transgresses to happenings of the past which did strike him particularly, as the recollecting and re-experiencing may not be given well, even if worth the telling; no, what is meant rather, is the endeavor to guide a journey for another, through creative expression which is thoroughly worthwhile (speech, music, drama, dance, poetry etc.) that the communicative powers overpass the ordinary means (direct experience and direct word).

One may observe the uncanny way in which men come to understand and misunderstand each other. If there are plain sentences given, it will be remarkably difficult for each man to derive the true context and meaning. In other words, if I deliver a plain speech to a roomful of people, every man shall reason the meaning differently; or if there had been the power of imaginative pictures delivered, the exact message would be well conceived by all.

The adept mesmerists could deliver their pictures without the assistance of speech at all. There was no vocalization whatsoever, and far from endorsing the mesmeristic extreme, it does highlight a point or two in as far as the many levels of communicative offering.

In the gentler sense, the meeting of people may bring about either a mutual sharing of experience or the leading of inner experience from one to another. When it is that two or more have participated in a common experience which is uplifting, by comparison to their general condition, the folk concerned will share such impressions ad infinitum. Apart from the sentimental value of this, there becomes a more valuable concern, that it is only by the shared reflections may a man truly interpret the world and take the experience to himself in a way that could not be achieved otherwise. 

When one does review each and every happening after crossing portal of death, they do know of themselves and subsequently the world, through the perspective of they who they were with. Now in the case of the highest hoped-for scenario, there becomes a recollection from souls who are absolutely enhanced simultaneously, that they were inspired and joyful throughout their being and the conditions within and without. They could come to know this in the taking up of experience just prior to Heaven. 

Following on from this shared joy there becomes a mercurial meeting place where two orbits may once again coincide, and all men who have had 'beings in common' which have shared good and great experiences - for minute-moments, days or years - will be assured the opportunity to join together again. This is provided for in all conditions and habitats, through all phases of being (not only with Man), that resonance commands conjuncture.

So that does describe the mutual experience, now what of the uneven interaction from one to another? The craft of storytelling - by however means, as described before - requires that the active individual parades a sequence of imaginings before the passive, receptive viewer. Supposing that one is really capable in this, there should be imparted such pictorial demonstrations as do enliven the individual without injury. In contrast to common conversation there is an exerted effort consciously maintained, that the soul-mind may receive this and that representation - as in, "I am really speaking to you".

Some folk who would be overly persuasive, corrupt the gift of delivery with forceful, willful projections which are brought about by a desire to obtain something from the soul that they are then imposing upon. This has to be mentioned, for the creative aspect has naught to do with self-bound desire, and in the case of a would-be salesman who has discovered the power of influence by talking up an unrelated story and invoking interest enough to make use of, he becomes very much bound to the actual desires he invokes and suffers them irrepressibly after death. For there was no gift or fulfillment, and in the desire within the salesman to contrive nonsense that he may take advantage of another, he must endure that whimsy until such a point that he himself becomes revolted by deceit. Of course, not all salesmen endeavor to sell at any cost, that goes without saying, but it is clearly a temptation for many individuals to come to the imaginative powers unwholesomely and mistake their usefulness.

There shall be in future times, conversations when both participants take the turn of being demonstrator, and this actively creative interaction will not, eventually, require words in a way we use them. Poetry is a fine example of this, that the power of invocation greatens with the abbreviated text. Less is more and it is the quality of essential word which is central to the object and the gift of presentation thereby. Mundane thoughts and words do not scratch the surface of a muddied soul-window. They provide a comfort and a certain worldly use, but are rarely used as intended. The actual art of conversation is one which will improve markedly as evolution proceeds.

Many times an individual may bring the greatest relief to another by effectively communicating in a way that satisfies the soul. And there need not be open acknowledgment for this to have occurred. The ability of song (one of) is that the picture invocations move within the listeners, producing a comprehension that could be won by no other way; and the creative powers are contained and expelled in perfect vehicle: the voice of Man.

Melody is at the apex of all sound, and true melody governs the universal laws and commands the manifestive arrangements. There is a tune as it were, in every 'dance routine' of life; a set sequence of notes-of-being which are pre-existent. Notes do combine as planets dance and men and women move in and around the world, as the seasons advance and the gentle kingdom responds - all from Creation's song book and not to be unraveled by linguistic DNAs, but by the unmistakable tune which is what it is. When one says that the gem is the more perfect expression of the mineral-rock, it is also too that a song is the more perfect expression of all other vocalizations.

