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Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Heart & Zodiacal Fields- 7th May 1993

We have a query about the heart and its twelve lotus petals and their relation to the twelve Apostles. Also, there is a sixfold path of development given by Rudolf Steiner in relation to six of the lotus petals - namely: 1. Thinking 2.Will 3. Positive Attitude 4. Equilibrium
5. Open-mindedness 6. Harmony.

Could you please comment?

AS aforementioned, it is by way of the heart that a soul may connect with the world, that the unfolding of all expression pertaining to the true life of the soul enspirited, is heart inclined. In this sense we may separate the parent and the child within the form/expression of Man. 

For example: the mind may indeed work independently of the heart, but that we have a mind at all is reliant upon the heart firstly, for the soul itself ordains the active body which in turn is responsive to the soul's directives. Therefore those qualities which are essential to the characteristic physical expressions, must necessarily unravel from capabilities the soul itself knows to dictate. 

The heart - esoterically speaking of course - is the primal body of a man, of which the rest of a collection of forms adheres to. Men are indeed walking hearts! (Thus the pictures of the hearts flying, with wings attached.)

In the embryo-man the first seed of manifestation sits in the heart. The first form, before the shell, before all other, is the heart. Later on when the form becomes complete, there are many bodies within bodies which may do as they know, and behave independently of soul for a time, before dissolution. However, the parent force of life inspired comes firstly through those regions of the heart, equipped to bear example of future expressions intended.

There are centers of focus within the body which may be made active depending upon the conduct of a man, and to what he places his vitality into. These centers may shift activity, may be deleterious or healthful, depending upon the direct resonance in relation to the heart itself.

One must ask, what is the point of living if the soul is to be denied the life. In other words, so much activity which works within a man may frustrate or thwart a soul from actually making its way into the expression and comprehension of the world. The heart has been closed as it were, like a shunt, and the body takes to it the ghoulish aspects of pretence pretending to be an example of divinity, behaving on levels which are only satisfying to it, rather than God.

It is all very well to nourish oneself, and marvelous also to relish a taste and know satisfaction; these experiences of themselves are good and intended, being neither injurious or sinful as indulgences. However, there can be no true nourishment from the food or the experience if at the time of consumption/assimilation, the heart is as separate to the activity. Food will become as poison, function will begin argument and 'life' will eventually overrun the constitution. For the heart must lead all phases of being. This is intended literally, to be understood that there is much sense in poetry which has been telling Man for years of the importance owed to being faithful to one's soul.

We may begin divining life anew. We can turn back our concentration and our efforts into those valves, those depositories, of divine inclination. The parent example, the great master, one's 'higher self', does manifest in the wisdom of the soul - on the other side of the heart itself. It is not, moreover, that we are duty bound to acknowledge this, rather we are life bound.

It can be said, needs be said also, that certain death forces which are invited into the constitution deny the heart intolerably. Remember again that we have maintained that the body or the mind, the belly or the genitals for that matter, may actually conduct activities separately for a time, discordant to both heart and soul.

There is a point upon which men have suggested that beverages which alter their thinking processes and make slack their muscle system can be useful in connecting them to the world- that by surrendering to the will of the ferment, they shall be enlightened or enlivened beneficially. This cannot be so, for it is a process of excluding the man from the man - it is an experience of disincarnating and playing with death, to become intoxicated to the point of stupidity. To imply the release of the heart is but the fool-utterings coming from the nature of the insolentrial ferment in the first place.

There is much that we do which is injurious to our being and it is not expected that a man should come all at once to an understanding of perfection. However where possible we endeavor to cross the 't's and dot the 'i's that one may in due course, decide for themselves with full knowledge of the way to betterment. Severity in the extreme is never helpful either. Mainly because it may never be maintained - severity by nature is short-lived. It is a contrast, quick and mean. We hope that men may ease their way toward those conjunctions of the heart, that by proof within, shall contest such things as 'proof' from without.

Returning to the question: All that we are, everything we have, is as 'on loan'. We had not the ability to draw upon the know-how or the substance to create or build upon ourselves. Existence, existing, is intrinsic to our being, but the actual means of description has been afforded us by the One who is prototypical to us.

