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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Emotions- May 8th 2010

EMOTIONS are stronger now than ever before; or more correctly put, they are consciously experienced more intensely than they were in the past.

Can you imagine sitting in a cave with your back to the entrance and facing a convex wall, and at a certain point the light floods into the entrance and you experience the entire wall light up in front of you in broad space. This vision is large and almost overwhelming, and the wall itself appears to be made of light, emanating the very light that is broadcast upon it.

When we experience emotion, either from the realm of our soul or life of desire, it is with this interpretive glamor - an exaggeration of experience - literally a projection of our own self before us, so that we may perceive ourselves through this process. A man may divine himself, his knowings, his obligations, his commitments, his opinions, via referencing his ego or by witnessing the display of the emotions that he carries.

Not all individuals have a ready access to their egoic consciousness. Having said that, we are through Christ's design upon us, always with the ability to truly know both Him and that of ourselves and of the higher portents… yet certain conducts can make it difficult for many, who are still splaying amongst the numerous realities that are upon them daily.

Interceptions to this egoic knowing occur, and as we have discussed in the past, there are poisons to this knowing (such as intoxicants) which persuade a man all too easily away from his true self and egoic consciousness.

In time, as the being of Man gathers experiences and confidence navigating this experience, there will be a natural perception of self that is so clear and immediate that happiness streams from this knowing. To just exist is an immediate experience of profound happiness. Birds know this experience.

We all have this happiness, but until our egoic consciousness is clearly linked to our awareness in the present, we do not 'feel' it so. Angels have it ordinarily.
It truly is most sought after and the topic of many fair societies - how can a man find true happiness? And yet this answer is not a fast catch - it is simple, yet to be thoroughly obtained and won.

By refining one's ego through honesty and good conduct, by strength of character, will come the strength of self and an open heart that knows also the true self within. You see if we go against what we know to be correct, or if we assault or insult ourselves with behaviors or practices that demean or demoralize our own selves, then we are so distracted from this happiness of simply being - it is as though our life's light has gone from us.

Masters know this because they themselves have felt the oppressive darkness too - both in former conditions of their own life's mistakes and also with the sadness of so many today. This sadness is of course one of the emotions which is broadcast out from the soul and desire body.

If you are in a movie theater and you see the light projector through a comparatively small window of film - frame by frame - and see how largely it appears on the blank wall before the viewer - this truly is the picture of emotion. The frames are so much smaller than the image broadcast, aren't they?

Our minds are so complex it often requires a full sized projection to get through to our perceptions - and especially within these times of confluency and mental noise.

Dogs are walking emotion. These creatures suffer, and experience happiness too, to Imax levels of emotional proportion. They are sensitive also to their human friend's emotional life as well - often displaying an animated production directly from their carers. Of course also, the emotions can quickly traverse one to another in perpetual relay when a man loves dog and dog loves man - it becomes a theater of romance and ever-strong affection.

On the whole all animals in general are developing their senses of emotion and perception of it. This development of the Animal Kingdom is very similar to that of our own discerning and display. It is interesting to note that the actions of egoic knowing are internal, whilst the knowing and perceiving through the emotions is gained through the means of projecting them out from ourselves so that we can view our own experience of them. One difficulty with this means to experience, is that they are palpable to others as well - not only to ourselves - and can have a range of effects on others by their action.

Emotions can also be so strong in some, that folk who are not competent with ego referencing may interpret the emotions of others within their own vicinity, as being their own experience.

Children, especially those under the age of seven, will directly feel the impression of the emotions around them and once again believe them to be that of their own. These impressions conveyed and received will go on to last into adulthood.

They are difficult to address because they are not defined as clear happenings, and may come from almost anywhere. Many adults often try to invoke suitable memories to go with these hovering emotions - but inaccurately so. It really need not have come from a trauma of one's own, to have lent the experience of such.

Because you see, the important thing to know about the emotions is that they are nine parts subjective. Their fabric is of our own conjecture and they enlarge so quickly as to gather a pulse, that you can see all kinds of emotional creation begin from almost nothing.

There are naturally strong emotions that directly offspring from major events that warrant their exclaim - both cheerful and horrendous - and are proportionate to the firsthand experience of that time. However most emotion experienced day-to-day is fantastical and projected from afar - born from daydreams, desire, past emotion, ill health, wants and needs; and others in influence upon us as well.

