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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Sacrifice & the Holy Ghost- 1st July 1991

EACH RACE, each people, has its own gorgon, its own dragon which it has fed over time; a depository of sin, a beastie of quantified proportion, that, as in the myths and romances of the past, does hide face in lair, yet threaten the locality.

In the South Americas, where blood rites and sacrifice became such a fixation, to wit: human slaughter, there is now such an influence pervading that lingers heavily. One may tingle to the stench of past blood-letting and the cries of a betrayed humanity.

Geographically, any area which has been given over to tragedy in mass proportions is so marked, as it were, indefinitely; particularly where Man has sided with demon and turned on fellow man, pronouncing sovereignty over a people’s destiny by flinging those souls heaven-bound prematurely, hurling individuals swept with panic and sadness, denying them of a sweet and conscious passing.

Where violent death through violent intent and violation of humanity presides, that ground is so stained, that area so impressed, that the ghosts of the betrayed howl and moan to be heard. Their souls have departed: the individuals have gone on, but the entrails of such sheaths that were ripped so smartly, offcast, still linger and wander the unhappy ground. 

Like feathers plucked from bird, horn or antler torn, in violent death there is incomplete dissipation, and some constituents of the complete and entire constitution are not allowed adequate time to dissolve of themselves. So there are human remnants, remnants of an astrality so darkly impressed with pain and terror that no soul should wish to recover and absorb them. So they are left discarded and polluting that earthly space, where said sheath was first abandoned.

The people's gorgon, their hideous most monstrous pet, does feed upon such remains, having incited and encouraged the crimes firstly that he may swell and bloat on the pickings of the aftermath. Although quite invisible, all peoples who have by wicked means appeased the wretched beast, now suffer an ongoing relationship - the tormenting lamentations of an ever-hungry human-hating creature who ever demands satisfaction.

Cleansing and purification of such areas is as efficient as tweezers are to dusting, or mopping up water with a sponge at the seaside. For the innocent who are to suffer the atmosphere of demonic shrines, there is much illness endured, many intoxicants assimilated. Many a disease is born from such a location: disease that goes out and seeks further in the world that which may satisfy the beast of sacrificial urge.

This is the unsettling fact upon which all wars and conquests are entailed. Not only the loss of that period and certain peoples, but also too, the darkening of that defiled land in which the crimes occurred, and the generations who shall be affected in that region for centuries to come. Just as like attracts like, certain momentum is given to patterns of behaviour and designs of conduct - for better or for worse - affecting vast numbers of individuals in such propulsion, as inclinations and intentions are hurled and carried throughout the worldly arena.

We owe much to our forefathers, not the least which are the afflictions that carry on to present day sufferings. The legacy which we bestow upon our children of the future is therefore of supreme importance. How many ghouls and demons do remain to frequent the Earth, to incite yet more tragic demise?

Sacrifices are usually made in the name of another. But never may they be proclaimed in the sacred name of the Father. With the consequences of such having just been described, so slightly, one can envisage in truth, that with war or with religious enterprise, all tragedy makes for larger tragedies and goes on to make greater those demons of the underworlds.

In the instance of organ transplants, to be blunt and brief: we find that there are those sacrificing others in the name of 'life', and restoring life to those which such organs are shafted onto. Said sacrifice is imposed and the bodily parts so interfered with, that as with violent and tragic forms of death and subsequent dissipation, we have an incomplete deceased individual who cannot withdraw fully through to the higher worlds. There are some remains left behind for a period, long after the rest have dissolved.

These organs are very much of his own creation, they are singularly his, and yet now remaining and furthermore, being impressed and worked upon by another's impressions, another's astrality, which does not relate to his own constitution. It cannot be absorbed. Such disconnected remains (in the astral sense) will, as with the abovementioned, be earthbound for an indefinite period. The soul suffers the loss and the Earth gains another pollutant; which will yet further fertilize the lust of that gross community demon, who lusts after such human off-casts.

When we enter death, we have much to distil from that which we have made and collected of the substance which is attracted to form and design; physical counterparts to subtle bodies are refined and absorbed with vitalities and characteristics, which are of our own being. An individuality determines patterns which extend down into their physical substance and is very much connected, necessarily, with that physicality; even in the case of dismissing such a body in death. However, much like catching the hem of one's garment in a lift door, there is little to be done if the piece of cloth that remains is caught whilst the lift is progressing upwards.

