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Friday, March 29, 2013

Upon a Cross I Shall Arise- 29th March 2013

THE poetry that is Man consists of an abbreviated consciousness, with interludes of pause. And it could be said as well, that a man's life (whether as witnessed from the outside or experienced from the inner) is never so much of a story, as it is rather more that of a poem.

For a single lifetime mingles within a shifting range of continuity, and our being's tumble through the events and obstacles presented ... presuming nothing but expecting all - buoyant on a witless destiny.

The microcosm of Man and his charter of epic stanza is sung by the heavenly choirs and recited in living archives, above and beyond. 


The story of Christ's sacrifice requires the believer to be very brave. It was never an appealing recount, or easy or warm to consider. For the fundamental aspects of these mysteries invited contemplations of chaos and gloom - speaking of the unutterable sorrows and instabilities - depicting both the Heavens and the world as uncertain.

Yet the believers took hold of these frightening and majestic truths. And this was no small thing amidst every other stress and strain that the then modern world brought to bear; accepting a yet broader peril and a greater concern than what already threatened the perimeters of their homes and own.

Life itself became much bigger under the canopy of the newborn Christianity. Having now grown its first teeth and becoming self reflective, men could weigh concerns hitherto unseen, and glimpse the gods of higher knowing.

The path to forgiveness and the love for the family of Man in its entirety was not an easy or desirable mean to live by. What may be commonly accepted now (yet still very difficult to truly practice wholeheartedly) was near impossible to embrace in centuries past.

Prior to the concept's maturity, doctrines of fairness did exist throughout; yet Charity as first principle was to overturn the worldly enterprise.

In sober spirit the force of mind grew stronger - for with all of its giving, the Christian souls birthed the heavenly forces anew, becoming a loadstone of vitality and goodness, relieving the tired mass of its gasping and capricious death rattles.

One often hears the non-believers voice that the path of Christianity is an easy one. Having not looked behind that door they themselves forfeit any opinion they might hold. 
 We say it was never easy or in truth desirable, but wholesome and worthwhile.

One should rather a sword in hand when going to meet a dragon, than a rabbit. (An old saying)

Upon a cross I shall arise,

To kiss the cheek of Moon and Sun,
And with these thoughts,
My Love for Life,
In death I shall be born, reborn.

Take now my cloak,
My Heart, my Mind,

To be delivered full well;
With this, my Life,
Begin your days, 

Be all, in truth Eternal.


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