Small wonder that Christ is confusing, configuring in all that He is. One can actually meet Him however, and in the simplest of meeting His permeations become oh so evident. Perhaps one of the greater mysteries is that there is such a Face and an image of Man at all.

Our physical heart thumps in repetition to our spiritual pulse of our spiritual heart. The twelve vassals which permit the various expressions of being, become enlivened when the soul may become active in the world. When the thinking becomes 'right thinking' it is aligned with the heart, stimulated by the soul itself. When the will of a man drives his activity and does so in accordance with the will of the soul and its inclinations, then there is accordance and lively creativity flowing through. When a man rises to the perspective of the soul his heart will respond with a positive attitude which concurrently will emanate into the world and beyond. If he is to shelter from the persuasions of the world he may find a certain equilibrium which predicts continuance above all else - as this the soul knows. If a man is to come before the mysterious with open attitude, he is embracing the man before him, as his heart does embrace him, faults and all. Lower man is forever compensated for by the ever-loving heart. Shall a man understand harmony he shall perceive the congeniality of preciseness and the binding nature of love itself.

The six were so named because each principle has its inverted counterpart - the parent and child aspects, so to speak. One is qualified by divine impulse transmuted by the soul through the heart whilst the other pertains to the actual effort and realization of such on behalf of the man in the world. Thus six are regarded as entitlement, whilst six are actively developed in a man.

These characteristic/impulses are however, distinct from the zodiacal respondents transmuting through the physical regions of the astral body. The twelve Apostles are as sentries to particular aspects, which in their own way, may be exclusive to Man. This is why there is a particular area apportioned to the field of zodiacal influence - small and exact, relative to conditions marked for consideration now. There are fields 'without' those regions, in which completely varied radiances exist.

Christ gathered together the essential fields pertinent to our particular development. As positioned, there becomes a music which is particular to their starry placements. This music is an announcement of being, it is deciphered and responded to continually by our starry counterpart bodies which alter in relation to where we are fixed in the field. Imagine this illustration: I am descending to Earth for a further incarnation, I am passing through a favored region - one which I last came through in exit before. I am required to make a personal deposit before passing through, one which I shall recover again on the way back. This deposit is as the pebble left behind to mark the track.

Where I combine in the Cosmos I may easily return to and leave 'pebbles' dropped along the trek; throughout the many ventures. There are twelve distinct zodiacal fields. I may only pass through one aspect of one of these degrees on the way through. I am obliged to drop the pebble (metaphorically speaking) through the gate, and by doing such I am fixed in relation to the Zodiac thereafter. My predominant characteristics shall be firstly those which emanate the stronger in the field my 'pebble' is in. My perspective shall be centered from the mountain view of that particular fixation. Furthermore I shall come to those secondary influences which are nearest to me in relation to the Zodiac and the predominating aspects closer in.

My slide into the axis of the world will be allotted according to the mark of passage that I bear. For at all times that pebble of mine is still connected and apparent, and now registered within that field elected. The planets and the Sun, of course, hold their own marked effect upon the zodiacal fields, which then convertively respond to waves of influence impinging their regions.

The actual zodiacal fields are visually interpreted as one does come to varying landscapes, flowered and characteristic of extreme example. There are 'continents' of such - and experienced in essence and nature as very definite places. The terrain is actually enormous and there are positionings within degrees of any given zodiacal field. The 'pin-pricks' of light mark the divisionings ascribed to a formula which manifests similarly to surveyor's markings along the way.

Which only goes to prove that we can be in more than one place at the one time.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Twin Souls- 6th May 1993

Thy Kingdom come!
The Kingdom of the Principalities of the Divine Order of Heralding,
And Administering Archai, the Angeloi Magi;

To wit, the Law formers and the Law enforcers;
Obedient to the Emperor Overseer: one God,
One Chalice, one Order - dual natures.

THE divinities Angeloi are said to be male in aspect, true to the divisions - hermaphrodite also. They project into local and immediate concerns in which they are active. They are true to the masculine principle throughout, save that their natural partners do sleep- slumbering for vast notations of time, witness to their beloved's activity only in dream. They are inactive. 