You may take it on our say so for the time being, that dissolution of the physical psyche is far better to be complete, than incomplete. The organs are precious to us, and moreso their subtle stereotypes; for in which we carry many a characteristic, which is shown in personality, in longings, in acquired capacity for interpreting and infilling the individual with heavenly impulses, extracted and transmuted into that which is the physical and astral counterpart, that attracts such activity.

Each function and individual 'growth' that sprouts from an individual and harmoniously accords with higher motivations, channels that substance from Heaven, inspired firstly by that individual. It is as though the very complex and complicated strings of formulae, are recorded within the substance of the bodily functions (and of course in their subtle counterparts). The entities who are so envious of mankind, come as close as they can to humanhood by digesting the essential qualities and strings of experience, that should ordinarily be assimilated up into the higher substances of the refined subtle substance, shortly after death.

The demons (so called for the time being) seek out any part so touched by human design, in a gross attempt to become as similar to this intriguing evolution, which has certainly entertained and incited such attractions in the first instance. Love at first sight! It is a case where mistakenly, an entity who is not of human substance, seeks the experience of human life, which is recorded within the relevant organs (physically and astrally), and mistakes digestion of such experience, as the experience itself.

Worse than that, one may question the origins of these demons themselves and their relationship to humanity. Some, although not all, have foregone the destiny of Man and surrendered their own human qualities. Perhaps in some remorse or dim recollection, they still seek out that, which by rights would have come to them by the human path had they not renounced such a fate. We are speaking of opportunities lost a long, long time ago. However, there are ways which are correct in obtaining our desires and ways which are abhorrent to the order of Heaven. The path to progression is not advancing with a push and a shove up the line. It was that attitude that retained them originally. For now they have little to offer, save the unenviable duty of contrasting good and evil for humanity, playing the 'advocate' and assimilating the waste.

This is why one rarely hears of happy ghosts. In the case of entire sheaths abandoned and earthbound, it is because of shockingly unhappy circumstances, where even the maker, the owner of such a sheath, finds this to be unacceptable to dissolve in the conditions that ensued, surrounding an unhappy departure. A lot of a life's work has been abandoned quite wastefully when this dissolution has not been properly effected. The soul concerned will still however, have gleaned enough impressions to carry forth; but many an intricate detail is also discarded.

Sometimes it is sad to tell it the way it is, with no offering of immediate and long-lasting remedy. However, the way things stand in the world today, prompts us to moving operations for a better existence, and encourages us from that which is ugly, to that which is truly beautiful. Work to change current conditions, with a foresight that continues into a grander environment. Better to convert demons with the inspirations of men, than the entrails converting men to demons.

Christ did sacrifice Himself before any other. If sacrifices are to be made, they must not be imposed but self-decided. Why do men give of themselves to the devil? Why also, would they commit their brothers too? Perhaps, because they know not what they give.
By the power of the Heavens one may give of what is limitless. We are not asked to forgo that which we cannot afford to give. Love propagates, conceives and expels more of the same. We cannot take of another, that which is not ours to have.

Sacrifice is hope applied- hope for certain outcome. Many times outcome is predetermined by the quality and nature of that sacrifice- thus the true importance and distinction of many a sacrifice. For he who makes the sacrifice, through him and by him, such outcomes are half-determined.

Here was the peculiar purpose designed in the violent and torturous crucifixion: that a Sheath of Distinction, now bound to the Earth with Holy Ghost remaining but traveling freely, confronting all souls, imparting, is to remain married to the earthly condition until such time that Earth is totally transformed, having given of Himself truly.


Friday, August 7, 2009

Balloons & Bubbles- 1st July 1991

THE form of the sphere has only been enjoyed by advanced races, rather than the primitive. Children delight in beholding and holding a ball. Historically it is interesting looking to cultures which have conceptualized spheres and reproduced them, and to those who have not made the discovery of the perfect form.

Ball games such as billiards or marbles, bring much enjoyment to the player, in the form, in the momentum gathered in the roll and in the crash of ball clicking ball. Carpet bowls and golf balls, croquet balls and lawn bowls - all of these balls, when flung at great speed, incite spectacular enthusiasm and fascination within the participant.

