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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Time & Place- 22nd April 1997

THE irrigation within the World's etheric complex occurs, in physical terms, through the production and combusting of carbon dioxide. The Phoenix of this World - the ever renewal and Spirit of Continuum - resurrects and retains all matter ... transposing it, transferring it, with an emanatory vitality, as etheric force is drawn into the physical form and carbon components become vaporously ensouled again.

It is via the carbon ash to which the mineral/crystalline manifests may enter; and it is further to this in anhydrous variety, that same carbon at the point of release and expiration will invoke the etheric vitalities and give harvest to yet further life. It is only fitting that this be so, for all things are imbued with an eternal continuum. Carbon and its emissaries retain, in worldly representation, such continuum in proper aspect - that which remains and goes on to create.

We have discussed oxygen and its relation to Time, and the perception of incremented time; saying that this sequential perspective is peculiar to the present world and not an example of the consciousness which spans the outreaches of further spheres. It is by the nature of oxygen that we are brought more deeply into the fixed conditions within the World; and conversely, it lies within the nature of the CO2 that we experience release and dispersal, and the opening vistas of spiritual content - the expanses beyond the time consciousness - with that which envelops the Globe and enhances all physical life - the Continuum life-force, in substance of the Sun.

Continuum embraces and contains time. 


This living principle respires throughout all phases of bodily creation. Entities everywhere pass in and out of their timely perceptions - from this world and all of its fixed conduits, out further into the defining spiritual; and, as souls incarnate we require both in order to maintain the flux and flow of manifestation.

By carbon dioxide production I come to relinquish my worldly self - and in that condition of referral I am enabled to draw in the etheric vitality. For it is only at the thresholds of life may we go to gather anew.

Salt is neither personalized nor ensouled (salt holds the lively forces, resisting compliance with other orbits of matter) - whereas the bodies of both water and carbon give over for beings to inhabit and do also have their own entity-born origin as well. The body of Water is primarily angelic and its nature complies with other natures that it accommodates.

The body of Carbon is that of the Sun, the solar aspect which has combined with the organic life and accredited its very prolongation. It too gives over to the natures of lesser beings which characterize its qualities; and these qualities in the case of CO2, depend largely upon the very way they are born into the world as well as from where they have come from in origin. Whether it be through burning, decomposing or through respiratory life, these three releases produce three distinct influences imparted into and out from the World. And so not all carbon dioxide is the same in its effects and in quality as regards to other living organisms and to Man himself. 

Firstly we can look to the luminescence within the body which is the host point for such etheric life. This etheric light is exchanging and renewing the exquisite circuitries of being. Our co-dependent systems are harmoniously regulated by its presence; it is the very priest at the door of all conjunctures to which we must pay our alms (the expired carbon atoms) - and by this 'continuum' elixir we are then furthered enough to live yet another day in time.

Now concerning the difference between the remunerative transaction of etheric life in respiration to that which occurs in decomposition and also burning, it can be said that although this is not readily distinguished, the properties are very different indeed. For in matter which is deceased and has lost the containment, the withstanding and the purpose of self, the vitality-life properties do not go on within that form to inspire renewal, but commit the natures inherent to those beings, back to their former conditions (wherever they are spiritually placed). And in the release as known by burning we find that the nature of that substance condensed astrally and ethericly alongside that carbon is also released into the World, and brings its influence upon it thereafter, quite markedly. Fuels which are burnt enter into the World their associate beings - and if these are from the dark unlit spaces of the Earth, those forces then entice and release lower beings of curious and often deleterious concern.

Returning to the respirative system one can begin to understand how it is that the physical matter goes through a sacrifice, a transformative release and renewal. The expiration of our selves and the renewal which does follow, is a living example of Christ's working throughout both spheres, bringing Life into this Physical World. 

Overall our conditions (personally and globally) need be reworked. Currently the physical bodies which men inhabit, cannot withstand the inflowing life from the etheric world to that degree which would support their existence for ever on (or for even hundreds of years) for the very force that this would require would violate their existing life - even the physical body inhabited by our Christ, born to its conditions and development so far, could not contain the vital life for an uncertain period without the whole complex breaking apart and dispersing about.

Infants are born with a greater etheric vitality (and ability to contain such) which shall decrease of its own as they come to assimilate the properties of the physical world, as they diminish their innocence; and eventually too as they are called back towards Heaven and begin to dissipate for want of the spiritual form once again.

This is not always to be however - as the condition of Man develops alongside his physical makeover, there shall come the time when his body may have renewed itself with such aptitude that it will not putrefy, or need, for that matter, to revivify to the extent that it does now. It is true to say that many conditions exteriorally will effect the efficacy of the etheric constitution. It is also the case to say that we are presently committed to an overall and larger system of conditions which will not apply in centuries to come. 

Added to this there is the necessity for each man to work over his own physical material (which during future lifetimes he will do) for these particles of nature have become peculiar to him and his responsibility, and though they may be shared or experienced by others, he will actually reincorporate time and time again that very matter which was formerly so used by him to comprise his body.

It is most natural for all entities to gravitate to that which calls to them with the greatest affinity. The particles which we draw together to enable us to bodify, are comprised of many entities - all whom do recognize us, in their way, and cleave to our being upon every incarnation. We have all been allocated our set share of materials so needed; and as either dark gods or benevolent deity we influence the conditions in and surrounding all of our associated and incorporated beings.

Cellular renewal insists upon those particles which were formerly released to eventually reincarnate back again within the system; however with each return and reticulation there has been an advance (proportionate to the Man) in the complex and quality which it is comprised of.

The physical substance of a Man is signatory to him; right down to the ash that remains. By cremation of the deceased physical form we have released the man into the spiritual worlds instantaneously; whereas with burial the aspects of each particle are so involved that the astrality of the man is waylaid until disbursement is complete. The shift into carbon dioxide under these circumstances brings freedom to the ensouled man who is otherwise bound to his remains. So we can see that not only does the etheric force bring life into the physical world, but new life into the spiritual world as well.