So whilst it is true to say that emotions are a way of perceiving ourselves and our own condition and needs of soul and body, they can also be very confusing; especially to the egoic knowing that requires a quiet place to work out from.
Emotion provokes emotion. Even if it is a merely perceived emotion - for example: watching an actor cry… knowing it to be an actor… can still cause the viewer to have tears via a perceived empathy. It is not a real empathetic resonance - at least not in a direct way - but here is the very nature of the emotion, for it is not the purpose of its experience to be of real substance but to convey something to us. This is why we can respond to a perceived emotion and also to emotion which is not of our own making.

Emotion is a primal language which preceded words.

The sharing of thoughts and ideas through the communication of words comes from the egoic knowing and egoic capability. However an older language, before we projected words, was that of emotion; and it was somewhat different to what it is today.

There was a time, before words, when things were plain and even the most enchanting of stories had substance. Men and women were incapable of lying or pretence or posture; they were simply and plainly living a natural existence. This form of living still carries through to our beings in the spiritual worlds after death today.

In a similar fashion, we are who we are and it is self-evident. Words as we use them are not needed to convey a communication at all. However the emotional realm today in the world is unreliable to us now. Once it was a true representative of how we felt, our interior and exterior life, but over time became exaggerated and infected and muddied, therefore confusing to everyone.

Words also can exaggerate and distort the truth - contaminating it and confusing all who are tenacious to their meaning.

St Francis communicated to the animals (and to his Community) with the emotion of the old language.

Is love an emotion? No. If we are to understand that the emotions themselves are a form of language, one for self and for others to be known by, then we can begin to see that just as words are not that which they represent, neither are bare and blatant emotions the very thing they represent.

Just as the word 'love' is not love itself, neither is the emotion of love the true source and essence of the love it may convey or depict in part.

This goes for all of the emotions as well –
• courage exists within the soul's attitude before becoming energized and realized in emotion;
• lust begins in longing, far before it exhibits the passions that prevail;
• piety bleeds from the soul state of natural reverence;
• hatred always comes from self loathing and evaluation, becoming a distortion of criticism which was begot by judgment;
• affection can come from self loving as well as the memories that the soul carries;
• gratitude is awash with rejoicing and is very close to the expression of the true condition of happiness which we mentioned earlier;
• mirth and joviality come from the spirit of beginnings and birth (all things new). It is an attitude of soul which has experienced wonder and renewal countless times during its existence.

We each have a catalog of emotional hieroglyphs, whilst also our own dictionary of interpretation to go with them.

Nature itself is full of emotion, and in terms of the 'old speak' there was also the bubbly ecstatic emotion of the lively nature spirits to be felt; and so one could likely say that the forest or the countryside was literally at times speaking to you. And of course this was the experience before words came to us.

Infants under the age of two will perceive the countryside and animals with a far greater clarity and impressioning than we can arrive at now.

Sometimes meditation will take an indirect course into a pre-word condition and the emotions experienced will be stronger and often interpreted as a 'spiritual' experience. This is not to say that mediation can't take you into a higher perception, if your character is prepared and receptive to the finer percepts. Yet it is also to point out that the persuasive emotions can also drift in and conjure all kinds of desires and experiences which might be mistaken for being real or wanted.

In a sense plain words can be far more reliable to deal with. Emotional exchanges can very quickly make creations all of their own that begin with little or no fundamental reality whatsoever. The very minute two people are engaged in such an interchange you will see how rapidly this emotional energy can take them both miles down roads unplanned for.

Today we have discussed the language of words and also that of the emotions, yet there is one more to examine, namely that of the inner dialogue which is profoundly resonant with all of Creation.

Our very spirits are imbibed with heavenly attributes and knowing. More natural to us than any language of world or starry plane is that essential cord we all have, which connects us to our very beginnings. And by that cord, back through to an eternity that keeps us safely placed within it, we hold the keys to all of the fellow souls around us and the beings that uphold us and the Creation that does nurture us. Amongst, beneath, and within… when we, for a time, can hush the words and calm the emotions, we can feel it.

