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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Space, & Memory Impressions- 23rd August 1993

THE question as to the convolutions of space and the perceived sphere, has good value for the consideration of perception and its relationship to actuality; and furthermore, complementary accentuates within actuality. The question was: When globes appear as rounded spheres is it because they are as they appear, or is it because the distance between contorts all mass as an elliptical horizon?

Plainly we may answer, that there are a variety of realities for any given spirit manifested - numerous expressions concurrently being. The planet, this planet, is an enspirited identity who is clothed in a mass which is more fluid overall than it appears. It is not however, her only expression; whilst also, on higher levels related to her 'body', we find that the orb is extended, leaving the surface as we know it, to be at the heart, in the center, of the greater globe.

The argument which suggests contortions in/of space may be set to anything, is in that sense, irrelevant. For truly things are not as they appear; however how they appear on the face of it, rests on many factors, all of which play their part in making them appear so. Do you get it? Nothing is what it seems!

The talismanic properties bestowed within the impressionable article are to be valued and discerned where possible, particularly with those things which are 'attached' to our persons. It has been advised (and we shall remind) of the importance of shedding one’s street clothes when home, in preference for those which remain in the house and only worn amongst those that you may feel entirely at ease with. For emanations, as with odor, are lasting and contaminating; especially to those sensitive individuals who are embattled in daily resisting, aware and uncomfortable with impinging influences.

It is not necessary to make a fetish out of the practices of cleanliness, we are rather reminded that quite often the source of debilitation may be very close to us and easily remedied. One would not happily wear the shoe that becomes ensheathed in dog droppings - nor should one go about the house in street clothes either. Also too, it becomes advisable to house the closet outside of the sleeping room, and those articles which maybe subtly impressed with undesirable permeations.

Men are just beginning to realize something of the wonderful properties various emanations may give over. Intangibly and profoundly, there are grades of etheric radiances which emanate from all things living, imparting characteristics of those forces particular to them and of their formation.

Just to be near a fruit may offer a man, by emanation, by etheric radiance, an influence according to the nature and substance of that fruit. Thus the bowl of fruit and of course, the flowers to be given to the ill or infirm, in particular. Whether the fruit is eaten and digested may not be the point at all, it is of great benefit just having such liveliness in close proximity to he or she to whom it is given.

Added to this there is beginning to be a concerned awareness of radiations emitted and other such arrays of contaminants as do seep and bleed from artificial resins. If this is to be comprehended in part, then it is possible for men to regard every article before them, respecting that all substance holds memory and continually releases from it that which it knows. (This goes for ghosts also: disenspirited shells, the kind that recap the old stories over and over.)

Matter needs have provision for memory, for it is memory that binds the matter to its original form. The lesser aspect of this law is that the material concerned shall always be a little impressionable, so that the substance receives and imparts qualities as it does know, as exposed to from a radius commensurate to its own aura of emanation.

There has been much talk of 'cleansing' material - viz. the heirloom jewelry - in the instance of there being such unwelcome radiations, perhaps not even of the former person, but rather of their circumstances. This cleansing may be effected by exposing the article to days and weeks of sunlight, whereby its memory will not be totally erased, but rather significantly quietened from a point of view of emitting the said influences.

Conversely, there have been articles of supreme significance, venerated because of their associated histories; and marvelous songs they sing as actual testimonies, as banks of especial memory, imparting.

We collect and gather mementos by way of surrounding ourselves with memories. In this sense the ego of an individual may well identify with all of that which he has taken to possess, because he begins to interpret his being by way of the object's impression of him and the circumstances of which it did come to him. Havingness is rooted in beinglessness, that our aspects of self are apportioned to those belongings we seek to identify with.

Certain symbols belong to a family of memory: that which brought that symbol together in the first place, and too in sympathetic connection to its identical representatives. There becomes a definite code within each one, and the simpler the diagram, the more powerful, potent and pronounced the inherent characteristic-property will be.