And this is the case in day to day transaction similarly, for herein is the dual purpose, the 'dual carriageway' if you like, for this arterial existence. In the occlusion of emmisionary particles and reactive etheric combustion therein, are combined both the physical and spiritual renewal. Even the planet itself does breathe; and the etheric tide flows in and around the CO2 rises and falls - yet overall, the actual nature of that CO2 must be discerned, and its workings thus interpreted.

In an atmosphere with less CO2 there becomes a more stable and fixed environment, one with fewer influences impinging and permeating the World at large; also can follow however, a greater materialism and obstinacy. On the other hand, our planet becomes overrun by the 'old world' and its wraiths when we release mineral carbons of difficult periods of world history.

If the CO2 is lessened because there are fewer plant emissions, then we are depleted of our links to our own etheric heritage. The breathing of all is a combined intertwining of place and time. You may think of the etheric splendor as that paradise which supports our global garden here. The beings of the trees, the ancient ferns, the bright-faced flowers, the kernel and seed, fruit and flora; these happy and quite content fellows connect us, as men, back to that place which supports all subsequent time.

Our home of the immutable light exists with a thrill and a pleasure to live - chief residence for our beloved Christ. It is the Sun's realm right here within an earthly sphere; not committed to reaches exact from our Globe, but truly with us, and from which all things co-operate. It is the 'ever-new', and not ever a continuum of ghostly remains; enabling the future because it assists in the very dissemination of the past and its subsequent reformation. It holds power and presence beyond time, as it began this Globe and shall outlive this Globe, supporting its sproutings between.

Yet even that 'place', the Etheric World, can be a little unruly in its expression amongst itself - beings, like weeds, can try to mischievously dominate and wildly overgrow. His territory still needs some tending and further planning, for the Future runs untamed at times - carefree and uncomplaining He joins in the chase, with happy expectation for what might lay ahead...

Moss dross and ivy banter,
Leaves a'murmur, grassy canter,
Rose pose and onion humor,
Be my lover under cover,
Said the clover to the dew.

See Rudolf Steiner, Occult Signs & Symbols:

The two pillars [illustration above] represent the Tree of Life (oxygen- Hauschka calls biogen) and the Tree of Knowledge (carbon).

"In the fourth seal we see the Pillars, one of them planted on the sea, the other on dry land. These Pillars indicate the secret of the part played in human evolution by the red blood, rich in oxygen, and the blue of bluish red, rich in carbonic acid. The evolution of the I of man during the Earth epoch finds physical expression in the interaction between the red blood, without which there could be no Life, and the blue, without which there could be no Knowledge. Blue blood is the physical expression of those forces which give us Knowledge- forces which, however, taken by themselves and in their human form, are very nearly akin to Death. Red blood is the physical expression of Life- which however in its human form and by itself, could never give us conscious Knowledge. Together and in their mutual interaction they represent the Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Life or the two pillars on the foundation of which the life and cognition of the I can grow and develop to that degree of maturity where at long last man will be fully united with the universal forces of the Earth.

"The Initiate foresees a future condition of mankind in which the Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Life .... will be intertwined and united within man himself. At the present stage the aspirant to spiritual development should inscribe the message of the two pillars in his heart. Separated though they still are, they summon us to transcend the present state of mankind and to direct our footsteps to the place where through our widened consciousness the two will be interwoven - a secret that is indicated in the J-B. The verses inscribed on either pillar will bring home to us their meaning. Those on the first pillar relate to Knowledge, those on the second to Life itself. Thus at the former stage the formative, creative powers are revealed to man; at the latter he himself reveals them, magically. Progression from the mere faculty of cognition to that of magical activity in life is the significance of the transition from the power latent in the first inscription to that which is latent in the second."

Friday, October 8, 2010

Father God – Retrieved- 18th June 1997

What part of the echo does not return?
Not all of the projection so thrown, comes back...
Not all is obedient to its first issue.

For the echo can surely never encompass the full sum in total;
It shall never resound a complete and uttered capacity of that voice,
Which was lent to it from the first.

And from that which idled behind and stayed,
Became the Earth Element,
Thus now remarkable unto itself.

WHEN the Trinity resume into each other, and all 'extras' belonging to the lesser cosmology have resigned - held in seclusion, in the most infinite pause - all particles and coherents, all spirits and spirits of souls, every time, moment gone and hope still hanging around, every work of love and pregnant design, all of the planetary choreography, ferocity and future substance - all is given to that quiescence; retrieved and brought back to Father God.

There is a phrase in commerce to say that a man has 'extended himself too far' - to indicate perhaps that he has 'gone beyond his means' or dangerously ventured into the waters 'above his head'. All of these phrases share the meaning implied here, when we go on to say that Father God had stepped a fraction into the 'unknown' when it came to the beingness created in the Earth Element.

That is, as a portion of the 'echo', as it was carried upon the ethers, propelled with the fiery intensity of an ultimate passion, committed into being by such a determined course, as free and as fast as a mountainside rush of a river's run, uncontrollably impelled with its new life in momentum, part of Himself materialized unexplainably, with great contrast and variation!

As men we impart a keep of very many impressions of ourselves given back into this world. Invisibly and imperceptibly (that is to ourselves moreover, but not completely imperceptible of course), ethericly we cast off pictures and novelties which live in our imaginings, yearnings, ponderings, musings, wonderings and so forth. We forecast memories, we inspire beings, we stimulate activity in many other forms of life and affect every kingdom to which we are adhered. We radiate our emotions and broadcast our thoughts (audibly or not); we implant our will alongside all things we determine, and even to the point of affecting (or contaminating) physical substance by the emanatory forces of our being. 

So much we are consciously irreconciled to, so much we impart that does not return as even a ripple upon the surface of our mind. For those who are developed clairvoyantly, whose lives are intermediary, there are still more harvests sown and gathered up 'sight unseen' rather than promptly interpreted. Such in like manner, can it be said for Father God (in only the highest speculation mind you), in respect to His Existence as is furthered throughout the extended realm of the Earth Element today.