The hermaphrodite holding an egg from Splendour Solis
It is the feminine Angeli which bless and conceal, and contain the infolding worlds when it is time for grand slumber - the quiescent period. It is they who then become as active guardians, as the cosmic waters freeze and all beings hibernate in soulful interlude. There then becomes a preparation for the further unfolding of the 'majesty of manifestation'.

It is true to say that each star is very much a living being who, if connected to in thought, knowingly perceives such recognition. How often our hearts may travel where naught else can venture! The mind would predict an absence of communication, but the heart verifies the joy of mutual meeting. Time and time again we suppress and silence the knowledge of the heart - our heart's counsel - for matters of will, for want or for thought which glaringly precludes the deeper stimulations.

Equally so, much talk is given over to the objectives of the Heart, and philosophised about with such intellectualizations that are of themselves, unresponsive. May we come to the purer understandings by open-heart activity! For the soul to penetrate into the world it must do so by way of the heart. No matter how illumined be the mind, how flexible the intellect, it may only communicate and strike true impressions by way of its gateway through to the world.

Lower emotions, desires and insecurities, are not relevant to the expression of the heart. They shall be as independent, unless there is a radiance of love. For it is contrary to the soul to labor after intangibles, i.e. those things which are intangible to it: those things for which we are moved to desire of the world, fear in the world, or cling to in the world. 

From a soul's perspective, there is but higher desire, higher expression; and at times and sadly, there are graver concerns. Our souls desire life, knowledge/experience, likeness to God, fulfillment (in relation, by relation), stimulation, objectivity, penetration, consolidation, comprehension, sympathetic buoyancy, communication and creativity. They do not so much as desire love, for indeed they are love in fiber and expression.

Yes, there is also a lower sheath off-cast that to some is representative of the soul, but that is not what we refer to. The soul is the I/eye of the ego. The ego may contain and reflect upon being, whilst however, the soul is the being which it does reflect upon.

The spirit is the agent of God. The spirit is actually quite invisible within its containment: like a dark patch, a core enveloped in a peculiar radiance. This 'dark spot' is in place of that which is there, but by connection only. It is unable to be penetrated by vision or by comprehension because of its ineffable linkage with God Himself, who is omnipresent, whilst not actually present as representing Himself as purely Himself. He is in the 'hidden chamber' as it were - as to the spirit, which is counterpart to Him.

The soul in relation to the spirit gives forth a rise to individuality, with one exception: that there are indeed two - as hinted at in the doctrines pertaining to twin souls and twin rays. This preceded any separation of the sexes, and as was precursor to split divisionings that followed - there had to be 'two of everything' that the soul comprehension should always hearken outside of itself. For the nature of one singular unit is containment, perfect containment. Whether self-conscious or slumbering, the soul of one would be so content as to cease its wonderings. The urges, the desires, spring from the activity of the twin. There is a prompting from without, albeit an intimate and inner provocation.

The ego-awareness became the sum total of experience encapsulated, whilst the core of the individuality is empowered to realize itself and project outwardly with definition. The soul of a man is impressionable but quite innocent. The ego-identity drives the soul and governs the choices, directing will and circumstance.

It is possible for the soul to be in conflict with the ego, particularly if the ego of one soul wishes to consume (not connect with) the ego of the twin. For the soul and soul - the twins - are in joy together. The egos of the twins are so advanced and made different by experience and such peculiarities of individuality that they need not necessarily conjoin, but rather have such freedoms that do enhance one another or deprive one another, depending - depending upon the overall status and development.

This is why men seek out their special love and wish for soul fulfillment; because of the reality of such bonds as are explicit with 'the other' to whom they are linked with. The experience is very, very rarely accurate in the finding, but rather similar enough to enable two souls to find companionship upon a level which showers the two in magnetic commune. Deep sympathies may be struck fortunately, without there need being a 'twin soul' for one to find, in order to know completeness in mutuality.

In the strict sense, the way of the twin's future is largely open-ended - or so we presume. It can be that independence is long-lasting, as the distinctions have become so marked and defined that the ways of men will lead them further out, rather than compelled to union inevitably. However and having said that, there is quite often the circumstance where there are shared insights; even recollections between the two individuals born of the same egg. It can be that with immense vividness and emotion that the scenes of a former life are recounted, whilst such memory recollections are those of the twin's experience, enwrapped in the makeover of his ego-sheath, right down to his body.

