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Sunday, September 19, 2021

Mankind is a Cohesive Package- 18th September, 2021

Everything is as it should be: the tensions in the ethers are remit and conjoining. As much as there is disunity, there becomes unity.

Truth is not static, it also evolves - even as it meets its own predictive pace, and intersects with millennials of abject karma, even though it comes sometimes a minute late, or within a minute's grace; it weaves and flows and hops and permeates the futures of men, who are invigorated with each epic tale.

Foods feed: they nourish and nurture, they have a place in the wholesome life. Substances that are not foods are poisons if ingested - poisons, that by degrees, aggregate or assimilate, and cause discord amongst the homogeny.

Added to this is surplus of nourishment, which can also become toxic as excess requires elimination and energy thereby.

If you took a lamp into a cave and saw what creatures hung from the walls and dwell on the floor, you would be startled considerably. The nature of Man (of men, of Humanity) houses all manner of creature.

Whilst it is true that they were externalised and given the freedoms to manifest, to roam, and largely to eat one another, it is also true that each and every one from amoeba to elephant, cold and warm, amphibian or feathered (and, although another topic, the flora as well) - all of these characteristics in the outer world live and breathe within the makeover of the human insofar as we share the one body, the one consciousness - and one might say: the one body corporate - literally.

And, from time to time you may see in your fellow human the face of a creature manifest or hear the growl, the snarl the song, or see the instinctive fallback - yes, the very zoology of the planet accessed within the human being made visible.

There was once, and is today, a group of individuals who wished reform upon humanity - in a way that sought to curtail (cur-tail :) the bestial once and for all.

The behaviours targeted are: coupling, procreation, meat eating, individuality, family, courage, protectiveness and playfulness.

Seeking to modify the human race is not new - the origins of the Olympic games was of such a cult requiring 'optimum' standards heralding certain attributes above human 'failings' and 'common' people ... it was an outward statement of the rejection of anything less.

The animal circus of the Roman killings signified this also. They were aware of the pretext and unlike their Egyptian brothers, our modern culture, the West, had grown from denounced the physical kingdom to an 'ideal'.

There is a strain of human influence that is now fighting for its place to exist - and it may try to dominate humanity, but in truth it is desperate to establish a host for its own sterile, colourless, sanitised life that remains.

And yes, it is a battle of wills also. Whilst you yourself may not be challenging another's place in existence, you effectively are, merely by living as you do.

Shaving heads and removing hair is emblematic of the spurious road.

Ironically the Mark of the Beast can be interpreted from the opposite direction (as often these things are) - that the sanitised souls, stripped of their imaginative/soulic powers and communion with the natural world, despise the animal part of the kingdoms, i.e. the beast within.

Mankind is a cohesive package with the light of Christ top down. Our whole life, whole body, whole makeover is one ecology and yet the Sodomites* would effectively attempt to replace the patterning and design of Christ to that of their own - all to maintain a place within the worlds to come.

As foolish a plan as it is, running counter-current to Humanity, without the fibres of understanding, without being complicit to life's own becoming, they have no chance here or in Hell of succeeding.

More to come ...

*Jesus joins other ancient authorities in viewing the sins of the Sodomites as the abuse of strangers, neglecting the poor and needy, and the stigmatizing of outsiders. For example, Ezekiel says that the people of Sodom and Gomorrah "had pride, surfeit of food, and prosperous ease, but did not aid the poor and the needy" (16:49-50); and the Wisdom of Solomon says that they "refused to receive strangers when they came to them" (19.14). On the other hand, an early Christian book I Clement states that Lot was saved "because of his hospitality and piety" (11.11). It is significant that when Leviticus condemns "men who lie with men," it does not mention the story of Sodom and Gomorrah.

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