It was partly due to this end that the Luciferian supporters maintained that the Earth was born out from a laggard evil; and enough too to calm the purists in their discontent against the notion of evolution and development - given the double distinction against perfection that the two seem to imply.

We are taught to believe that Lucifer, whilst brother to Christ, is also part of our Christ. Christ the Whole is a fractional being also. He is not however a composite and all that implies. (To say He was a composite would mean that it was they that made Him, rather than they are of Him.)

Lucifer is that part of the echo which did not return. Christ has set about to recover him and bring him back faithfully to Father God. These are the best pictures we could choose in explanation. The whole echo is also our Christ.

This is a mystery.

The Earth Element was described as being dubious - it seems to defy the neat proportions of the exact and precious givens. In truth it defies nothing, and yet from its offspring in the etheric attachments and the unruly kingdoms of Man, plant and beast, we can understand how disconsolate the tardy angelic host may be when confronted by the living concepts of 'future' and 'possibility', 'creativity', 'development' and all of their in-betweens.

In speaking in terms of evolution and development, there has never been a comfortable explanation from the first, for imperfection and regression, let alone the need for evolving and developing, in regards to our having come from Father God originally, who is absolute perfection. It is easy to interpret the view of the unholy world, knowing that there is much yet to be redeemed and retrieved which requires its resonance defined, its shadow illuminated and its mass instilled with Grace.

As men we can bring in the holy powers through to our Earth Element nature, as manifested. As men, through Christ, we nurture both the spiritual and the physical realms, when we transmute the 'Earth Sphere' with His goodness.

The physical matter which comprises the world is an immature compound (although quite sophisticated in its own reasonings). However, one only has to observe in the lesser example, an individual who is dull and unobliged by the spiritual worlds, to see that it is possible for materialism to coexist regardless of a conscious cooperation with Father God, and that furthermore this detachment is obviously dangerous to the man, and dangerous on the whole.

Here one cannot look to the ego activity of the man, for quite often there is an underdeveloped sense of self which accompanies the insensibilities so noted ... although this can be yet another concern, we are confessing the Earth Element here to the aspect it carries of containment unto itself, for with this containment can also come exclusion and separateness.

Once again we are reminded of the influences of the Luciferic force, which encourages men to be content and contained within their own field of activity. Sensing disappointment elsewhere, they are taken with the false loves that persuade them of themselves, rather than entertain many certainties and joys without.

We may be cautioned as to this aspect in its untoward conclusions. Yet, and having said all of this, there becomes the most marvelous combining when the element of the earth relates succinct to those properties of the fires, the water and the ethers beyond itself. For in every instance thereafter it has been reclaimed and reborn and returns to its source - love is known when love returns: unsecured but freely admitting that succor and grace for which it yearns and will be given. 

(Thus quoth the Master.)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Father God the Constant- Good Friday 28th March 1997

Are the colors to be bleached from their beauty?
That only sadness be distilled from the memory?
We pray, Oh Christ, that you return again,
To accelerate this World yet further.

ON the day of the bleeding lamb, of the Crucifixion, it was the gentle creatures, those of uninjurious character, who were most afflicted; abandoned from their joys and severed from their host, knowing the very pain that the World now split beneath with.

In vile passion, the greediness of a brother's jealous claim betook all things of Creation and attempted to never them out to our Lord. In grim sequence, the demon armies shouldered the mournful darkness, whilst pervading the discontent peoples, as the reality of the past progress summoned itself once again, in a readiness for ever a repetition.

The light had gone out from their eyes, as they say, and from the World, and its eyes so too had withdrawn. The Sun, which was now but a sham, bled a pale and meager counterpart, whilst this brother maintained his inheritance, contaminating the peoples with the sin of their refusal of Christ - the very One who had entrusted His own fortitude, and invested His own wealth with them.

All over new life began to perish, as the etheric kingdom was thus dismayed; its pulse interrupted, its very life brought down. Sorrow rent the abiding angels, who with like sympathies compelling them, each now were impaled upon a cross. From here to Heaven the seizuring sky was length to length with the crucified Angelus.

Blood wept out from everything. His own made saturate the grieving, lamenting earth beneath, and it ached with the pressure of the many demons now released as the gate-neck to Hell had relaxed and had opened.

With a new pretence roles shifted with predatorial claim, as though it were that indeed all of the dark thoughts Humanity had ever borne, now began to congeal and compound and took form of their own. Configurations of mutation slid over into evil design, insisting and insinuating itself threateningly amongst the good and the holy…..but then our Father God was present and prevailed.

No good thing was reformed into wanting, no concealed spirit was left naked and frighteningly vulnerable. The properties of this evil could enhance itself but it could not go on to glamorize true substance - those good things that bore our dear Christ's Love.

Father God had presided and prevailed, for He is Continuum. He mended the seeping hollows. He closed the demon-bleeding portals. He encloaked the naive men's souls. He made space for the Hope of this realm to return. For no good thing had really changed. Even in this, the saddest clamor for untold sin and retrogression, even amongst the hatreds of contending races and their racial beings, even when the subtle worlds cried terrified, steadfast our Father God held all and thus prevailed... and when the terror and shock had reduced down into a madness, Father God quietened the insanity by His Presence in the World alone.

Were it not for our Father God our beloved Christ would have been exiled out from His World. Should the demonic forces have won their positions, then the 'keys to the kingdoms' would have then transferred and all subsequent spirituality would have been anti-Christos. Fervently passive, in that such change would not be tolerated, Father God makes no real space for uncharitable bullies and He becomes as ever, unmovable. So beneath the tempestuous sea of revolt, stern-silent remained our dear Lord Father God the Constant. Amidst the impurities and the overflow thrown up with the deluge of an inconsolable storm, He was in amongst all of this in His absoluteness - holding firm.

