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Saturday, March 20, 2010

For Overcoming Doubt

To our cherished benefactors of the Faith:
We call upon you that we may ease our doubts:
For Doubt makes his visit, and does ridicule us heavily;
Especially at those times when we are forlorn.

We call to you that you might share a measure of your –
Unshakable certainty,
Undeterred constancy,
And immovable faith.

May we experience your –
Open dedication,
Complete and tried commitment,
And pure motivations.

Shall we come to know of your –
Tireless application,
Forthright instigations,
And pious proliferations
In all endeavor.

And may we, like you, come to –
Steadfast determination,
Centered in God,
Around which all else does pivot.


Friday, March 19, 2010

Prayer against Cynicism

Dear and Beloved Father,
To whom we all entrust,
We pray today,
For all of that false thinking and judgment,
Undue and unjust,
And for all of those who suffer such constraints,
As delivered by prejudicial cynicism and its offspring.

We know that the bounty becomes as ruined and spoiled,
When men pretend that beauty is no more than filth,
Quick to corrupt Your fragile Grace.
We know also that such splendor will not be denied,
And that the poison that is contempt,
Need only meet with such Understanding as is Yours,
To become as true Love, tight-bound in new found sympathy.

Oh dear God, let men be brought to Your Illumined Mind,
And empowered by such Wisdoms, that can contrast truth from lies,
And do so withstanding those personal convictions
Which contradict Your Law, Your Love and Divine Perspective.

We are humbled in our approach to great knowledge,
We are with apology for all of our false presumptions,
And we pray that we may come to higher knowledge
With reverence and true reception,
For all of Your array of Wisdom's beauty.


Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Prayer for the Earth

Holy Sepulcher,
We cling to thee with ever a fond recall ...
We pray for your wellbeing today and call upon those beings
To whom your passage is entrusted,
To protect well our advancing Planet, and keep her safe.

We call too, into the realm of Men,
That they may tend to her lovingly and take heed of her wisdom,
For good hygiene is good ecology,
And good ecology subsists the continuance of much dear life and lives.

We thank thee for your being,
And your vast and welcoming comprehension of us;
And we pray for your happy continuance, furtherance and evolvement.

Dear Father, we ask you to remember our Earth,
That she shall be protected at all times from harm and disease.
We pray that you will grant her continuance in this fine effort,
And value her being, as we who gather unto her, most certainly do.
We are committed to her concerns,
And pledge to defend her where needed.
We ask you to never forsake this precious planet,
And all of her relatives.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Prayer for the Sun-18th May 1993

To the Natural Order,
To the Power which excels
Each bud and leaf, each sprout and propulsion,
Each umbrella of growth, change and re-growth -
May we meet with you,
That your wisdom infills us and speaks to us of life.

We cherish this meeting,
We truly celebrate this moment,
As grand and gracious, the lady comes,
She who inspires life manifest.
We look to rebirth, reorder and renewal,
And compose ourselves in gratitude
For an ever replenishing new order.

We thank thee Sun, for your being.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Destiny’s Trek throughout Soluble Time- 1993

Pacing the agonies,
Commanding a mulish swagger;
Impartial to the politics of an undecided fate -
So loved by nurturing attendants proud;
The infant-Man requests his pack;
Contests the value of provisions had,
And gnaws the remaining wisdoms back.

With a staff to make steady,
Engineered from the wood of an upright post,
He is now to be ready
For exploration as is never known.
The nausea of failure's bin
Shall not happen upon him,
The commonplace man.

The poison of the stinging rebukes halts not
The forward-stepping saint
Who contrasts mightily
The hapless doughty,
And the stumbling formation
Which drags at the consul.

Think not that any praise be sweet,
Or more complete than true reward:
For tokens shine as light on water
Whilst cordials drawn
From effort's elixir
May hush the frenzies
And appease the ceaseless fervor. 

Not one thing stops,
In this shifting design.
This God-inspired life
Allows no denial
Or camouflage
Out from this continuance.
If this spinning top stops
We all stop,
And as Life mystifies
It has not the wherewithal
To turn back upon its own.

Step forward with courage
Into Future's embrace,
For there in the alcove
Sweet accompaniment waits;
With guiding hand and
Love's shining face;
For this is the Present
Endowed in the Future.

Monday, March 15, 2010

A Prayer for Wellbeing

Our Father, our Christ, our Heavenly Legions,
We call to You this moment on behalf of all that is wanting and without.
We know of Your tender Mercies, and we know also how You wait,
Held back, like a beggar at Your own door -
That hearts may once again be open to receive You.

We pray today for each one who suffers, be them adult or child,
On Earth, or on the threshold.
And we urge that each be brought sweet comfort and relief,
From whatever tortures they may endure.
And we pray also, that we too may be keen and quick to soothe,
To comfort, to remedy an ill, where possible.

May we be Your vessel for the Holy Supplications,
That imparted through these hands: our words,
Your Spirit quickens us and is manifest in evidence,
In what we are, and are to become.

Holy Sympathies, we know of Your Tears also,
And we pray that this pain which corresponds between our world,
And the High World, shall cease its fluctuations.
We await that day when familiar struggles are only as joy,
And all conflict is answerable. . .
When death itself is vanquished.

To all of those who are lonely and without good company -
May they trust once again in the Divine Companionship that one may bring to another.
Great Love ushers us in,
But amongst the parade of endless surprise,
Our attentions are drawn out and away,
From the recognition of our binding affections.
Let all men return, and grief be no more suffered.
 And for those who have withstood courageously,
May Your Blessings empower their courage the more,
That they never have need, falter or weaken.
For many have only such courage to sustain them,
And no man would willingly affront their woes in place of they the pitiable.

Give us the courage also, that we may not fear demise,
But rather know that all perils do pass,
Whilst we throughout, endure.


Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Prayer for the Work

Beloved Christ, Master to all great teachers in the World,
We come to you today in prayer to ask for Your Guidance, in these our efforts.
Too often have we erred with false judgment,
And many times prone to sweet deceptions,
Still yet we are eager to become as perfect men and women!

We pray that we shall not be dissuaded from this,
But hold fast to Your Promise, Your Vision, which You defend.
And we shall be your champions also -
Defying doubt and the guiles of false logic.

Let those who protest the glory of men
Suffer their visions affecting no other;
Until such a time that we pray will arrive,
When they exhaust their improvisations
And come to You Dear Christ, again.

Lord, Your Sweet Breath enters this very room,
The same Breath which spins orbs upon their axes,
And moves with such might,
A might that will inflict no harm.
May we come to learn of the Mysteries of this;
And cheerfully repel the insults of all great and meager contestants.


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