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Monday, May 18, 2020

Ten miles to Nowhere- 19th May 2020

Every species of design on this planet works with purpose, and has inherent within its very fabric mapped points of desire and outcome.

Worms shall be worm, and eat as worm does, and live as worm does, and die as worm does. Worms shall think as worm does, seek as worm does, procreate as worm does, and move as worm does.

And the organisation of cells incorporated in worm will conform and cooperate according to worm also.

Coherently, magnificently, worm will not only appear as worm, but will act and operate, and be as worm, completely.

And this can be said for every form and feature there is.

The word freedom has taken on many meanings: generally speaking in relation to Man it regards freedom as the right of anarchy to be whatever he would like to be ... however, we would suggest that freedom in its pure sense is that which allows one to be as they are destined to be - that worm may be free to be worm, that he may live his life as is his want to do, and is his nature to do - that is freedom.

And by no means comparing Man to worm, but to say that freedom is simply to ask that we may subscribe to our own patents and destiny, and purposes - and not to correlate to another.

Yet there is also and the favourable associative accordance with that great family and propriety of Man concurrently. In other words: for a bee to be bee, she works within a community, and partly her purpose is conviviality with other enterprising coworkers who employ the interests of each other etc.

Socialism is most often thwarted in one key aspect: and that is where the vision and purpose and will of the whole has been hijacked by pirates who no longer work for the good of the whole, save by deception and pretence only, that they do.

And this anomaly may occur in ignorance, but most likely is rooted in self interest, where the structure has therefore deteriorated, and those incorporated become enslaved thereby - especially when man being man, woman being woman, child being child, is no longer possible.

And so one can see from this simple description that freedom itself is not anarchy, but rather the freedom to be true to one’s own purpose and plan and limitations.

It is of course the nature of thoughts to outreach capabilities, especially when it comes to social and physical engineering. Academics and specialists will firstly work from a semi-awareness of their own predicament, their own purpose, and design, and project these parameters into whatever larger plan they may be forecasting. This again is a fundamental principle of being able to work with what we have, and what we know.

And so, whether consciously or not, it can be that the town planner organises a population and its amenities, and ability to move and dwell, in accordance with that of his own digestive system, which may or may not be convivial to the people he is working for - depending on the condition of his digestive system at the time.

Although this is humorous, it is something to watch for, as time and time again, well meaning people, or not so well meaning people broadcast their own predicaments onto others, using positions that empower them to do so.

Or perhaps they may do this by opinion only, as to what another may or may not do.

It is a complex problem in relation to the freedom of the individual, in order that he or she live as they need to be - rather than in the shadow and control of any other.

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