There are definite cycles whereupon one individual may influence another, and periods of 'good' health, 'good' fortune etc. when the two are in cooperation.

Simply put, it is quite enough to be mindful of one's closest relative from time to time, and indeed say a little prayer for their wellbeing. It is true that we are responsible for many influences into unseen realms upon dear and impressionable souls, one of whom will know of our impact most keenly…..and many, many others besides.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Of the Passage into Birth & Death

Dear Christ,
We are thankful for this time
In which we may come to You
In happy resonance,
In deep content,
In somber cause,
In the altitudes of Spirit.
And although we may savor
This quiet and cherished peace interred,
We know also of the windswept souls,
Who distracted by the mysteries and tragedies,
Are compelled within these dramas to resolve.

And so today we pray for those
Whose time it is to be born within the world,
And for their mothers
Surrendering them forth.

May they know the peace of a happy relief,
Wholesome and high spirited.
May they be prepared for their destinies as given.
Christ Bless them.

And also may we pray for those
Whose time it is to leave this world,
And for their beloved surrendering them forth -
May they come unto Heaven with a happy relief,
Wholesome and high spirited,
Well prepared for their destinies as given.
Christ Bless them also.


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Agility & Harmonious Conflict- 25th April 1993

Dear and Kindly Soul to whom all men do pledge their worth,
Come to us who are in servitude,
That we might be your hands and your feet, your heart and your mind,
Speak that you would speak.

Humble Master, let fretfulness not scorn Thee,
Though our disobedience must trouble Thee;
We crave your Grace, thy parcels of Divinity;
Though oft with sorrow, thy Beauty also. . . as is, in Godly measure.

SALUTATIONS to all good teachers of the World and her Humanity! To each enlightened spirit, who with fastidious and untiring employ is keen to revolutionize men to vibrant reform! Their testimony to fame is alive and displayed in good works as perpetuated. We, if we strive so, may become sincerely bonded with 'likeness' and intimate knowledge of the high spirits who selflessly work the Globe as needed, as called.

To offer oneself back to God is prerequisite for joining this effort, this party. It is to come to the knowledge that no matter how grand, how comprehensive our being may be, our ego dwells rightfully within the Ego of God. Pity those who do not know this true glory attributable to Him.

So often there are concerns that a 'man with a mission' who claims to be 'doing God's work' may be deluded in explaining his actions conveniently thus. Yet the point so often missed is that the man does willingly submit to God's Will; he does not become God on behalf of God, nor even representative.

I shall not go where the winds do take me,
Nor shall I follow the cunning or the fool:
I shall always be rooted right here in our God,
And knowingly strive to shape His Directions;
And then, I will go where the winds do take me,
And gladly heed counsel,
From the cunning and the fool.

A bit Zen? Not really. To the Zen it need not be said.

We owe much to the striving souls who have gone before us. At times we are awash with a compelling gratitude, from which springs pure service.

Verily the goodness of the work is at its best when one comes to the catchment of ceaseless love. Unquestioning, the noble souls adhere themselves to that which would appear undesirable, even repelling. For it is particularly so to those who have advanced a little, to find that that which needs their concentrated effort most, is indeed that which they themselves have just struggled to escape. However, there is a strength and a vigor and a certain rejuvenation when one is embattled repeatedly on same ground, same territory; and has already struck personal victory, returning to battle on behalf of other men.

In Cosmic terms, much of the spiritual struggles are viewed from above as a 'push-me-pull-you' battle enraged. Men blithely continue on unawares, quite ignorant to 'argument' and straining tensions which occur just outside of their immediate membranes of containment. These membranes are those which separate each from everyone; also the membrane of the Globe, similarly so.

For it is with great credit owed, that we can say that such argument has not overrun the world at large. There is either conflict or harmony. Sometimes it is necessary for conflict to be coerced into 'conflicting harmoniously'. An example of this is the relationship of the dual-nature organs which partake in the formation of the human constitution. The stomach combusts with a conflict which is harmonious to the digestion of fiery life. The conflict is directed to purpose, otherwise it should be disagreeable to the very 'matter' which the other organs are comprised of.

