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Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Gentle Perspective- on Virtues & Virus- 4th February 1995

IT truly does make for good sense to learn the gentle approach, to come forward into all meetings with the gracefulness of a gliding bird, soft to set-down, quick to alight, buoyant on that mighty volume which presents as only thin air!

The aspects of Christ you may carry with you into all meetings and communications, is one which will instantly ennoble all fault. This is the Grace of Christ's very own perfection - He has made it so, that men are not without such love or constant ennoblement. Therefore, there need not be charge or fear, reaction or recoil; but rather when confronted with an abysmal evil perceived alongside a man, you may know that Christ can and will help those who you feel incapable of answering. 

We have spoken of the nature of evil as being lovelessness - the loveless act, as distinct from that which is dynamic to life and to soul and to being. Some individuals who have lived amongst lovelessness have in turn, come to recoil from the inspirations true love may bring. This may or may not be so, but in particular circumstance it may be, and may be pitied with warrant. 

Before technique and before mastery must come love. That love may be present, there requires a man to know gratitude. Without gratitude - gratitude in the larger, overall sense of experience - then the man shall be unable to comprehend the love that dwells amongst him, and that may flow in and around and out of him, in full-color so to say, in totality also.

The hardness at the outer core which some individuals do adapt for themselves, is defiant and contemptuous largely because there is anger too great to be quietened. The anger is deep-rooted, the defiance to grace is as ill-shod and the man or woman becomes the very epitome of loneliness.

When there has been a local history of wrongdoing without remorse - say for example, whereupon the man in his previous life has been the sole cause of injury, hardship and enslavery, and he has known that there shall be karmic repercussions, that there will be those who will return for, at the very least, an apology - it can happen, that the man shall not find within himself the necessary admissions, nor the sympathies required. In point of fact, he only sees misery confronting him and is quick to send his debtors fast away (usually with insult).

He may then go on to seek empowerment for the weaponry (as imagined) necessary to ward off the gatherings of conscience and actuality. There is no power however, sufficient to karma, but the distressed do not recognize this - that being their main problem indeed - and they fruitlessly go after much cunning and ploys, learning to manipulate, whilst at the same time achieving nothing of lasting importance.

Wilfulness is not 'good' will. The will of man is in likeness to the Will of God - it is capable of great and noble activity, of summoning the substance of inert Creation and making vision manifest. The immature development of some aspects of Will within man, arise when the ego is not truly 'enclosed' and made strong. The actual willing is haphazard and irrational. Misdirected, ill-gained willing is a wilfulness untempered, and therefore quick to expire, but dangerous whilst active. 

The exertion of wilfulness, as one may direct unto another with motive and with effort, is a misuse of the natural power all men have placed in accordance with higher attributes (largely undeveloped as yet). If we exert our wills consciously that we may hold domain over our own actions well - either in order to rehearse, perfect, make practise, withhold etc., then it is an obvious jurisdiction well placed. If on the other hand, we use that very force of willingness that we may persuade, dissuade, displace or corrupt another individual, then the power so contrived and dispelled becomes wicked (wickered: as in bad magic). The soul in question, has pronounced their needs or wants before the freedom of another and tried to enforce their decisions unlawfully.

The outfall of such behavior is that eventually, by the misuse of such will-directives they become weakened to their own self - having cast it out spuriously, without saving enough for the turn inward. For in becoming so involved in the actions of others, and by literally feeding their intention and will to them, they have left their own house open, so to speak. Thus the individual is further anguished.

Virtues are useful. The exercise of the Virtues is there for the saving and sustenance of souls. To be virtuous, to receive and make practise of, has nothing whatsoever to do with external tests or grades of man or master. It is for the good of that man and then for the world, that he know:
  • Kindness (in often doing not that which is required by law or by asking, but fully giving more than being called for);
  • Gratefulness whereupon the soul looks up to the heavens and rejoices, struck with humility before all else, conscious of their being's design, acknowledging God for His industry, feeding the Angels with the effluence of thankfulness;
  • Charity of soul and of word, whereby there is never intent to injure or recant, and never thought of self and return to self or desire for self in the giving;
  • Steadfastness knowing the endurance of ages, believing in the promises of Christ and by Him made strong to make stand;
  • Courage, the fiery supplement to provocation - once again purified by selfless need;
  • Forgiveness as is warranted, with peacefulness to follow, removing the stain from our brother's bloodied tunic, albeit our blood;
  • Chastity in spirit loving God firstly before all other life and being pure to His Love;
  • Consideration, the ability to afford due time in respect to - holding back from letting forth, perceiving the contrast between one and another and then judging accordingly;
  • Compassion, compelled with a love born from pity;
  • Sacrifice, making offer and resolution to give that which will be missed at that time, i.e. all of it, everything we have;
  • Justice and fair-mindedness, discernment, as credited by Angels (who are keepers of judgment because they live law unquestioningly) paying naught to the demonic or the frivolous, praying for wiseacre prudence, in judging on balance, in respect and in perspective;
  • Humility which makes us as invisible in the World - the most gracious cloak of all to wear upon our naked souls.