Men are understandably dismayed with chaos, whilst demons find it opportune. To a demon the effects of upheaval work quite the reverse as they do in Man, for it is in the silence in sanctity that they perceive as disruptive and challenging within. However, in the ferment of chaos they are much excited and enthralled. In the 'undoing' and the wailing they detachedly take pleasure, whereas in holy solitude (or the vicinity of) they panic.

Our Father God is not waylaid by chaos, as He surely invented it. Yet He is not impartial to suffering, as they that are of demonic senility are wont to be. And so He would cease the storm and hush the howls of the reckless spirit's gale. He would roll back the boulder from the doorway. He would call His Son out from the depths which lay beneath the cold earth floor, and then make Him a passage upwards and into renewal.

The event of the destructive powers at the time of the Crucifixion were not to be paralleled with just another Winter preceding germination taking bud in the Spring. It was the Armageddon - the same that all forecasters perceive in their fears today, predicted by a past recall. The sacrifice of Christ drew fear into the deepest levels in that spiritual contest which was then battled and won in this resurrective power ordained by our Father.

If Father God had been displeased and had sought His annihilation out from this, His Creation, then so it would have been and went. Yet in truth, His Power did increase. So one can see that there was no greater thing to be afeared than that which has just passed.

However and also, our Beloved Christ has given each solitary being his own choosing, but not of a preference. So far we may ask, does Man delight in this world or does but glibly celebrate? Is it just a dainty try? If not for our small children who do love wholeheartedly with fields undefined, it would be a world soon lost to desolation of soul entrapped in the mundane. For no longer is it a contest of fury and of might in the devilry of open rivalry on behalf of all. It now becomes singly, where men are at risk, that their hearts and minds might freeze over into a passionless antipathy to Life itself.

Lucifer contended that Paradise be kept for all time. He had refused the new futures to come, believing that the beauty of the past offered all of Man's requirements for his subsequent being. However, nothing may keep outwardly without decaying in such preserve. The souls themselves of Man would stultify if withheld in a perpetual paradise that held no inner reality or hard-won substance to it.

This has already been proven in those who have lost their empathetic reasonings, and with that also their tolerance to life in part (its virtues, qualities, impressionings and in understanding other people). It becomes less adequate because their empathy has been traded out for a non-empathetic pleasure, that they are so enthralled with themselves or with lesser gods, that they lose community amongst men and their divine communing - between wherewith, we may come to Christ.

The healing of one man from another only truly comes lastingly (working through all of the physical, astral, higher astral conjunctures) with empathy. If the signature-key of that particular prescriptive and definitive empathy is not there to be known and understood by the man who would heal, then there is no real address, no specification made relevant.

Likewise the uncompassionate priest is equally as ineffective as the unempathetic physician. In all healings to be had in Man we seek Christ's import, Father God's supplication and the Divine Life, all through Man.

Man heals Man. Men cannot leave others behind without also forsaking their own souls and self by doing so. The evolution of one rests on the evolution of all, and vice-versa. Lucifer's "every man for himself" policy only fragments men further, injuring their development with a greater separateness and life less known in consequence.

May we commit to Christ, and by His Grace and the favor of Father God's permission also, to bring that of our service, for the good of the whole of our beloved Humanity, and retrieve them as surely as our Christ has risen now before us!
(And have a joyous Easter time, dear friends.)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Breath, Breathing & the Arterial Self- 26th March 1997

THE properties of the breath and of breathing hold mysteries beyond any chemical transaction or ingestion of time. When we exhale, our breath has become personalized; and to put it most simply, one can imagine that there are as many influences of beings in the breath we inhale in the world, as there are beings, whilst we, with our uptake, work to assimilate, transform or repel each and every one of them. 

Like an infant, the breath of an advanced man will be sweet and the breath which he exudes will cleanse the world! Likewise beware the breath of the animal, the conjurer and the hypnotist, for all of these impart persuasions also. The personalized breath that lovers may share in a kiss is the most signatory influence that can physically and subtly be imparted. It is also symbolic of both their tolerance and resonance peculiar to their coupling.

Breath, as similar to fluid in soul force, has yet also combined with our ego-nature, as with our consciousness now anchored within this world. For us it means that we incarnate and excarnate repeatedly, driving down into our systems and circulating with each force of pulse. There is a personal determination which we impart upon our breathing outwardly.

If we take in ten parts Ahriman in contrast to the usual two, then we must and do meet it with ten parts humanity, as it is worked over and made thus transformed. If the man of today is met with a variant of influences in greater part, then it is answered and equaled firstly by Christ, and then working its way through the man; and is not in itself a dissuader from the process of reticulated breathing.

The system that seeks personification maintains its incarnation with this repetitive reaffirmation of self and arterial selfhood. It is considerate therefore, to examine the intake of breath in regard to this, understanding that it is no small matter for a man to overwork the influences and re-establish his incarnating breath to breath. In learning to lessen the intake, [as with Buteyko] when issue and subsequent intake become labored, implies that the driving compulsion is also lessened, although not weakened, for it is then a question of force and of impact as well as of volume.

It is a little like lessening the impact of a skydiving fall, only far more effective. For as the being courses the circulatory route within his systems, he can glide his way into existence or he can collide through each portal of conjunction, and his health most certainly wears these effects depending. Chemical inhalants which cause 'crash and burn' and the blood pressure to accelerate, inhibit the proper transformative processes - meaning that the qualities, say for example of your Ahrimanic influence, will be released without having been given the personalized overhaul.

What this will mean is that we have encountered a quality and allowed it to pass through us without realizing it to be objectionable in its present form. If we do not soundly establish this then we in a future time will go on to incorporate certain qualities, rather than know to annihilate or transform them in our thinking and so forth.

It has been established that the process of our beings making physical discernments in relation to substance and its related spheres of influence, differs depending upon the form of ingestion so taken. That which is accepted into the bloodstream and not given orally through to the gut, has more opportunistic presence within a man to be accepted in substance for what it would be. There is little or no fiery interaction as there is with the digestive assimilation.