Returning to the subject of jewelry: gems have a memory which actually recalls that time when lesser Gods would stride the Earth and deity called them into a fire of evolution, fusing the elements they were born from with aspects of a realized divinity. The 'sleepers', these precious stones, are a living tribute to matter which has been so touched by divinity. Not only as representative, not by look-alike, but in being the crystal kingdom, has redeemed all minerals, by example of living coherent perfection. The minerals of this planet are harvested from a multitude of differing fields, some have been brought in from the farthest corner, aloft a wayward meteor, some/most are received sympathetically from sister stations related to the constituent directly.

Then there is that material of which we have long carried with us from a former globe, impervious to change, too stubborn to disseminate: the 'either-ores' as affectionately termed. (Salts.)

All of these related minerals are prone to consolidation unto their own and are given to argument with one another, having specific tendencies and natures very individual to their families. Islands and ravines, shafts, notches, plateaus and veins - the minerals would choose to be separate were it not for Man and God. When Man forges the uncompliant mineral to associate within an alloy and bring its particular strength into that bonded fusion, he is outwardly effecting what God has detailed within, remarkably. And it was by the advancement of the crystals that this was to be achieved within the physiology of Man.

We may offend our inner ecology if we attempt to introduce deluges of unrefined mineral. The animals do not share our difficulties in this, it is quite possible for a dog to ingest much lead, for example, and excrete it without undue absorption or argument within. However a man has a system attuned to soul and sensibility which affords much more subtle activity to house everything which is conductive to becoming a man. A dog will not draw upon similar needs and because his constitution is incapable of scrutiny with definition, he shall happily pass the same material that may poison or waylay a man at any stage of consumption or exposure.

Eventually men shall acquire the abilities necessary to be able to discriminate substances before ingesting them, and this may apply not only to mineral constituent and its variety but also to affectation. For we may resume upon the line of thought which began with memory-emanations- such is the same for foodstuffs, particularly those which are altered in preparation, in cooking. The hand of the chef and his emanations - his aspects as pronounced at the time of the actual preparation - shall make a discernible difference to the meal consumed.

Thus too, we make impact upon the world at large and are ever reminded that exactly what we exhibit becomes permanent testimony to what we have been. Therefore we must pray to live graciously and offend as little as possible, and give out exactly what we should like to become and be given.


Friday, April 23, 2010

The Physicality of the Elder Brothers- 13th August 1993

THERE are two types of entities: invasive and evasive - we have been known to be extraordinarily evasive as the situation would suit. There can be no man, unless he be equal to us, that may demand or compel issue, which for reasons private, we wish to contain.

Dear souls, we all must share those crude awakenings that make known to us a measure of our ignorance. Truly, we do not know all of that we do not know - we cannot - and discovery of certain ignorances becomes an illuminating surprise, eventually. We are taught to question, to search and be also moderately patient for outcome.

If these words before you, were presented in a tongue foreign to any known language of the world today - but, it being our first language, closest and most accurate to this construct - would you be better acquainted? This planet is very old indeed and there need not be an 'alien lingo' for us to recall the 'unpronounceables': a dialect from men, by men. (And no, not even the expressive tongue you imagine, incorrectly; for it was not the quality of the words which invoked the picture-experience-meanings, but moreso the natural clairvoyance on behalf of the men at that time.) The point here being, there must be a place where we can meet, in minds, as fellow student to lesser pupil; and there are two ways in: devotion and pure reasoning. 

Is it possible for you to 'know' something distinct to your comprehension as found by experience? Can the subject know the life of his king, or only of those similarities so shared between them? The mother-lark may not appreciate the concerns of the mother-wren; nor even (to stretch a point) those of a mother-fox. How best can we then inform you upon idiosyncrasies which may not translate and therefore be understood as are, in truth, in relation to ourselves?...........