These virtuous aspects give to man the coloring characteristics which shall weave the foundation for his being to come. 

The anti-forces implied, being the antithesis of the above so described, are common by degree and essential to the aspiring and gathering virtues also. In other words, there are times in which the gravities go the other way, and a man may unintentionally come to fault, however the essential compromise is that we practise such virtues consciously where we can, and come to enjoy their presence where possible, in full knowing. When it happens that we act contrary to the virtuous incline (and all do in some measure) then it is most fortunate to have some substance and aspect had previously. That is to say that the striving is essential to the performance, whilst the 'perfected' man still waits in the future.

There was such a time when the Earth could hold no nourishment from Cosmic Virtue. In this the men were barren and their souls quite suspended from their bodily frame. There became a risk of yet a further separation - as was the beasts and Man - but still, with this instance, Man's own beastly friend (his physical body) was to depart. This is not to say that the physical body was or is without its own inherent virtues. No, it became the opposite in being that it should have been saved from the willfulness of Man- misspent egohood in a time when the intellect had not the light within it, and yet the soul-psyche was clouded with exterial value.

Before the country-folk came many magicians to whom they were cooperative. These men of power were men of will, who at that time could cause cavities in Creation and fill them with their own imaginings, and then impose them upon the scenery. Where they came from, in being, were such early beginnings - they did not belong to the ordinary stream of peoples, but were associated with Moon-Magi, who were spirits without incarnating.

There are periods in which certain men incarnate infrequently and dream consciousness in far-off realms, returning to the rest of Mankind with special knowledge thus gleaned. The periods between incarnation become lengthier and they more detached from the one body of men; and yet what it is that they bring with them, inspires gifts that would not have otherwise been got - needing that 'detachment' and that out-of-body consciousness. 

The name for these special souls is, in translation, like your Gandalf: of the 'grey cloak'. For they are half-ward of humanity and half-ward adventurers into the unknown; becoming less recognizable as human and yet playing their part in the forming of the future Man.

Men tend to have tendencies generally as regards their interims between incarnations also. The mainstay of the bulk shall share similar averages, which can waver in and out of five to five thousand years, with a two thousand year mean. 

Then there are men who may tend to reincarnate more prevalently with an appetite for embodied experience and very little heavenly approach; many of these souls are of 'primitive' consciousness today. One would imagine that the compounding and repetitive experience would drive them into a modern constitution, but this is not the case. They have, by compensation, a more heaven-bound mentality because of their loss given to spiritual realms in between. Although this is not always the case, it is quite often the rule. It may be that these souls continue on with their contrast of heaviness and heavenlyness, whilst the 'modern' men are neither so.

Then there is the extreme of the Grey Cloaks, who have travelled over from a former time again - generally 'slept' but still with admission into our existence. Their fellow men have moved on into realms of permanence, whilst they are still bound to return, by will and by want; often as leaders in aspect, fairly and fully advanced from Humanity. The magicians which came were of lesser degree, but still nonetheless similar in their makeover to what we have just described. 

There has been more than one peril along the path of progression, and grief to the physical body (although, physical not in the sense of what we have today) was a tragedy quite possible and likely.

Of course from the perspective of the visiting Grey Cloaks there is no distress in such a loss; to the contrary, for some of them it does seem to be a welcomed evolvement, for this too would affect their ties and binds also. 

So in critical form when split began to rent, there was a great necessity for answer, as a World without ensouled men would become but a realm of the undead. Evermore the spirit-souls of men would crave and yearn for their animal-souls and their body; whilst kept locked within the very substance of that physical body were many inheritances of soul-substance (and virtue) belonging to the higher man. And so it was essential that the answer came.
The Grey Cloaks were advanced in Will. The properties which they brought to us were of that realm and of that sphere, and this was first amongst their learnings. But higher on to them, there were Grey Cloaks of an order which came down into embodiment even less frequently: the Bodhisattva-Buddhas, to which you inquire. 

Whereas the lesser Grey-men brought will and creation, the higher order barely touched ground, it is true, but also came from a more ancient an origin again - being closer to the first men ever, being as first-removed from Christ and less impelled to leave Him. These brought the compassion which would make the way for all of the other virtues to be received - not the least, we might add, comes compassion to self.

It was because of the influence as brought by the Buddha that Man retained his physical existence and brought to it much worth and belonging. Typical to the misunderstandings of this are the assumptions that Buddha resented the physical existence. It is partial to the comprehension when one knows that the Buddha/s hold less tendency for such reimbodiment, however it is to say also that the remedy was owed to him, and it was for a right connection in this World that he sought to enspirit matter. 

