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Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Holy Man's Trials 3


3. An increasing awareness of the Doubles as they exist in others.
As we develop, our natural clairvoyance presents us with difficult truths, and the first presentation can often be the 'Demon at the Gate', so to say. Unnerving and distracting, the sensitive man has difficulties with that of his own Double, let alone the prospect of a veritable and terrible army of them!

Friday, February 4, 2011

The Holy Man's Trials 2

2. An inherent guilt at the very company and nature of this Double.
This is distinct from the above in that it goes on to become a generalized and all pervading gloom about oneself, infiltrating the self-esteem and blocking the will, inhibiting the ego. It is interesting that even the darkest of individuals will seek to shaft off their Double… imagine the pain of the self-conscious man who seeks betterment for himself and the world, trying to reconcile its existence!


Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Holy Church & the Holy Man's Trials- 10th September 2001

Trembling, Courage & Soothing

Holy Sanctuary,
Carer, instructor,
Deliverer of the Sacraments,
High example of all heavenly and worldly virtue;
Fount of charity,
Both in distribution of physical property,
But more importantly in the element of conduct;
Guardian and distributor of spiritual and devotional knowledge -
Acknowledged with Reason,
Unimpinged by dogma or exclusivity;
A home dedicated to the living Christ,
And His entire Family;
Perpetuate to His Law,
His Being,
And His Incarnation within Man.

Conveyor of the Spiritual Worlds,
Emissary for the Physical World;
Respecter and receiver for the angelic realms;
Party to attendant beings;
Prayer, counsel and remembrance for the dead;
Vessel of purity, encouraging to the downcast;
Promoting striving and working,
For the transformation of worldly matter;
Convoy of courage,
Defiant to all doubts warring against the spirit;
Defender for all children,
The weak, the sick and the disadvantaged;
Ennobling men from demons,
Unresponsive to their cause or chaos;
Chartered by divinity, yet with community consent;
Infertile to bickerings, disputes and unkind intent - displayed or hidden;
Appealing to all three commodities:
The past, the future, and the present.

Passion of the Saints made real,
Art-divine, relished in beauty and in musical theme;
Construct eternal -
Bringing something out from nothing, again and again;
Hope-child of the gods, and Love of the Father of All;
Welcomer to the higher senses now awakening,
Becoming and responding,
Synchronically with the world;
Taming the imaginations,
Perceiving intuition alongside discrimination;
Ceasing all superstition,
Calming, supporting, making healing,
And explaining the Living Doctrines as made manifest in actual Love.

The beloved and blessed Church has long tried the impossible; given the circumstances and conditions it has attempted to work within. Therein is perhaps the greatest beauty of this hard-worn face… that amongst the grim and difficult traits within and without it, the surfactant which has predominated has been one of the greatest courage - deliberate and knowing of the vast trials there exist before it.

Those who feel closest to Christ often bear His pain and hardship within their own soul-life as well. The very forces which are not dissimilar to a dense and toxic smog, are known unconsciously by the religious - who feel their chest compacted, their heart tightened, their heads muddied, their limbs weighted, by this undercurrent of astral mire which we wade in amongst continually. 

There becomes a unique and definite hardship the Christian soul adopts, along with the rest of the complement which he must also carry within himself. We shall explain this effect later, but firstly to follow with some concerns detailed, we may begin a list in the hope that this will assist as a means to identifying these hardships, giving chance and opportunity to soothe some of the aggravations through the means of that very naming.

  1. An increasing awareness of the presence of one's own Double.
As the devout man grows in spiritual sensitivity this figure may become quite oppressive to him. There are many shades of guilt which are unconsciously taken to himself, from what his own Double has projected. He may superimpose this perception onto his own sense of goodness (in never really being good enough - which of itself is not a sound motivation for further development); or he may go on to perceive it (his own Double) in others and project it outwardly into their behavior.


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Face of Lucifer- 7th September 2001

AS the Light shines on the countenance of the old planetary face, it illumines one and then the other. New moon, old moon, old moon, old moon.

The demons, small and senior, enter this planet via the runway of the Moon. Their substance, their habitat, comes in from the past and deceased conditions, which because of the decaying frame now, allows for their consumption. They do not live in the regions of the Earth. They dance and grope around its periphery. 

The light from the Spiritual Sun releases them into activity. Seemingly, out from Christ comes Lucifer, in that His radiant Being makes the face of Lucifer known as it lights its countenance - having adhered itself to the Moon and its vicinity.

He (Lucifer) is not THE LIGHT, but lives out from this Light, His Light, Christ's Light, and is brought forth by it, is carried with it, and does show all of his treasures by that same light.

(There are portals of entrance, departure and waiting in all realms.)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Little Mass (The calling for the Redemption of the World through us.)

FOR this there is to be a collection of crumbled and dry cake, bread, biscuit or grain-mix which is later to have the chalice contents poured and mixed into it, from which individuals will take from the platen at the end.