It is predicted that the entire range of matter of which comprises this Globe shall be so significantly and effectively altered that the physical substance itself shall be as 'resurrected'. Having said that, such changes, catalytic changes, have entered into the physical realm already - i.e. by the Body of Christ having been made flesh and spilling/seeding into the very ground. From this internal catalyst there shall be the reformation of the physical world in its relation to the manifestation of Spirit. It shall have dominion over the influences of death and be repulsive to chaos indefinitely. By such time - and we are speaking of the far future - there becomes an outpost of true paradise as credit to Christ and His Glorious Humanity.
When answering the curious, who have asked you of us, you might say:
"We do not enter into the deep mysteries lightly. We do not make jest of, we do not dismiss the most wondrous possibilities. We have learnt the value of meaningful consideration and attempt continuously to put real effort into gaining certain truths.
"The mystery schools never promised open-house learning, whereupon any man or woman was given the keys to the vault simply, easily and meritless; and in this respect, nothing has changed - you are free to be a fool as long as you choose to be a fool - and we will not be compromised.
"Therefore, in first respect to one's teacher, we shall try to digest that which is put before us and go on from there."
False promises to overeager students are as dangerous as they are disappointing; and undigested truths are worthless. Would it be correct to make comment that the full weight of this material today would not have been credibly comprehended by you two years before? From this you may reflect that much will come in time, which shall be more pertinent and lasting, when needed.

We may not in the near-future give you ourselves, but we may effect 'signs' which may delight and bring cheer. Be watchful. Be ready for change. Do not forget your heart, especially in pressing matters. You are accountable to yourselves before us, completely and always.

-the Brothers

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Move Swiftly & Decisively- 3rd August 1993

IT need not be a compromise to the gentle approach for one to be prompt and poignant amidst the sea of static indecision. One may be composed, and therefore restrained to a point where they are neither wasteful nor embarguous [from 'embargo' -Ed.], whilst also so composed, that they may direct all attentions accurately, focus intently, adhere to activity purposefully and acknowledge a recommended path to follow.

We may leave much to Heaven to decide for ourselves - verily and indeed, we are obliged to do just that without remission. Also we are periodically entrusted with our own fate to create and to affect such destinies for others also; whether carelessly or with absolute effort.

When the time requires assertive and powerful action, it is a response to an opportunity presented before one which may be of their choosing to grasp and maintain, or let slide into nothingness, absolution and resolution. All of our training, all of our praying, all of our contemplating, all of our deliberating, all of our testing and all of our weighing, shall contribute to that moment of mighty decision when a choice is put before us.

A 'heart' evaluation does not always come to a man easily. Today we shall review why this is the case, for most certainly it is relevant. It portends to the first question of Man's greatest upset, that he does not know himself well enough to be the lofty soul in actuality. Were that all men lived, loved and worked heart first, then there would be no disagreement of perspective or goal in the larger and lesser communities.

When we confer with ourselves we are often persuaded by recollections of associative situations - as well we might, as useful a gauge these recollections are, however we cannot completely draw from our experience of the past to fully make measure of a present situation.

As we stand to greet the events which demand of us, we are to appreciate they are fresh and new, and it is best not to view them with a mentality of sameness. Droll thinking expires life - it can actually disfigure and corrupt the vibrant thought-activity which abounds our immediate locality. An inept man who half-heartedly meets the day, brings certain desolation to himself and those around him.

Consider, contrary to this, the disposition of the imbecile who is overcome with joy anew for every single happiness, every wonderment. He has not the contempt of familiarity, he does not hold the presumptions which disappoint, he is taken with as much happiness where possible and gives to the world from this very jubilation. His soul has actually more of a connection, than a man who maintains the properties of intellect and rationalization. However the imbecile has relinquished much by way of self-determining his fate. For the lifetime in which he rests there can be little or no dynamic interaction and his gateway of experience shall be of a harvest more equivalent to that of a child's.