 The muscles are in conflict to themselves, and this is how they work; however, in obedience to the will which determines moment to moment 'which side' the conflict is favoured. The Divine Will precipitates the activity of the muscle-function which is regular and of rhythm (the heart, the lungs, the unconscious drive of the gut etc.); whilst the coordination of the limbs and eyes etc. are of the will of the individual concerned. When eyes focus there is argument of muscle contracture, which is to good purpose, and therefore becomes a harmonious conflict.

In the spiritual world there is argument, because there is forever possibility. 'More than one' brings us possibility of one-on-one, which is duality, yes, or if inharmonious it is certain conflict also. We are forever testing and reasserting our relationships by the equation of 'it and I', 'them and me' and so forth. Yet, there is a further equation one can come to, which permits for harmonious conflict each and every time. That is: God/I + ... - in other words, if we consciously presuppose our affinity, our binding God-ego with that of our own, then that which comes 'up against us' is obliged to come to us accordingly.

The conflict is absorbed by the overriding tendency towards such harmonies as known only to the equation of the God-ego. Furthermore of course, it is addressed from one to another. For all that there is, does also secretly belong to God also. Whosoever is before me, and ordinarily in conflict to me, must - on higher levels - be spoken to in aspects which necessitate harmonious interaction: from God to God, rather than man to man.

If the ego of a man is adhered to that of a group-ego-entity, then on the other hand there will be conflict with all else that does not share such signature.

Our characteristics within our personal nature, oft times war against each other. A man inwardly holds tensions between reality and his hopes, perspective of self and true self, between personality and soul tensions of former life and current expression, between loves and gravitations, between strengths and contemptuous weaknesses. These conflicts and more, which are not to be resolved or even ordered, may at best be conducted harmoniously so as to starve the strife as best as possible and contend with the rest moment to moment.

From such conflicts do we come to know agility. Agility in time, out of time, affords us the ability to change and therefore evolve progressively. The Cosmic essence of Agility is a remarkable complement to fixed law and stationary status. Inanimate objects which have not agility (only decomposition or disintegration) are those which are not ensouled or lively: life imbued. A chair is inanimate: not agile unless compelled by an extraneous force governed by a will projected. Therefore we have those stationary objects given in the world to remain or decease - unless interfered with - and we have life, which does not remain the same minute to minute and does not decease. (Whilst it is alive: if it is deceased it is no longer 'life' as we know it.)

Our thinking process may be lively and agile and capable of advancing, expanding, incorporating etc.; or if there is no 'life' connection in our thinking it may become sclerotic, inanimate, non-progressive, unchanged until decease.

"Anything which stands still, dies" - without agility, cosmic agility, there becomes imminent death. For death clears away inanimate matter: it overruns in the conflict of life. Whilst living, we are in conflict with death, we withstand the very forces which would tear us apart, break us down; and the membranes we move in, allow for tension either side. Without agility the muscles seize, the bones knit, the thinking freezes, and the man begins to withdraw from the conflict which is the world. He seeks to return to God, that all may be placed in order and harmony resumed.

Heaven, the experience after death, gives back to a man much strength which he did spend, and more. There there is harmony, and the conflict, the necessary conflict, sounds from outside as distant waves lapping rocks and breaking stone. But man is soothed and not troubled by the ceaseless motion of the waves he hears.

We know from our experience of Heaven, that the sweet strength of Heaven always resumes after strife, and verily, in truth, man departs out into the waves of conflict with great joy at contest: splashing around, ducking and leaping, surfing and skiing; qualified with agility, determined and refreshed every time.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

For Prayers

We pray today
That all prayers of this moment,
Silent or spoken,
Be addressed,
And with Divine consultation
The supplication shall issue
As is needed.

