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Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Holy Man's Trials 24

24. The presence of physical poisons carried within the body - taken into, or unable to be released.
There is a sense of danger we live with when certain toxins are remained within our bodies, or even our bodies are exposed to them (even cigarette smoke for example). It is natural for our bodies to feel alarmed at any threat and although it happens unconsciously for the most part, we do 'sense' that alarm as it is experienced.


Friday, February 25, 2011

The Holy Man's Trials 23

 23. Those aspects within the spiritual nature which confer or coincide with the unredeemed condition of Lucifer as is. 

This burdens a man to endure. Whilst the entire cosmos is reflected within our beings in part, there are realities which are independent of our time or our perception of our time, which we indefinitely carry as well. And so, distinct from those things which are needed in Man, of Christ and of our own selves etc., distinct from the pleadings and needings of others, of lower kingdoms, of neighboring realms, there is also that part of us which knows and responds to Lucifer - else we would not have any relationship with him at all. (And yes, there is also the Lucifer [redeemed] which is now named differently.) 

This in part becomes a sad and sorry story, speaking of the first sadness in the world incorporated in Man. It is not healthy to meditate upon such matters, but to know simply that we carry many varieties of burden upon us and this is certainly one of them.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Holy Man's Trials 22

22. The collective weight of humanity's karma.

Even though much is addressed and alleviated there are compounding factors and fresh insults to the spiritual worlds daily, which are also experienced by the sensitive man. The body of men which currently are incarnate in the world do affect the world (the Planetary Being, the Planetary Council, the being of Man, and the lower and higher hierarchies) on a daily basis. This is something which is also felt very strongly by the growing individual who struggles to have humanity free from the condition it is generally currently perpetuating.

The mention above refers to conditions of karma which can affect us from also the deceased in our communities and family; things which just by natural consequence alone may infect a town or a place due to past actions which still continue in effect. However this passage deals with the living men, who as one corporate mind and being, represent Man in the world on this calendar day. This too is a force and a feeling to be recognized.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Holy Man's Trials 21


21. The weight of one's racial and family karma.
This too travels with us at all times. Although there have been many laws lessened according to our Christ's Presence amongst us, and the way in which our karmic bonds relate, there are still (if not binding) karmic ties we perceive and acknowledge that affect us and our communities too.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Holy Man's Trials 20

20. The weight of one's own personal karma as known (generally unconsciously experienced until active) and the sadness at incurring the more difficult aspects so borne.

This has a very large reality to it, for heaviness is experienced whilst also integrity as well. Every piece of our karmic responsibility travels with us and is ever present before our soul's eye. Our days are blended by such events, brought and wrought by such a karmic response to our previous callings. 

So this is how we function, but not without a measure of apprehension into the bargain.


Monday, February 21, 2011

The Holy Man's Trials 19


19. Constant disappointment as a general condition firstly (then highlighted later by conscious discernments which are generally predictable).
There are a few phases to be noted about this disappointment. Firstly, disappointment can live with us just as generally without specificity, as Certainty does. It just is. Repeated disappointments confirm the bank, and then follows the larger disappointment that we were disappointed at all. 

The word 'disappointment' however, implies some element of surprise, and yet most of our disappointments are in fact very predictable to us. So the largest disappointment comes of our falling into such a pattern of a depressed disappointment, and by being sadly surprised by something which was not really surprising and not much of a let down far from a place than we were at already!

The onset of disappointment degenerates further acts and hopes, fulfilling its predictability given at the outset. It is good therefore to be aware of it and to dismiss it once committed to the ideal. At the very least we will be surprised the next time, if it happens upon us again. Let's be truly disappointed!!! and not give way to the mundane affliction of just the partial disposition!


Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Holy Man's Trials 18


18. The need for a greater physical experience (to contrast the mundane) as perceived by the spiritual yearnings which require more understanding of the physical processes they permeate.
There is a further discrepancy the consciousness recognizes between how fully we do incarnate within our physical and astral complines, and to what is or may be possible in this regard. 

It is natural to seek out a greater physical experience and there are many ways we see this manifest in ordinary human behavior; although largely the means are unsatisfactory in themselves. The mystery of it seems to be that there is a natural joy which comes from overworking the physicality with a variety of ethers.

The higher etheric vitalities are present when called into the physicality, and this occurs through a higher means than merely what is naturally present in the material substance as is. In other words, significance becomes the key which raises the material out from its simple flavor, act or experience we may try. Any discontent comes from knowing of this possibility yet being immature in regard to finding what this may mean right now to the future of Mankind and his astral 'fit' into a tenuous body.

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