When a child enters into Heaven they do so with extreme peace and happiness. The review of actions passed and to be accounted for, the appeasing of personal demons and ghosts, the follies and the insolentries, the sorrows and the hatreds - these are not applicable to a child whose term is incomplete. He comes to Heaven much as he left it, returning with only happy reminiscences of all the wonders which comprise a life. If there has been grievous or painful occurrence, and their little history has been marred with unhappinesses, they shall not take them with them after death, as such trials at an early age are not incorporated into the being which is abjectly reliant on care.

This leads in to an interesting arena of thought where there is much debate. Many grown men and women have 'drawn out' into their consciousness grievances relating to their childhood (prior to the age of 7-10) and experienced such sorrows as an adult because of the grief exhumed. Now because it is that the recollection - which may or may not be accurate in the clairvoyant recall - has been summoned, it comes not to the child, who is separate and innocent to its qualities, but rather now to the adult who is responsive and interactive in a fully conscious participation. This brings the 'problem' as it were, into the immediate present - when we suggest, there was not a problem to be had before. The practice therefore, of inciting traumas and griefs from an adult who would not otherwise acknowledge them, is questionable. However, memories which relate to a child who is passed the age of seven (or ten, depending) may carry with them implications in future behavior.

So we are led to ask, how marked are we by our experiences of the past? And furthermore, to what good purpose?

Decidedly, we draw upon experience and incorporate it in our being for better or for worse. It is, as they say, all we have. It is not enough to borrow said recollections. We cannot incorporate another's knowledge or wisdom into our own being as it is with their signature alone. We are obliged to earn every speck as though it be a granule of gold. Equally we may not impart our wisdom lastingly upon another, unless they receive it willingly and experience it for their own; whilst also there shall be a little of our own being marking that very insight or teaching thus shared. It is the way. This makes for a very personal exchange comprising the integrated sphere of larger comprehension.

We are fixed in location in relation to our shared understandings. We are levied and proportioned according to our net value in being. We are further committed and expanded by inner development which pushes us as from the inside out. Our merit, our worth, is dependent upon the richness of soul-activity claimed knowingly. If we are impartial to the world or to a thought, it is impartial to us.

If we evoke certain memories to coincide with present-day occurrences or projections, it is preferable to realize where we can, that the past does not mean to mislead us - it is true to its own. However we must necessarily distinguish and discern those differing aspects which do separate that which was from that which is, or that which may be.

Here is the tool for a fuller consideration: active comparison. It means that we are not content to simply make a primary association, that we are prepared to extend the review thoroughly by advancing our recollection in comparison with the presenting facts before us, and finding the points, fine though they be, that do not match. Then when account is made as best can, we may refer firstly to our immediate motivating sympathy.

The heart is always cautious to judge and quick to embrace. Men seek rapport naturally, and flinch from dissension instinctively. The fact that we are quick to fear or even quicker to retaliate is usually because of a mismatched association which lends itself to said experience.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Old Man Time- 31st July 1993

IF one should come to the equatorial bracelet and so measure those locations, they could arrive at the conclusion that a greater conductivity mobilizes there, a band of greater activity involving the instreaming possibilities for change. Should you spill a dye in the center of a spinning disk it will work its way to the circumference, making greater effect the further out it reaches. The propensity for change in relation to a warmer climate, is heralded through magnetic pathways in thunderous activity - the snap and sparkle of an electrical storm, the arena for the beginning battle which only 'change' does bring.

'Newness', abstract newness, is very much taken for granted as always having been as an allowance, as a right, as a prevailing condition. This in itself is not so, because there are in fact episodes within the ages of Man where there are no possibilities afforded for change whatsoever - it is as the planet has paused with a momentary sigh and closed herself off from any further intake.

'Newness' brings stresses and strains to all who front the unknown dragon, who is to be regarded as both infinitely wise and infinitely unpredictable - of course. That such an element is housed and made provision for, is quite remarkable. Newness may only be effected where change has entered in and preceded it. Without the two, men and for that matter all previous cycles, all kingdoms etc., would be confined to those planes of activity as entered upon, without release.