We pray also for those
Who have not the ability
To form any prayer –
May they be attended
In Love and in Grace
By the Mercy of Thee
Dear God.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Comments on a Spiritualist Meeting-19th April 1993

"BEWARE the fool's advice" was a good and worthy proverb. A fool's wisdom perchance, is certain, certain to be neither intended nor directed. The soothsaying stars and the cards and projections of the adept, were never random, but rather as precise as they could be. One must never place another man's intuition before one's own in matters that concern you and not he. Well meant or not, even the 'guidance' of a select few who have departed, may not be worthy of unquestioned consideration.

It is good for men and women to be reminded that they are loved, and in truth coddled in such loving emanations as do stream in upon them as fine as gossamer, as iridescent as phosphorous. And too, that they are encouraged to be mindful of our relative invisible regions, and our true spiritual home, on which the very foundations of this world rest totally.

Dear and sweet comforters, who seek to attend to both the living and the departed, in truth, "they know not what they say"; and oft times, neither do we!

There is an attraction, a fascination, every man experiences when fortunes are cast before them and speculated upon. Generally speaking, if the advice is wholesome and applicable to all men, then it may advance beyond the fanciful; it may, if heeded, be useful.

Regardless, one must question the authority of which, portends disclosure of personal detail. The entire question of predestination has been laid bare also. It can be said that in some regards a man bears witness to himself; that concealed immediately within his aura are evidences of motivations and recollections and offspring of thought- his passions and their persuasions, his visions too, that he himself has projected there in safekeeping for realization in the future. A man is very complex indeed, and it would be no easy task to try to 'read him like a book'.

One can interpret his immediate thoughts and surrounding influences of the day, of the week, far easier, however a medium has not the discernment to know exactly from where the impressions are coming from. For example: it may be that a man is troubled, and this is apparent. The overwhelming picture before the clairvoyant is one of a bucket and a rope formed as a hangman's noose. The second impression is that of a recent burial and all of the trappings that go with the event. The third impression maybe misery - intensely experienced by the sympathetic medium. One might feel justified in presuming that the man before them is on the brink of suicide, even though he may be a farmer by trade and the bucket and noose are merely for a cattleman's purpose. 

You see, one may 'pluck' misery from almost anywhere, particularly at gatherings of the disgruntled deceased who suffer unhappy and shocking remains, both in the memory of the living and in the subtle counterparts still unresolved and undissolved. As for the impression of the burial, it could of course, given the circumstances, have come from anywhere.

Furthermore there are combinations of impressions when one comes to draw from a whole room of people. There may be glaring points, which as a beacon, call out from a man most obviously; but it will not be apparent to a medium as to exactly why. He can only 'go further' with the assistance from the individual being scrutinized.

At best, a man may take opportunity to have revealed consciously to himself some of those outstanding impressions which are burdensome to him, and make address of such with the object to change, heal or disband. At worst, a man who is in the constant practise of consulting a seer, may become open to suggestions of himself which come from anyone or anywhere. So much so, that by relaxing into this condition of openness, the individual is susceptible to other’s impressions of him, whether they are grounded in reality of fact or not. He will be quick to hear the criticisms and praise from butcher to baker; and practised also, in dismissing the lot.

The soul knows when the personality is being deceitful, and no less in the contemplation of self, incorrect and off-centre. If anything, there becomes a true conflict from the disparities; and all men are as uncomfortable with false praise as much as unwarranted ridicule. Many trust to another momentarily, but have decided necessarily at the outset to discard any suggestions which are oblique.

Who are the spirit-guides from whom much testimony and wisdom is imparted? There can be exceptions to this, but in comment to the experience yesterday, the Red Indian guide was not as an Red Indian man, but an Indian Deva personified with the impression of his dearly departed men friends. You see, many of the more advanced and adequate Devas have had long and remarkable bonds with favoured communities, particularly those racial communities which were sympathetic to their existence and perceptive to their spiritual world.

This is why there are innumerable spirits of Red Indians presenting in preference to others (which will remain unnamed). Much of the influence and even love from a people, enriched the ego-less Devas and enveloped them with a synthesis of personality. For at will they may pick-up much of what a man has left behind, particularly when there was a living link between the two: a relationship of which the two have mingled experiences and impressions of each other, whereupon the soul of the deceased Indian has furthered itself and long departed the immediate boundaries of worldly life, whilst his faithful friend- his deva-companion- re-asserts his memory by becoming a representation (living representation) of what the two combined meant to each other during the time of the Indian's life on Earth.