This blessing of the Divine Presence will never leave you. Doubt is just another emotion, and if words sound empty at times, they are. Divinity is real and will always support you, now and forever - you are.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Path to Common Sense- 18th April 2010

DIVINING reason is not always or exactly through the mechanical conduits of brain-based thinking. As logic would have it, there are many linear conclusions that all appear 'reasonable' when aligned from the same starting point, yet in the main can be as nonsensical and unhelpful as an egg counter is to a chicken.

Reason and commonsense thinking involves a practicality that has bearings all of its own. It needs to pertain to something defined that has a purpose, also which is clearly recognized; and therefore there is the ability of foresight, which is required from the outset. So we cannot have practical and helpful thinking without the ability to foresee what it is we are trying to achieve via our mind's collective.

Now purpose, or at the very least, a sense of purpose, is also necessary for us to be able to begin and carry through with our cognitive enquiry. This is a very interesting point, because all learning - and this follows also for the highest of learning - must begin with either a conscious or innate purpose driving it. The very key to unlock any knowledge is Right Purpose.

And what is 'Right Purpose'? Firstly, the word 'purpose' does relate to a cause - but mainly it is also a very distinct feeling or emotion experienced quite strongly either in the heart or the gut or the chest, by the plaintiff, knowing what is missing from their lives so far.

Purpose drives all of nature, and in its highest aspect it becomes the sensing and being of the Divine Will. It is not the Life itself that drives the Divine Will - although it can 'feel' like it - but rather the sensing and the moving with the current of this massive life-force which inspires all energetic happenings around us. It is a motivator to sense this purpose - but purpose itself is the sensing of this Divinity moving and expressing its way through All.

Every aspect of nature and being is fundamentally and principally aware of and emanating Divine Purpose. This is the living realization of that which the Divine Will operates, moves and manifests through.

In more archaic times, when folk spoke of sensing or feeling the purpose of something, they literally meant that they had consciously come to know the feeling of the life, pulse and Divine presence within something, which was confirmation to them of it being 'real', or with the strong possibility therefore of becoming made real.

The act of coupling which could eventuate with a newborn, is given to this push and presence of strong purpose being experienced - bringing an elevated experience of the driving force within.

The scientist or the artist is often encouraged past physical endurance to work to tasks because they can sense and also bring to themselves, some of the energetic life which moves to enable the fruition of their tasks or projects envisioned.

It is this fundamental sense of purpose which motivates every movement within our own bodies, and daily enables us to wake, to eat, to speak and to participate in a concert of society; this sensing of the life within; a feeling for the Divine Will and its own knowing. Without this principal sensing, an individual can become ill in a variety of ways: lose coordination in body or function, in speech or rationality, in optimism or spirituality. 

This is why one never meets a happy atheist - because fundamentally they have lost their ability to sense the Divine Will and its energetic Life moving all around and within them. Without this faculty of sensing, is no sense of divine or personal purpose. Without this sensing or knowing of its presence, they have not the faith in there being purpose, which is greater than themselves or wonderful within themselves. An all-pervading sense of futility prevails instead.

Optimism requires the ability to sense and believe in happy outcomes. This is relatively easy when one 'feels' purpose all around. We are content that even if we do not have the foresight to know exactly how something might be arrived at, there is the experience nonetheless of the pure purpose which is getting us there. Without this there is little or no confidence, and only the negatives around us are perceived.

The question here is how an individual can find their way back to being able to experience the purpose and Divine Will all around them? Folk who have difficulty with purpose are often within situations which make it generally worse for them - never themselves being involved in tasks which have a beginning, a middle and an end. They are rarely if ever, investing themselves in a labor that requires foresight, hope, reasoning, projected outcome, purpose and positive outcome.

Folk who nurture crops experience great purpose with planting and also the results. This experience spills over into a generalized sensing which affects all parts of their lives and thinking.

It does not have to be growing one's own food that will enable this however, basically any labor that is actively participated in, that has a beginning which is different to the end, and takes some time and effort to achieve, will bring success in this.

The individual whose mind has unraveled into a futility or hopelessness could have arrived there by quite a few means. The person of wealth often lives their life within short compartments, rarely getting the opportunity to do or even witness the long chain of laboring events that lead to positive outcomes. The less they exert themselves in 'whole' areas of work, the less they begin to perceive its functioning everywhere like that. It is symptomatic of the modern era.