Equally so, when we come to consider an assimilation into the lungs we come to the most sensitive organ for spiritual transforming. Our hearts introduce our soul life into this existence, whilst our lungs introduce our egos. So from this one can see that the contaminants which might be introduced into the lungs may directly be brought into question as to the entire influence upon our arterial selves and its discrimination and determinings.

The weakness manifest in those who are susceptible to airbound allergens for example, displays the physical concerns for what may also befall in spiritual influence. Once again, the body is unfit to recognize that which it would ordinarily reject and rework, and has lost its ability to cast off or dispel adequately those contaminating forces. In the case of an allergic response the system has then exaggerated the process without effectively dealing with the substance or its remnants. Now if this is to happen in the wider sense of influential contaminants, we can see the risk of men ingesting a propensity to a whole way of thinking or of being and so forth.

The very problems of asthma go so much further than the life and death upset that it initially causes. The entire incarnating process is interrupted and the egoic assimilative discernments can be compromised with both symptoms and treatments thereafter. Whilst a treatment of any kind has to be preferable to death itself, it is the foremost arterial example of weakness and ill-health which can be triumphantly overcome with magnificent result. Think also, that because the lungs imbue the world and the self with selfhood, how very relevant it is to take a conscious direction in the management of such! The very cure does lie within! The answer being yet the great part to this riddle!

Here also is yet another clue as to the power and potency some drugs of addiction which are inhaled, and shall hold force over the ego with propriety, that as ingested through the stomach would only hold to be a poison (and yet the system would still battle and reject the force one is host to). If brought into the blood, the same would contaminate the soul forces with direct influence, but when introduced through the egoic path of the lungs we have a direct influence upon the ego of the man itself - weakened and susceptible and all remitting.

Essentially all influences which abound about us can be tolerably beneficial to us, or happily far more than that - they may enhance us and the world most wonderfully. The question therefore, both with people and with substance, brings us to wonder as to whether or not in our deciding, something is poison or some thing is good. If we forfeit our deciding it becomes worse than a poison - the reflux is but a counter effect, which means that the recourse will be almost unanswerable. 

Arterialness requires a constant deciding, an active participation, an involvement and a responsibility that says to the world, that you are adamant about your existence and will work to maintain it as best you can. This is a necessary respect we give to Father God, who we do put before all personages and privileges of both the Spirit and of the World. If we hold Him to be important firstly to ourselves, and give time to Him then all else will become clear as to our deciding. Deciding itself has consequence, and to this end it shall more or less look after itself. We are all tutored profitably, providing we can remain conscious and intact with a constant referral to Father God. 


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Arterial Self, Problem n

Problem n: Marriage, Companionship & Arterial Reflux
"See thou all of the souls that thou has loved, who also do love thee most dearly" solemn spake the voice; as with hearing this, the man turned and raised his eyes upward seeking to penetrate the ethers high above and beyond him.

One by one the starry lights revealed themselves until the dark globe surrounding was emaciated with countless luminaries.

"See thou these souls?" repeated the same voice with knowing inquiry.

"I see" he replied, deep in gratitude ... and then he asked further, "But where amongst all of these may I find her?"

"She is not of these stars, dear son, not a one - she is of thee, same star, same one."

"Tell me then, where may I find this, mine own constant luminary?"

The nature of true love is fecund. It becomes prominent and apparent to those who are inspired to the better, so improved and prosperous in soul, in hope, that there works the active blessings in all that it brings to those who do know it.

Man knows the reality of such romance and the longing of the soul for romantic intercession by the very coupling of all realities as apparent and perceived. As sky suckles earth, as earth imbibes sky, as Creator to all Creation, and Creation so loved, woman is made apparent by man, and he in her, unto perfection.

The primordial coupling of souls in first union came to verify all searching thereafter, and yet, with a still immature resonance between the separated two, there is by this broken accord a remonstrative break in all relationships to follow as well. Arterially the twin souls are not encumbered by each other, and if ever there was a time for reckoning apart, venturing into each individual's own pathway to Father God, then perhaps it is more so in this period of being that this shall become. 

This separation will not always be so however. The connection which is shared between one and another has remained and is eventually brought to subtle undertides of being. By this we mean plainly that each individual has their soul partner, most of whom are not known or recognized to them in any given incarnation, but because of this relationship they are forever seeking that same commune amongst others.

It is by the reality of their twin soul that they can know to find a love outside of their Father God's directly. If it were not for their twin aspects they would not be so motivated in venturing into the fields of other's designs. Essentially it will be fraught with a certain disappointment, with the contention that all individuals are not the comfortable twin, nor could become them, and so the man will come to love and to know many, many souls over the tracing of eons, and although not one shall necessarily be the other that he is by instinct still seeking, they will all ineffably contrast his own being and promote much joy, both to each other and to the embracing Cosmos.

Inevitably, as all good romances go, man will unite with his beloved in soul. Having said this, there have always been guarded remarks afforded to this subject, in the event that it will then go on to be presumed that for all men this is possible in the very near future to come, and this is not the case as is now known. For each pair of twin-soul individuals there is a possibility of time together, of even a lifetime together (and yet the instances of this are very few). However in regards to this station of evolution collectively, there is no indication that the active bondings would extend further than that. There could be an auto-psychic connection between the two self-conscious individuals, and an awareness of one unto another that could tutor each in the corresponding qualities and experiences, but there would not be the instance of the two literally becoming one for all time. They are as one already by point of origin, but they are not in anyway meant to congeal the consciousness or mix egos with a deathly surrender.

So this is the issue itself of love and fecundity; that interactions between couples (the term 'couples' here is referring to any two individuals, not speaking only of certain status or activity) is to be fertile with new possibility, entertaining life and new life without the consuming portent of one gloomily overshadowing the other.

All men and women have betrothed themselves to many different souls over lifetimes, and with each solemn exchange there has been before their soul's eye, the spiritual/causal reality made representational in ceremony or by act. The spiritual diviner here is that of the signatory status of two combined, and as the opening paragraphs did indicate, we hold that glorious signatory knowledge of so many, that by now, for each one of us, there is indeed a sky full of beings whom we have loved.