To pick up the moistened crumbs with the thumb and the finger of index finger of the hand of the will [dominant hand] is an important part of the activity - in a conscious and deliberate manner, taking what is offered. This is of course, is not obligatory. No man or woman should take Communion when inwardly hesitant. Come in joy or not at all, for to come only for sake of duty pains the Heavens. Though sincere, the action of duty without joy works against itself and thus injures the man and the world he strives to love.

The trees do not climb out towards the heavens because of duty, but rather through the love found mutually in the warmth, the sunlight, the ethers, the waters, they respond to. To know this life and love firsthand requires an inner honesty of self, and though an assumption of holiness can be vital to everyday activities, it can be a dangerous pretence when assumed in matters which are required to be genuine. Routine and repetitive ritual can enhance the properties of devotion for a variety of reasons, however the spiritual occurrence which is of the highest significance depends upon the very pivot of self from which the individuals themselves work out from. 

This divinity of self within requires to be livingly connected with the spiritual endeavor at hand, and is in peril if for whatever reason the timing or connection is not feeling right, or with the joy one would expect and most hope for in this prayerful calling.

Duty alone cannot speak to the soul of the participant or administrant, because one is at risk of overriding the better instincts in respect to the subtle exchanges which are required. If for example, the administrant himself is unwell in faith on the day, or unsavory in temperament and spiritually contaminating the contents of longed-for remedy, and intuitively one knows this and is dissuaded from engaging in this Communion, then it is by far preferable that the individual cease there and then and return on a more fortuitous occasion.

Equally so, if there are conditions within the individual, non-specific but calling out a hesitation, the intuition here asks us to listen, the spirit requires our attention, and it is unrealistic to take our higher nature into a place it does not want to go. You cannot deny yourself in the same moment you seek to fulfill yourself. If you are not responsive to your own soul's indications you have effectively silenced it from participation.
We may go to the altar in sadness, as oft do, but there will be a higher joy apparent though, that knows that Father God is there with us to soothe and smile and answer that pain.

This learning to respect our intuitions and loves is an important knowing for the man who cares not for himself at the expense of himself; because primarily his soul will die if it tries to be all self perpetuating. Stifling the true soul for the sake of 'duty' is a false economy of spiritual performance. Real food, real substance, real love - both given and returned, is imperative - discernments that we might acknowledge firsthand, what is to be hoped-for for every man within the world to come.

There certainly is little point living for and acting out pretence. Pretence also disappoints the spiritual worlds terribly (and lets down the company you are with as well.) A Mass that is empty of the lively connection we describe, truly saddens the beings that attend. Men can become like withered flowers when the ritual becomes routine and their own selves are quashed out of the event that they dearly should have been so present in, were that it was the correct place or company for them to have been in.

Therefore it is vital for a man or woman to attend that meeting with precisely the company of souls they best resonate with, so that the insecurity of insincerity will not dissuade them from their spiritual paths and connectings that should be.

Christ, the Divining,
Specific to each bit and part,
Christ, the Combining,
Adherent to the Whole,
Presently bearing the weight of the World,
Current in singularity,
Ennobling the distinct and the different,
In the consciousness,
In the wakefulness,
In desires both known,
And then answered.

Represented in skilful contrast,
Represented in both great and gentle beauty,
Represented in belief's courage and realized triumphs,
In a synergy of prolapsed nerves, nourishing experience,
From star life into this world.

Insoluble Water present, represent our Heavenly Father,
With now our Christ that is the Greater,
Present, represent in the forces of the substance introduced,
And now empowered within,
Be also intelligent to this mass,
And binding, making one piece,
That Combined, we have a great and glorious corporation,
Made saturate with Your Love.

Bring forth the attributes one by one,
In a divine likeness, to that of Your own,
In realization to a far greater consistency …

(Here the fluid is mingled with the crumbs and patted into a flat cake to be apportioned out.)

Surveyor of the Living Laws,
Creator of the heart's impulse,
This now before us: our meal made holy,
As Divine and Perfect remedy,
To all that is needed and yearned for,
Within and without,
This world and ourselves,
This confabulation of greater and lesser stuff,
Is verily the labor and produce of Yours,
Dear Christ,
Upheld by Our Father.

I hold now these offerings,
And ask of thee great Charity,
That we, Oh Christ, may take them today,
Humbly into ourselves - and this World,
And inoculate against all harm,
Revivified by what You Give,
Accomplished in Your Grace,
Subject what is of death to rest,
That new life might survive into furtherance,
And new love shall be born of this Life.

Out from my heart's own reasoning,
My soul's wisdom,
My ego's freedom,
I speak these words,
To You now:

"Become in Me,
Your Love in Me,
That I also Love well,
And full realizing what this means,
For myself and the world,
By all that is Christ,
Upheld by our Father."

Greater Life to Life,
I have the World,
I am the World,
And out from the Chalice,
Singing forth from my throat,
I will name my sweet hopes:

(All attending speak, before taking the meal:)

"Become in Me,
Your Love in Me,
That I also Love well,
And full realizing what this means,
For myself and the world,
By all that is Christ,
Upheld by our Father."