Individuals whose minds have been scattered, using thought diffusing intoxicants, often feel the blackness of a hopeless depression, because their own sensing of purpose has been annihilated also. It is a desperate state to be in, and often the anger, pessimism and atheism to follow, is just symptomatic of this terrible loss in relation to the Divine Will moving through them and through others.

When you see groups of recovering individuals doing craft works - perhaps to sell at a charity stall - this is tremendously remedial to their situation. It is not just a casual pursuit or something to keep folk occupied with, it really is the road home to recovery.

Creating and working a garden, knitting a garment, preparing and cooking a meal, any industrious act which requires planning, effort, time and delayed yet worked-for outcome, will be the most positive remedy to give to the person who is suffering from Divine Purpose sense deficit.

And now to Right Purpose: We have just discussed what it is to know and to not know, the sensing of Purpose in general as it moves around us in our every day lives, but what of one's own personal purpose? That which has driven us into this life, and gives us our own sense of meaning which is especially significant to our visions and goals?

Right Purpose is, quite naturally, distinctly and inextricably connected to its brother, Right Conduct. This is the first principle to realize of Right Purpose.

How often our own personal paths give way to doing the wrong thing morally, believing it is in the name of our overall personal purpose, not realizing that it only ever takes us many steps back once entered into.

With hand on heart we all sense our own primeval purpose. Whether recognized, or on the way to becoming made real or not, every individual has a higher purpose and gift to Creation that is signature to them. This is not a mere nicety or placating sentimentalism offered to the hopeless, it is a truth which speaks to the nobility of Spirit and the promise that it offers each and every one. For you see it is not enough within Creation to just be beautiful. Creation likes to see you do things as well.

 Beings thrive on activity, and the souls of men and women are no different. Inactivity is not natural to any world - either here or beyond.

However, if an individual is participating in conversation or activities or employment, where they are going against their innate sense of right conduct - against their heart's discerning – then this will block their higher purpose's design, effectiveness and becoming.

This may appear simple - i.e. just do the 'right thing' - however, as most of us reflect, we are singularly compromised daily with all kinds of thoughts and behaviors that are less than we would ideally visit and become.

The Christian repentance serves to swiftly realign the purpose in a positive way. It does not of its own, accomplish any recompense of course, but it does automatically (if sincere) get the individual back on track with their path to Right Purpose.

Realizing infringements is key to reform. If one has a general sense of purpose in this, there will also be the optimism that it is worthwhile in the effort, and sainthood can be achieved!

One very important point about the Path which is often overlooked, is that we all have already traveled a very long road and achieved so very much already. None of us (including the Masters) are yet complete, and nor expect to be any time soon. We all work with the task at hand, and learning to do this is in itself a great virtue.

Honesty, frankness and pragmatism are requirements for self-assessment when it comes to entering the path of reason. Demons of the personality do not like these three (Honesty, Frankness and Pragmatism) and hide behind such concealments as vanity, pride, false egoism, and indulgence.

These Demons deter one also from finding their true purpose. They work to feed themselves; and work hard they do. All of the personal energy of the individual who entertains them gets spent defending and protecting the continuation of deadend exploits that prop up and support their grave façade of usefulness.

Foresight is not logically arrived at, in respect to it being relative to that which has not already occurred; and having not yet actualized, has no clear and distinct patterning as to its logical pathways. One can presume patterns will follow past patterns, but higher logic realizes that with the multitudinous variables in any circumstance, the future is always unknown until it arrives.

Putting it more plainly, foresight is not mere reasoning alone. It is a mix of intuitive sensing, planning, hoping, purpose, some logical surmising and inspiration. And four of the six of these are not logical, mathematical, or purely rational, but rather imbibed with imagination and spiritual induction.

The Path to Common Sense is the least dangerous road traveled. It defers to the conscience as much as it does the logic of past happenings, and all the while so buoyantly held and delivered by the swift push of purpose onto the glory of its divine delivery!

Monday, November 7, 2011

I give you my word and my Word gives you His- 2nd April 2010 Easter

My Life is as the Wind
As it passes over Earth,
Touching the faces of my beloved;
All around them,
Yet they do not see Me
But know My breath daily...

Air of air, Life of life, Light of light -
I am around you unto Eternity.

People ask, what rotates the World?
What moves the heart?
Is it Love or the blood?
I can tell you it is neither,
For what truly moves the heart -
Be it with a saint or be it with a villain -
Is Goodness alone.