This is not so difficult to realize would that a man's memory could extend back as far as his beginnings and times between; and each carry the living memory of what has passed between them, that we may find that there is no given sequence of time, but rather of dear folk, all who continue to hold record, key and significance to those periods which we knew them.

Not one man may separate the signatory status of another, either from himself or disrupting another two. "What God has joined together" becomes fact with the truth of this sanctity given to each soul; we are protected and given this mutuality which is to last for all time. In other words, every relationship between two individuals is so holy in its combining that our Father God has given it a permanence that will lastingly remain.

On the other hand this is not the case when it comes to other beings necessarily. Men do not keep keys with elemental beings, devils or souls of animals with which they hold affinity or affiliation. This is purely amongst the first tier of the family of souls amongst men that this be so, and we can take a short time to ponder the very wonder of this, and the security of all infinity thereafter.

Animals have not the means to acknowledge the return of a familiar soul, although with the more progressive there can be a compensating memory-recollection given to its subtle bodies for a short while.

Elemental beings would make a deadly attachment to a man if they were afforded connections which endured beyond the spheres of this planet and past death.

Associations between men, no matter how brief the span or seemingly inconsequential, are determining their mix within their own being as well. By this all men do give immediately to each other - they enhance and imbibe each other - although the individual ego of a man does not always accept this outright (nor must he feel impelled to do so - however, he cannot try for disassociation either). 

Arterially our freedom here brings Man the concentration of his deliberating consciousness that he may dissuade himself from the very influences he carries. How miraculous it is, that amongst all of the countless keys appendaged to him, he may come anew to further relationships and to his own identity afresh each morning upon waking.

In sleep we take everything to our Father, and if it be our purpose to leave it there, we may do so. All of the freedoms that are given to Man afford him the greater abilities for further love made all the more important. In that a man has such a selective memory which pertains only to the incoming present, provides new possibilities enabling further relationships. If discourse and interaction ceases to be fruitful between individuals, the individuals themselves will seek out other company. This freedom to do so is maintained for the sake of true communing and its relevance, rather than perpetuating signature only (which of itself does not need to be actively worked for to be upheld).

The question as to whether or not one individual can cause harm to another simply by means of proximity, unfortunately is to be answered "yes". The grace of our being unaffected by each key that we hold of our combining with others, is not present in our dealings - equally so we are not protected from physical poisons or physical trauma. The proximity of an individual will determine subtle influences depending upon both their character and intent, and it will be children who are most affected morally, within their physical and astral bodies, becoming apparent as they age.

Whilst most men have the freedom to decide whether or not they keep company with particular individuals, there are some who for one reason or another suffer difficult circumstances. This may be a pupil who is overshadowed by the meanness of his teacher; it could be a parent who has love for a child, who when grown has turned into their chief tormentor; in a lusterless marriage, or with a combining of committee duty whereupon one individual unfairly requires the rest to submit; these instances and more can indicate a suppression which comes in reflux, in refluence to the individuals involved.

Not only do the immediate natures of each infect the other, there are secondary influences which compound and work in upon any coupling. If all is going well and the combining is fruitful, if arterially there is unquestioned delight in each other's presence - an open acceptance, a compatibility and so forth - then the opposing differences will be met with the buffers of gentle humor consequential to love. However, discord with parity need not be voiced to be felt, and the subsequent responses, which work inwardly, will manifest through weakness later on, if it so exists.

Discord itself can live amongst the most seemingly peaceable of people, for it does not require outward remonstration to be apparent. Now there are two schools of thought here: one which would recommend that we flee from all disquiet, whilst the other maintains that our great gift of learning of one another comes out of such discord etc. etc.

Firstly we can say that just as there are many silent divorces (a marriage which is no longer a marriage, when the true divorce occurs long before the public act) there are equally conditions of all relationships which are under par, and yet this is obvious only in the spiritual context. This does not undervalue any love and companionship two may have shared previously, but it is to describe a condition which belatedly befalls whereby our immunity is low and our Arterial Self begins to re-examine its perimeters as well as those of others.

So we find that the discord itself between two people, whether it be spoken or unspoken of, rests like a heavying cloud above their heads, with all the tension of the ensuing thunderclap so felt! This does not have to be related to specific differences or disagreements, it is just brought about simply because of the tensions and disruptions that all individuals have, which in companionship can become accentuated with the reflux from one onto another and then exaggerated.

Certain discord is inevitable, given that we are not with the twin soul-mate first looked for, and also that we to them, are not theirs. Secondly, this is not current for the world, that the souls abroad have happened upon their own, and so unrest abounds and this becomes of a general discord felt as well. Added to this we find that the inclinations which exist in the astral makeover of those to whom we are in proximity with, may well affect us directly in disrupting the equanimity which is known when we are alone. We can bear out our own points of disharmony as they arise, far easier than we can intermittently withstand the effluence of another. Discord, depending here upon the differences, will contribute a'further.

Inward upset and disquiet does not, of itself, prove worthy; it does not enhance relationships, nor does it necessarily make a poorly one better. Learning to deflect some of its results is purely a strength in turning a bad situation into a marginally better one, but it does not provide any lasting value if it cannot cease the discord altogether.

This may indeed sound harsh to say, and yet we are to be reminded that either discord is there or it is not there. Whether or not it seems to be there, or appears to be manageable, is not in question or refuted.

When individuals combine cordially there becomes all the glamor of good womanhood and manhood at its best. When this ceases to be (or perhaps has never has been so) in subsequent combining there becomes the diffraction of self and the contention of self, all being argued perpetually around in the ethers of their proximities; then it happens that the two in their discord will cause such reflux upon the other, that their sense of internal peace, of arterially frequenting to Father God, is interrupted in each others' presence.