We can deliver the gift of a good soul-impression, given that we aspire to do so. The dramatizations as conducted on a personal basis, are an attempt to creatively work the mundane and realign significance within the men and women participants. In this form of imaginative projection there shall necessarily be new experiences invoked, even though the verbal conversation indicates some historical mimicry [psycho-drama]. The entire point would have to be as to whether or not the experiences brought forth - which we might add, unquestionably speak to the inner man - resolve or inspire in this their aspect.

If the concentration (and concentration it is) is upon the issue of self-doubt then the man concerned will be led into grave terrain, having been persuaded by the powerful influence the inner experience has wrought. If on the other hand, the demonstrator has incorporated Christ and brought His healing to that suffering stuck in time, then all goes well as the Greater Harmony shall bring order to the troubled individual. We may do this wherever there is sensed to be dissension about a man, for by inviting Christ's Presence silently, the picture may speak where the words cannot pass.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Familiar & the Divine- 27th December 1993

FRANCIS was not a gentle man: being cumbersome in build, seasoned by several small wars, content to be a soldier and travel abroad, content also as a laborer whose coarse hands could hold a bird. This is to be mentioned because the familiar and the true may speak with a sense to all: a common sense which does teach us of the manner in which we may begin at the outset to ponder the reality of any truth.

Quite often it is that an advancing man becomes so capable of abstractions and specifications that he mistakes the familiar as to be a commonality which is so well comprehended afore time, that as a fruit sucked dry, shall offer nothing more.

Great art speaks to us from the two points intersecting:

Inspirational ▼

Familiar ▲

For we are marveled not by Heaven alone, but that she should enter into our World and all we know there! 

If one pictured St. Francis to be a bony man, lithe and feeble, they should mistake the great relevance he personally saw out by his commanding relationship to all - bird, beast and man - who did know him. Great organizers are rarely, if ever, feeble about their task. The men and women who were inspired by his constancy were awed by his purposefulness, forthright and decisive. That portion of his day he spent given to his Lord and Master was no less determined in its demands. How bold to ask! And though nine-parts humble, how presumptuous (and rightly so) that a man goes to God with the complete expectation of winning audience! But bold as it is, this is the way it's to be.

It happens that so many fall to severe and uneasy fortunes, and in those periods of desperate frustration a man may more readily pray with intensity. Cutting to the quick he may begin to really ask determinedly, for so often the boat drifts and steers hither and thither, as the saying goes, where the wind blows the sails, and all the time the man concerned is inwardly disorientated, regretting the journey. However, come the time when circumstance persuades his fiery will to ignite self-action, he may once again regain his necessary ego-qualification. 

It is of tremendous sadness to approach a soul who is devastated beyond 'spark and spirit'. Some are but temporarily ruined and shall return to their rightful place in true manhood; and then there are those within a lifetime that have 'forgotten' themselves - the stray lambs - who have begun to revert back into the other kingdoms in subjugation. . .

To be blatantly wilful is not, on its own, commendable. We are empowered to instigate great and marvellous happenings. All men are equipped to apply their virtue actively, and yet the ideas expire before their execution. Progressively however, our expectations heighten and as long as we are unabashed by short-term failure we do successfully implore the powers with exacting definition and artistry.

No man truly deserves sorrow and hardship. No man truly deserves to take his place closer to God than another. Yet it is that in both there is truth that it is, deservedly or not. Although abrupt and demanding, Francis did not come to the spiritual realities of the essential characters he bore relation to, by demanding or commanding or designing this be so, that his way be their way. He came to each and every one in love through the overgrown path and the little gate of their familiar habitats. To the birds he became as bird, to the doe he became as fawn; and masterfully so.

We may not insist upon another, but rather insist upon ourselves. By consciously endeavoring to seek out another's station and accepting every aspect that it brings, we may actively participate in full experience. Further on, those prayers which are expressed on behalf of others become efficient too. From this one can agree that holy men are not without their sensitivity and love of the familiar, that they can enter into and know so intimately, and for a time become.

We have discussed this many times of course - that the ego of a man may incorporate accordingly as the being of a man ventures out to that 'common' ground, common space, before returning with the experience gained. We are well to be reminded constantly of this process, as the complexities of actual thinking and the narrowing down therewith, are impartial to the success or failure of a man and his ability to protract out from himself sufficiently to enable greater knowledge. For the thinking that a man entertains may have little or nothing to do with true knowledge.

