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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mosquitoes & Sin- 26th January 1995

Dear Teachers,
This morning it occurred to me that my own episodes of sin, in small ways (like when I might fall into criticism, or do not do as well as I might in the moment) or in the constant sins (spending money while others starve, i.e. indulging myself and pretending its O.K. to do so; false pride, believing it is me and not Thee; and others I do not wish, for vanity's sake to go on to mention) - these areas of sin that I manifest often do not bother me with upset, for the main reason that I perceive most folk around me with their individual sins too, their needs to work upon as well. 

And so my question is: How do we weigh the blights in our own behavior? How stern in regards to this work? 
- Thank you

THAT the mosquito bites you is a sin against you; her desire is a blight, and she then carries away a small portion of your soul-self unknowingly. Sin is like the mosquito, for it persists and would feed upon the man, taking a little from him, of him. 

Relative to his true nature, the size of the insect as opposed to the man is quite so; and every now and then same insect injects along with her desire, a poison which may provoke death - the same is with sin in each jab, sting and itch. Most are a nuisance; collectively (if they seized upon you all at once) they should surely take all of your life from you; but singly they are minor, unless they bring poison - a poison to kill us could be made to materialize and be supported.

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