This is the very test and measure of that discord being present, and it is interesting to note that communities and families that pray together do invite the arterial congeniality which will enable their discord to be quietened at best. However, in the case of two individuals in sufferance it will not be enough (although significantly helpful) to ensure that the two are in harmonious rapport. Upon this subject, one must also ask, if it was such that it became obligatory, then surely it would be an evil also? There is freedom for each to be their own and freedom also to depart company.

Our Father God always returns us to ourselves that we may know Him. We have difficulty knowing Him if we have departed our arterial soul consciousness and tried in an effort of even congeniality to trade it. This has been witnessed amongst many who have sought the community of a church and then lost their faith. These men have felt inwardly that they have lost their presence of Father God but did not understand that this was because they put the community of men before Him. Even in church this will not make for good faith. Even though it may be for the noblest of intentions towards our brothers and by thereby endeavoring to 'manage' discord, it will nonetheless be a distraction from Father God if indeed we continue to suffer it.

Anger, by the way, expressed or unexpressed, only contributes to discord - it could not of itself, even when dispelled, become profitable.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Arterial Self, Problem m

Problem m: Thrilling & the Three Episodes
The early hours of the morning are pregnant, expectant with the happenings of the day to come. Caught in that pause before sunrise, that waiting watchfulness, alive in a darkness complete, the anticipation of the future's presence stirs through the being of all that sleeps ...

With this approaching, there has galloped in the tides of new life that lap impatiently at the edge of this new day. As the forces of the preceding empty out, those of the new thrill to the wakefulness immanent within the World.
Ever so, the lesser example sets the patterns found elsewhere throughout all realms, as is here in our story of impending evolution. Such anticipation as is known within those early hours when life crams its way in, when the ethers are charged with the effluence of a new existence, this same lively expectation gathers also at such evolutionary interludes as we are now experiencing, when Man and all the Kingdoms which he conducts, has arrived at the pre-dawn of his arterial knowing.

Nightly we are summoned to our Father God, as also in yet a slighter fashion we return to Him with every closing of an eyelid - when a man blinks in just the natural course of his wakeful day, he is in this part referring back continuously. Just as with the action of sleep, there is upon us an 'unknowing' in which the involuntary actions of withdrawal (momentary or prolonged) are unrecalled by the consciousness, though vital to its very life and continuance.

Whenever there is an inactive representation in manifestation, there has been a resumption with God. He keeps and protects all those which have vacated their natural place. If they have made an exit or not yet fulfilled their perimeters of existence, He houses those parts of their beings until such time as it is so.

When we began this arterial examining we chose issue with futures that befell prematurely. By contrast today we can go on to study the excellent importance of a future which is perfectly placed in relative time and exacting to the needs of the beings enclosed, when the spiritual worlds swell with their intuitive foreknowledge and forewonder at those very things awaiting.

The principle of all returns withdrawing to Father God explains something also of the 'empty' existence. Often it is asked, "How can things appear so, yet not be so?" This does of course, occur on many levels whereby what one may imagine from past knowledge to be there quite simply isn't, and yet could be if conditions were forthcoming.

Think for a moment of an idiot-born child, this child is represented as almost he would and could be, but does not go on in this life to fully represent himself in his arterial consciousness. But where is his latent being and this self-ego consciousness? It is quite literally kept with God.

This is not speaking in figurative terms, but is plainly meant - and to great purpose - for as long as Father God Himself safekeeps something, someone, some element of being which is held back from manifesting, for whatever reason, then when it does come into its perfect timing it has been protected in such a way that there is still remaining the freedom of that signature expression and of being to become so. Verily there would be no safe place to shelter from all other influence if it were not for Father God.

This occurs upon all planes of being, for men also, because they simply cannot be simultaneously active in their conscious expression in every way that is possible for them. Wherever it is that they reside in self-consciousness there are portions of that soul-mind or ego-mind which are illuminated, active and receptively knowing; whilst also there are many other faculty impressions and reasonings which are at any given time not functioning. And, we may say once again, that if something is 'not there' yet with the possibility and promise of being so, then it is safe-guarded with our Father God - from Whom all things began, and to Whom all shall return. So when the future enters in it does so fresh from our Father God, and the anticipations summoned in the surrounding souls is one of thrilling to His emissaries becoming apparent.

For this reason it is most natural for men to cleave to habitual behavior. The higher set sequence of withdrawal, anticipation and their return, can be satisfactorily mimicked or played out in all kinds of habitual routine which becomes pleasing to a man, moreso for the habit than for the substance itself. Children delight in this set sequence, and for adults the issue here is to be comfortable arterially with all of its phases, and come to welcome and honor all three.

This stop/pause/start, exhale/rest/inhale, die/withdraw/revive principle of episode, provides us with an ongoing continuity. If we are fearful during the period of pausing, resting or withdrawing, that we are subject to an uncontained void, then it is natural to inhibit the process of due future, by hesitating at its preliminaries - as similarly, the man who denies himself the proper time required for a restful sleep. We may disrupt our spiritual anticipatings with a consciousness that refuses to let go, and cease and die unto itself; one that is gripped by an anxiety, a 'Fatherlessness' anxiety, which can't recall God because it cannot entertain the consciousness of non-existence. (But this is not for all time and all men to come. Future-man can actually embrace Father God in his full wakeful mind and know Him consciously).

On the other hand any one of those three elements may be disproportionately indulged in by a man also. This then sets up a spiritual illness of a kind: the exaggeration of promoting life through death is one which we have discussed previously; as is too the man who is forever seeking the thrill of the forthcoming, to-ing and fro-ing in and out of excitement to excitement, without giving commensurate maintenance to preparation and cessation of those things entered into aforehand. Then there are those sleepy individuals who take rest within themselves and are rarely provoked into a fuller manifestation.

All three modes can become so fixed that the overall man is sickened by that fixation and this can be witnessed in the subsequent personality (which can and does, continue on with or without arterial/set conscious deliberating).

The illness of becoming too fixed into death is not pessimism as one might first presume, it is moreover a misplaced, poorly gauged optimism. It is an offbeat optimism which is divorced from the underpinning realities - insensitive to the psychology of true futures ordained - one which can no longer interpret the intimations of their accompanying Angels or intuitive resources enough to understand the right timing.