Old Man Time has crept through and stalked the imagery in men's imaginations e’er since self-conscious recollection (this may sound as an obvious statement, but not so). Old Man Time does not present as but a ghost of the past, but moreover as the living past calling to men to acknowledge all that he is and has encompassed. Picture if you will, the keeper of the cycles, the cyclic law balanced and perfect, the treasures of ingenuity struck, and the solemn sacred wisdoms as found only by Man and his manly interpretation thereof. He is not only as a compounded spirit - i.e. the pneumata of Humanity - he is living time embodied, but from our past. Upon his girdle do hang the keys of great learning, bringing with him the sum total of Man's former expression. He is a grand soul and may actually be met with - yes, actually.

He does not, as one might imagine, embattle himself with change or its outfall. This is not the domain of 'time past' who stands aloft from the ongoing actualities. The world beats one beat faster than his involvement; Old Time stands out of time with the current time and all it is.

Here is something of a hint as to the glimpses of precognition, whereupon the future is advanced as one beat ahead to the present. However precognition offers the vision of spiritual design awaiting - not yet born into being - therefore not as representative of what has to befall, only living in semi-tangible realms of impending likelihood, if that. Those who witness such dreams and fancies as do spiral the atmosphere are often irreparably alarmed. The measure of 'change' as is the theme to such floating possibilities is over-clear, and to men's perception, equal to disaster.

That which breaks into or away, tears apart, dissolves, destroys, contaminates, condemns in order to make for new order, is when experienced, unsettling to say the least. This 'Kali' influence is both welcomed and shunned by an ever fumbling Humanity, who in some sense stands upon the wave-washed rocks, slippery as they are, balancing afore the next wall of water rises to greet them. No one need be told though, of how the grace of change may also bring release and such sweet offerings to men who would otherwise be imprisoned without freedom.

So these impulses work and weave their way throughout the globe, being ever more predominant in some aspects and expressions where they may make entrance - more so than others. Each man too, is as a miniature globe and has a field to which he may enforce, that may for a time repel change. There was a tale given of a portrait, a self-portrait, that aged and changed whilst the painter remained untouched by time, and at the end it caught up with him all at once, and he could not forestall the changes which time would bring, any longer. [Dorian Grey]

We are answerable to laws which may be propositioned briefly, however all of us must necessarily conform to equal requirements. It is always for the good of ourselves that this be so, for the higher wisdom delegates such impulses and eventualities with supreme foreknowledge which complements the infant Man. Overall there is not one way chaos and subsequent change may intervene where uninvited. It simply is not so.

As stipulated before, there are actual periods whereupon the planet takes rest and runs, as it were, on 'automatic pilot'. It is a recovery time which fortifies the fields and 'reforms' the general substrata ecology. Historically these times present as being completely uneventful, and there are miniature periods of these also. The outstanding souls who ordinarily are drawn into the world for the times of great change are deferred and the gross population is allowed a little 'catch up' time; usually with a very peaceful incarnation equally as uneventful, but completely restorative.

This is to good purpose also, because there becomes a re-association with the globe, of happy times, in such times of peace. When men picture paradise or heaven on Earth, it is often with the richly imbued recollections of these periods they have known as fondest reincarnations, overall.

Yes you are correct, the old world does perpetuate and remain - the stamping ground of Old Man Time - sheltered and innocent to change- faerieland being the etheric world which cohabits within the physical realm, held back one beat behind the challenges of an evolving evolution, two beats behind what might have been chaos and subsequent change.

There are many beings who await at the gates in blissful ignorance of how the precious token of frozen time will dissolve away one day, releasing them yes, to advance and to become, at the expenditure of that dream which at present perpetuates in mysterious surprise.

Thus will then be also, the death of Old Man Time, when even he shall be overburdened by age... such old age that revivifies only with change and rebirth.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Early Death- 23rd July 1993

QUITE often the quality of soul-life and soul-expression may blaze intensely in those men who have predetermined an early departure. In some cultures, death to the very young or very pure is an indication that God is so satisfied they need not remain, but rather become as picture-perfect, loved and embraced by Heaven; even though those who remain do mourn their departure bitterly.