The sphere has of course the simplest of formulas, nonetheless it is geometrically opposed to that which we experience in life- self-contained, self-enclosed perfection which does not lend its pattern once established, to further propagation of itself. Once a sphere is a sphere of given size, it remains of that proportion.

In the natural world there are few spheres to be found, whereby forms may be conical or elongated - even rocks polished over time do not become as marbles.

Personally we carry two sophisticated orbs, two-thirds hidden, through which we view through. Save for the eyes we have no other spherical organ.

Of all forms the sphere is the most mysterious to Man.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Humble Pie- 29th June 1991


IS HALF of a whole half, a half or a quarter? The elements of the Yin and the Yang as represented, do have their corresponding elements which, vice versa, are represented within the elements of the etheric world. Therefore when one example is of the tone Yin, its etheric counterpart is that of Yang; as too Yang becomes Yin. Therefore we have four quarters of a whole, whereupon only one half is focused upon, being the definitive selection.

This pie concept may be useful in many equations whereupon concepts are fragmented into specified divisions. As with all life, living thought spawns ever anew - expanding to a point, breaking into many divisions that separate and regenerate. Acquired virtues within a man spawn many other properties, imparting essences, etheric essences (not unlike plant products) which circulate the ether and infill and color the locality of the individual who generated such activity. Each virtue has a starry parent and an Angelic host, which through surrender does lend substance that is of itself. Such virtues entertained give birth to fiery thought, the offspring of an individual who shares such relationship with such Angels.

For us to hold concepts of that which are considered to be outward expressions of virtue (in action or in thought), we do but examine part of those influences born in and out of Man. The higher one travels in thought and aspiration, the harder a man may struggle for perfection, the sharper the perception as to the realities which in totality return to the Father in full circle. 

Piety, humility and charity are within our understanding, but parts of a progressive kernel of spiritual activity. They are true living elements of themselves, whose offerings to man are as yet little understood and under-used.

Such virtues are recognized by the virtuous to be of that substance essential to life itself. Would that the scientist could decipher the code of morality, which is in every string and nuclei, every breath and muscle, every wave of light and sound.

Christianity is a dynamic system whereby the mystic at the threshold may enter into sublime communion and divine perception of higher and lower kingdoms. For the precepts held to heart by those obedient to the higher values, do bring them to perceive the heavens through the gifts expanding through the virtuous path. Not by a pledge for power, but by comprehension of that ladder which does climb its way through to Heaven and vision of those ascending from beneath and above.

Humility is the knowledge that no man may hurry the ascension before another. He may not climb on the head and hands of his brother, for he is that ladder. Humility says, "I must go last" and sacrifices that propelling desire for achievement and self-glorification on the altar of humanity's sufferings.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Lion & the Lamb- 28th June 1991

LOOK to the creatures within. As the images rise and do surface, hold the picture of that animal that enters your mind and with artistic love for creation, move to change that picture before you. That the nature of the animals become gentle and meek, reach out in such visualization and expel that which makes the animal presented, awkward, ugly or unfriendly.

Before one's eyes there exists a great procession of quasi-creatures that present themselves as moods do come and go. The child who startles nightly at the picture concepts that come to gawk and grimace, interrupting the night's starry journey, these beasts and mutative forms are not of the child's own making. They are without. They are foreign to the nature of the innocent, but nonetheless do come before the eyes that catch the twilight shades betwixt slumber and wakefulness.

As adults we are happily amassed in either slumber or wakefulness, to the extent whereupon the menagerie of animalia and ghoulish imps do not impose upon our conscious eye, but can trouble the individual through recall, unsettling and upsetting coherent thought and pure meditation. We must greet the night creatures with a loving attitude, praying firstly for their evolution to be resolved through Christ, committing their inadequacies and atrocities to His care and consideration, expelling their vulgar forms from house and mind and forgiving them for their unsocial stations. Reform!

They are the reminder to Man of his duty towards future development. They come to our doors ever seeking such transformation, peering through windows with great, yet hopeless expectations. For when Man enters the kingdoms of Heaven he does not go alone. There is more than one- not only his self, his ego, but a host that trails behind and a host awaiting and held back, that went before. If there are sorry creatures bound to the Earth, they are dependent on Man himself. Much pity therefore is to be given in consideration for the wayward nature and mutated animalia.