Thinking of itself requires containment, thought by thought, and each clings to a man once drawn. The thoughts, like molluscs, attach and congregate in their respective communities and are stubborn to actually make way for the adoption of new and varied thoughts to be brought in. So a man may labor under the very pressure of those which have amassed and grown as prevalent as weeds. Very simply, one may alleviate this compression by the conscious recognition of this being so, and desire for otherwise knowing that wanton thoughts shall and will be ejected - with time. 

They are empowered by our vitality we do give to them by our concentration and use thereof. They are given importance by our employment and are loathe to dissipate, without correction. These thoughts (or more correctly thought-forms) are the eager servants to men and never intentionally injurious. How a man prefers to think directs the nature of those provoked to him; and it is by the essential quality and nature of the man himself that shall direct his thoughts accordingly.

However, there becomes a great blessing should a man come to inquire, to call for such thoughts which are distinctly enlivened by soul-qualities, pertaining to the divine aspects. For then it happens that the benefits are twofold: one being that the former thoughts are loosened, having been disassociated from self as the vitality is directed elsewhere; and the other beneficial aspect is that the more refined and higher a thought the greater its gifts are to Man. In other words, there will be an accentuation from the practice of this thinking, as opposed to the mundane contemplations only bringing more of the same to a man.

The very best mix of all is that of the higher character along with the ordinary. For it is by the appreciation of the familiar we may begin to perceive the spiritual realities as they weave their way through; and it is by the entertaining of spiritualized thought that we may interpret the ordinariness as the true wonder it really is!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Looking Out Over the Dark Water- 26th December 1993

BENEATH the sea, underneath the shell-grit and rock layer, the earth is deeply compacted under the weight and strain of the body of sea above. The ocean holds fast, sealing those portions of impenetrable terrain - for some, concealing places of a very private abode- many a hidden temple wherewith the entry is not given to hapless wanderers, being only the docile watery inhabitants - and the archives, are safe-stored and protected from discovery, protected for posterity.

It has long been known by those qualified, the method whereby one may repel water; that there may be insisted upon, internal cavities (up to a set diameter) wherein no water may enter. And the many spaces laid down and remaining are but an overhang from the times of the Atlantean demise. Necessarily prepared for and although vacated by the original master-planner, they remain in use by those who do know their whereabouts. For there is little space within the ordinary upper world which is not frequented or permeated in such a way as to disturb the work-in-progress of the temple. The forces at play deep within the various mountains can be exceptionally favorable; or equally malevolent to those who, by necessity, require a 'safe-house' to remain in undisturbed.

There are also ways and means of concealment that have been employed where needed. It is possible, as in former times, to denote a given area and design such walls that repel a man's interest, so that if a stranger happened upon the area he would be immediately inclined to desist from advancing any further and turn away. He would not be able to see through into the space within. However at best, this was only effective in the short term and did require constant upkeep in a way that demanded from someone's capabilities to maintain.

The oceanic troves permitted our colleagues to store precious articles. Materialistically one may wonder as to the significance certain books and compilations of sensitive matter provoke - and not all, we might add, are objects to be desired, for there are not a few wards which are actually potent in their evil, that are for one reason or another to be concealed and withdrawn from public circulation. And the ideal place for such containment is in a body of water, where just as the emanations are inprone to permeate in, so too may we inhibit the influences from the deadly and vile.

You may ask: why not destroy these and be done with it. What possible use may these be? There are several answers to this - in regards to the physical remains of associated malevolent implication - and a few that may not be offered. However one interesting point is that the dispensation from such articles when they are released onto a higher plane - by breaking apart their physical glue, so to speak - may be extraordinarily powerful and provocative within its astral makeover. The influence can be perpetuated if received into the wrong hands, who gravitate to any such magnet of sorrow or devastation, in awe of the powers instilled. 

More importantly we may hold those physical remains of great spiritual importance too; and conversely, these are to be saved intact, for their potency when respected, enlarges in time and may become the beginning of a future landscape in worlds to come. How so, as the seed of wondrous matter in this time?- For some are so altered by the happenings that did occur around them that they become as unique and marvelous as the precious crystal is to plain rock; and as rare and uncommon as jewels, are impressed with a very special history - they are materially significant to future matter. And it shall be also that one day their substances will translate into field and ravine, mountain or plain, forming some part of a new world sprung from the goodness and remarkableness of the former.