After death the sufferance of men differs by degrees extraordinarily. All souls shall come to paradise and sweet respite, all men will glean from their soul's experience and know of its delight whilst called into earthly interaction; and the manner of which the earthly link was severed will determine much for their future, as well as their immediate experience.

Firstly one must acknowledge that we have all 'passed through the portals' very speedily at one time or another, at various durations of age, and there is probably not one form of decapitation or tragedy that we haven't personally encountered. It is or has been, a fact of earthly life - particularly in those times whereupon the consciousness of man perceived the spiritual worlds through but a very thin veil, and knew no mortal fear.

However our natural abhorrence to violent insult goes further than good instinct for self-preservation, it does indeed reach deeply into our promise of continuance, and that Will - both ours and the Divine Will - which drives us into the world in the gathering of earthly re-embodiment.

Suicide, above all other forms of death, has to be the most horrendous. For it is the sacrifice and defeat, whereupon the soul has conflict with the immobilized self-consciousness, and the man in hatefulness to the world and to his higher-being seeks annihilation to such argument. There are beings which feed on and encourage such events; veritable demons who would separate a man from his soul and endeavor to devour both. If there is any doubt as to men becoming truly pitiable at times, view a would-be suicide where life itself is rebuked and spat upon, and the wretchedness of a belittled man has overcome his dignity.

Returning to the question at hand: it has often been found that if one were to view the remains of the deceased of one who had died as a result of an accident, and was known to be an individual of great merit, quite often such remains prove to hold physical organs of which, there is a marked dysfunction. Not always does this occur, but as a point of interest it can even be said that the man in question appeared healthy and strong of constitution, however may well have been so afflicted that fatality was imminent. We mention this for one of two reasons:

There can be many episodes and opportunities presented to us during the course of our life where we may desist from living, should we choose to do so. Whilst we continue on, we have by the Grace of God and His loving troop of caretakers, averted much malady, defied death constantly. We defy death by living; also too and more obviously, we are placed within fractions - the whole world is held in place that we continue day to day. Many, many accidents are quite possible but avoided, vanquished by the timing, foresight and promptings of beings who act to counter-force the distresses of chaos and violence.

As specified before, the nature of our death is of importance to the gathered experience distilled by the soul after the fact. Should a man die with his body intact and be permitted to loosen himself, dissolving the bonds in time necessary, then as with an uncomplicated birth he may work his way through the various procedures, before becoming free to go on.

Should he however, be so separated from his physical body and the body become corrupted all of a sudden, he is greatly hindered in the gleaning. In the case of lingering illness the absorption is taking place whilst alive, i.e. the merits of the developed depositories are becoming as intake all the while, as the slow departure requires.

For what is in the body you might ask. One cannot distinguish that which is of a man, so belonged by him and intimately used by him, and then separate it as though the two (in this case the physical body and the soul) cease relevance or connection. In death one withdraws, but during the process the individual seeks to depart with all that is his, so to speak, leaving no remnants behind. The physical body is saturated by such impressions of individuality as borne within by the man himself.

Also, the subtle counterparts require their distillation too: every single portion of our body/bodies holds gathered expression and experience which is of us, ourselves, and after death we endeavor to translate such stored experience and expression and absorb it into the very fabric of our being.

It can be that there are parts of a man's constitution which are uncompliant to his individual markings. For example: the kidneys do not serve him; they do not hold a complete sympathy to him. Whilst there can be many reasons for this, the result is that (in the case of a 'good man') the fact that he cannot dissolve certain parts of his body accurately - for reasons of an accident - may prove that he should not have been able to do so at any rate, nor should he choose to, and thus the accident. For the body would not receive his intimations and became separate in function.

In the instance of transplant, this too will occur, especially because of the signature pre-existing, with a separate individuality blocking/resisting the subtle interaction of another. Whilst the two are alive the organ will continue to receive from the temperament and expression of its owner and cohabit aggressively in the community which it has been placed for a time.