We cannot entertain such forms as they are, and yet of course so many do. Corruption entertains corruption, and both mankind and the lower realms suffer this aggravation- a relationship of demeaning and disabling relations.
All that which is unsightly in Man marks and disfigures those beings of the lower realms. As the passions of Man are purified and the status of Christ resumed and resolved in the heart and the actions, breathing daily in the breast of each and every man, so too are those sorry entities earthbound, brought to salvation and given due opportunities for perfection.

So for the time being whilst shades encircle the Earth, and for every good man there are still ten unfortunates who presently continue to feed the taunting apparitions of the lower worlds, we visualize their redemption: redemption of Man, beast and elemental. That the spirit of paradise be again, that the grotesque may give way to unspeakable forms of beauty and expressions of much called-for love. That the virtues shall speak through the face of the fallen.

See then, the wild animal come meekly and in friendship to its former prey. Visualize the outcast ugly with a smile upon his extraordinary countenance. And with apology for circumstance and disposition, reassure the twisted, tortured specters, that beauty shall come to them though forgotten they seem to be.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Spiritual Science in the Modern World- 1991

ECCLESIASTICAL doctrines are alike to Gothic treasures; almost medieval remains. Those fantastically worked masterpieces of inspiration and creativity, although quite antique and never really reproduced in today's craftwork, are a reminder of a period in history which is to be marvelled at and given due admiration. For amidst a period of darkness, we find the artist's labor in oil paint and gilt, silver work and wood, gold leaf and molten - even the pen brought a flourishing script - and the works that surrendered reverence to the mighty doctrine of the spirit and echoed certain glory to heaven.

Such works today would certainly appear out of place, too ornate, too fantastic. The modern man would not be comfortable living with such antiques, let alone attempting to create in like fashion with elaborate indulgence. Modern architecture insists on a budget and cleaves to simplicity of form. Both painter and poet work with prudence weighing the hours and words with frugal substitute.

So today the works of the spirit in regards to the garb of the teachings, of the wisdom, must too become transformed in a way, that although less exquisite (and nonetheless exalted), are kept simple enough in plain speech and certain image, in order to penetrate the hearts and minds of those who are now building the future with such concepts.

This is not to discredit any fine work of the past - to the contrary - but to elaborate and highlight the differences in the needs of perception flowing through just a handful of centuries. Moreover, there will again come a time when the tapestry of art shall be woven into expression, coming second only to a need for food and the cultivation of. The sciences, technology, and for some a preoccupation with physical activities, all of these shall take second place to the world of artistic pursuits.

For the time, and in a time when technology still fascinates and when lofty inspiration and creative application is held to be a good pastime for the retired or unemployed, we must endeavor to explain the purposes and usefulness of our near-naked doctrines. Where the pomp and splendor is unclothed there lies underneath a very practical and beautiful reality to be beheld with new eyes, new insight. For expressions may alter as to the perceptions of the higher worlds, however the reality of the higher worlds does not alter as rapidly as the expressions given of them. Thank God!

With today's practical man, he must fervently try to disassemble anything that moves to satisfy his curiosity. He then weighs his hours into occupation and coffee break, recreation, sleep and toxic semi-consciousness. Give him a dragonfly to enjoy and first thought is to pluck off the wings, second is to ask how they motivate the insect, third is to wonder what personal use they may be to him. However any teachings of true wisdom can withstand such blatant inquiry and indeed must surrender to this mode of investigation. If the consciousness can no longer grasp immediately the beauty and reality of any given truth, then rather than allow souls to go hungry, small portions, digestible portions, shall be laid before them to pick from.

The path of attainment therefore requires serious study, careful application. Truths understood are always self-evident. Folk are reasonable enough by nature to acknowledge this. Analysis is as creative as any sculpture: chipping here, chipping there. With the right skill and amount of hours given over, certain success will follow.

It is quite mistaken to believe that Spiritual Science has no place in the modern world - it is very much the modern world. All that springs forth, from the wonderful to the grotesque is born out of spiritual causes. They are answerable to the worldly conditions today. Any insight to be had is to be sought in parent realms, for reality is much more than we make of it (that is why it is called reality). No matter how confused and blind the intellect, the heart of man pulses and throbs with the Light, with the Blood of God.

With right application, right and proper motivation, right inquiry, all questions will be answered, doctrines written anew, truths experienced afresh in the modern world.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Questions & Answers- 26th June 1991

UPON returning home, during length and breadth of vast journeying back to the Father, one shall find the long lost brother. There are many prizes in development, but what greater prize than the insight into the heart of the world-family and the realization of the inextricable bonds conjoining one to one, all to all.