The wheel (the world) was mere wheel alone without Grace, without virtue. Christ was not to be able to incarnate if Man himself had lost the key. The wilfulness of a worldly-desire body, which was separate in meaning to love and spiritual inclination, was to be a morbid and incompatible world, in which Christ Himself could not find a place. Thus was the significance of the Buddha, by which the harmony amongst all things was preached and the respect for Karma made known. 

Every so often the Grey Cloaks of Will shall return; and perhaps as the future progresses we shall find that their learnings are well adopted with good purpose. They too, in the meanwhile, are continuing to further and enhance their properties of reason and of higher-soul; although distinct from their relatives here.

The Buddhas shall come when needed, for they are driven by a love which, with Christ's blessing, surpasses the ordinances of cyclic time. However and for the main part, their inclination is, as said, infrequent, but notwithstanding.

With the Incarnation of Christ there came an assurance then of certain substantiality. This was because of the infusion of He into Matter, of He into our Matter - making holy the relationship of our spirit with our causal frame. Our bodies are sanctified temples now; they are more perfect and wondrous than we appreciate. Each is an intermediary between our Heaven and our World; it is where the forces of spirit-soul, God-soul and Christ incarnate, alongside the arms and the legs of our kingdoms. Each man is a miracle made manifest, for it is his soul that distinguishes him in matter. It is to this principle which many an entity should wish for similar grace, who does perchance look in from time to time upon the shining men. 

Many dream of beings who are intent upon gaining on man in such a way that they should unravel some of his humanity from his physical substance. These are inorganic viruses which the consciousness of the sleeping individual has happened upon, within their own constitution. The alien as perceived is unintelligibly small in reality, in proportion to our own bodies, however in astral projection it can appear to be of all sizes, depending upon the flux of the sleeper. 

Also, in times of forthcoming illness we are prone to shift our consciousness into those regions to see for ourselves that of which we are afflicted. The fact that in some instances the virus effort is self-conscious and remarkably astute is somewhat disconcerting to contemplate. However and also, self-conscious beings are attached everywhere to everything, and so this is no big deal, or threat, as is worried. 

The evacuation of a virus comes about in many ways, and is to be anticipated, for these foreign entities have no place in our personal systems, unless they are implicated historically (and that we may go into on another occasion). The ones in question today, which are causing the distraction and the upset, have found a 'way' in, but not a plausible or workable way of staying, or of measuring up to be of any importance (as in regards ensoulment). 

The bacterial diseases of man, are unquestionably, enemies to Man. They are unwelcome and to be countered; and with many and varying purpose do they come. The fact that they have attached themselves, noticeably tells us of a cause to be alerted. There becomes a deception when the man who is afflicted begins to perceive the succubi as clearly with impression as one may recall the meeting of another man. The reason for this is because they have mingled within the self-system. Because they are now characterized by us, we may see such caricature in them - although it is not entirely correct. So a man may perceive the aliens to be quite loving and friendly or, as more to the reality, intrusive and grim. Whatever the case, it is a minute and telescopic view into their own physiology, to where the creatures have temporarily housed. 

The concern for the infant [referring to the original question asked] may be understood in the light of this now also. It is true to say that these particular beings would prefer to go to meddle with early life, as the child is most perfect and more attractive to go to, but the consciousness of that child shall not be touched, because its ego is in safe protection with Christ Himself, particularly during the time of unfoldment; and his constitution is ever more guarded from the principles of unwanted virus, which although may disrupt his constitution for a limited time, shall be no more affected than a man in this respect. 

These aliens cannot find the means to inhabit a physical body. Firstly, it is because the permeations of our bodies, which they are reliant upon, are of us and our soul fluidity. A dried man is not an animate one. The aliens may not even rouse the consciousness of an infant, let alone abandon it outside of its own form. 

Our physicality is precious. There is even associate substance within our own bodies from which we shall unfold our forms of the future. There is much memory, and particles which at times are shared, but at others, are intrinsically ours - substance which has traveled and transmuted over the many life-times- we have drawn it to us. And this physical substance is especial to us, and especial to the spiritual worlds. 

The aliens of the astral-viruses are individually ego-less. Their general assault upon this World and our people came in on an attraction to the voids of virtue - pockets of the antithesis to Life. This was their gateway in; that man would allow them was due to his naivete in conduct, concurrent with his development. They are not due punishment for exercising the unwholesome emotions, but they are consequential to the effect. The constitution of man shall be prey to such onslaughts as long as he harbors the astral activity which is conducive to the alien environment. This is a collective effect, and is not individually pronounced. That one individual becomes ill, or an entire community, is not a specific follow-on from any one cause, it is symptomatic of their humanity as it is today.

Will alone, that all should be well, is not enough. The remedy overall will come when our brothers, as well as ourselves, have become vessels for Love, unremittingly.

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