Monday, January 31, 2011

The Christened Mass (The Creation of the World within Man)


(Using the same Chalice with remaining contents, now grape juice is dropped into it at the indicated moment. This is to be squeezed from fresh grapes, or if this is not possible, bottled grape juice which has not been reconstituted … approx. one drop per person, water ratio 100-1,000 parts more. If grape juice is not available dissolved honey may be added into the cup at a slightly higher ratio proportionate to the dilution.)

Divine and Cosmic Christ,
Keeper of Time and of all times yet to be,
Ever present in the eternal moment,
Ever present to all unknown elements,
Presiding thoroughly and completely;
Presiding in naivety (the vacant space predisposed to a knowing),
Presiding in ingenuity,
Current to all that is currency.

Represented by Man,
And the stars that comprise him,
In the Consciousness,
In the Wakefulness,
In grand and purposeful discovery.

Represent in actuality,
In permanence, in substance and substantiality,
This Earth made real.

Represent in creativity,
And that harmonious homogeny,
Working in cooperate corporate joy,
In a synergy of sympathetic, causal mind.

Insoluble Water, into which now receives,
The earthly, the etheric and the starry substance,
Of this Earth, from soil into light.
(Grape juice is now added.)

Of this world, the etheric light of life,
Of the outer planets, of the starry body of Christ,
Cooperative and enlivened,
Active and obedient,
Waiting watchfully for His Will.
And in Divine Countenance,
Be true to Him.

Conveyor of the unfurling Worlds,
Respondent to all, each heart of every being sustained,
This before us, this substance,
Quickens within the empowering water therein,
As Divine and Perfect remedy,
To all that is distracted, fragmented, devastated by sin,
This World becomes in us through Christ,
And this most precious of substances, your Blood,
As it surged upon the soil and thus permeated the world.

I hold now these bleedings,
And ask of thee Christ,
That we may take them today,
Redeemed into the well of beloved tears,
Humbly into ourselves and this World,
And inoculate against all further harm,
Revivified by what You Give,
Accomplished in Your Grace,
Subjecting what is of death to rest,
That new love might survive into furtherance.

Out from the font of deep gratitude I speak these words to You now:

"Be in Me,
Create in Me,
As I Love You,
Christ our Creator,
Upheld by our Father."

Greater Life to Life,
I now become the World,
And out from the Chalice,
Spilling forth from my being,
I will call these words:

(All attending, before taking the cup to drink.)

"Be in Me,
Create in Me,
As I Love You,
Christ our Creator,
Upheld by our Father."


Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Three-part Celebration of Communion- 19th August 2001

“Across the Sea, I Am the Sea”

As bodies go, the one body of water which infills and permeates and plumps this Globe, that one body in whole and in part, amassed and in droplet, humidified, rarefied or made solid and crystallized - that one body feels Nature from the inside.

Can you picture that body now as it extends out amongst the ethers, with same fluidic flowing, in flat, in wave, out from the membranes of this world? Same body, same water.

It never really was the chalice but the contents. See now the chalice of the world spill into the greater World beyond. See the cup empty over, forming a never-ending fount rupturing itself out into the open, bubbling and driving up, carried by an inner velocity, reuniting itself with the Cosmic Sea...

The Cosmic Mass (Acknowledging & Naming His Presence)

(The chalice water - distilled water with several drops of seawater included, and if not seawater, then fresh rainwater added also.)

Divinity Pure, withstanding and withstood,
Present in particular
Present in the novice life,
Present in antiquity's knowing,
Current in all numbers equaling You,
Represented in holy striving,
In the consciousness,
In the wakefulness,
In solemn quietude,
Represent in holy fervors, endeavors,
Imaginations that expire the old knowledge,
Freeing them into new form, new meaning, new consequence.
Represent in the raptures of combining,
The honest and enlightened intimacies,
In synergy of corresponding spheres.

Insoluble Water, the Liquid Wisdom as is,
Fluidic breath to all cavities,
Intelligent to all qualities,
Obeisant and endowing,
Furthering sequentially in true and natural progression -
As wisdom does,
According to the attributes calling
In a divine likeness to that of their own,
In realization of a greater consistency.

Conveyor of the Living Reason,
Respondent to the Heart of Hearts,
This before us, contained and waiting,
As Divine and Perfect remedy,
To all that is wanting within and without
This world and ourselves;
This most precious of substances,
Is verily the tears of Yours dear Father God.

I hold now these weepings,
And ask of thee Father,
That we may take them today,
Humbly into ourselves and this World,
And inoculate against all harm,
Revivified by what You Give,
Accomplished in Your Grace,
Subject what is of death to rest,
That new life might survive into furtherance.

Out from the fount of the throat I speak these words
To You now:

"Be in Me,
Create in Me,
As I Love You,
Dearest and best,
Father God."

Greater Life to Life,
I am the World,
And out from the Chalice,
Spilling forth from my throat,
I will call these words:

(All attending, before taking the cup to drink)

"Be in Me,
Create in Me,
As I Love You,
Dearest and best,
Father God."


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