This is why it has been very necessary to exchange certain particular articles, and although somewhat deceiving, it has been done in a way which proves the physical representation to be coherently identical, based on its astral compounds. It is, say in the case of the Turin Shroud - yes of course, had to be - fiber for fiber alike, but not so alike as to authentically date accordingly, having been manufactured four hundred years or so after the original.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

I Am this World- 23rd December 1993

With the apparel of a temporal storm, thick enclaves of mud, which like a fondue spatter and bubble, infiltrate the clear water puddles, narrowing the swollen arterial river ways. . . The arbor satisfied, calls unto the rain, drawing its succor into trainer and runner; and the salt-tempered earth inhales Life by the soil; and the meshes of blind-reaching tangles creep just a little bit farther. . .

THE great cities chatter with a liveliness of their own self importance, exuding, exhaling, emitting with ceaseless salvo. And to each, nestled in congregate huddle, the hidden activities provide for the unsuspecting souls ignorant to their being, and bring the gifts of the natural and extraordinary world - the combustion of putrefied ferment delivered daily into free particles; blessed with elastic renewal.

The multifarious hostels of insects, given to sprawl and bustle with laborious drive, these and their cousins, the sleeping pollens, stimulate life by activity in perpetual hurriedness. They make designs within the invisible world - that place adjunct - and these patterns of activity encore and precipitate physical being. White ant, red ant, black ant, green ant - who does count and know each one? And in swarms infesting those cavernous hideaways, they work on.

Vivacious the wildlife, protective their entourage - beings-celeste and beings-gravitae. Whisper corporeal world, that they might hear you; for it must be soft-spoken to penetrate through. 

Now at Christmastide, the imp, the sprite, the nymph, the sylph, the rock-dwellers and the slime-bound creatures, the triphibious beings of the air, of light, of water, become aware of the men who stalk amongst they who ordinarily maintain a casual denial of presence. All at once they become eager to draw forward and peer and prod the manly-being before them, in wondrous curiosity. 

There is a boost within the dome of general consciousness whereupon the infilling light awakens all creatures and beings energetically, that they may come to find much more of the community they dwell in. For it is generally, that we prefer to live in amongst our fellows, naïve to their being and presence.

To some they are as mere expressions of life, however detailed; when verily they are individualities composed with soul and stature, and reasonably divine! Even the mite has soul: his being extends to that soul which is his. Shared or not, he is with the importance our Father God, instilled; and the character devised by unfathomable wisdom; and we may assess this with humble respect.

And too within ourselves, our blessed bodies who in servitude do love our souls; our multi-fractional egos, which as experience gathers, come to love and endorse our world in its entirety and honor Heaven in this also. For the ego of a man knowingly commits to the understanding of all that which is quite separate to it - full circle a man does become what he did first experience in the great revelations of initial vision. Man says "I am the World, I am time itself, I am the light behind the light, and I dispel self in the mirror of all my fellows-in-being".

Once experience has gravitated unto a man he says, "I am particular and knowledgeable and may prise this world into many pieces - I may count the minutes if I will, and discern the light from the shadows - I am not my brother, I am me, and how I know I am me is by what I choose not to be".

Then, one day in full self-realization, the precious ego-incarnate may exclaim:

I am this World and I do know it.
I am this World and this World does know it.
For I have looked unafraidedly into her face,
And she returned my greeting,
And we met on that inner plane where souls are meeting.

I am Time,
For I have aged and withered and died,
Only to return and withstand every parcel of change time had wrought,

Only to conclude that in being timeless throughout,
I am Time in perpetuity,
For it serves me, in generous latitude.

I am the light behind the light,
Where He goes, go I –
Into every illuminated recess,
From my eye to His Eye.

I have looked in His Eyes unafraidedly
And seen how the light does stream out from them.
Onto the World His Soul pours from His Eyes,
And I am that He is,
And He is that I be.
And I have offered back my being,
With gratitude which is full and pervious,
And wept with thankfulness, that I too am illuminated.

I am the full measure of all of my brother's fault and majesty,
I have tasted their salt and their sweet and become both,
Pursuing this worldly knowledge.
And from this, I love them all and know them well;
And though I know I am not them,
I remember when it was, how it was, in being as them so similarly.

And I do not measure myself against Men –
For I am only much more,
Therefore there is no distinction –
But measure myself with the god-men,
Who beckon me higher unto them.

I am mirrored in the Celestial Powers,
And I am, on behalf of all Men,
I am.

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