Goodness infills the cavities of want,
And where there is wanting,
There I be.
For in Me there is supplication,
Constant remuneration
And continual salvation.

From me the four winds issue:
Of Knowledge, of Peace, of Striving and Grace.

It is asked, where does the World come from?
Is it from the Mind of the Divine?
Or from a corruption of matter into genius?
Or has it peeled time backwards
Perhaps to end as it had begun?

Yet time is not servitude to matter
Nor its commander;
Such worlds are as the cosmic dust,
That glitter the pavements of Heaven,
And are as many in number.

For all of the scores of souls and beings
That populate the Heavenly Graces
Within this whorl of Worlds and times,
Of past and now and so to come,
Are loved and saved, each one.

This World is no different in that
Its substance did come from
Same infinite source,
From which all worlds are drawn.

But time is no master,
And of itself creates nothing,
It only serves to debilitate;
It cannot create.

The origin of Life is Goodness,
And it is all around you.
Find it and you find also,
The answers to all questions.

There are no mysteries - only confusion.
There are no secrets, only exclusion.
There is nothing that cannot be known,
Should you become it yourself.

Our Heavenly home
Does not tithe the wisdoms,
But delivers them daily.

What of the Bloods and why?
Blood conveys life in a singular way.
It has helped to contain that part of a man
Which is unique to him.
We do not bleed in Heaven,
But wear ourselves on the outer side.

And what of the sexes?
Mothers and Fathers -
Not eagles and serpents.
Communion, not feasting;
A higher ordinance calls to the soul
To participate in the sumptuousness of knowing,
And from that becomes Creation.

Knowledge itself is not witless;
It has already a mind of its own.
Men are not exclusive to mind or its imports.
There is not one thing to be known
That has not already been known.

Christendom makes for an awkward franchise -
In service to its people
It can be gracious and healing;
Yet it can also be quick to bully
The very many who are
In most need of a gentle hand up.

Tyrannical rules of salvation
Preclude all true salvation.
For the holy meaning of its delivery,
Is through the sanctity of divine retribution
And forgiveness alone -
And is not in any way
Dependent or assured by a Papal official.

No man can fathom the heart of another
Or deliberate the justice of his term.
The very moment a sin has been entered into,
The heart of the man darkens for that time
And feels the pain of it upon him.

Truly this World is not as substantial,
As you or I would have it.
Yet what we began is circumspect;
It is a house without windows or walls,
Windows for which to see heaven,
Walls that define the very spaces within,
And then multiply increasingly
To the needs of the Earth.

There are two faces to suffering:
The unjust and the incomplete.
Sorrow has meaning,
Whereas cruelty is random
And almost impossible to make peace with;
Therein lies its infection.

For violence incurs the terrible storms,
And a tumult of irrationality manifest.
Jubilation becomes grief,
And we all sorrow
When an unkind thought
composes its malices.

Yet often such torrents of ill reckoning
Come from a deficit of gladness.
The insults of a blasphemy
Know nothing of a true gladness
Or its benefactorial merits.
The angry and abusive are sodden in want
Without the gratitude for that
For which they already have.

Gladness is the cream that sits atop
The sweet milk, not the sour.

Not all words can bring comfort and consolation temporarily,
And not all things of this World may also.
But at the closing of one's life,
And the beginning of the heavenly term,
It is all but washed away and given meaning.
That which causes suffering now vanishes,
Without a stain of even a remembrance,
And is resolved according to its first concern.

Robes are like uniforms,
And designed to hide a man
So that he becomes a face without a face.

Goodness is the ultimate chi,
And for those who do not live this,
They try to energize through other means,
Or people,
But to wit, die in trying.

Breathe goodness and you breathe life.
Gladness, Goodness and Grace - the treble gifts.
The health of the soul is paramount
To the future of Mankind.

This day of ghouls
Is a sad reminiscence.
Pity the ruthless
For they soon become toothless.

All Glory truly be to He,
From which all Truths were born,
And then to live and breathe as soul,
In myriad and manifest,
In places torn and houses blessed.

I give you my word and my Word gives you His,
And my vision of All as it dwells within Grace.
Feel its current,
See its being
In a constant reappearing,
In the wishing and the doing,
And the continual improving.
 Bless them All!

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