Such reality is never in truth denied. However, the inner quest belongs in the outer realms, as too the outer quest must be perceived with eyes visioning inwards.

The key to all quests must firstly and steadfastly be conducted through morality. Morality of itself unveils the spirit of the Father and therefore the spirit of Man. Never underestimate the moral path. The devilish concepts would deny the forthrightness of conscience and cringe from the attitude which savours work and eagerly answers all commissions. Such denials do inhibit that man who would otherwise come to know for himself his place in the world.

Deceptions of self demand that a man be so preoccupied that no time is spent for self reflection. However, those who would be liars or cheats do but waste themselves chasing false goals, which if ever realized, whip from the tail and turn upon their keeper without mercy, provoking much sorrow and hardship.

All men must continually ask of themselves: "For what purpose do I live?" Morality practiced, is a self-evident Truth. Do men really wish to excel their effectiveness? If so, there is only one road to travel. Do men continually hinge hopes on some future acquisition, material or in soul? And if so, to what purpose?

We must learn anew to pick up from childhood the talent of inquiry and right questioning. To question is to quest. As a would-be marksman with golden arrow springing from bow, pick up the arrows and keep trying. We must first pluck the arrows from our own heart and then send them forth.

"But how may one question if there is indeed no interest?" one may ask. And further on, "Why is there no interest?" As children we hold profound interest in the world, so much so that ten questions may blurt out in the space of a single minute. The questions well up and the child demands to be answered. Although sometimes they have great difficulty putting into actual words those questions that have much attention and urgency of moment. If an answer is offered by a grown-up child (an adult), it is rarely comprehended by the struggling and enthusiastic consciousness of the child. 

The answer may cease the question, but it does not lead to more questioning. Sometimes the adult may even encourage this and turn the child away, not understanding the importance of such questioning.

The child questions everything. Vocal or not, the child tests everything put before them in every way. This too the adult may feel bound to prohibit at the necessary times. There are years of inquiries being quashed. There are years later of explanations given that do not explain - and the result is that the spirit of a natural love of inquiry is almost extinguished within the consciousness of the growing individual. Doors seem continually to close as quickly as one approaches them. Slam, slam, slam!

There is no demerit in an adult further questioning and participating with the inquiry of a child. The child needs the freedom to form questions, which largely he can answer for himself - discovery in both the outer and inner worlds. Firm answers are too tightly structured for the growing consciousness: "It could be this", "It may be this" or "Perhaps", is a far gentler approach. For in reality the questions of children are so complex and far reaching that a single statement of answer, would never suffice to encompass the truth or reality of that which really is.

However, when the satisfaction in the constructing of a really good question has been denied by ridiculous answers day after day, year after year, it is small wonder that small children grow into uninspired large adults.

Adding to this sadly enough, is often the hollow replacement of what should have been moral guidance, achieved through implicit example on behalf of the adults. Stern to say, but does one ever consider the morality of competitive sports, and the attitude of competitiveness which follows through to every aspect in our criticisms and judgments of society's less fortunates? Education is based on a grading system, dividing one from another, rather than acknowledging knowledge and the merits thereby.

Disappointed and disorientated children grow with expectations of the same throughout adult life. And expectations usually are realized - self-prophecy of constant glibness.

So as adults there is much to re-learn, remembering that we, as our parents, do not hold complete answers in any field of thought. Answers are illusive. Firstly, we must regain our talents of inquiry. Ask and keep asking regardless of answer, as true answers lead on to more questions and never satisfy of themselves.

True study requires observation and the accumulation of concepts which build and fill the puzzles of complex realities. The hard and fast answer does not lend to consideration or study, rather it gags the mouth of the inquirer and ties the thought into knots of meaningless threads. Unravel the knots and begin again.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Scale of the Seven Fiery Elements- 25th June 1991

 THERE are seven sacred ethers, dependent upon the seven fiery elements that permeate such ethers. Qualities of substrata, electro-plasma, bio-radiation, shaktiput, quasi-radiation, kama-losta (subdivine), and divinity- seven fiery elements so named today.