This is a misguided optimism because it suggests incorrectly that "everything will be all right in the end no matter what the case". It relies on the Father God to whom we can withdraw to, but does not take the responsibility for consciousness at all in this. It is a nonsense to say that "everything will work out just fine" if the timing was out and the purpose was gone. Too much sun, too little water or too much compost makes too little plant. Overall every component of life has its exact requirements to survive and it is deathly to not respect this.

New Ageism has promoted a laziness of this kind, whereby the truth is out of context and exaggerated to the point of an unhealthy soul-view. It is surely not enough to merely trust in death and in sleep, without also having a commitment to wakefulness and to life itself. This commitment must necessarily follow through to the immediate stations, those placings where we reside. Over many incarnations a man will find himself in countries and occupations and in social placings that are defined by his effort; all different, but nonetheless reliant upon his exertion of self.

The physical problems which result from too much death are the extraction from life, the excarnating whereby in subsequent lives the man may be born with redundant limbs or senses, requiring that his effort be all the more driven, and the will once again motivated into life itself. The inanimation of a man does give time to Father God, being a 'saving' grace indeed.

Conversely, what of the powers expended in revival and life when indulged in to excess? This, as wasted fruit does sour into pessimism. The man or woman who overly takes revival out of time and out of proper context, looks for life also where it has not yet chanced. However, as things are wont to do in working backwards within the soul-nature of an individual, the pessimism knows that cessation and death are required, but once again does not known when. It is true to say that when a man is brought to excessive wealth for example, he is known to suffer within himself an emptiness, an unfulfilment and a dread of loss, a pessimism if you will, and so forth. This is the consequence of seeking out too much early life when dusk has come.

Too much wakeful consciousness when it is proper time for the mind to rest becomes painful in the extreme. Too much light to eyes that do not close; too much false hope inevitably promotes inherent gloom.

The illness which comes from this self-seeking, self-gratifying and selfish temperament is tragically tumourous. The overgrowth is largely related to a man whose own natural forces become saturated in this pessimism, this doubt, fear and grave distrust. 

The back-tide to overly indulging in anticipation is realism. This pre-dawn existence is most likely the preferable on which to be fixed. However, even with its connecting bridge from Heaven to Earth, when stayed in, out of the context of the three, it too promotes an illness in a man, and this is one of addiction: obsessive, addictive dependence.

Realism says "I know what is to come"; and often an individual in small ways can set about to preordain an experience for himself that he may know this and prove himself right. It does lead however to a false sense of a) self importance and b) foreknowledge as it stands. Self-fulfilled prophesies hold no lasting value and addictions of any kind feed upon themselves eventually taking more life than they offer.

Having travailed the exaggerated aspects given to isolation, we can now look and find what it means to a man to hold all three equally in his Arterial Soul-consciousness. For one thing it means to say that our 'multi-level freeway intersection' has its red, amber and green traffic lamps! For another it tells us of the very pattern of early being, that we may come to change, rested, prepared and awake.

Dialogue requires these three elements to be lively and fruitful overall. So too do all components to living, from our arterial relationships to our digesting of food. There are periods of that which must come to a close, with then the quiet that follows, preparing for new issue descending from Heaven.

In this knowledge lies many useful secrets for Man. His keys to understanding and interpreting how life flows, in arterial currencies, will be markedly assuaged if he can find which of the three phases he is in at any given time, so that he may prepare for that to follow. 

All problems can be applied to so. Impatience can be quelled and the patterns surrounding may begin to make the mysterious ever more legible as we are drawn out from our Father God's essence and personified.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Arterial Self, Problem l

Problem l: Using the Rod
"That's odd" he said, having never before held a compass or seen its magnetic north, "Whichever way I stand it still points to its preferred!"

Abject selflessness tells us that our own desires and knowings are not important.

It is possible for a man to spend many years learning to quash his inner understandings and desires which stream out from his arterial being. In trusting that we know ourselves, we can help others to do so similarly. This is important from the very highest view, that we also honor our knowing of Christ, for one follows the other, just as all true compasses point to Heaven.

If we discredit ourselves we discredit everything about ourselves and our love for Him. This is the sickness which is rife amongst the seemingly lukewarm Christians. They have been weathered by their own selflessness and are quick to believe as a consequence that no man excels another in any regard, and so then doubt themselves. They trade this humility for self degradation, in the effort to put themselves last, and they put Christ last by doing this as well.

By not honoring one's arterial knowing you have not the understanding to question as whether or not another man is acting out from his primary self, or indeed he has come at you from the many other directions which are on or off course. It could well be that we could respect all men's views providing that they were not so flimsy, changeable and incoherent, and that they were uniform to the arterial being, and not to the one hundred and one other faces that they may wear at the time.

We can learn to approach our innermost selves with same reverence as that we know when we go to God in prayer. For it can be said that it must be with a piety and a thanksgiving, the mysterious yet also the greatest familiar; a quietness, discharging all superfluous self; a reliance, a credibility and an open question, that we may come to do this. Our innermost arterial selves deserve that field of operation.

We are ancient, we are our own very best connection with Father God Himself; and we are duty bound to consult ourselves before any other upon any matter. It is we who are responsible for all that we do. It is we who are answerable to God. It is only by this maturity of being that we can begin to operate amongst the World and the Spiritual Worlds with the forthrighteousness necessary to help further equip Mankind.

Learning to lean on the staff of this reckoning brings us to a self questioning which accepts the answer that is given. When we pray we do not go to Father God and then query His reply. We do not discourse or make argument, we pray, we are answered and we know. There is no second advance or other approach.

If we are sincere with ourselves, then it will be that our reply to ourselves will be as sincere. This is something between ourselves and no other. This is the deciding as to what you need, feel, decide, etc. And though it is not with the same weight of God's deciding (this is, of course), it can be understood in similar terms of consulting and so forth, not allowing the self doubt which trivializes after the fact.

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