Many of those characteristics that were honestly of the Indian are perpetuated and revivified by a Deva who craves to be closer to this world and communicate as he once used to do. The mediums become a perfect vehicle for intermediary communication, as they genuinely perceive their guides to be living tangibly, as if they were the man himself. Many of the masquerading Devas lose ability to make distinctions themselves and deceive quite innocently, as for all intents and purposes they have memories etc. of all that they speak of.

The genre of the monologue yesterday was harmonious with a gentle and compassionate soul/entity. There was no malice, no corruption, but rather a simple message for simple men eager to be connected to spiritual worlds and spirit-thought. Oddly enough, so many of the humble folk in such gatherings are of course themselves, directly with experience to which the speaking Deva is drawn. There may be far more Red Indian within their bones of recollection and experience than in the guest speaker's persona-invisible.

The 'spirit' guides have been great and helpful servants to men. Generally, if amiable, they hold a great respect and love for men, in accordance with the love echoed in all phases of spiritual influence. They are, or try to be, obedient to their men-friends, and have long provided a link into realms which are impassable for worldly senses to penetrate.

Just as the medium concerned is trusting and open to the companionship of his guide, equally the Deva is trusting and open to him. This forms a peculiar resonance between man/soul and etheric/element. The adopted guide becomes sympathetic and protective of their medium, working proudly alongside their friend in an effort to make communication. Because they are enabled an audience they are grateful to the man or woman who mediates their cause.

It works very well in an otherwise perilous practice, that a medium should enter into a relationship with a reliable and good natured deva-guide. Ultimately it is the overall protection to humble men, who are unaware of the more undesirable entities who queue to take hold of their vulnerable bodies. Even so, there are many, many nervous system disorders associated with such clairvoyance - even with the marriage of guide to medium.

Historically there has always been an intimate connection between the Deva kingdom and Man. Although there is something of a small revival, the period passed of the last five hundred years or so, has shown less and less of an acknowledgment and an asking for assistance through their being in any way, shape or form. Depending much on country, there are marked degrees of the hardening of men's minds and the subsequent 'slaying of the fairies'.

Quite often more worthier Devas are overpowered by the wills of men who are not fit to bid - being corrupt in nature, malcontent in the world. The innocent Devas are repelled, whilst the 'street-wise' mischievous may be coerced into unseemly, unruly behavior and attracted by the very forcefulness of a malevolent magician.

Added to this there are hosts of lesser elementals subconscious in the world, who gravitate to the order of higher compelling individualities- which may be a dandelion, sugar in a sugar-bowl, or a man himself. They may be more or less defined in appearance. Depending upon their personal race, dating back before time - that which was allotted them - they hold various qualities and wisdoms, experience and expertise. They hold the abilities to converse with higher beings and travel into places of the world in which Man is prohibited. Men appear clumsy and inadequate to those who are advanced, but they bear patience in this, for there are qualities in Man which befuddle them greatly - one being his power and domination over them and their world.

There is much heartache within the Deva kingdom as the woes of Men reflect upon the spiritual worlds, rendering paradise as shabby and colorless in pockets of great sadnesses. So they know of responsibility to Man, in effort to uplift his condition and see him through to a further threshold, for if he is to regain true paradise, the coincidental world of the Devas is released into certain evolution by their merit of withstanding.

They are guardians attending both element and plant. Servants to Man, children of Angels, they are attached to a mutual reality - to them our world being as darkness in light. The radiance of men, when encountered, becomes awesome and overwhelming to them; and the conduct of men marks them irrevocably.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

For Christendom

Dear and Beloved Christ,
The Empire of Christendom blazes with hope,
Into distant posts with foreign vernacular;
Men everywhere are receiving transfusion.
We pray for the renewal of this, our World.

We pray that the Holy Ghost is quick
To brush up against all men,
And by such touch shall their cloaks of insanity drop away,
And fall from them.
We pray for the idle races,
And likewise too, the corrupt and the cunning.

We look to the Christian World
And ask for reformation and further enlightenment.
We thank Thee Lord, for this, our World.


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