In the instance of the donor being deceased, then there shall be persuasions for dissolution becoming provoked, as the rightful owner is constantly drawn to his organ which is still vitality-infused. Therefore the recipient is somewhat responsible for the soul, being as earthbound awaiting to depart with certain characteristics he has deposited within the physicality and astral bounds.

In the case of semen as distributed from one to another, one may gauge that the substance is not only vitality imbued, but also in emanation extremely linked to association of its owner - a subject we may expound upon at a further date.

However, the point of the physically violent death can and does imply that a man is inhibited from completely enveloping that which was his, as physically and astrally impressed. It does not mean that the life amounted to naught, nor is he severed from recollections of actualities and soul-impressions. It does mean that there is a shock which may or may not cause grief to the man so rapidly flung and divorced from his body.

In the instance of a malevolent man who is grossly connected to the desires which provoke catastrophe, he is to endure quite rapidly much of what he gave out into the ethers. Having lived so divorced from intimations of heart and soul, he, as an ego-consciousness, may well grieve heavily for that body and the world which hid him well. There is something of a blessing perhaps that he does not have to manage all of his vileness - it is as unfurled into the world unfortunately. Yet commensurate development is also therefore denied to him, and in subsequent lifetimes he will be presented with exactly the same circumstances that he may pick up from where he left off and re-gather the experience he requires. There is more than likely to be a lesser period between re-embodiment also.

For the soul who has suffered a violent death because of evil intent and act, there is a great impact of suffering, most sadly for them and for the world. They are, after the event, provided for and so sustained, that the memory is all but gone and the assault and the maliciousness spent at the time of the death is so understood that it can be forgiven. No death which is maliciously contrived and executed is preordained by fate or karma.

In the case of death by accident we find that the soul/consciousness slips out from the cadaver, usually in innocent happiness and curiosity. Many times there have been indicating preparations on behalf of these individuals aforehand, and it must be understood that it is not that they choose death before life and all that they love in life, but that they are nonetheless peaceful as regards the 'stepping out' eventuating.

Remember too, that the soul knows of continuity and does not view death with finality as regards relationships and strivings. All that we hold dear to us goes on, continues on, and survives the physical death, literally! In time we resume, and should we feel that we miss something or someone, then by the power of the desire, we are returned and so united. We may be fearful that such desires will dissolve and memories be lost out of time, and it is true that we may savor a little differently, and the accent of importance may change, but the memories of what has been are vivid and fresh to the soul and are a great gift of life indeed. Old friends constantly reunite. Distance and space, even region, do count for nothing when there is mutual empathy.

How can one measure a lifetime? For those of us who remain, it is from heartbeat to heartbeat. The why/wherefores of an early death depend on deep knowledge of that soul who has thus determined. We must not despise him for it. He himself may have planned many great enterprises and be well disappointed that he could not execute such vision. All good men die too young. The world needs them all, and unobligingly submits them to the Heaven they deserve.

We may be sure, that for a man who has lived well and perceived the world with the strength and guidance of his heart, he is very, very much at home after death. For such a soul, they may be required a hastened return (such as in two hundred years perhaps) and yet, nonetheless shall at times be intent on all that concerned them whilst alive. For whilst that which held their love, still bearing their love, remains on the Earth, they shall be so bound and present, consciously interacting - particularly when called upon.

The soul's reasoning is good reasoning. The soul's preference may not adhere to the wants or logic that we hold, however, it knowing patience, faith and of spiritual cause, dictates its needs accordingly. For the soul holds patience knowing that all desires shall be returned, fulfilled. For the soul has faith that the promise of continual and everlasting life is possible. The soul perceives spiritual causality, loving the world for what it is and redeeming the world by spirit.

No greater friend has he that will remember him,
and pray for him from the shores of this world to the afterlife.
And he shall know it - he who has gone - and shall be glad.

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