It is apparent upon the withdrawal (or more precisely the forcing out) of one or more element, that one encounters paralysis in the physical constitution. Such ethers run in currents, much alike to the blood and water that permeates the physical body. In fact both blood and water contained, carry the seven etherical fluids. 

There is a fractionalisation that occurs, as with the force that pulls the crystal into form. However, crystals and man turn to rigid structure - obstinate, immovable, unnegotiable - when one or more is removed from its freely flowing state.

A septenary man is a whole man. A man may function as a sexenary man who cannot move new thought. The desires may freeze and one or more of the sensory perceptors may be locked, denied and subsequently become useless. The limb system or the nervous system may settle down into quiescence from chaos and become paralytic.

The etheric body itself may be interrupted by extraneous stresses, such as poisons and physical conflict (accident and violence). The man's astral body may set about devouring the etheric vitalities, sapping the lower of the fiery elements, whereupon astral mutations occur leaving the original form of the man hideously altered into that which has over extended in some aspects and withered in others.
Arthritic conditions that freeze the joints and deter free movement are a crystalline condition that is without the fiery element, necessary to ensure the fluidic movement in those regions- usually an overdrive of astral activity, interrupting the balanced circulation.

One rarely sees a Downs Syndrome child who has not the plasticity in the limb system the finest gymnast would surely envy. The balance and direction of these fluidic ethers have been mostly determined in the formative years and then later on the individual may or may not alter such flows. Of course, the unfortunate imbecile is born limp and without control. But this is not of the same cause. It pertains rather to the relationship of the will as a directive, and usually malformed organs (in astral makeover), which deny certain etheric vitalities to circulate.

The seven fiery elements pertain to the spectrum, the virtues, the seven Angels of inspiration, and the seven essential forms. (Combined we have a white, divine sphere! Joke.)

As said before, the ethers carry as a vehicle the embodied elements, and the etheric vitalities of themselves become apparent in warmer climates, as opposed to freezing cold. (Remember the tropical fish are of the warm waters, by the way.) Such colors as representing the fiery aspects of fiery elements are, as before stated, more apparent in warmer regions. Physically speaking, the mobility and frequency and potency of such etheric forces (of the first three) are utilized more compatibly in the human constitution in such warmer climates. When the sickly or the elderly seek out the warmer regions for respite, it is with intuitive desire for such warmth, in order that the three lower etheric vitalities may move around the system freely.

In such cases (overstimulation of the two higher above) the three lower may lead to corruption of the wanting physical system. Of course, if the seventh has been severed from use, certain death ensues. The constitution becomes as a ball of string set to unravel and is no longer motivated to be contained.

Fiery passions ignite the astrality and stress the flow of lower or higher ethers which do not pertain to the lower passions. This, as with any other stimulant, is detrimental to the sickly constitution. Physical warmth, personal warmth and soul warmth, is vital to the interaction and expression of the etheric fluids that invite the fiery elements to run their course. Neither extremes of heat or cold will set perfect conditions, although for a time can be endured and at best respark certain activity.

Music speaks to us of the arrangement of the seven fiery elements. Here we have a profound effect upon the constitution of the listener. Radical remedies are to be left to the specialist, and are rarely better than short-term. However, the qualities and effects that music brings to the ethers, is as a complex weaving with enchanting grace of perplexing creativity.

One may call upon the fiery elements and promote such effect, through the correctly pitched note/s. This was a sublime gift given to Man - as yet, for the main, unrealized in attribute. There are many unrecognized gifts awaiting Man's attention and music is certainly one of the best. The effects may enter into the constitution and flow around in a way that no tonic or fragrance can benefit. If the morally corrupt were played the appropriate sequence (resounding heavenly choir), they could not but be moved to tears of remorse and gratitude. The depressed, and indeed any form of paralytic malady, can be moved on out of such a condition by the gentle force and curative qualities of that music which carries in its very substance, the seven fiery elements.

So through this divine medium man may enjoy bathing in ethers which revivify his physical wellbeing, and infill his personality with lofty inspiration. Speaking too of the divine: circulating freely through the veins, expiring through perspiration.

The key to cold fusion is that of the correct notation. The disasters of radiation are the unheard pitch. The ballerina could not perform without her music. Sound imposes etherically. It is the sequence, and rhythm that conjures the pertinent influence.

Inspiration and health are to be supped from the elixir of life – music, music which calls forth the fiery elements into the ether and to Man.

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